sirriffsalotEickmeyer: I just noticed that when I let US-c do its thing and run the server automatically on startup, pavucontrol no longer lets me choose where audio-output will go..00:06
sirriffsalotWhereas if I stop jack in US-c, pavucontrol shows me those options again. Any way to fix this?00:06
Eickmeyersirriffsalot: That's because you use a patchbay (like in Carla) to route the pulseaudio where to go.00:07
EickmeyerPulseaudio acts like a device in Jack.00:07
sirriffsalotEickmeyer: yeah, which is great for more specific cases where I need to plug something somewhere else, but when I just want audio from a browser or some other app to go into my USB-headphones instead of my sound-card, it's somewhat of a hassle to drag two lines across to the usb-device instead of just flipping a switch, ya know?00:08
Eickmeyersirriffsalot: You don't need to run Jack when just surfing the web.00:08
EickmeyerPulseaudio and Jack can't coexist on the same audio devices at the same time, so this is the only way around it.00:09
EickmeyerOvenWerks might have more explanation.00:09
sirriffsalotHm, I see00:11
OvenWerkssirriffsalot: that is not broken00:58
OvenWerksit is very much on purpose00:58
Agustinhow can i extend the screen into other monitor00:59
Agustindoes anyone know00:59
OvenWerkssirriffsalot: as soon as pulse can "see" any alsa device it ties itself to that devices sync and if jack is bridged at the same time you will have xruns01:01
OvenWerksAgustin: I am not quite sure what you mean01:01
OvenWerksAgustin: the default with two screens is to put one of them to the left of the other01:01
OvenWerksAgustin: the screen then becomes the size of the two monitors01:02
OvenWerksunless you have a different idea of what screen is01:03
Agustini just plugged by VGA another screen monitor to my laptop01:04
Agustinand they are showing exactly the same (mirroring)01:05
Agustini dont want them to mirror01:06
Agustini want the vga screen to extend the other01:07
Agustinsorry if i cant explain myself properly english is not my native language01:07
Agustinand thanks01:07
OvenWerkssettings->Display->and drag the one monitor off the top of the opther I thiks01:07
OvenWerksNo that is fine explanation.01:08
OvenWerksI normally boot with two screens and in that case they default side by side, but yyou are pluggin yours in while running? that may make a difference01:08
Agustinthats right01:09
Agustini can reboot and see what happens01:09
OvenWerksfirst try settings01:09
Agustinyeah thanks01:09
Agustinlets see01:09
OvenWerksgo to the settings manager01:09
OvenWerksscroll down till you see Dislpay01:09
AgustinHEY I CAN DO IT01:10
Agustini didnt know i could do that01:10
Agustinty very much!01:10
Agustinrecently new on ubuntu01:10
OvenWerksalways good to learn new things01:10
Agustinyeah ty01:11
OvenWerksYour welcome01:11
OvenWerkssirriffsalot: While I am working on autoswitching for headphones... I had not at all thought about USB phones01:13
Agustinhey i have another question if u have time01:14
OvenWerkssirriffsalot: However, the framwork I have started may deal with that in some way01:14
OvenWerksAgustin: go ahead01:14
Agustini have an external audio device01:14
Agustinaudio interface01:14
Agustinand the drivers only support mac and windows01:15
Agustinhow can i run it through ubuntu?01:15
OvenWerksgenerally if it works on mac then it will work with linux01:15
Agustinokay didnt know01:15
Agustini will try the mac driver01:16
Agustini just plugged it and nothing01:16
OvenWerksmac does not allow a driver to be installed a USB device must be USB compliant01:16
OvenWerksthere should be no mac drivver01:16
Agustinwow didnt know01:16
OvenWerksonly windows uses drivers01:16
Agustinthen why does the support page has the mac drivers01:16
Agustinmaybe i am wrong01:17
Agustinlet me take a look01:17
OvenWerksonce you plugin a USB device it should just show up as an ALSA device01:17
Agustinokay lets see01:17
OvenWerksif you are running desktop audio then pavucontrol should show your usb device in both the configure tab and the output tab01:18
Agustinallright ill check01:19
OvenWerksif you are running jack then it may just show in the graph depending on how jack is set up/run01:19
Agustinwow this is really difficult01:23
OvenWerksAgustin: how so?01:23
Agustini just cant find anything lol01:23
Agustinokay wait i can01:23
Agustinthe audio setup01:23
Agustinond ubuntu studio controls01:23
OvenWerksif you are running jack with -controls, the default is that a plugged in device will get bridged along with other devices.01:24
OvenWerksif jack is not runnung then pavucontrol will see all devices01:25
Agustinokay i will go there01:25
OvenWerksit is possible to make your usb device the jack master though01:25
OvenWerksthere is an option in -controls to start pavucontrols01:25
OvenWerksthere is button "open pulse control"01:26
Agustinokay  i think definitely it isnt showing up01:30
Agustinit doesnt recognise the usb audio interface01:30
OvenWerksin a terminal try: aplay -l01:30
OvenWerksfor playback devices (or the playback half)01:30
OvenWerksor arecord -l01:31
OvenWerksfor a mic01:31
Agustinwell okay01:33
OvenWerkswhich device do you have? by the way01:33
Agustini found it01:33
Agustinits an ICON Cube 4nano01:33
OvenWerksok, not one I know of... but there are a lot01:34
Agustinahah yes01:34
Agustin...i think i found it01:34
Agustincheck this up01:35
Agustin**** Lista de PLAYBACK dispositivos hardware ****tarjeta 0: HDMI [HDA ATI HDMI], dispositivo 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]  Subdispositivos: 1/1  Subdispositivo #0: subdevice #0tarjeta 1: Generic [HD-Audio Generic], dispositivo 0: ALC269VB Analog [ALC269VB Analog]  Subdispositivos: 1/1  Subdispositivo #0: subdevice #001:35
Agustinhows yout spanish btw? ajaj01:35
OvenWerksprobably don't post in here direct :)01:35
OvenWerksI should have done it aplay -l01:36
OvenWerksI should have done it aplay -l |pastebinit01:36
OvenWerks(the second line not the first)01:36
OvenWerksspanish is not great but I am familiar with the layout well enough01:37
Agustinokay okay01:38
Agustinwell i think i ll continue later01:38
Agustini still have01:38
Agustinlots of learning to do01:38
Agustinim pretty much used to windows01:39
Agustinwhat did you mean by "probably dont post in here direct" it was confusing01:40
OvenWerkson the other hand I have only even needed to deal with windows more than 15 years ago01:40
OvenWerksbest to pastebin and give the pastebin url here01:40
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: great, that is a somewhat necessary feature imo04:55
OvenWerkssirriffsalot:  being what? headphones I guess :)05:19
OvenWerksusing more than one audio device at the same time just makes the system less.... less pro, less stable, just less.05:21
OvenWerksusb headphones, like USB mics are very much a compromise that a professional studio would avoid05:22
OvenWerksthe Internal audio device setup on modern computers (HDA) tries to do "everything" with minimum parts count and maximum software control. So just pluggin in a headphone requires sw action :P05:39
OvenWerksThat is what I am fixing now.05:39
OvenWerkssirriffsalot: if you are using internal audio for normal use with speakers and only use your headphones aside from that...05:41
OvenWerksperhaps just setup jack for internal audio then setup your headphones as USB jack master. If all works as it should... jack will auto restart with your phones as the default output when you plug them in and go back to speaker when you unplug them05:42
OvenWerksif these are really USB wireless phones.... be aware that they may require a higher latency05:43
OvenWerks(unplug in this case means unplug the USB plug not any downstream plug after that)05:45

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