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Guest_71Umm; Ok. Newbie here. A Law & Politics Activist, I am; dedicated to promoting open-source & free software; But im seriously dysfunctional in maintaining my xubuntu system; & would apprexciate some help doing what i think should be a really simple Re-Install or Up-Date to my system here.02:24
Guest_71My name is Charles Stewart; & i am in Coleman Texas.02:25
Guest_71When any of ya-all might get around to it; no big rush or anything here.02:25
Guest_71Maybe i should explain a few details.02:26
Guest_71I downloaded the current version of xubuntu, & extracted the files in the directory it downloaded to; but when i re-boot, my ststem is still not up-dated.02:27
Guest_71Umm; really, my entire system is buggy; & i believe i need to do a complete re-install. I believe i should back-up all of my files; & copy a fersh version of xubuntu to a flash drive; & them just do a complete re-install.02:32
Guest_71Is there any-one here who might be able to help walk me thru this?02:32
junoi would direct you to a website that details the process02:35
junofor instance https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick02:35
junoit's very straightforward .. once you make your iso stick its mostly a matter ok click OK a bunch of times02:39
Guest_71Thanks Juno; I am proceeding as you have directed; will take some time here; but will communicate back on how progress is coming along.02:56
junoanother option is to upgrade-in-place for example https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes#Upgrading_from_Ubuntu_18.04_LTS_or_19.1002:57
junoI would still backup your stuff though02:59
Guest_71Right. And i see the "up-grade in place" option requires a fully up-dated older-version to work from. My system is so buggy that i believe it would vbe better to do it from a stick.03:05
Guest_71And the question i was working on, is 20.04 the best version to re-install?03:06
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junoI would go to the latest, yes .. 20.0403:33
junoas long as your machine is not 32-bit03:34
Guest_71Right; all three of my laptops are 64-bit.04:46
djtravzHello, I need to reformat my drive to MBR. If I made a backup of my partition with gnome-disk-utility, would I be able to restore that image once I switch partition tables?14:35
djtravzim going to try other troubleshooting steps before switching partition tables, i guess15:06
Mark19Hey! Since I upgrade to 20.04 I'm not able to suspend my laptop. It basically crashes. I did tried everything to look for what's going on but I didn't found answer. I only get an error message sometimes and it says like "Task refuse to suspend". I'm kinda of noob at this so I came for help. Thanks.15:10
GwalennHi, i have a bug with Xubuntu 20, to launch program at startup. Sometimes it lauchs it sometimes not15:23
xu-help22whallo ist deutsch angesagt:-)15:23
diogenes_Gwalenn, details15:26
Gwalenndiogenes_: at first I used parameter/session&start for launching guake. Works sometimes, sometimes not15:28
Gwalennsecond attempt I made a link an move it into ~/.config/autostart : not launch15:29
diogenes_Gwalenn, go to session and startup > applications autostart > add, type the command and give it like 10 seconds delay.15:34
Gwalenndiogenes_: I did not see a dealy option15:37
diogenes_Gwalenn, add the command like thin: sh -c "sleep 15; guake"15:39
Gwalenndiogenes_: I try15:41
Gwalenndiogenes_: not work15:42
Gwalennoups, yes works15:43
GwalennI come back15:43
Gwalenndiogenes_: launch but after a minute15:45
diogenes_Gwalenn, we put 15 sec delay, you can put 5 and see if works.15:46
diogenes_sleep 5;15:47
Gwalenndiogenes_: I put 1 in parameters, but always needs something like 90s to launch15:55
Gwalenndiogenes_: this is not a big deal, but it is a bug15:56
xu-help22wi have bad karma, my ex boyfriend was admin, how do i end it15:57
Gwalenndiogenes_: every time I began a new session I get a pop-up windows tell me I have a software problem but nothing else15:57
diogenes_Gwalenn, is it upgrade? or fresh install?15:59
xu-help22wcan someone help me please15:59
diogenes_xu-help22w, ask15:59
Gwalennno fresh install16:00
xu-help22wi want admin rights what should i do16:00
diogenes_Gwalenn, where is the comma?16:01
xu-help22wso far only been user16:01
diogenes_xu-help22w, what admin rights?16:02
diogenes_xu-help22w, what you wanna do?16:03
xu-help22winstall win 7 as sacond16:04
diogenes_xu-help22w, don't do that.16:06
Gwalenndiogenes_: ?16:06
xu-help22wwhy not? i need win 7 to make tax declaration16:09
diogenes_xu-help22w, because the recommended way is to install win firts and linux second, otherwise it requires knowledge to install win second.16:11
xu-help22w german general finanzial office work only with windows16:11
Gwalenndiogenes_: I try this in guake.desktop : adding quake-Autostart-Delay in my Guake.Desktop files, but do the same thing16:11
diogenes_xu-help22w, is that an exe program?16:12
diogenes_Gwalenn, no clue i never used guake.16:13
xu-help22wi try to do it via usb16:13
diogenes_xu-help22w,  i mean why you can't do taxes on linux.16:14
Gwalenndiogenes_: it is not only a problem with guake16:15
xu-help22wThe tax return is made once a year and transferred to the tax office. now i am doing it for the first time with xubuntu and i cannot log in. this is only possible with windows computers16:18
diogenes_xu-help22w, what error do you get when you try to login?16:20
Gwalenndiogenes_: anyway, i came back to standard without delay and works. It stays as this. Thanks16:23
xu-help22wI need five different encryption keys to identify myself. Only then can I transfer my data, so it is easier to install win 716:23
xu-help22wI wanted to do that somehow, now I have to16:24
diogenes_xu-help22w, you don't need administration password to install win.16:24
xu-help22wnice:-) and what shell i do16:25
diogenes_xu-help22w, do you have usb with win?16:26
xu-help22wformated and unetbootin-windows-677.exe16:29
diogenes_xu-help22w, you need a windows iso.16:30
xu-help22wis downloaded on laptop16:31
diogenes_xu-help22w, this is how you do it https://itsfoss.com/bootable-windows-usb-linux/16:34
diogenes_after that you create some free space on HHD and that's it.16:35
diogenes_i need to go niw, good luck.16:35
v1adimirnot tested yet, some new bootable-USB tool: https://www.ventoy.net/en/18:04
v1adimir(although nothing beats the good ol' Rufus. :))18:05
v1adimirWHOA, since *when* did Etcher get to be +100MB :o https://www.balena.io/etcher/18:07
coconutHi. I bought myself an new thinkpad with uhd screen. Booted xubunt 20.04 with an usb, but anything on the screen is way to small with it. Anything i can do about that?20:05
v1adimircoconut: yeah, on Windows for example there's "Scale and layout", however on *nix this can be a pain!..:) https://ibb.co/ymzTs5020:45
v1adimirperhaps there's an answer in a query like this, https://duckduckgo.com/?q=xubuntu+equivalent+of+windows+graphics+scale+and+layout20:47
v1adimir*with xorg: 1) https://askubuntu.com/questions/472262/adapt-ubuntu-to-a-high-dpi-resolution-screen && 2) https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=773420:48
well_laid_lawnhe left20:50
v1adimir.. I swear I had checked. :/20:51
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.20:51
v1adimir^^ right, yes! I did. xD20:51
well_laid_lawnI use the tab key to check20:51
v1adimir(ugh, that first line - he was still around. pfft. :))20:52
v1adimirplus, I have a script.. wonder why it didn't trigger. :f20:53
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RoadRunnerProblems with creation of persistent live usb drives.  Tried with mkusb; the usb drive produced boots win comps but not a dual boot win/xubuntu comp. Tried with diogenes_ instructions from here: http://dpaste.com/2KV47GY and got these errors: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YG29Pr2XQz/ help?22:29

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