Jason-KRHi~ fox mask ^^  Why France have a high mortality rate?  I'm curious but worried.08:06
foxmaskJason-KR: when ?08:07
Jason-KR(recntly or) NOW by CoViD-19.08:08
Jason-KRIt's most in the world. ㅠㅠ08:09
foxmaskJason-KR: where did you see a rate of mortality ? because actually, we can all go out because of the R0 rate near 108:09
Jason-KR예? Hmm...08:10
Jason-KRi saw https://coronaboard.fr/   and https://coronaboard.kr/  Deces 19.1% is a most in the world. 😥08:13
foxmaskJason-KR I see, I don't know why08:14
foxmaskI think a lot of people haven't been counted before.08:15
Jason-KROK. ^^   I hope U (& family) R healthy.08:16
foxmaskJason-KR: it's ok for now ; thanks08:17
foxmaskJason-KR: I hope you're fine too and your family also08:23
Jason-KRTHX a lot, 2.08:23
foxmaskI think there were a lot of factors : 1) stupidity and denying the truth of the virus from people and no respect of confinment 2) the gouvrment took decisions (confinment + masks) too late 3) masks is a long story ; governmant said "you dont need" then 2 weeks later "you need them" then they order masks too late08:30
foxmaskfrench people still think they wont be infected... the stupidity is very high and arrogance too08:32
Jason-KRI totally agree w/U above  1~3.08:34
Seony2달째 집에서만 일하는데, 이번달 말까지 더 집에서 하라네요. 재택근무 이거 굉장히 스트레스군요10:50
pchero_work안녕하세요, 오랜만입니다. :)11:02
pchero_work저도 벌써 3달째인데.. 이제야 좀 재택근무가 익숙해지고 있네요. ㅎ11:03
Seony전 익숙이 아니라... 점점 스트레스가... ㅎㅎ  살만 쪄가네요11:06
Jason-KR난 두 분 다 *아직도* 재택근무인지 몰랐어요.11:06
pchero_work그냥 감금상태입니다.11:16
pchero_work집에서 근무하는건 좋은데 밖에 못나가니… 영.. -_-;;;11:17
Jason-KR에구 딱하시다 ㅠㅠ11:17

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