tomwardillI am debugging bash15:37
tomwardillthis is not a fun time15:37
* pappacena echo. Echo everywhere...15:37
tomwardill2020-06-04 15:39:37+0000 [Uninitialized] Connection to buildbot-master:9989 failed: Connection Refused15:39
tomwardillthat's... progress15:40
SpecialK|Canona _new_ error! :D15:42
pappacenahaha. One step at a time...15:42
SpecialK|Canonthen you end up running literally everything with `set -ex` at the top and just grepping over terminal output...15:43
tomwardillA THING! https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/WUYV7QGs/image.png16:17
tomwardillit appears to be checking out git code...16:17
tomwardillattempting a build...16:23
tomwardillnot done anything special with lxc scripts yet, so no idea how badly this will go16:23
tomwardillfailed at the second step!16:23
SpecialK|Canonbut passed the first step! nice :)16:24

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