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cmaloneyAre we having fun yet?17:26
greg-gjust found out no merit increases this year, only a (less than normal) COLA increase for all staff applied uniformly. I can't complain, I have a job.17:26
cmaloneyYeah, that's hard to complain about17:27
jrwreni am.17:31
jrwrenTIL: podman has been a better docker replacement for years. dunno why anyone uses docker on linux these days.17:31
cmaloneyhabit and mindshare afaict17:50
mrgoodcat most people don't have a problem with docker, or if they have a problem they google "how to X with docker" or "make docker do X"18:54
cmaloneyAlso if it doesn't work well on Windows then it's a non-starter18:54
mrgoodcatand container services advertise "works with docker"18:54
mrgoodcatat many companies, if you use some other docker-like at work and some shit hits the fan you're in trouble even if that same shit would have hit the fan with docker18:55
mrgoodcatvery unlikely you will catch any shit for using docker18:55
cmaloneyGood point18:55
jrwrenwe just fired docker so... i dont have to worry about taht ;)18:55
jrwren'no one ever got fired for buying IBM'18:56
mrgoodcatfwiw i have not had any major problems with docker that were not relatively trivial to work around, but I have also not done anything all that advanced18:56
jrwrenme either... until I did.18:56
mrgoodcatmind sharing?18:56
jrwrenand the more I dug to try to solve it, hte more I learned that garbage docker is.18:56
jrwrenthe way it does networking is nasty.18:57
jrwrenthe port map doesn't actually port map, it uses a proxy process.18:57
jrwrenthat is why you don't get real REMOTE_ADDR18:57
jrwrenand it has some networking options, but none that work the way I need for a sane pihole network setup.18:57
jrwrenbut it looks like podman does. I'll let ya know when I get around to actually moving it.18:58
mrgoodcati have heard of the not being able to get remote addr problem. most of the time the workaround suggested is to put it behind something like nginx and trust the x-forwarded-for header, but that is a shit solution18:58
jrwrenand the docs for docker actually don't talk about it. they suggest that docker uses iptables and actually does DNAT correctly, but in practice it doesn't.18:59
jrwrenits ok, it is a niche, and I know it.18:59
mrgoodcatat BigCorp though, they want you to put it behand AWS Elastic Garbage Disposal anyways though which does x-forwarded-for18:59
jrwrenmaybe at your big corp.18:59
jrwrenat my bigcorp... well... like I said... we fired docker.18:59
mrgoodcatwhere do you work? i use BigCorp as a euphemism for the industry of enterprise software in general19:00
jrwrenI work for Cisco.19:00
mrgoodcatoh a legit bigcorp19:00
mrgoodcatalso cisco is like The Champion of host it yourself19:00
jrwrenalthough ALL of cisco didn't fire docker, just our little piece.19:00
mrgoodcatobviously they don't want you to aws lol19:00
jrwren100 of the 7200019:01

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