corshmockI'm getting sound in youtube, but no sound in vlc, or parole media player.  It's a new build of 20.04.  Is there any audio codec or something I need?00:01
sarnoldcorshmock: usually, running pavucontrol is enough to spot the problem00:04
corshmocksarnold: thanks pal.  Everything is pointed to my mg10xu.  Can you think of anything else?00:07
corshmockin pavcontrol I mean00:07
sarnoldcorshmock: if you can't spot something there, then I'm not sure what th e next step is00:08
sarnoldmaybe journalctl output? or ~/.session-errors if you've got that?00:08
corshmockAlready way over my head pal.  No problem, I'll sort something.  Thanks very much.00:10
sarnoldcorshmock: aha; with journalctl, try running journalctl -f in one terminal and try playing audio through vlc, and see if it generates any log messages00:10
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SpaceBassHey friends - I'm trying to troubleshoot an LDAP client issue. For some reason, out of the blue, one of my servers can no longer auth against my LDAP server. The verbose output shows a TLS error. But the cert is value and all other clients work fine.01:38
sarnoldSpaceBass: my guess https://usn.ubuntu.com/4377-2/01:40
SpaceBassinteresting... reading now01:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1881533 in ca-certificates (Ubuntu Groovy) "Remove expired AddTrust_External_Root.crt because it breaks software" [Critical,Fix committed]01:41
SpaceBassLooks like that applies to older versions01:41
sarnoldoh, that's the -2 variant, sorry01:42
sarnoldSpaceBass: https://usn.ubuntu.com/4377-1/01:42
SpaceBassInteresting! I did a 'sudo update-ca-certificates' and that didn't work... trying a dist-upgrade now01:43
SpaceBassDrat, no joy01:44
SpaceBass> TLS: peer cert untrusted or revoked (0x42)01:45
SpaceBassIf the root CA was revoked, I'd think all my other clients would fail ?01:45
sarnoldthis update was issued because the libraries didn't handle an expired root certificate *and* unexpired root certificate, I think01:46
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SpaceBassJust checked... my other working boxes are the exact same release: 18.04.401:50
SpaceBassI can't figure out why this one box is the outlier01:50
sarnoldis it synced on ntp?01:53
SpaceBasssarnold, they use different time servers, but they are synced to the second. I don't think LDAP is time-dependent like Kerberos though01:54
sarnoldSpaceBass: TLS is, though; so long as they are within the same day though, it's probably fine :)01:55
sarnoldSpaceBass: how is your LDAP server's cert authenticated? is it a local CA cert? public CA cert?01:55
SpaceBasssarnold, its valid until November 2021, it's a commercial cert01:57
sarnoldSpaceBass: dang. I liked that idea.01:58
SpaceBassMe too! Was hoping it was a time/date issue... just did an ntpdate on all boxes to be sure01:58
sarnold(my idea was that perhaps you'd added a local CA incorrectly, and it was recently thrown away by the ca-certificates update a few hours ago. oh well.)01:59
SpaceBassTbt I probably should be using a local CA ... but these are commercial certs02:01
tatertotsSpaceBass: can the problem LDAP client ping the server successfully?02:03
SpaceBassYes, by hostname and ip02:03
tatertotsSpaceBass: have you tried leaving the realm/domain and rejoining?02:04
SpaceBasstatertots, it's not AD, its pure LDAP so there's no binding. But I could do an apt purge and start again... its just that this is a pretty long-standing, mature server. I hate to risk braking something else :)02:05
tatertotsSpaceBass: if you had a backup image you could minimize the risk of such a troubleshooting step as apt purge and start again02:07
SpaceBassGood point - I can do an image really quickly. Thanks!02:07
sarnoldand risk finding out that backups are busted too? :)02:07
SpaceBassOne other thought - how can I test that the ldap auth client is actually connecting to the right host? I'm not sure ldapsearch is the same thing, right?02:08
CruftHow to fix: The repository 'repo_here' does not have a Release file. ???02:12
tatertotsSpaceBass: I normally trouble shoot with "dig –t SRV _ldap._tcp.MYDOMAIN.COM" but since you don't have a realm/domain that's AD/LDAP compliant that may not work in your environment02:16
tatertotsSpaceBass: nslookup can be used to..but again you don't have a AD/LDAP compliant realm/domain02:18
Bashing-omCruft: what is the repo you are attempting to access ? A PPA that has no support (think 20.04). Pasting the command and it's result will be informative.02:18
Cruftany ubuntu mirror02:19
Cruftthe exact repo doesn't matter as i've tried about five02:19
Crufthttp and https where applicable02:19
SpaceBasstatertots, yeah... I've confirmed that I'm reaching the right host with IP and domain... its just so odd that LDAP now thinks the art is invalid02:19
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Bashing-omCruft: Proxie ?02:19
Cruftnot behind a proxy02:20
tatertotsSpaceBass: can you copy from a working system, the cert or tgt/token to the non working system and test?02:20
SpaceBasstatertots, I did that with /etc/ldap.conf... going to bite the bullet and do a snapshot then purge / reinstall the LDAP client stuff02:21
tatertotsSpaceBass: lol...good man02:21
Bashing-omCruft: What can you talk to on the net - ' ping -c3' then try as ' ping -c3 ca.archive.ubuntu.com ' .02:24
Cruftping successful on both02:26
tatertotsCruft: is it trying to connect via IPv602:27
Cruftnot possible02:27
oerheksCruft, "<Cruft> the exact repo doesn't matter "  sure it does, maybe it has no candidates for your version, so what repo, and what ubuntu are you on?02:27
sarnoldCruft: try tshark or tcpdump or similar and try to see what URLs apt is checking, and then check those yourself? perhaps you can get a better error message out of curl or wget or similar02:31
Cruftcurl is not installed by ubuntu by default02:32
SpaceBassWell drat... no joy on the purge / re-install02:43
SpaceBassGoing to replace the cert on the server now02:43
Crufti don't think so, is there a way to force ipv4? IPv6 isn't possible on my machine or router02:44
SpaceBassWhat's interesting is that getent pasdwd works fine - shows all LDAP users02:47
tatertotsCruft: if you're purely IPv4...why would you need to "force" IPv4....seems kinda strange don't you agree02:47
tatertotsCruft: or maybe you're less than %100 certain you're in a pure IPv4 environment...that would be the only logical explanation02:47
CruftI mean I've literally never had a problem until a few days ago02:47
Crufti didn't install any application since launch of 20.04 day02:48
Cruftnothing has changed from the user perspective.02:48
tatertotsCruft: and since you're reluctant to share any pastebin or logs or repo details you'll have to kinda just figure it out or maybe restore from a backup from when things were working...or worse case...reinstall02:49
CruftI tried multiple repos already02:49
oerheksif there is no logical explanation for connection issues, reboot your router?02:52
CruftOk, fixed it. Had to manually install the latest ca-cert package while the router was rebooting, clean apt and reinstall dpkg03:03
Cruftalso cleared all other caches03:03
sarnoldjust imagine, if you had pastebinned your errors an hour ago...03:04
Cruftright i mean, god forbid I can keep something as is on an LTS release03:06
sarnoldyou could have if the folks running your mirror had kept their certificate chain up to date :)03:07
Cruftthey should just have an optional torrent list for every package on optional update03:12
sarnoldyeah, I've wondered if it iwould be feasible to do an ipfs://ubuntu/ apt method or not.. or something similar03:15
oerheksold proposal https://wiki.debian.org/DebTorrent -- https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-transport-debtorrent03:17
sarnoldheh, that page doesn't give me confidence that they sorted out the "but we update the archive all the time" aspect03:21
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CruftI guess I more expected a cached package torrent sort of scenario03:35
Cruftwith only the list from ubuntu, debian, or the mirror03:36
CruftDoes launchpad have encrypted PPAs yet or is openbuildsystem the main way?03:38
sarnoldCruft: hit the "Technical details about this PPA" link on your ppa and you'll see the signing key03:41
CruftHow does the signing key cover transport?03:42
fribI compiled redis from source and want to add it as a service but not sure how to configure the .service file or where to put it03:43
CruftHow to mark packages as manually installed? I accidentally just cleared my list and changed all to auto03:46
jak2000i installed lubuntu and take the VM this ip:, the ip on windows of: VirtualBox Host-Only Network: is: and: irtualBox Host-Only Network #2: is:, how to connect via ssh? (note in lubuntu i ran: sudo apt install openssh-server)03:49
sherlockIs there any NTP client for Ubuntu? Can I set my time and timezone based on my IP?03:58
kinghatany of you guys had a drive go into read-only mode?03:59
kinghatit is an ntfs drive if that matters04:00
Bashing-omkinghat: File system corruption ? what shows fsck ( from a liveUSB) ?04:00
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Bashing-omLinkandzelda: ntfs == Windows. Best looked at from a Windows machine.04:00
kinghatdisks says filesystem is fine and smart data says disk is ok04:01
Bashing-omkinghat: ^^ Linkandzelda Sorry for that bad highlight.04:01
kinghati found this, does this look promising? https://askubuntu.com/a/1174921/86827404:02
Bashing-omkinghat: ntfsfix might be of value - But that is no real substitite for the native file system checks.04:03
kinghatBashing-om: everything send fine on windows04:14
Bashing-omkinghat: Not Windows literate here - I have no other thoughts.04:15
kinghatya just reporting findings. says no errors were found. i did have a wicked shutdown so maybe it got put into read-only mode on linux for some reason. just need to get it out of read-only mode i think 🤷‍♂️04:17
tatertotskinghat: have you tried unmounting and "manually" mounting?04:18
kinghatsec, in windows. heading back now.04:19
kinghathmm i think its working now. all i did on windows was run a disk check on it and defragged it even though it said it didnt need it. funny old world.04:24
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OERIASbecause it hurts like a biech04:48
iKarus987Hi is there away i can run the valorant game?06:04
iKarus987on ubuntu06:04
oerheksiKarus987, is it a windows game?06:05
tripelbMy mouse froze. 20.0406:05
tripelbIs there something I can do with the keyboard?06:06
iKarus987yes oerheks its windows game06:07
oerhekscheck out wine hq, playonlinux or lutris06:07
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu06:07
Atomynos_AtomWhat yall talking about?06:07
oerhekshi Atomynos_Atom see topic, ubuntu support06:08
tripelbYou n|ver have to reboot Linux -- My mouse froze what can I do 20.04 I can still use the keyboard what's the code??.06:09
Atomynos_AtomDoes anyone know how to get VMProtect on wine?06:09
tripelbAtomynos_Atom there is #ubuntu-offtopic  - usually gets busy.06:11
Atomynos_Atomtripelb: Okay thanks.06:11
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frozen-mouseOops all those people just went home from work.  --.06:12
frozen-mouseAm I going to have to reboot?06:13
Greenfrogreboot is always a choice06:21
FuraiIf I have time to upgrade from 19.10 do 20.04 desktop should I do it by reinstalling or upgrading? IMO reinstalling will be always better option but maybe now upgrading is just as good?06:22
Greenfrogi agree, a fresh install is imho the best06:22
frozen-mouseWhat is the Plex server? It runs as root06:22
Greenfrogbe sure to backup any impotrtant files06:23
Greenfrogplex is a video /music server06:23
FuraiI'm just going to move home folder and opt where I have my custom things.06:23
FuraiThey were anyway on separate partitions.06:23
frozen-mouseFurai it is Plex (sic)06:23
Furaifrozen-mouse, I have misspelled, I thought that you maybe meant Plesk.06:24
FuraiSomething completely different.06:24
iKarus987so if i install a game on windows then i go back to ubuntu, can i run that game using the wine command?06:24
Dr_Cokesomething is stuffed on my ubuntu 20.04 after trying to set fractional scaling on my nvidia 980 video card with gnome settings to 150% it made the screen go blank and probably computer freeze so i rebooted it i fixed the initrms error changing compile to gzip and updating but I still can't boot it won't get out of emergency mode06:25
frozen-mouseWhy is Plex running on my computer 20.04 Plex Script Hos.   --i. Looking at the top command working.06:25
iKarus987is there a way i can change wine ? i want wine to use my empty hard drive not the systems06:25
iKarus987any way i can do that?06:25
Greenfrogugh, nsasty situation i have nvidia it works fine :)06:26
FuraiiKarus987, I think you can do that with wine prefix. Anyway, it's not wine support, you could try asking in #winehq. They know more for sure.06:26
Dr_CokeGreenfrog, nasty situation for me you mean?06:26
FuraiAlso if you have the game on Steam - Steam Proton is the best thing out there right now.06:26
badbodhiKarus987, you could use Playonlinux and symlink its directory to ~/.Playonlinux from another drive. it manages its own wine packages, separate from the system.06:26
GreenfrogDr_Coke:fractional scaling isnt working as youd expect06:26
Greenfrogi've had dififult results06:27
iKarus987this is not steam game though06:27
badbodhbut you have to run all the application from within PoL, can't just open a random exe with wine06:27
* Greenfrog guess i started a whirlwind :)06:31
Greenfrogsok, i like aswers06:31
Greenfrogwelcome :)06:32
Greenfrogwelcome, u206:32
Greenfrogweeee, every day is intresting :)06:33
lotuspsychjekeep it ontopic please06:33
Greenfrogi do06:33
Greenfrogat least i think i do06:34
Greenfrogsorry if it did not meet the room specs06:35
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: please dont chitchat here, just sit silent until someone knows your ubuntu answer or you help someone else06:35
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: you can use #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic for chitchat06:36
Greenfrogok thanks06:36
Greenfrogsorry to intrude here06:36
oceanfrozen-mouse: you could try to 'reset' the usb(hid) interface by unloading and loading the usbhid module. You'd need a terminal to do that of course, is your keyboard still responsive?06:36
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OERIASI have been using Pop_OS07:30
OERIASpretty stable on this machine07:30
guivercOERIAS, glad it works for you, this isn't a chat channel, and Pop isn't Ubuntu , nor official flavor of Ubuntu - thus off-topic here.07:32
OERIASI thought it was in that channel07:39
mihaelI'm running Ubuntu Server 18.04 and I'm having problems establishing connection on port 443. Is there active firewall that blocks this one? I can establish the conneciton on another server running CentOS though07:54
oerhekssudo ufw allow ssh  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW07:55
mihaeloerheks: I'm trying to establish connection from the Ubuntu Server07:56
makarahi. Is my drive failing? Where are all these details explain? https://drive.google.com/file/d/151fSlNw1Ey6pFgMmF4QYKsR7f4sdiw_2/view?usp=sharing08:36
EriC^makara: yes, it has many bad sectors08:37
EriC^which de is that makara ? it looks nice08:39
ThinkT510makara: yes, it is highly advised to backup anything you need off that drive before it is unrecoverable08:39
EriC^makara: here it explains a little on the important values from that list http://pchelp.youtubextras.com/topics/harddisk-health08:40
makaraEriC^: what is "de" ?08:46
EriC^desktop environment08:46
makaraEriC^: its ubuntu 20.04, gnome308:47
EriC^oh ok08:47
marzI'm using Ubuntu server 18, how do I restart the network service?08:47
makarawhy does it say "assessment: ok" for all the tests, but the whole test fails?08:53
makarathis is a SDD with most of the disk taken up by files that never change, so writing to disk over the past couple years has meant writing over the same sectors repeatedly08:54
makarathat link explained some new things, but it still its a "man page" for the information08:57
EriC^makara: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T.#Known_ATA_S.M.A.R.T._attributes09:01
OERIASDoes anyone know of good twitter clients?09:17
Fudgehow do you mount a partition using backup superblock?09:29
EriC^Fudge: mount -o sb=<superblock> /dev/sdxY /mnt09:30
oerheksanswer howto find the superblock, and to use it https://askubuntu.com/questions/235169/how-do-i-retrieve-my-files-if-mounting-gives-me-a-bad-superblock-error09:31
makaraso i'm going to get another SSD. I'd like it to be NVMe. How can I test that my notebook has the sockets to hold it?09:37
oerhekscheck the specs on the vendors website09:38
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Fudgejust couldnt remember09:40
makaraoerheks: I really don't know what i'm looking for here. It says SATA3 M.2 SSD, but that's just what it ships with09:49
tatertotsyou have a M.2 interface and drive from factory, you could "physically" open laptop and visual inspect to get more detailed view09:52
oerheksmakara, i find no info about a 2nd m2 slot, and the specs about that, m2 ssd or m2 nvme09:55
AppAraat[m]hi, I installed i3wm on an Ubuntu Server but when I do startx (which starts i3) I get this kind of situation: https://i.imgur.com/DTc3j5Y.png - My i3 font is Terminus (which is present in ~/.local/share/fonts (and I've also tried installing it via apt), but still my fonts look like this. Is there a package I happened to miss?09:58
AppAraat[m](Ubuntu Server 20.04 btw)09:58
deadromis there any offline voice recognition for linux? so not-another-google-API?10:20
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legreffierAppAraat[m]: don't use startx, it's really bad security-wise, install a diplay manager (such gdm or lightdm). You probably didn't specify the font correctly (as it shows correctly in your terms). Can you show us the i3 config ?10:38
AppAraat[m]legreffier: oh, I didn't know about security risks of startx. I'll check out some display managers. Here's my i3 config: http://ix.io/2o6010:41
deadromlegreffier, how is startx a security issue?10:42
veegeewhy all this snap garbage?10:43
AppAraat[m]deadrom: in terms of voice recognition there's Simon (https://simon.kde.org/) and the other was I think Mycroft. You can see more here also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speech_recognition_software_for_Linux10:44
veegeewhy couldn't they just use nix or something10:44
deadromAppAraat[m] Mycroft relays input to google10:44
veegeeI should just go back to plain debian10:44
AppAraat[m]deadrom: isn't that optional though?10:44
deadromAppAraat[m] not as far as I understood10:45
veegeeThe only thing good about ubuntu is the release model and LTS releases10:45
AppAraat[m]hmm, interesting.10:45
AppAraat[m]veegee: then do just that, no one is stopping you10:45
veegeeShould probably create a sanitizer script to strip ubuntu of all this snap trash and cloud nonsense10:45
legreffierdeadrom: locked screen ? switch to the framebuffer running startx, Ctrl-C , you're in a shell.10:47
AppAraat[m]oh I haven't even thought about that10:48
AppAraat[m]what's the lightest display manager out there? lightdm?10:48
deadromlegreffier, when X is running and a session is on there will be a terminal, hence a shell. either way you'd need physical access. but: startx; exit10:49
AppAraat[m]I mean, I don't want it to be instant loss in case of physical access. I still want to practice DiD there as much as practically possible.10:51
legreffierdeadrom: no problem. Ctrl+Z then :)10:51
deadromlegreffier, exit would have you logged off10:52
legreffierit's 2020, I'm assuming more than half graphical station are laptop. physical access is no big deal.10:52
legreffierdeadrom: Ctrl+Z won't exit X, then exit is not run, it'll  put X it to background, and let you use the shell.10:53
legreffiertrust me on that, it's not like i didn't study the question.10:54
AppAraat[m]it's fine if I'm logged off, I keep a tmux session running anyway10:55
AppAraat[m]it looks like "startx; exit" does have a (small) window of time in which an attacker can just Ctrl+c though10:56
AppAraat[m]but like... I usually i3-lock my laptop when I'm AFK, so the attacker would have to know my pass. Which means that if he/she can get past the lockscreen, already a shell can be present, without shutting off i3wm and getting to the tty.10:57
deadromlegreffier, ok, technically alright, but if someone has physical access to a laptop, well they can just take it away and mess with passwd.. unless the machine is encrypted10:58
legreffierAppAraat[m]: Ctrl-Alt-F1 switch you to the framebuffer , those key are not "blocked" by your screenlocker.10:58
AppAraat[m]yes, but when they do they're presented with a login prompt.10:59
legreffierdeadrom: as long as it's on (which should be the case as users like to have them in sleep when unused), it's unencrypted.11:00
legreffierAppAraat[m]: yes if you use one. if you started your session with startx... this shell is already logged on.11:00
legreffieryou just need to SIGTERM X (with ctrl-c), or put it to background.11:02
AppAraat[m]the tty which started startx is running i3, so in order to get to the shell of that tty (in case you only did startx without the exit afterwards) you'd have to kill the i3 session, no? Otherwise all ttys require login prompts.11:02
sylarioOn a ubuntu server, I have a volume that I can mount, but where the fstab fails with  : Failed to mount /srv/production.11:02
sylarioThis is it's Fstab line : 1ef96de5-08a8-4a17-82af-edad65c47b8b /srv/production ext3 defaults 0 011:03
legreffierAppAraat[m]: and you can do that using Ctrl-C in the terminal running the i3 session.11:03
deadromsylario: sure it's ext3? that's rather outdated11:04
sylarioit's ext311:04
sylariothe disk is from 2012 I think11:04
deadromsylario: additional info on why it failed in the logs? /var/log/syslog?11:04
sylarioAt least that's what blkid says11:05
legreffiersylario: you need to put 'UUID=' (no space around equal sign), before the id.11:05
larkfishermanCan anyone help me figure out on what is necessary to install Ubuntu Server (preferably 18.04 LTS) on a server over PXE? I've been searching for tutorials, but some of them are outdated and others are quite confusing to me...11:05
legreffiertry to mount it as ext4, it should be compatible.11:06
larkfishermanI have another machine that I can use as a PXE server11:06
sylariolegreffier: it seems to work for the main disk without UUID=11:06
sylariodda75c6b-c562-432f-947d-920d521aec27    /                 ext3    rw,noatime,errors=remount-ro  0    111:06
AppAraat[m]legreffier: how would you get to that terminal with i3 still running though? In my case if do startx on tty2, and then if I want to switch to tty2, I get presented with the i3 session running. I'd have to kill it first in order to get to the tty2. If I have a lockscreen on, I can't just issue "Ctrl+c". Lockscreen doesn't get killed by that.11:06
sylariothat works11:06
sylariowait a second11:07
sylarioblkid is saying the main disk is ext4 but it's ext3 in fstab11:07
deadromsylario, shouldn't matter much, the ext4 module handles 3 and 2 as well. but legreffier is right, UUID= needs to be in front11:08
deadromso just put ext4 in fstab11:08
legreffierAppAraat[m]: your i3 session is on another virtual console when you run it (usually 7 or 8th). You just need to go back to the tty2 (Ctrl-Alt-F2).11:09
AppAraat[m]that's not in my case. If I run startx on tty2, then my i3 will appear every time I switch to tty2 (Ctrl+Alt+F2)11:10
legreffierthat's a new behavior I wasn't aware of this11:11
legreffierI don't have a ubuntu desktop at hand right now11:12
catphishdoes anyone know how i might force a filesystem to mount only after the network is up (as seems to be the default for nfs mounts)?11:12
catphishah think i've got it: "You can declare this filesystems as a network device by adding _netdev to the options sections of your fstab"11:13
tatertotscatphish: another alternative is to not mount network storage via fstab at all and use a script11:14
AppAraat[m]legreffier: If you want to get a close recreation, this is the script I used to install all packages on my Ubuntu Server: http://ix.io/2o69 - afterwards I just had to "apt install xorg", then did a reboot, logged into a tty and ran startx.11:14
AppAraat[m](on Ubuntu Server 20.04)11:14
sylariomount: /srv/production: special device 1ef96de5-08a8-4a17-82af-edad65c47b8b does not exist.11:15
catphishtatertots: makes sense, the good news is that i just tried _netdev and it works :) nester too11:15
AppAraat[m]catphish: I think systemd offers that functionality.11:15
sylarioLABEL="production" UUID="1ef96de5-08a8-4a17-82af-edad65c47b8b" TYPE="ext3"11:15
larkfishermanAnyone know anything about PXE network booting?11:15
sylarioI cannot add the UUID, I am in emergency SSH and VI is acting super strange11:15
tatertotslarkfisherman: i know if the client AND server aren't configured properly...it's not going to work11:17
catphishactually, _netdev just stopped it mounting completely :)11:17
tatertotslarkfisherman: clients have to support pxe in BIOS11:17
sylariodeadrom: you were right, it needed a UUID=11:21
linuxrHello everyone. I would like to encrypt a usb stick with linux, how would I do that? thanks11:27
AdieHi, I'm using Sublime Text along with an SFTP plugin to do remote server mapping - but when the program tries to upload the files to my Ubuntu server via SFTP, I get an error "Server does not support preserving modification times" - was wondering if anyone had any idea where that might be configured with so little information11:27
larkfishermanOkay, but is there any reliable resource on *how* to set up a PXE server? I have PXE capability on the client machine...11:33
BluesKaj'Morning all11:35
oerhekslarkfisherman, tons of guides out there, https://linuxhint.com/pxe_boot_ubuntu_server/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/focal/11:36
larkfishermanI know there are tons, most of them are outdated or incomplete, that's why I'm asking here if anyone had any experience with it. I'm able to google just fine, but there are lots of guides with inconsistent information, and it confuses me a lot.11:37
oerheksthis is the one for 18.04, 20.04 would be not different i guess11:38
larkfishermanOkay, I see that this guide is official. I'll follow through and ask if I have any issues. Thank you for your help!11:39
oerhekshave fun!11:39
raddyWhat are the common reasons for http mirrors to not work?11:49
raddyOnly https mirrors are working11:49
oerheksinteresting, standard http would work, so you installed apt-transport-https?11:49
larkfishermanraddy firewalls maybe?11:49
oerheksand what ubuntu version?11:50
raddyoerheks: 2011:54
echoSMILEHi, my ubuntu (19.20) some time ago asked me to upgrade for the version 20, but I click on "remind me later", but since then I never got the same question to do the upgrade. How can I do it ?11:55
echoSMILEAnd by the way, I installed the ubuntu from this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201911:56
larkfishermanechoSMILE try `do-release-upgrade`11:57
larkfishermanwithout the backticks `11:57
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echoSMILElarkfisherman: at cli ?11:57
echoSMILElarkfisherman: ok. do you know if that is totally compatible with that FDE guide ?11:59
echoSMILEcompatible AKA will not break anything12:00
BluesKajechoSMILE, full disk endcryption isn't used much by most people. I think you should do more research on upgrading your release with it.12:05
larkfishermanfrom what I see, I cannot be completely sure, but it seems that all this guide does is encrypt data at the disk-level. `do-release-upgrade` works at the filesystem level so everything should be fine.12:06
larkfishermanI am not completely sure so proceed at your own risk :)  or just backup your data and just try it. tinkering is fun.12:07
echoSMILElarkfisherman: right.12:07
echoSMILETks all12:07
OddlyAnyone with knowledge on how to install ubuntu 20.04 with a Kickstart file?12:28
echoSMILElarkfisherman: do-release-upgrade: "Upgrades to the development release are only available from the latest supported release"12:30
BluesKajOddly, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KickstartCompatibility12:38
echoSMILElarkfisherman: I don't have the LTS version I think should I think it need to be `update-manager` ?12:51
trurlany ideas on how to install the recent rspamd on 20.04?12:56
BluesKajtrurl, sudo apt install rspamd12:57
oerheks!info rspamd12:57
ubotturspamd (source: rspamd): Rapid spam filtering system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.4-2build4 (focal), package size 3509 kB, installed size 15843 kB12:57
oerheksafter install, a lot of manual tweaking https://linuxize.com/post/install-and-integrate-rspamd/12:58
leftyfbtrurl: rspamd is available as part of the universe repository. After enabling the universe repository, you can install rspamd like any other package12:58
trurlBluesKaj: ok thanks but i was thinking 2.5 that's why i was asking12:59
leftyfb!latest | trurl12:59
ubottutrurl: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:59
oerheksonly in groovy, but focal gets all security backports https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=rspamd13:00
knstnCan you have systemd-networkd running without systemd-resolvd as a resolver?13:02
BluesKajtrurl, what's your real issue?13:02
trurlBluesKaj: there's no package provided by rspamd for focal (yet?) and i was wondering if anybody has solved this. im running rspamd 2.5-156 on bionic and don't want to "downgrade" to 1.913:04
leftyfbtrurl: rspamd is available as part of the universe repository. After enabling the universe repository, you can install rspamd like any other package13:05
oerhekstrurl, i gave you a howto, with the direct download repo setup, must be simular as you used on bionic, no?13:07
trurloerheks: no, there are no packages for focal at this repo13:09
oerheksinteresting ..13:11
BluesKajthink your repos need some editing trurl13:13
leftyfbtrurl: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/FYxr8RPJPW/13:14
leftyfbtrurl: as I've told you twice, you need to enable the universe repository13:15
oerhekshe thinks 1.9 is too old13:15
trurlleftyfb: thank you, but i'm trying to install 2.5 and i was asking if anybody has had this problem before13:16
leftyfbtrurl: that isn't supported at the moment, sorry13:16
oerhekscontact that repo maintainer, nothing we can do13:16
BluesKajhe can think what he wants, but the version he wants is unavailable for his OS for a reason13:17
oerheksfairly they have the time until 20.04.1 releasepoint is out13:17
oerheksmaybe build it from git an option?13:19
hggdhperhaps. rspamd 2.5 is in Groovy only. Focal has the 1.9.413:21
trurli was thinking about it but thats seems beyond the amount of hassle _i_ am willing to go through: https://rspamd.com/downloads.html13:21
trurlthat's why i was asking i anybody had the same problem, nothing more13:22
trurlseems i have to wait :)13:23
oerheksdns upside down13:30
BluesKajsnowhawk, no txtspeak here please13:30
oerhekssnowhawk, duo you have an ubuntu support issue?13:30
BluesKajsup is not a word in english13:30
snowhawkOh, you mean this isnt a general chat?13:31
snowhawkim in ubuntu-offtopic13:31
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SrPxWhat is the best ubuntu 13" notebook money can but nowadays? Any suggestion?14:06
leftyfb!ot | SrPx14:07
ubottuSrPx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:07
oerheksbest hardware polls are beyond the scope of this channel14:07
SrPxI see, my bad14:07
leftyfbSrPx: that said, Canonical has a good relationship with Dell and their Sputnik XPS 13 developer line14:08
SrPxokay (: it does seem like everyone recommends the XPS 13. I wish I could have one with a better trackpad, SSD and dgpu though14:09
SrPxleftyfb: can I ask questions about migrating from OSX in general?14:09
SrPxare there Ubuntu alternatives to: 1. time machine (allows me to backup my whole HD), 2. iCloud (for remote storage), 3. find my iphone (to find my phone/back in case I lose it)?14:11
SrPxI'd also like to know what is the state of gaming in Ubuntu in 2020, is it still a pain or can I easily run windows games on it?14:12
oerheksfor windows games, see !wine, playonlinux and lutris, steam14:14
oerheksit all depends on what hardware and drivers14:14
leftyfbSrPx: please ask non-support questions in #ubuntu-offtopic14:15
SrPxoh, I thought you meant hardware questions are off topic. my bad again, will do14:16
NoImNotNineVolthi, i'm running "ubuntu for windows" 18.04. i'd like to get onto 20.04. should i do the usual do-release-upgrade, or is "ubuntu for windows" not fun to upgrade in place?14:50
olegbNoImNotNineVolt: do-release-upgrade should work "just fine" (tm)15:02
NoImNotNineVoltolegb: have you personally tried do-release-upgrade on a wsl ubuntu?15:04
NoImNotNineVoltweb search isn't turning up too much.15:04
olegbNoImNotNineVolt: yes15:05
wedrNoImNotNineVolt, olegb, I thought you can only upgrade 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS is when the update is allowed in late July of this year?15:09
wedrWhich is when 20.04.1 LTS is released, then 18.04.X LTS can be upgraded straight to 20.04.115:10
NoImNotNineVoltokay, so another couple months. no worries.15:15
mr_haihey, I have a dual Nvidia GPU setup and I am using the propietary driver and I am getting "Xrandr Extension Missing"15:32
mr_haiubuntu 18.0415:32
mr_haiI have it installed though15:32
Kolandrawhat future for linux app development from this 2020 year ?16:15
leftyfb!ot | Kolandra16:15
ubottuKolandra: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:15
Kolandraoh so if have problem with ubuntu , i can get help here16:17
Kolandra*if i have a problem16:18
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NickShadesHello. I am having trouble installing my first LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and php). I've gotten the stack installed, and I am trying to get phpmyadmin running, but the documentation which I have does not seem to align properly17:14
NickShadesI'm having trouble identifying where I have left off, but there might be several steps which I could point out that I am trying to get to if anyone could assist me on this task?17:14
NickShadesI am mostly encountering errors when trying to install phpmyadmin17:15
NickShadessudo apt-get install -y phpmyadmin results in several different outcomes. Sometimes I can get into the purple installation, and others, I cannot17:16
NickShadesbut typically, I encounter the following error: Errors were encountered while processing:17:16
NickShades /tmp/apt-dpkg-install-C1oxwi/35-phpmyadmin_4%3a4.9.5+dfsg1-2_all.deb17:16
NickShadesE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)17:16
john_rambo Hi, Under VLC I have enabled the local time display by adding "%H:%M:%S" to Marquee display .....but I want the (AM/PM) 12 hrs clock ...How do I do that ?17:21
ioriaNickShades, you got something like this ? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gmScpdT9Vs/17:26
rfmjohn_rambo, don't use VLC but those look like date command format specs, use "man date" to list them all. e.g. %I is 12-hour clock hour17:34
john_ramborfm, I just changed it to %I:%M:%S & now I am getting 12hrs clock....Thanks a lot.17:36
akikubuntu 20.04 runs a bit sluggish on lenovo x220 with a hard disk. is there something other than buying a ssd to make it work faster?17:39
NickShadesIs that true, akik, with only this installation, or is this the only installation which you have tried?17:39
akikNickShades: i only have ubuntu 20.04 on this x220 laptop17:39
akiki don't use ubuntu so much any more17:40
NickShadesso my question is, have you tried other installations of linux on this laptop, or is ubuntu 20.04 the only version which you have installed ever?17:40
akikNickShades: not on this laptop17:40
NickShadesthis is the only installation of linux which you have installed on this laptop17:41
akikNickShades: yes17:41
akikNickShades: it ran windows 10 before17:41
quarantinoI was trying to understand something about full disk encryption in fossa. I had my root partition encrypted during installation, but when I go into "disks" in the install, it doesn't show up as encrypted. Why is that?17:42
NickShadesdid you install ubuntu as a fresh installation when windows 10 was also a fresh installation, or had there been additional programs installed onto your windows 10 partition that you had installed before you installed ubuntu 20.04?17:42
akikNickShades: i don't understand your question but i removed all the previous partitions and created new partitions for ubuntu17:43
NickShadesLet me put it this way. when you got your lenovo laptop, was it brand new?17:43
akikNickShades: used one17:44
NickShadesdid you put a fresh installation of windows 10 on it upon receiving it, or did you use it as it was given to you?17:44
akikNickShades: no it was installed on it when i got it17:44
NickShadeshow long between receiving the laptop, or how many uses of the laptop did you have before installing Ubuntu ?17:45
akikNickShades: i fail to see where you're going with this but i removed windows 10 and put ubuntu 20.04 almost immediately17:46
NickShadesTHe reason which I asked was the verbiage which you had used earlier in response to my earlier questions, which indicated that Windows 10 was STILL on the ystem.17:46
NickShadesbut I see that is not the case.17:47
akik20:39 < akik> NickShades: i only have ubuntu 20.04 on this x220 laptop17:47
NickShadesif ubuntu is the only operating system on the laptop, then there is no lack off hard drive efficiency.17:47
NickShadesunfortunately, HDDs are limited by their own efficiency by their own mechanical limitations.17:47
NickShadesyou can sysbench your i/o and possibly track it against other similar users, but without knowing who else has the same laptop running ubuntu, it will be difficult to benchmark against.17:48
akikNickShades: is there some list of services i can disable ?17:49
NickShadesyou can take a look at your installed packages from command line.17:50
NickShadessudo dpkg --get-selections17:50
NickShadesbut I won't know what services you need.17:50
akiki usually disable file indexers because i don't need them17:51
NickShadesakik: Sorry, thats a bit above my pay grade.17:51
NickShadesakik: I'm mostly here for troubleshooting at the moment, and I'm hitting walls myself.17:52
egm1991What kernel module do I need to install to use a double ended USB-A cable between two Ubuntu machines? I just want to do rapid file transfer. I know this isn't recommended.17:57
bindiegm1991: that will fry components18:00
egm1991~bindi@unaffiliated/bindi yes that's why I'm afraid to do it.18:00
sarnoldegm1991: grab an ethernet cable instead18:01
john_ramboUnder VLC is there a way to display the **time elapsed/time remaining** of a video file in fullscreen mode ?18:01
egm1991sarnold Okay.18:02
egm1991I still can't figure out how to @ someone in chat.18:04
bindistart typing their name and press tab to complete it, egm199118:04
sarnoldjust type the first few chars of their nickname and hit 'tab', it'll usually complete it for you18:04
egm1991bindi: test18:04
egm1991What's the max bitrate of an ethernet cable? Like, say you could spend as much as you wanted on one.18:05
virmahaHello. I've a bunch of .avi files and need to convert them to mp4. What would you recommend?18:05
egm1991virmaha: I usually use VLC or OpenShot.18:05
virmahaegm1991 : any command line options?18:06
egm1991virmaha: VLC probably has a shell, but I've never used it.18:06
sarnoldvirmaha: I'd probably look at ffmpeg for that, but I'm not up on video things18:06
egm1991sarnold: takes a while tho18:06
virmahaegm1991 , sarnold got it, thanks18:06
sarnoldegm1991: the fastest you can usually do over nice twisted-pair cable is 10gbps https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethernet_over_twisted_pair -- but you can get up to 400gbps on fibre https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terabit_Ethernet18:09
rfmegm1991, your limit is almost certainly the port, not the cable.  1Gbps is the fastest one sees in consumer gear.   Older gear might just have 100Mbps.  If you're moving big files you'll hit the disk transfer speed before you exhaust a 1G port.18:14
egm1991rfm: That's good enough I guess.18:15
Jordan_Uegm1991: Also, any old cat5e or better will give you gigabit speeds, as long as it's not seriously damaged.18:20
kaiserim having a lot of issues enabling anonymous access for my ftp server18:33
kaiseri personally cant really see anything wrong with this, every guide i search says this is the way to do it18:33
kaiserbut when i try to open my ftp in a browser, it nags for my user and password18:33
kaiseri got it working the other day, i have no idea what i have done differently18:34
sarnoldwhat happens if you connect with an ftp client like ftp or lftp or ncftp?18:36
kaisersarnold: i get "Authentication failed.18:36
kaiserConnection failed.18:36
kaiserPermission denied.18:36
kaiseroops sorry for the multi line18:37
kaiserwhen i pasted it just sent without me pressing enter..18:37
kaiserworth noting if i user and valid user and pass i can login fine18:38
leftyfbkaiser: why do you need to allow anonymous ftp access?18:38
sarnoldkaiser: yes, irc is line-oriented, it'll send each line immediately; it's better to use a pastebin service like https://paste.ubuntu.com/ when you're trying to paste more than two lines into irc18:38
kaisersarnold: yes, i know, my bad either way18:40
kaiserleftyfb: because i need some files to be public...?18:40
leftyfbkaiser: host them behind http?18:40
sarnoldit's usually easier and more reliable to stand up a web server18:40
sarnoldbut ftp persists somehow18:40
kaiserim already using a web server for something else18:40
leftyfbkaiser: perfect, then you don't have anything else to do. Just stick the files there18:41
kaiserthen i have to manually touch the ancient CMS im using? no thanks i would rather just learn what im doing wrong with this ftp config18:41
leftyfbkaiser: you can just setup a vhost which has nothing to do with a CMS18:42
kaiserid rather avoid hard coding anything into that page18:42
kaisersetup a vhost?18:42
leftyfbkaiser: ftp is wildly insecure18:42
leftyfb"ancient CMS im using" sounds like you might not be all that interested in security. Nevermind18:43
kaiserits really just a hobbyist machine, the CMS is not inherently insecure, and is a active project18:43
kaiseranyway, is there anything wrong with my ftp config?18:43
kaiseri would greatly appreciate any help, i been banging my head against this for a couple days now18:45
sarnoldthe trouble is I can't recall if the browsers actually prompted for username/password on anon ftp sites or if they expected the user to type in anonymous and email@example.com by hand18:46
sarnoldkaiser: did you allow both ports 20 and 21 in and out of all your firewalls? is this on the other side of a NAT router?18:46
kaisernot that i know of, this is just a VPS18:47
kaisertcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      13190/vsftpd18:47
kaiseryeah port 21 is open18:47
kaiserno sign of port 20.18:47
sarnold20 will come when a client connects18:48
sarnoldhow about iptables -L ? (I think that's right...)18:48
sarnolddoes your cloud provider have anything like security groups or firewalling themselves that you need to manage, to allow connections to and from these ports? since ftp is usually pretty toxic I wouldn't be surprised if it's blocked by default18:49
sarnoldheh nice and short and sweet18:49
kaisersarnold: its actually a default feature on all webservers18:52
kaiserso, i doubt it18:52
sarnoldkaiser: no, it's a terrible protocol all around :) there's a reason why everyone's replaced it with sftp or http basically everywhere except a few holdouts..18:53
kaiserno what?18:54
kaiserevery webserver they rent out comes with ftp by default.18:55
kaiser 18:57
kaiser 18:57
kaiserwell have a good night18:58
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Greenfrogapparently something got broken in guiscrcpy i've been directed to make an executable appimage from github. i read some online instructions but they don't say enough about how to put it together, can anyone hlep?19:03
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ioriaGreenfrog, how did you installed it ?19:08
Greenfrogfirst tried to install from terminal when that didnt work i installed from snap, the developer said that probably broke it cause their were 2 versions of  the server and they conflict19:09
Greenfrogi have removed all and purged19:09
Greenfrogand it still doesnt work from snaps19:10
ioriaGreenfrog, with 'install from terminal'  what you mean exactly ?19:13
FuraiHey, I have weird issue after installing 20.04, fresh install, where icons in top panel for various tray icons have a lot of padding between them.19:15
FuraiI can't find a way to tweak that. Can anyone help me or point me into the right search terms for my internet searches?19:15
FuraiPlease highlight/tag me with any tips you might have.19:17
ioriaFurai, you can change the padding in ubuntu.css in #panel section ... but it would be a bit wierd19:17
sarnoldFurai: quite often things can be tweaked with the gnome-tweaks or gnome-tweak-tool package19:18
FuraiHmm, I remember in older releases that I had some option in tweaks for that, maybe an extension. No idea. Anyway, I have checked tweaks before writing here.19:22
FuraiEditing ubuntu.css seems a bit extreme.19:23
FuraiAnyway, thanks for tips, I'll keep looking for a solution that works for me! :)19:23
undercovertuxwhat you want to edit?19:24
undercovertuxwell just make a backup of the file, edit it and see what happens (as long as its no productive machine)19:24
ioriahe says 'icons in top panel for various tray icons have a lot of padding between them'19:24
undercovertuxyou can't do much wrong since there shoud always be a fallback to the gnome one19:25
iorianope, you're logged out19:25
undercovertuxwups okey that needs to be fixed in terminal... my fault.19:26
ioriadepends on your error, ofc19:26
undercovertuxanyways I had the exact same problem but I run 18.04, but there is a nice extension for it19:26
undercovertuxsame thing goes for the downward arrows, that some applications have and some not. also and extension for it.19:27
undercovertuxthere you go19:27
undercovertuxand for the arrows:19:28
undercovertuxhope that shizzle still works in 20.04 and its gnome version19:28
Greenfrogmy connection dropped19:28
Greenfrogi had guiscrcpy working from snaps and it just stopped19:30
Greenfrogin 20.0419:30
undercovertuxafter you upgrade?19:31
undercovertuxhum dunno whats going on with snap but at least personal repos get resetted / commented out after an upgrade for stability reasons19:32
undercovertuxthus you have to check and add sources again probably19:32
Greenfrogall the developer said was run appimage. and all i know is there needed to be made an executable. thats what i dont know how to do19:33
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ioriaGreenfrog, so you downloaded the Appimage ? if so, cd in the directory and chmod +x19:35
ice9how to install19:35
sarnoldGreenfrog: you can do that part with something like: 'chmod 755 path/to/file'19:35
Greenfrogright i understand downloading the appimage but it consists of 5 hyperlinks to what mostly looks like a code page. what do i do with that?19:36
ioriaAppimage usually is just one file19:36
Greenfrogthere isnt a "appimage file" not that i see19:37
Greenfrogyes i understand19:37
Greenfrogthat would be too easy19:37
Greenfrogok, thanks, i was looking at appimage from github page, nothing like this page19:40
sharpertoolI am on 20.04. I have a GTX 1070 Video card. I've been running Ubuntu for a couple of months just fine.19:40
sharpertoolRecently I wanted to install Cuda to do some ML training, so I went to update drivers. Now I'm running the nvidia-driver-440. I've also tried the nvidia-driver-390.19:40
sharpertoolWhat I'm seeing is that the system is really messed up. Odd things though. For example I use vi for commandline editing (set -o vi). If I try and edit a command line, it's really laggy, and often inserts, deletes the wrong character. I'm not sure how thsi can be related, but that is the only system change I made, and the 'funkiness' started right after.19:40
sharpertoolI also use vnc into my desktop most of the time (long story), but now, when the screen starts to fade out to go to sleep, it flashes with white bars and generally WTF'idness... definitely not right.19:41
sharpertoolDoes anyone have some ideas I can look at?19:41
Greenfrogthat did it, it works now. thanks :)19:53
sudomakehello, I have a VM (qemu-kvm) that boots into initramfs, which outputs that the problem is with the swap partition of the host system (the root fileystem on /dev/sdXY requires a manual fsck). does it fix it to run fsck with a live system on the said partition?21:03
tomreynsudomake: please don't cross-post. if you choose to get help here, point it out on the other channels you asked on, and provide more details about your ubuntu installation.21:12
tomreynalso clarify how the root file system needing fsck is related to (undisclosed) swap issues.21:13
sarnolda pastebin of whatever you're actually seeing would be useful21:15
sudomaketomreyn, noone cares in linux channel anyway. I disclosed it all. VM gives the above error, and says the swap partition needs fsck21:19
sudomakemore I dont know21:19
Greenfrogi'd like to find a folder encryption tool for ubuntu 20.04 but i'm not finding anything that works, any suggestions would be helpful.21:22
sudomakedont worry. I will ask it elsewhere21:23
sarnoldGreenfrog: https://github.com/google/fscrypt21:23
tomreynsudomake: partitions don't need file system checks, file systems do. but swap, while a file system, just needs to be mkswap'd again if this every happened (which i have not yet seen happen). the root file system requring a manual fsck can be solved from !recovery or from a live usb21:23
Greenfrogthank you, i'll check it out now21:23
sudomaketomreyn, you mean I erase the swap and recreate it, and then it should be fine?21:24
sudomake(some say swap isnt needed at all)21:24
tomreynGreenfrog: fscrypt is in ubuntu as a separate package, too (but i'm not sure whether you'd only want later versions maybe)21:24
sarnoldGreenfrog: you can also do zfs dataset encryption, but it's not documented quite as well, and if you're already using zfs then you probably already know about it anyway, heh21:24
sudomakeor if I restart the whole system, do I get it solved perhaps? (as I presume swap is a randomly accessed partition)21:25
tomreynsudomake: the swap should be fine then (but i suspect it already is and you just misinterpreted the message you read). if you'll mkswap then the file system uuid will change, and you may need to update it in configurations referring to it (such as /etc/fstab).21:26
tomreyni'm also still wondering which ubuntu version you're running there21:27
sudomaketomreyn, my problem is the VM's booting into initramfs, and when I type 'exit' I get the fsck line21:28
AWizzArdWhen I brought an SSH connection into the background via  `ssh -fN`  then how can I bringt it to the foreground?21:28
sudomakeshutting off and turning on the VM dont solve it, but havent tried host shutdown yet21:29
tomreynno ubuntu version details, no support from my end.21:30
sudomaketomreyn, I am a debian user. but qemu-kvm is the same for all, and thought this would be a general linux question.21:31
tomreynsudomake: how mayn times have we told you this channel is for ubuntu support only by now?21:32
sudomakesorry I get disconnected periodically, wasnt on purose21:32
sudomakehow many times?21:33
sudomakeI guess you mistake my nick for another21:33
tomreyni believe it was more than 0. but you know now, also the topic states so.21:33
sudomakemore than zero, like that :)21:34
sudomakebesides, I am a ubuntu user, too21:34
tomreynnot the point21:34
sudomakeI know21:34
sudomakethank you anyway for helping21:34
tatertotssudomake: have you rebooted the host ?21:38
sudomaketatertots, I have a thing or two to do, therefore havent done it yet, but I will as soon as I am done21:39
tomreynplease move to an ontopic channel if you'll continue.21:40
sudomakeare we allowed to move to DM from here, or should we completely exit the state borders?21:41
sharpertoolOn a fresh install of Ubuntu -- 20.04 -- what drivers are used? I have an Nvidia graphics card, and it was working *FINE*, but then I went and tried to install some official nvidia drivers, and now my system is giving me some real issues with "keyboard" response. Nothing else changed here, other than installing Cuda and nvidia drivers.22:09
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sharpertoolIf I try and vi edit a command line, the cursor jumps to the wrong place, movement keys do not work properly, etc. It is unusable. And it is laggy as heck22:10
sharpertoolI've tried going back to the Nouveau display driver, but then my screen is locked at 640x480... can't live with that22:11
sarnoldsharpertool: probably the nvidia-driver-440 package (and its dependencies) are used if they work for your card22:11
sharpertoolThat is what is currently being used, according to "Additional Drivers"22:12
tomreyn"then I went and tried to install some official nvidia drivers" - how did you do this?22:12
tomreynasking differently: did it involve downloading something from nvidia.com ?22:13
sharpertoolused ubuntu-drivers devices, then 'sudu ubuntu-drivers autoinstall'22:14
tomreynah good that'd be the right approach22:15
sharpertoolOkay,  here is where I probably messed up -- I did download from nvidia, then I did the autoinstall.22:15
tomreynaha :)22:15
sharpertoolso, I might have just downloaded some bogus stuff22:15
sharpertoolso, is there a way to just clear it all out... and start over22:15
sharpertooluninstall all nvidia drivers..22:15
tomreyni'm not enough into those drivers to help, but i agree wthis is probably where i broke.22:15
tomreyni think those drivers you can download from nvidia.com come with manuals, which probably also explain how to uninstall them.22:16
tomreyn'i broke' -> 'it broke' ;)22:17
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sarnoldor 'i broke it', depending :)22:20
Greenfrogi installed nvidia drivers via extra drivers and had no problem22:21
Greenfrogbut mayb that was one of my good points ;)22:22
matsamanyeah I've never had a problem doing that, besides that it feels wrong because it is =P22:22
Greenfrogsok with me, it does what i want22:23
sharpertoolI don't know what is going on.. it just seems as if something is interferring with proper operation of my typing.22:24
sharpertoolHm. okay, I just tested something out.22:24
sharpertoolMy situation is that I have a MacPro with 4 monitors, but I do hardware development, so I needed an Ubuntu machine (VM way to slow). I have to install 2 monitors on that (now I have 6), otherwise the main "vnc" session won't be resized. Anyway, I always VNC into it to my main login. I've done this for months.22:26
sharpertoolI just went and typed on the physical terminal, and it works great.. so, not it looks like this is more of a VNC thing, likely caused in some way by the nvidia drivers. So, crap.22:27
sharpertoolIn fact.. that explains one thing, the top command has 'vino-server' as the top command... it's only at 3.5-5% cpu, so not out of whack, but still, something wrong with new drivers22:27
cortexmanwe built a shadow MIC and hacked your bone conductors; we are faking all of the outputs; if you come up against us you're going to see skulls pop. remove your bone conductors: 5% lidocaine OTC, exacto knife, bottle of whiskey. Write down everything you know about unchecked WMDs in a text editor and save the file.22:39
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jakobbgHi. I set up zfs on my Azure VM Focal Fossa installation, did a lot of zfs setup, rebooted a few days later, and now the zfs file systems are gone! What might have happened? Both "zpool list" and "zpool info" show "no pools available". Known topic?22:53
sarnoldjakobbg: zpool import? are the block devices that held your filesystem still attached through whatever that mechanism is?22:57
jakobbgsarnold: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qDXVckN9gz/ The disk is a so-called "Disk" 4TB Standard HDD, "LUN 0". I remember that it was /dev/sdc23:00
sarnoldjakobbg: try sudo zpool import /dev/disk/by-id/23:01
sarnoldjakobbg: sorry23:01
sarnoldjakobbg: try sudo zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id/23:01
jakobbgWill try that. Seems like device has changed path from /dev/sdc to /dev/sdb (I might have remebered wrong)23:02
sarnoldyeah /dev/sd* paths aren't stable23:03
sarnoldthere's no expectation that they'll have the same names from boot to boot23:03
jakobbgawesome :)23:03
sarnoldyeah :)23:03
sarnoldat least zfs makes it easy to set them up with the handy names from dmesg | grep sd  .. .and then convert to the stable /dev/disk/by-*/ names via a simple zpool import -d23:04
jakobbgsudo zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-14d5346542020202089557918b9c8ec47a556e85027abad5c gives me "no pools available to import"23:06
sarnoldthe -d gives the path to the directory containing the device nodes, not the full path to a device node23:06
sarnoldthis should be enough: sudo zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id/23:07
noudleis it possible to set the bind address of polipo? i always get "Couldn't establish listening socket: Address already in use"23:07
sarnoldnoudle: use sudo ss -tnlp  to figure out what is currently using that port23:08
noudlethanks. seems like there was a zombie in the background :P23:09
jakobbgsarnold: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FKq88fgQk7/ I'm at loss :)23:09
sarnoldjakobbg: oooohkay that's funny. I expected that to work.23:09
jakobbgI tried "sudo zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id/ 17011005963541977624" - that worked!23:10
sarnoldyay :)23:10
sarnoldjakobbg: weird, it went from a scsi- id to a wnn- id23:11
jakobbgbaffles me23:11
jakobbgWhat to put in fstab to ensure it getting back up after new boot? I have not seen that mentioned in the docs.23:11
sarnoldno need to change fstab23:11
sarnoldonce you've imported with the /dev/disk/by-id/ paths, the /etc/zpool.cache should be updated -- or perhaps that happens on zfs export23:12
jakobbgI'd like it to be avail on boot again :)23:12
Ima_Moran_999Looking for a little help getting Oracle JDK installed on Ubuntu and I'm not exactly an expert user.23:13
sarnoldtry zpool export ; zpool import23:13
jakobbgThe export dropped the FS again. Had to do import with full ID once again to get it back.23:16
sarnoldugh. I *really* expected the export to update the cache and then a plain import to work :/23:16
sarnoldwhat's zpool status report? does it use the long name?23:17
jakobbghm. but now a boot kept it online, at least.23:17
jakobbgShould I just keep my fingers crossed? :)23:18
sarnoldgive it a few more reboots if you can :)23:19
sarnoldlets see..23:19
jakobbgright, will do.23:20
jakobbgMuch appreciated, sarnold !23:20
sarnoldjakobbg: you're welcome :) I hope this is the last you have to think of it :)_23:21
Ima_Moran_999I'm trying to install JDK using the instructions here:23:22
Ima_Moran_999but since I'm installing it on a laptop and there's no server, what do I do?23:22
sarnold"and there's no server"?23:23
Ima_Moran_999>Once the file has downloaded, you’ll need to transfer it to your server.23:23
sarnoldah, that's written from the perspective of a company that sells server access :)23:24
Ima_Moran_999So here's the problem. I  just want to run OpenOffice Base. But it wants JRE, so I muddle through command line and it still doesn't work.23:25
sarnoldit also looks like it's in a section about how to use the version from oracle, rather than the version that's packaged in ubuntu -- are you sure you even need to bother with it?23:25
sarnoldheh, okay, so lets take one more step back :) *why* openoffice? that's a pretty stagnant thing.. does it offer you something that libreoffice doesn't?23:25
sarnoldafaik there's no reason to use openoffice any more23:26
Ima_Moran_999"OpenOffice requires a Java runtime environment (JRE) to perform this task.Please install a JRE and restart OpenOffice."23:26
Ima_Moran_999The database was written in OpenOffice. I don't know if I can open it in LibreOffice, and I have OO installed.23:27
Ima_Moran_999When I try "javac -version" I get "javac 11.0.7" so I think I have Java installed, but JRE is more?23:27
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sarnoldIma_Moran_999: sudo apt install default-jre   should do the job23:29
sarnoldIma_Moran_999: but I'd strongly urge you to look into using libreoffice at some point -- make sure you have a backup of your database before trying -- sudo apt install libreoffice23:30
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Ima_Moran_999sarnold: "default-jre is already the newest version (2:1.11-68ubuntu1~18.04.1)."23:31
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sarnoldIma_Moran_999: good good, then try restarting oo23:32
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Ima_Moran_999OK I'll give it a go, thank!23:33
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