xu-help79wHi, I have a question, how can I create a request for xubuntu to come with a default setting? I have a tearing problem with Intel which is very easy to solve by creating the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf file and writing the configuration. But is it possible to make this setting come by default in the following xubuntu updates?02:24
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xu-help49whi, i'm a beginner, i can learn how to save data after the session.18:33
junowhat sort of 'session'?18:35
junowindow manager changes?18:37
junonot sure I understand the question18:37
xu-help49wsorry, i,m from Russia.(18:38
junono need to be sorry :) I will need more information to understand the question18:41
junodo you mean to save the open applications and window positions when you log out?18:42
xu-help49wafter turning off the computer, data is not saved18:43
junolook under "Session and Startup" in settings18:44
junooption to save your session18:45
xu-help49wthank yo so much'=D18:46
junono problem18:46
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bruhhi. how can I update my display driver? it is an intel hd graphics20:53
well_laid_lawnbruh: that driver will be in the kernel20:54
bruhso i cannot update it, right?20:55
well_laid_lawnwhat is the reason yyou have for thinking it needs updating?21:00

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