en50Is the time supposed to display like "9 : 14 PM" instead of 9:14 PM like it used to be, or is there just something going on with my configuration?01:14
en50In GNOME, on the top bar.01:14
robertparkerxis clamav good to have?01:15
robertparkerx...for a personal server that has some project in production01:16
sarnoldrobertparkerx: I'd only bother if your machine handles stuff for windows computers01:16
robertparkerxit doesn't01:17
robertparkerxit has a httpd with some php projects01:17
sarnoldI'd skip it01:18
robertparkerxThank you sarnold01:18
tarelerulzI can't seem to install a lot of apps ,  Something about my Kernel updating ,but I'm not sure , it seem file updating my system until the kernel part and grub. https://pastebin.com/58UguF2801:37
sarnoldtarelerulz: is there anything in dmesg? journalctl?01:42
tarelerulzForget me I don't know how to do that.01:43
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tarelerulzcould installing more then one os , like a different linux mess stuff up?01:48
tripelbI've got a problem. 20.04 it just slows down. I did top and it seems like there's something called the Plex server. I'd like to find out where it is and uninstall it. Can you help me.?01:49
tripelbOh and it runs as root01:50
sarnoldtripelb: check snap list01:50
tripelbHow do I check a snap list? Plus I remove snap and added flat pack in the opposite order.01:51
tripelbI am looking in the chrome extensions now01:51
tripelbNot a chrome ext.01:51
tripelbI googled how to see my snap extensions and it gave me a DP kg for how to see all installed programs which didn't work01:55
tripelbWouldn't it show when I search for programs01:56
tripelbI've got other things going on. I can't get the display back to single screen. I was using two monitors for a while and now I don't want to do it today01:56
tripelbWhen I open settings it just doesn't show on my laptop screen01:56
tripelbIt appears in the dock and then a number one appears on the left but I don't have a way to change it01:57
tripelbSorry I don't have a big sophisticated Linux problem but I would love help01:58
tripelbThis is what happened yesterday after I went to settings The whole computer locks up. Yesterday about every 30 seconds the mouse would move 2 in and that was the best I could do01:59
tripelbWell I need to reboot anyway ... because I installed the strain IRC client from flat pack. I don't find hex chat convenient. It's somewhat like MIRC 20 years ago02:00
binditripelb: press 'c' in 'top' to see the full path of the running command02:01
bindiplex media server is a legit software, but if you dont know what it is, its probably something bad in a disguise02:02
bindiit certainly shouldn't run as root, if it was the real deal02:02
tripelbI got something bad from Linux?. I think I clicked on something That said Plex server. I thought I would try it.02:03
bindiyou clicked what exactly?02:04
tripelbI guess I can reinstall 20.04 if I need to but all those extra things I add take a while like a day of my time.02:04
tripelbI don't remember exactly what I clicked on or I'd be reporting it in a more concise manner.02:04
tripelbIt probably was a couple weeks ago02:04
bindibrowser history?02:04
tripelbI could look in my browser history. I probably have about 5,000 things in it in 2 weeks.02:05
bindiyou can search in it for plex02:05
tripelbAh ha, but of course. Will do. Thanks bindi.02:05
tripelbThis is just a b****. I could not drag a picture from my desktop to a file's window onto the icon for the folder pictures, I had to have two file windows/tabs and drag it from one to another.  (I see this as a bug)02:08
tripelbOh I found it. Looks like I have a Plex account bindi02:11
tarelerulzis there away to not do os prob?02:12
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warsoulneed help02:15
warsoultrying to install debian with netinstall02:15
warsoulbut wifi network is not found02:15
tarelerulzanyone have problem instaling linux-image-5.4.0-33-generic?02:17
Bashing-omtarelerulz: "/etc/grub.d/30_os-prober" ? Details might be good :P02:18
tarelerulzProcessing triggers for ca-certificates (20190110ubuntu1.1) I got that02:19
Bashing-omtarelerulz: Sorry - I do not know the ca-certificates process ;(02:20
tarelerulzwell, I can't install a bunch of apps and it says something about the grub being messed up and now about not installing linux-image-5.4.0-33-generic02:21
tarelerulzI really want to install geany or something like that but  the kernel part keeps coming up.02:22
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic eoan02:22
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (eoan), package size 2 kB, installed size 16 kB02:23
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic focal02:23
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (focal), package size 2 kB, installed size 17 kB02:23
Bashing-omtarelerulz: Pastebin ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' so we see the state of the package manager.02:25
Bashing-omtarelerulz: looking ^ ,02:28
Bashing-omtarelerulz: Install an app ? how about inxi ? A very useful utility.02:31
tarelerulzsudo dpkg --configure -a dpkg: error processing package linux-image-5.4.0-33-generic (--configure02:34
Bashing-omtarelerulz: ^ not much help - pastebin the output in its entirety to get the context. ( then we look at what kernels are installed).02:35
guivercwarsoul, this is a Ubuntu support room, not Debian02:36
tarelerulzhave any of you had the problem of updating the kernel and not installing some apps at all?02:43
Bashing-omtarelerulz: I know nothing of void or Gentoo - but we can look at "error: out of memory.". What shows ' free -m ' ?02:43
Bashing-omtarelerulz: Got me - that ^ says you have plenty of memory :(02:46
tarelerulzbeing so broken ,  I really have no idea what is going on.  Ubuntu 18.04 had  the same problem I think02:48
Bashing-omtarelerulz: With the other operating systems thrown into the mix - you might get better responses in the ##linux channel.02:50
tarelerulzOk, Why do that matter?02:51
Bashing-omtarelerulz: gentoo is LVM - maybe ubuntu is not playing nice there ?02:52
CamtistAnyone here?02:53
CamtistRan into an issue with installing Ubuntu Desktop 20.0402:54
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.02:55
guivercCamtist, did you let the scan of your install media run, and did it complete successfully?03:08
CamtistI believe the initial scan did?03:08
CamtistIt had the bar at the very start and that loaded fully03:09
CamtistThen went onto the orange and purple background and the window with options03:09
guivercif it's a HDD/ssd health issue, I'd check SMART health (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools) from the 'live' session (try ubuntu)  if desktop; gnome-disks & GUI provide easier detail than `smartctl` from CLI (command line)03:10
CamtistDid a normal install, checked off download updates and install third party, wanted to erase the disk and install ubuntu, put in location and name and all that03:10
CamtistAh, thank you03:10
guivercCamtist, I do see some issues with ACPI errors after installation (not during; askubu etc) but I'd opt for health/hardware checks first03:12
CamtistOh that's different here03:13
* Camtist nods03:13
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iKarus987How do i turn off mouse accelration ?04:41
iKarus987or enhancement04:41
iKarus987i can sense ubuntu has it04:41
iKarus987i use ubuntu for gaming04:41
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kvndyHello I've lost audio again. Speakers work. If I reboot while the headphone jack is not plugged in, headphone jack works, until I press pause in VLC and come back a few minutes later. Then I have to type `$ sudo alsa force-reload` and restart VLC, which fixes audio in the headphones.05:57
kvndyAudio did not work at all in Ubuntu 20.04 until the most recent update05:58
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kvndyI have no question. Thanks everyone05:59
toffeHi guys, I have the weirdest problem. At random times when I start a software called IntelliJ my two extra screens turns off and says "No signal", my laptop screen is still on. If I go to another TTY then kill the intellij process then back to ctrl+alt+f2 i get the two screens back. I've updated from 19.04 to 20.04 both had the same problem. The weird things is that it suddenly works another day, it seems06:02
tofferandom :/ any tip?06:02
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poutineUsing the instructions here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel 2 questions 1) I am using Ubuntu Bionic (18.04.04 LTS), but kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-bionic is 4.x and my kernel version is 5.x, I see bionic-signed, but I am not doing a signed build, what should I use to check out from git here? 2) How do I take advantage of a 16 core CPU here since it's not using make-kpkg/make06:23
TJ-poutine: 5.x is from the next release, so you'd need the ubuntu-eoan git repo (is that the 5.x !? )06:25
poutineTJ-: I am using a fairly default configuration and have 5.3.0-5106:25
poutineI guess I somehow unknowingly got into HWE, will read up more on that06:27
TJ-poutine: that presumably comes from 19.10 Eoan via the HWE of Bionic06:27
TJ-!hwe | poutine06:27
ubottupoutine: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack06:27
poutinesomeone implemented their own sound driver blacklist that cannot be bypassed in 5.3.x and it broke my sound that has been working for quite some time :/06:28
poutinethanks TJ- for the pointer06:28
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TJ-Strange issue here with multiple laptops and 20.04 - we have 2 Wifi APs on the same SSID 3o metres apart and *only* these laptops insist on connecting to the furthest! Smartphones connect to the closest without a problem. NetworkManager, even using "nmcli con up SSID ap BSSID" to connect to the closer AP, seems to ignore it06:29
NickShadesHello. I am attempting to build a LAMP stack. Is there anyone present with experience setting up one?06:29
NickShadesTJ: Do they have antennas on the closer ones?06:31
TJ-NickShades: install the individual packages and configure whatever web service it is you're intending to deploy. LAMP = Linux, Apache, MySQL/MaraiDB, PHP/Python/Perl :)06:31
TJ-NickShades: they're all Unifi APs06:31
TJ-NickShades: indeed!06:31
TJ-NickShades: re: LAMP  prefer replacing the M with (P)ostgreSQL06:32
NickShadesTJ: Do I need MaraiDB in addition to MySQL? I am only attempting to run a WordPress installation. And i'm having touble installing phpMyAdmin after completing the stack - but no MaraiDB.06:32
NickShadesI was under the impression that Marai was a substitution of MySQL06:32
TJ-NickShades: no you don't - MariaDB was the fork of MySQL when Oracle bought MySQL06:32
TJ-NickShades: MariaDB is seen as the truly open and unfettered successor to MySQL due to Oracle's business practices and tentacles06:33
TJ-NickShades: rather like Nagios > Icinga06:33
NickShadesI wonder if I should uninstall my whole installation and start fresh.06:33
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NickShadesif I could just get phpMyAdmin to install, I feel as though I could go through with my installation of wordpress. but... this is the first one which I have ever done, and documentation I am finding online seems dated.06:34
poutineTJ-: So any idea how to change concurrency (threads) when using this fakeroot debian/rules build method?06:37
TJ-poutine: yeah I've used that method many times, let me dig out the docs on those options for you06:38
poutineTJ-: debian/rules -j 32 might have been it, I did see --parallel and --max-parallel, but this seems more like the way06:42
TJ-poutine: see https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/eoan/tree/debian/rules.d/0-common-vars.mk#n20306:46
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poutinethanks TJ-06:47
TJ-NickShades: phpMyAdmin relies on a working PHP install, so I'd guess if you have problems that issue is in the Apache/PHP integrations06:47
NickShadesgot it.06:49
NickShadesI'll look into it maybe some other time. I was hoping it was going to be a bit easier than this. I feel like it might be an error within the Ubuntu Cinammon Remix distro which I am using.06:49
NickShadesI am having apt-get issues with a couple elements of its update/upgrade06:49
kvndyHello again. It turns out quitting all apps using audio, unplugging headphones, restarting alsa, starting VLC and playing a video, and after that finally inserting headphone jack is what restores audio. It is needed every time audio stops. in VLC or on a web page. The only way I can restore audio is by using VLC, no other audio source works from early investigation.06:53
TJ-NickShades: sounds likely07:06
TJ-kvndy: is the system not using PulseAudio?07:06
kvndyTJ-: PulseAudio runs. The command I type is `$ sudo alsa force-reload`07:13
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daman1209arorajoin #python08:23
pmjdebruijnhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-legacy-server/releases/20.04/release/ that seems to be badly broken, networking does not work during install08:39
pmjdebruijnI briefly though my kvm was broken08:39
pmjdebruijnbut it's not08:39
imihi I'm still on 19.10 is it too early to upgrade to 20.04?08:44
oerheksimi, no, upgrade path is open, not for 18.04 LTS users, see !ltsupgrade factoid08:46
ubottuRegular upgrades from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS will be enabled once 20.04.1 is released in late July. This delay helps to ensure that any lingering issues are resolved before people upgrade production systems. If you'd prefer to upgrade now, use sudo do-release-upgrade -d08:46
oerheksand read the releasenotes08:46
imiupgrade manager as an upgrade to 20.04 button. Can I just press it? what will happen to my installed snaps?08:48
oerheksprepare a fresh iso on usb and have fun08:49
imidoes it mean I need to do a fresh install?08:50
oerheksno, i would prepare an usb, just in case somthing went wrong08:51
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imiI see08:53
imigood idea08:54
imiwhat will happen to my installed snaps?08:54
oerheksno reason to think something will change for snaps08:54
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imiso they will just keep working09:00
eliyahutbrmorning peeps09:07
eliyahutbri got two issues today and would appreciate any assistance09:07
eliyahutbr one is non official so i understand if no support. i'm using deezer via snap and I have no sound output. Sound from chrome works09:07
eliyahutbrany ideas?09:07
eliyahutbrhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gWHhZWvqHK/ is the second isse09:08
Stephanieeliyahutbr, Open software sources09:09
eliyahutbrhow do i do that Stpehanie?09:10
eliyahutbrassume I'm a complete noob09:10
eliyahutbr(pretty close to accurate)09:10
Stephanieeliyahutbr, pres the windows button on the bottom left of your keyboard09:10
StephanieThen type "Software Sources" (without quotes)09:10
oerhekseliyahutbr, werent you here before?09:11
oerheksreverse that step09:11
eliyahutbroerheks, tried that yesterday09:13
eliyahutbri'm on LTS, not beaver09:13
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eliyahutbroerheks https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qbN3tqNBhr/09:17
oerheksno, yesterday i advised to remove; /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99local-ftp09:18
eliyahutbrand i did09:27
eliyahutbrjust redid it09:27
eliyahutbrone i remove, then what?09:27
eliyahutbrre removed it09:27
oerheksnot ure if you need any step to update again? have you tried?09:28
oerheksdpkg --configure -a # might fix things..09:28
nikicajeaanyone here?10:34
ikoniamany people10:35
nikicajeanice. Is this the right place to get some help with ubuntu problems?10:37
nikicajeaAlright. Yesterday I have installed ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my thinkpad. And since then I had 2 crashes with an error: xorg crashed with sigsegv in mipointersetposition(). I tried to google the bug, but I didnt found any solution.10:41
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nikicajeaWhat should I do?10:46
oerheksDit you get a report-a-problem dialog?10:50
nikicajeayes. How can I send that do you?10:51
oerheksand did you send the crash report?10:51
oerhekshere is the 'unreadable' crashreport stored; ls -l /var/crash/10:52
nikicajeaok, and what now?10:52
lotuspsychjenikicajea: the developers have your report now, can start debug things10:54
lotuspsychjenikicajea: is your system up to date?10:54
oerheksi cannot read that file too, one can find the status of the report if you know your ID10:54
nikicajeaThis is just what I could get: https://errors.ubuntu.com/user/fdcde6098ca111da3d1a0bb7e1ea46fecd93ed564497a49e8f3076a82d869289c83ce8944655a0c0acf831982e19011036f8c6f136ccd860cc6bd5923817088711:08
nikicajeaBut I guess you dont have the access to read the report...so Im stuck with this crash bug forever I guess... -.-11:09
BluesKaj'Morning all11:12
jennisHello, I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 and i've connected to an external monitor with speakers using an HDMI. I've changed my sound output device to my headphones (and also tried to just change it to the default laptop speakers) but the output won't change from the external monitor11:16
jennisWondered if anyone had any suggestions?11:16
jennisWeird, from the sound settings if I test one of the "Alert Sounds" I can hear this through my headphones, but, spotify/youtube for example, play through the monitor11:21
XoCluTchquestion, should any user without sudo permissions beable to perform a shutdown -r, via the console?11:23
XoCluTchor is this a bug11:23
ticapixI'm trying to install ubuntu-20.04 via PXE. The iso is fetched, it's booting, the meta-data and user-data file are fetched (check httpd log).11:26
ticapixOn the KVM, I can see "the installer running on /dev/ttyS0 will perform the autoinstall"11:27
ticapixbut no idea where to find the install log because apparently nothing is being installed11:27
InteloHow to install firefox on ubuntu-server?11:29
ticapixinside /var/log/installer obviously11:50
oerheksIntelo, interesting, without desktop / DM ?11:51
oerhekshow would you use firefox?11:51
ticapixIntelo: apt install firefox11:53
imihi, as far as I can tell the upgrade succeeded. previously I used autotrash -d 30 to clear files from my trash bin, but now as far as I can tell, there's no autotrash executable. can I somehow make ubuntu 20.04 to delete files older than 30 days from my trash bin?11:55
oerhekswhy not clear your whole trashbin?11:57
BluesKajwhy use the trash at all ?  ;-)11:58
ioriaimi, it's a snap now (autotrash-unofficial)12:03
larkfishermanhey guys, I'm trying to set up PXE boot server, I've set up dnsmasq to serve as DHCP server on my wired interface, set the "lease" addresses to, but when the PXE client tries to connect, the server gets "DHCPREQUEST" for address "" and dmasq responds with "DNSNAK" with message "lease not found". Why could this happen12:03
larkfishermanand how do I overcome this?12:03
imiioria: ok thanks12:05
ioriaimi, ok12:10
iorialarkfisherman, the client is an uefi system ?12:10
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Intelooerheks: ok12:25
InteloSomething is running on port 80. How can I detect and uninstall it?12:26
InteloWhen I go to localhost in browser, it redirects me to https://localhost:9392/login/login.html Greenbone Security Assistant12:27
larkfishermanioria I suppose it is.12:30
larkfishermanThe server is really acting weird so it itsn't easy to check anything. USB boot doesn't work, that's why I'm trying PXE.12:30
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nikicajeaHi! I had an Xorg  crash error (ubuntu errno 21 ls is a directory driver/nvidia/gpus). I think I smay olved the issue by installing an older nvidia driver (390 instead of 440). Does this make any sense why would this work?12:53
nikicajeaHi! I had an Xorg  crash error (ubuntu errno 21 ls is a directory driver/nvidia/gpus). I think I may solved the issue by installing an older nvidia driver (390 instead of 440). Does this make any sense why would this work?12:53
nikicajeasry for double msg12:53
dan01Ubuntu 20.04 installation is not recognizing my wifi, Lenovo IdeaPad S540-IWL13:31
dan01After installtion I can see the wifi icon but no netwroks are detected13:31
dan01hi, I'm back13:35
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ace_mehi all. Can somebody tell me where should I ask for a Ubuntu review of how it handles the multi-monitor flow...?14:02
etronikI'm finding latest libreoffice 6.4.4 very buggy, how do I downgrade to 6.3 stable ?14:10
oerheksetronik, interesting .. 6.4.4. is not from our repos, right?14:11
etronikerr I'm not sure, how do I figure that one out ?14:11
oerheksoh, launchpad shows that https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice14:11
oerheksand you know how you installed it from a 3rd party source, maybe direct download?14:12
oerheksi think remove LO, and install it from softwarecenter14:12
etronikok might try that one14:12
etronikwhich version is on launchpad ?14:12
etronik6.4.3 ? is that it ?14:13
oerhekswithout proper info what ubuntu version, dunno14:13
etronikI'm on 18.0414:13
etronikdon't recall the name on this 18.04 release14:14
lotuspsychjemaybe he installed the snap oerheks14:16
oerheksoh right..14:17
etroniklotuspsychje, dou don't mean me installing the snap right ?14:17
etroniklotuspsychje, you don't mean me installing the snap right ?14:17
lotuspsychjeetronik: no, what i meant is you perhaps installed the snap and found it buggy?14:17
etroniknope !14:18
lotuspsychjeoh ok, then follow oerheks advice further then14:18
etronikjust either the regular .deb downloaded from LO site or... software center14:18
etronikok,what's the name of the 18.04 release pls ? just to determine which version would be installed14:19
oerheks6.0.7 .. easy to spot14:19
oerheksreally, if someone asks for the name, you clearly did not give it a search14:19
etronikyeah, didn't search because it might on the tip of the tongue for everyone out here14:20
etronikthe strange thing is 6.0.6 is not even mentioned in the LO download page... from 6.0 to 6.3 (latest stable) - that's old...14:23
etroniknot sure I want to got that far back :-)14:24
etronikso... maybe I'll remove current and install .deb for latest stable from LO site14:24
djtravz(I just asked in #xubuntu, but here seems more popular, so I will ask here as well) Hello, I need to reformat my drive to MBR. If I made a backup of my partition with gnome-disk-utility, would I be able to restore that image once I switch partition tables?14:45
djtravzim going to try other troubleshooting steps before switching partition tables, i guess15:06
vaguelyevolutiondjtravz: in general, you should be able to. why are you switching to MBR if you don't mind me asking?15:13
stevecamis it just me or is ubuntu getting a lot of attention from a broad user base..... to put it nicely15:14
=== DarthRadar3 is now known as DarthRadar
vaguelyevolutionstevecam: isn't that kind of the goal?15:15
stevecamvaguelyevolution, that's not what im commenting on15:21
johnfghi folks!15:22
vaguelyevolutionstevecam: you can message what i'm missing and be blunt if you want15:23
vaguelyevolutionjohnfq: hi15:23
johnfgOnce a systemd is enabled with --user, shouldn't it start automatically at login?15:23
johnfga systemd service, i.e.15:23
sharpertoolI've never been able to get vnc setup properly on my Ubuntu 20.04 install. Most references I've found include 'vncconfig -iconic &' as part fo the setup, but my system does not have vncconfig15:23
sharpertooland it isn't an apt-get install either15:24
johnfgsharpertool: what vnc are you using?  remmina works great here.15:25
sharpertoolI've tried them all.15:25
sharpertoolI cannot figure out what remmina is15:25
sharpertoolto be frank15:25
sharpertoolI want to vnc INTO Ubuntu from a Mac15:25
stevecamThere are a lot of very general questions in askubuntu that you would expect from a windows forum, vaguelyevolution is that blunt enough?15:26
sharpertoolis remmina a vnc server? The website is really not clear on this, IMO15:26
johnfgsharpertool: Have you got vpn set up?15:26
sharpertoolI'm going to say no.15:26
stevecamremina is a client15:26
sharpertoolMy Ubuntu desktop is sitting next to my Mac, so it's a local network.15:26
sharpertoolOh, to be clear, - I have VNC working, in some regards. I can vnc into the main desktop, which is served by vino-server15:27
sharpertoolI've been using this for a while but it has one issue -- the 'resolution' is fixed by what screens I have attached.15:27
johnfgsharpertool: perhaps you can just ssh from the mac to ubuntu.15:27
sharpertoolI have 6 monitors here. 4 on my mac, and 2 for Ubuntu, that are really JUST to set the geometry15:27
stevecami am a little confused, why is it unclear about remmina and it being a client15:28
sharpertool@johnfg  - I do that all the time15:28
sharpertoolBut, I have apps that launch guis..15:28
sharpertoolI am doing hardware engineering, so using Quartus, Platform Designer.. these are Java apps with Guis15:28
akemsharpertool, Just run x11vnc on Ubuntu X session, something like: x11vnc -speeds lan -scale 0.8 -passwd eatmyshort -noxdamage -verbose -noxrecord15:28
akemAnd: vncviewer <IP> on your Mac.15:28
sharpertoolI've tried every which way to make that work. I can launch a vncserver, using tightvnc, and 've tried others.15:29
sharpertoolBut, when I connect from Mac using "VNC Viewer", I get a blank desktop, with an ugly background.15:29
sharpertoolI can't even get the background to be grey.15:29
akemsharpertool, Do you use Wayland?15:29
sharpertoolI've hacked on ~/.vnc/xstartup till I can't stand it... tried every combination I can conceive of..15:30
sharpertoolsorry @akem -- what is Wayland?15:30
akemsharpertool, The replacement of X org for display.15:30
sharpertoolI do not know. I did not intentionally install it15:31
akemYou can select Xorg or Wayland at login screen usually.15:31
akemClicking the little gear icon or the Ubuntu logo i don't remember exactly.15:31
ducassesharpertool: which de are you using? try one that doesn't use 3d accel15:31
stevecamsharpertool, you arent a hardware engineerer15:34
sharpertoolI logged out of the Ubuntu. I do not see any 'Wayland" option. There are options in upper right corner, just bluetooth, etc. On lowr right there is settings gear, and there are a handful of options there, I'm using "Ubuntu". There are also XFce Session, Gnome + Remmina Kiost, and more15:34
sharpertoolBut no "Wayland"15:34
sharpertool@stevecam - I'm pretty sure I am, Last time I checked.15:35
stevecamsharpertool, is there an Xorg or X option15:35
stevecamim not arguing the point, i can help you, but this lying is just silly15:35
sharpertoolWhy are you certain I am not? What information leads you to this conclusion.15:36
sharpertool-- it isn't relevant to my vnc session isssues though.15:36
ace_mesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade crashed when I answered D to: show the differences between the versions for Configuration file '/etc/mysql/conf.d/mysql.cnf'15:37
ace_meanyone can please tell me how to kill update manager ? kill -9 is saying no such process15:38
ducassesharpertool: try the xfce session and turn off the compositor in the settings15:38
ace_meid of process was taken with ps -aux  grep UpdateManager15:38
sharpertoolLet me try that15:38
stevecamjust stop, please, i am not getting in to it, you could see if x was running, are you logged in?15:38
ducasseif he's using xfce he's definitely on x1115:39
stevecam'ps -A|grerp Xorg'15:39
sharpertool@ducasse - that option did not want to start. I then noticed "Gnome on Xorg" -- which was mentioned already. I launched that.15:40
ducassegnome uses 3d accel15:40
stevecamcan you log in to another VNC server that isn't a Mac15:41
sharpertool@stevecam - I am logging into Ubunto from the mac,15:42
vaguelyevolutionjohnfq: it should, did you put the user-unit in ~/.config/systemd/user ?15:42
ace_meanyone can tell me how to kill UpdateManager which seems to be stucked on my machine ?15:42
stevecamso Ubuntu is giving you the blank screen?15:43
sharpertoolTo be clear, my problem is not the main login screen, that is fine. I'm able to login on the attached monitors, KB/Mouse fine. I can then VNC into that login session fine.15:43
stevecamOn your Mac, you are having trouble logging in to Ubuntu and all you can see is a blank screen?15:43
bumblefuzzany reason why I can't choose a resolution higher than 1360 x 768?15:43
bumblefuzzfresh ubuntu install15:43
sharpertoolWhat I cannot do is launch a vncserver on day port 5901 or 5901 and get a new session there. When I connect, I get a vnc window, but it won't start any session manager, can't open apps, etc.15:44
sharpertoolI hope that is clear?15:44
stevecamWhat session manager are you trying to use?15:45
sharpertoolI've tried Gnome, xfce4, kde. -- but I think that is not the session manager.15:47
sharpertoolsorry, I get a big confused on those poinrs. what is what in the stack. I am trying to use `startxfce4 &` -- is that the session manager?15:48
stevecamthat is the window manager15:49
sharpertoolWell, this is where I am confused, and not experienced enough about these details15:50
sharpertoolPreviously I did ps -A | Grep Xorg, and there are 2 Xorg processes15:50
stevecamIt sounds like what you need is an X server that is also running as a VNC server, am I correct?15:50
sharpertoolTo be honest, I'd go headless on the Ubuntu system if I could figure that out..15:53
sharpertoolI started with what worked. I could vnc into the vino-server, which serves my login session. The only problem is that the screen size doesn't match my Mac screens.15:53
sharpertoolI have been using that for a while and it's been great.15:54
stevecamHave you considered using x2go? I know that it doesn't solve your problem15:55
sharpertoolA couple of days ago, I went into install some Nvidia drivers, and setup Cuda. after doing that, I noticed my "vnc" session was acting odd. when I type in a terminal, there is lag, and the cursor lags, and editing the command line witih vi is really a pain.... almost unusable. So, I've gone back to looking at these other alternatives.15:55
sharpertoolIf I use the attached screens and mouse, the terminal is snappy as expected, so I've narrowed it down to the vino-server somehow.15:56
sharpertoolI don't know what x2go is.15:56
sharpertoolUh -- okay, looked it up.. x2go actually looks to be exactly what I want, at a quick glance.15:58
sharpertoolI just want to fully use my Ubuntu, with gui apps as needed, but from my Mac. Mostly cause My mac has a really big LG Ultrawide montior... and 3 other monitors around it.15:58
stevecamIt is not going to help with your GPU trouble, but will deal with some of the 2D stuff real well, and you can use your Mac to manage your windows also so it appears as if they are running on your Mac15:59
sharpertoolThe GPU is not my real issue at this time.16:02
stevecamI use mate for mine, KDE and Gnome will not work, the problem with VNC might be something to do with being headless, I have to use dummy HDMI adapters for my PC to do anything like that, you could have a bit of luck with fake EDID profiles16:02
sharpertoolI went old school. I had 2 monitors available, so I just connected them. I'm sitting surrounded by 8 screens to be honest.16:05
sharpertoolSo, my Ubuntu isn't actually headless... the EDID would be better, I could avoid the monitors.16:06
sharpertoolBut, I've been trying to setup "additional" vncserver sessions so that I could connect multiple times, and possible resolve this issue with the keyboard lag.16:06
sharpertoolThe keyboard lag is the thing that is just *CRUSHING* my productivity..16:07
stevecamYou probably want to stay away from official nVidia drivers, they have ways of disabling features like these intentionally, it's more common with their Windows drivers16:09
sharpertoolyes, I learned that too late.16:10
sharpertoolI do not know what driver was being used when I did the fresh install.. but I'd like to just go back to that and uninstall the nvidia stuff completely.16:12
sharpertoolBy the way -- a huge "thank you" for all of the assistance from @stevecam, @ducase and a couple of others that offered some advice.16:22
donofriosharpertool, I found that w10 drivers do better video than linux (for multihead uses - also forced to use linux at work and this is all driven by one corp w10 notebook) tinyurl.com/donofriodownstairsoffice202016:27
sharpertoolOh, that is pretty cool @donofrio - nicely done16:30
donofrio(it's WSL1 w/w10 providing sanity when locked into corp windows world and no ms store) with ubuntu 18.04 and xfce416:30
donofrioI'll be in #ubuntu-on-windows if you have more thoughts folks here don't like my setup cause it had to many manual steps or something....16:31
=== RoeyMecoMeco is now known as Roeyoeyoeyoey
donofrioI used to have six monitors and three desktop's running ubuntu and synergy but when IA came around asking for ddns, group policy enforing and such I gave up and turned into the wave16:33
donofriosharpertool, it was a grand setup - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsBlZbBf72iNrSKiD9bzZgGZ0NTm back circa 201516:37
donofriowindows desktop was notebook under phone...that I remmina's into to read outlook and the like....16:38
=== alazred_ is now known as alazred
blueingresshi, is there someone in ubuntu core team here? I found that there's problem syncing packages, https://pastebin.com/nmpiaT9417:00
blueingressI think something might have been changed in China's mirror servers.17:01
lotuspsychjeblueingress: problems with repos & mirrors, try in #ubuntu-mirrors please17:25
donofrioblueingress, did you try apt-get update first?17:33
oerheksthe error says; mirror sync in progress?   so try again in a minute, if that does not work, remove lists; sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists  && sudo apt update ## https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PackageManagerTroubleshootingProcedure17:40
onioHi, I have a logitech C920 webcam that I use on Ubuntu 20.04. I would like to be able to adjust the zoom, tilt and brightness etc during an active video call.17:56
onioI can do this with guvcview if I am not connected to application such as Skype, Meetup or gotomeeting which means I have to end video call, adjust and then reconnect17:59
onioany idea how I can got about adjusting settings while video call is in progress.17:59
oniocorrection: got => go18:00
imiwhat screen recording software do you recommend for ubuntu 20.04?18:16
onioimi, I use simplescreenrecorder18:17
imiI used to use green recorder iirc 1-2 years ago18:17
imiwhere the sw installer app went? how is it called now? (for bonus points: how is it called in hungarian?)18:18
bytesafariOpen imi: Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is another screen recording software that you could use18:20
blueingressdonofrio, sure, do all the procedures in a scruipt...18:22
blueingresslotuspsychje, thanks I will18:22
KamHey all, I get the /dev/sda2 clean error on boot18:26
KamAnd it just gets stuck there18:26
vaguelyevolutionKam: what happens when you press ctrl+alt+f2 or ctrl+alt+f318:44
KamI can access the shell18:44
KamIf I go thru advanced ubuntu options I can go on an older version which is what I am currently on18:45
vaguelyevolutionKam: sounds like your currently selected kernel didn't install quite right, or something isn't loading properly with it.18:46
Kamvaguelyevolution It worked perfectly fine yesterday, It crashed when I was trying to use mtrack and it caused my gui portions to just freeze18:48
imiwhere the sw installer app went? how is it called now? (for bonus points: how is it called in hungarian?)18:48
vaguelyevolutionKam: secure boot enabled?18:50
KamIn bios?18:51
KamI believe its disabled18:51
tioxKernel 5.4 on 20.04 is trash. Manjaro's 5.6 kernel has less issues with dkms whereas liquorix 5.6 has issues on Ubuntu with it and Ubuntu 5.4 doesn't allow utilities like DroidCam and Iriun Webcam even after doing sudo modprobe v4l2loopback exclusive_caps=1.18:52
tioxI've tried. 19.10 was better than what I am seeing right now.18:53
tioxUnless... there si a solution to this OP's problem? (I know it's the Ubuntu MATE forums but this probably affects more than them.) Here: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/trying-to-use-an-android-phone-as-webcam/2196318:54
tioxthere is*18:56
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imithe ubuntu software app says that /usr/share/appdata directory does not exist19:13
imihow do I fix this?19:13
imido I need to fix this?19:13
vaguelyevolutionKam: what happens when you try an launch the gui from the shell ?19:14
Kamvaguelyevolution After I do ctrl+alt+f3?19:14
KamWhat would the command for that be?19:15
KamI'm pretty new to using linux19:15
vaguelyevolutioni think it's sudo systemctl isolate graphical19:15
KamI'll give it a shot19:17
vaguelyevolutionkam you can also check everything is install properly with sudo dpkg --configure -a19:18
vaguelyevolutionsudo apt-get update19:18
vaguelyevolutionsudo apt-get upgrade -y19:18
Kamvaguelyevolution Should I do that rn or should I do that all from the shell?19:19
vaguelyevolutionKam: I think that should work rn, even if it doesn't, it definitely won't hurt anything to try it19:20
KamOkay, lemme try19:20
Kamvaguelyevolution What is the difference from the version I'm currently on vs what the default boot is?19:22
KamI just know that the last number in the version I'm currently on is 31 and the target one is 3319:22
vaguelyevolutionkam: docker fixes19:24
vaguelyevolutionkam: unless you use docker there's nothing you care about in 3319:25
KamI would like to learn how to use it, but I'm currently not using it19:25
vaguelyevolutionKam: you could also just edit /etc/default/grub to have the lines  GRUB_DEFAULT=saved  GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=true19:27
vaguelyevolutionand run sudo update-grub19:27
vaguelyevolutionthen boot off 31 till the next kernel comes out and see if it goes away on its own19:27
KamGonna try to turn on graphical via shell19:29
KamIt seems to be stuck in a loop19:30
KamThe Ubuntu logo and the loading icon just moving19:30
thirashello. it's 20.04. I'm getting `sorry something went wrong error opening directory /usr/share/appdata: No such file or directory` error at the ubuntu software19:30
thirasspesifically when i get in to a item detail19:31
thirasany idea?19:32
=== LabMonkey is now known as Mechanismus
ioriathiras, echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE19:33
thirasi guess i've installed new update about x11 and wayland recently. i might not have a reboot after that. maybe that's rhe problem19:34
ioriathiras, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade19:35
thirasioria, done. already got the error19:36
thirasi mean still got*19:36
vaguelyevolutionthiras: there's nothing super critical in /usr/share/appdata, try just recreating with sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/appdata19:36
ioriathiras, ok, but what's the cmd above output ?19:37
thirasioria, The following packages will be upgraded:19:37
thiras  gamemode gnome-logs gnome-shell gnome-shell-common libgamemode0 libgamemodeauto0 liblilv-0-019:37
thirasvaguelyevolution, the directory is already there19:37
ioriathiras, then upgarde19:37
Kamvaguelyevolution I tried your suggestions but I was stuck in the endless loop19:37
thirasioria, upgraded successfully19:38
ioriathiras, logout/reboot19:38
vaguelyevolutionKam: even updating grub and then selecting 31? That should have just changed the default kernel19:39
KamHow would I update grub?19:40
thirasioria, thanks. it seems error has gone19:41
vaguelyevolutionKam: you could also just edit /etc/default/grub to have the lines  GRUB_DEFAULT=saved  GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=true19:42
vaguelyevolutionKam: then sudo update-grub19:42
KamOkie will do19:43
evilshi, is it possible to have the lock screen shut off the video output after a minute? (but otherwise never disable the video output)19:44
vaguelyevolutionand it should remember the kernel you've chosen as default, and see if it goes away when the next kernel update comes out19:44
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gg_my_manI just want some instructions19:46
EriC^^gg_my_man: regarding what?19:47
gg_my_manRegarding a Wifi driver :(( I am depressed about it19:48
gg_my_manThe thing is that I use a distribution different to Ubuntu(I know, rant on me, treat me like sh*t because I come here). I saw that Ubuntu 20.04 is handling the driver out of the box and works very well. I just want instruction on how to make it work on my distribution.19:49
Kamvaguelyevolution I get the dev error again and now some 'ata3.00 exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x80ff001f'19:50
gg_my_manI have a RTL8723DE chip. I installed the rtw88 branch of lwfinger. I use Solus linux. The Wifi works with no problem but I simply cannot use both Wifi and bluetooth without having to sacrifice one for the sake of the other. I talked to the devs of Solus and they will not help me because they do not modify the kernel at all19:53
TheWildwhat's snapd and why is this doing suspectible writes to my disk?19:59
TheWildWhat's the penalty of removing this?19:59
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KamI can only login via Wayland20:07
KamOtherwise I'm stuck in an endless loop20:07
=== TheWild1 is now known as TheWild
TheWildI can't remove pdftk because snapd is endlessly stuck in "Waiting for conflicting change in progress..."20:08
TheWildhow I am supposed to fix that20:09
coconutWhat setting should i check when anything my uhd screen is too small to read?20:13
sarnoldTheWild: try snap abort20:14
TheWildyup, worked. Thank you sarnold20:15
rfmcoconut, you want to set up scaling.  I use xubuntu (xfce) and don't know where to find the option in ubuntu (gnome) but I found a article that looks reasonable:https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2020/04/ubuntu-20-04-fractional-scaling-support-setting20:16
coconutrfm, using xubuntu too here (20.04)20:16
rfmcoconut, ok then! settings>appearance>fonts>custom DPI, I use 151 but you may want to play around to find a size you like20:18
coconutthank you rfm!20:19
rfmcoconut, I also right click on the top bar, panel>panel preferences, set row size (pixels) up20:19
rfmcoconut, oh I also run up the default font size in setttings>appearance>fonts20:20
coconutoh... great, will boot again to check this out. :)20:21
cybercryptoHey there, got an old hardware with 64bit support, but no UEFI boot (only legacy). Does Ubuntu 20.04 default desktop installation supports ZFS with no UEFI-boot?20:31
coconutrfm, can i also make the window borders thicker so i can change size of window borders more easier?20:34
EriC^^cybercrypto: i'd guess so, not 100% sure though20:39
cybercryptoEriC^^: I tried default-safe graphs +zfs-root, and it failed trying to mount /boot/efi and got the busybox prompt. I wondering where I can find detailed info about current zol on ubuntu, so I can troubleshoot.20:44
tripelbI found a bug in 20.04 and expressed it as a problem here and no one answers. This is my third day expressing it. If I have two displays and I want to change it back to one display, The setting window to fix that appears in the secondary display. If I don't have a secondary display connected then I have no access to that setting. This is a very ver20:54
tripelby wrong thing.20:54
tripelbI'm looking at LaunchPad and I'm trying to figure out how to report a bug. Help help.21:00
tripelbI'm looking at bugs.launchpad.net21:01
leftyfbtripelb: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs21:02
leftyfb!bug | tripelb21:02
ubottutripelb: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.21:02
tripelbThat's good leftyfb It's really weird that in searching three times with slightly different terms I could not find that. I am now sending an email to new at bugs.Launchpad.net21:03
leftyfbtripelb: I searched "launchpad file a bug" on google and it was the first result21:04
tripelbThe_LoudSpeakere bug is what I described above but I don't know how to search for it without getting all kinds of unrelated things. It's an Ubuntu social engineering error that how to report a bug does not come up in the first 10 on the search results. By the time I quit looking search results They didn't look relevant21:04
tripelbI finally searched on LaunchPad report a bug and got the email.21:04
tripelbIt took me quite a while of searching to find LaunchPad and not search for just Ubuntu report a bug21:04
tripelb Reported.21:09
cgiwhen i mount a luster file system, is there a way to give users read/write permission to the mount?21:15
cgiis that done in /etc/fstab?21:15
blackhawk101how to use snap in ubuntu?21:16
cgi192.168.227.11@tcp1: /lustre/demo lustre defaults,_netdev 0 0 - how do i get a paritcular user to write to this mount?21:17
cgiblackhawk101, snap install xxx21:17
blackhawk101ok thanks cgi21:17
michagogoIs there any reason `do-release-upgrade` would fail to connect and get meta-release?21:18
michagogoI can curl that exact url without a problem21:18
sarnoldmichagogo: it'll probably respect HTTP_PROXY or http_proxy or similar environment variables -- do you have one of those set?21:20
michagogoNot afaik21:20
michagogoAnd not according to `https://ubuntu.com/blog/how-to-upgrade-from-ubuntu-18-04-lts-to-20-04-lts-today`21:20
michagogoSorry, copy-paste isn't set up on this vm21:21
michagogoAnd not according to `env | grep -i proxy`21:21
michagogoLike, curl is working fine http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GDK4SybBMW21:22
michagogoOh, it's python21:26
michagogoLet's see what pdb can show me21:26
michagogoThere we go21:27
michagogoI have apt-cacher-ng21:28
michagogoAnd do-release-upgrade looks at apt config for proxies21:28
michagogoBut it seems the meta-release file isn't allowed through there21:28
sarnoldmichagogo: aha!21:29
sarnoldmichagogo: this feels worth a bug report or two :)21:29
michagogoI wonder21:30
rfmmichagogo, maybe it's fetching it with https? proxying https doesn't work (at least I naver got it to)21:31
michagogoI mean, one could argue that meta-release isn't part of the apt repository and so shouldn't use apt21:31
michagogo's proxy settings21:31
michagogoHm, interesting21:32
rfmmichagogo, I set 'Acquire::https::Prioxy: "DIRECT"; ' a while ago for some reason, maybe this was it21:33
michagogoQuestion is whether that solves this specifically21:34
michagogoAnother question is whether apt-cacher Just Works as a proxy for whatever21:35
michagogo(i.e. doesn't only let apt traffic through)21:35
=== bynarie_ is now known as bynarie
michagogoSo setting it to direct would indeed solve the issue21:37
michagogoEither way21:37
michagogoBut that means it wouldn't be an effective test to narrow down the issue21:37
michagogoHm, looks like the upgrade wants to uninstall python21:38
michagogoAnd replace it with python221:38
michagogoAnd also remove python-pip, but without replacing it?21:38
TidersI'm having a problem on bionic version of ubuntu.  I have a system image that already has php 7.3 included however it is missing php-redis extension.  I just need to add that extension.  To do this I initially just tried running apt install php-redis but this installed all of php7.2 as well as php-redis, this wasn't what I wanted.  Then I tried adding ppa:ondrej/php and installing php7.3-redis.  This installed all of php7.4, and22:07
Tidersupated my system php to that, that was also not what I wanted. Does anyone have any suggestions?22:07
sarnoldTiders: you might have some luck with https://github.com/oerdnj/deb.sury.org/issues22:09
TidersCould the problem be because the pre-isntalled php didn't come from the repositories?22:10
Tidersso it thinks I need php installed as a dependency of php-redis?22:10
Tiders(I don't know if that's actually the case or not)22:11
sarnoldif you're going to use ondrej's packaging then you're got to use it for EVERYTHING; if his packaging doesn't have the thing you need, then you'll need to ask him to add it22:11
sarnoldyou can't mix-and-match packages from his repos and the supported ubuntu repo22:12
TidersThe problem isn't that he doesn't have what I need it's that the docker image I"m using has php7.3 included but not php-redis and I've been bashing my head against a wall trying to add the extension22:12
RambosFaceAny Ubuntu dev here ?22:24
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SpeedrunnerG55hi, my syslog is getting spammed with ``Asimov gnome-shell[2785]: [AppIndicatorSupport-FATAL] unable to lookup icon for discord1_926`` and every time it lags any video playback that is happening at the time22:47
SpeedrunnerG55- i am running ubuntu 18.0422:47
eelstreborwhy does ubuntu (18.04) auto install a network printer as a local printer that i can't print to? ie deskjet.local22:47
Nanacan i get uptime in seconds, minutes or hours, instead of "up 123 days 123 hours 123 minutes? i mean instead, i want it in a single measurement unit22:48
Nana`uptime` doesn't seem to be very helpful with that22:48
eelstrebori'm not able to delete the deskjet.local also22:48
jakobbgHi guys. On FF as root I have a crontab entry script which I need to have run as bash, but whatever I try, /bin/sh is $SHELL! I've tried "#!/usr/bin/env bash" first, I've tried "SHELL=/usr/bin/bash" in cron, I've tried "/usr/bin/bash path/to/script", but still $SHELL is /bin/sh. How can I change shell to run script in root cron?22:49
sarnoldNana: /proc/uptime is in seconds22:49
Nanasarnold what are the two numbers? they're different and pretty far away from each otehr22:52
jakobbgNana: "The first number is the total number of seconds the system has been up. The second number is how much of that time the machine has spent idle, in seconds. On multi core systems (and some Linux versions) the second number is the sum of the idle time accumulated by each CPU." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uptime22:54
sarnoldNana: the first number is uptime, the second number is the time spent in idle process22:54
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InteloWhich is the easiest to configure vpn for linux, windows and mac? I just want conectivity with peers and access eachothers LAN via vpn?23:10
Nanaprobably openvpn23:11
Nanayou can have clients install the client program and then provide them with one config file with everything embedded inside it23:12
InteloNana: hm. they don't need to install or configure anythign or product certs?23:13
Nanathey need to install the openvpn client of course, all the certs they need you can embed in the config file you give them23:14
InteloNana: oh23:15
=== stevndale is now known as stevendale
Inteloopen vpn is pure free?23:15
InteloNana:  and for windows, mac as well?23:15
Intelolike zerotier is not fully free23:16
Nanai've been using it on linux, freebsd and windows for years. i admit i never used mac so i wouldn't know, but i assume yes.23:19
Nanaand yes, free.23:19
InteloHave you used wiregaurd?23:26
nugrohoUbuntu  5.10 breezy badger23:27
InteloIs there an efficient way to broadcast desktop over lan (vpn)?23:40
nugrohoCisco Aironet23:44
nugrohoMEIZU M5 Note23:54

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