InteloHow come x2go is faster than X forwarding and VNC ?00:00
nugrohoSmart Fren 10 GB00:00
hggdhnugroho: perhaps you are in the wrong place?00:01
Intelooerheks: I heard X forwarding and vnc both are slower than x2go?00:19
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Intelooerheks: sarnold and guacamole seems better than x2go?01:16
sarnoldIntelo: no idea, I've only ever used ssh -X01:16
SeversHi everyone, I am a Linux newbie (only been using steadily for about a year and a half) and I am looking at maybe upgrading from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS, and was wondering how painless/painful the transition would be if I used the upgrade from within the OS.01:30
sarnoldSevers: I don't think we've started advertising the upgrade path yet -- if you're asking about how painful it might be, you might just want to hold off for another month or two, until we start advertising it01:32
sarnoldSevers: most people, it goes pretty well, but it's better for the enthusiasts to try it out for a while first01:32
SeversFair enough, thanks for the heads up, my main concerns were honestly if i was going to have to reinstall my desktop environment after the upgrade, and if it would overwrite my grubfile01:33
Seversi have to have the iommu=soft parameter in my grubfile to make my USB 2.0 ports because im on a Gigabyte 990FX mobo01:34
sarnoldah, that'll probably carry over01:34
sarnoldI imagine if you have to set it up again it'll be really annoying?01:34
Seversif i were to do it at the current moment yeah, simply because im just getting over a nasty fever and getting down to swap all my cords from USB 2s to 3s then back again after i fix it01:35
Severswould cause me some physical pain01:36
sarnoldcan you ssh in to the machine? that'd save either plugging/unplugging things, or save you from a tapping-the-reset-button reboot..01:36
Seversi might be able to figure that out, though if youre recommending to just wait a few months anyway ill probably do that, ive just seen a few people talking about upgrades recently so i was tempted01:38
Seversim getting fair performance as is, but figured there might be some improvements gaming wise by upgrading01:39
sarnoldI've heard the gnome experience is better01:39
sarnoldbut if you're not using gnome then it might be less noticable01:40
Seversi go back and forth, the main reason for installing XFCE was due to an audio issue with Rocksmith01:40
Seversno matter how low i put my guitar volume down, it would always distort in game under gnome01:41
SeversI'm still learning my way around linux, been using it exclusively for a little over a year and a half01:44
virmahahello, need some scripting help. I've 600 images and 4 folders in my folder. I want to open each image and based on 1,2,3,4, move them to respective folder01:44
virmahawhatever i type..and if i press 5, delete it01:45
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SpeedrunnerG55i am running ubuntu 18.04 and my syslog is getting spammed with ```Asimov gnome-shell[2785]: [AppIndicatorSupport-FATAL] unable to lookup icon for discord1_337```01:54
sarnoldSpeedrunnerG55: do you have a discord snap installed?01:56
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Inteloubuntu has a package by that name. How can I find the version02:41
leftyfbIntelo: apt-cache policy guacamole02:44
leftyfbit's part of the universe repo02:44
leftyfb!info guacamole02:44
ubottuPackage guacamole does not exist in focal02:44
leftyfblooks like it's been removed in 20.0402:45
InteloI started something but is it the correct way? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rH6pKfNCHh/02:45
Inteloleftyfb: I am on an old version. I want to check of new02:45
leftyfbIntelo: apt-cache policy guacamole02:46
leftyfbIntelo: looks like you installed it from source?02:46
Inteloleftyfb:  yes02:46
Inteloleftyfb: apt cache will work in MY old distro. I want the version of NEW distro.02:46
leftyfbIntelo: sorry, but you'll have to seek support from the developer for the compiled package02:47
leftyfbIntelo: apt-cache will work in any version of ubuntu02:47
leftyfbIntelo: Ubuntu 18.04 has version 0.9.9+dfsg-1. But it looks like the package has been removed from 20.04. Not sure about 19.10 but that version will be EOL next month so it doesn't really matter02:49
Inteloleftyfb: why removed?02:50
Inteloleftyfb: so there is no version in 20?02:50
SpeedrunnerG55sarnold yes02:53
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coolchrisfuck ubuntu its a peace of shit03:16
coolchrisgo ahead and ban me im not scared03:16
coolchriswindows is better then ubuntu04:09
coolchriscome on ban me im not scared04:09
rud0lfsuch bravery04:17
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spagetioshi all how do i quickly find any ip addresses of connected devices (sim to ipconfig) from cli-I'd like to know the address of my pi my doorbell and my range extender04:47
spagetiosperhaps i called it ip address incorrectly (mac address) id like to login to my range extender and cant find address thanks to anyone that helps04:48
spagetiosanybody awake please give me a hand04:52
Schnabeltierchenspagetios: you should look those in your router04:57
tatertotsspagetios: if you use a rasPi you can run ipconfig/ ip a on the RasPi and observe it's ip, for IP cameras and other devices that usually have a default address if you read the manual/documentation04:57
spagetiosthank tatertots just got my addresses sorted as you replied, thank you very much04:58
tatertotsspagetios: but you would normally know or learn these things upon installing them04:58
spagetiosyeah true know all about raspi via ssh or cli and commands (for usecase)04:59
spagetiosthis was more aimed at getting the bloody dlink addy04:59
spagetiosbloddy dlink frustration now fixed (not directing bloody at you)05:00
spagetiosthank you both05:00
spagetiosSchnabeltierchen, o jesus yeah lols05:01
spagetiosif nothing else i should of remembered that05:01
spagetioscheers Schnabeltierchen05:02
adityaduggalI have a webcam which is getting detected on my ubuntu 20.04 but there is no video input on the screen on cheese05:06
adityaduggalcan anyone let me know how can I get any generic drivers for my webcam lsusb gives Bus 001 Device 007: ID 0458:7067 KYE Systems Corp. (Mouse Systems) Genius iSlim 1300AF V205:08
InteloHow to check package informatoin in this channel?05:08
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code05:08
InteloHow come ubuntu latest dont have gucamole and 18 had it05:08
InteloWhats wrong here? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XBCjZQxKFt/05:39
Jordan_UIntelo: It looks like it was removed from Debian for a while, but is now back in unstable. It seems reasonable to expect that it will be in the next version of Ubuntu. Why it was dropped from Debian, I don't know.05:44
MrokiiHello. I have a problem with system-freezes without any event being written into system-logs, as far as I can tell. Also, possibly related, my PC often hangs at start, even before showing the BIOS-screen. I wonder if these two problems are related, as I read somewhere on the net that a faulty power supply could be one of the reasons for suchs problems. Any thoughts on that?05:52
spagetioshai=yes hai=hello06:13
spagetioseither way hello06:13
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skyliner_369I'm wanting to see what the sound settings for my PC is. I'm running 20.04LTS and, well, the audio settings are excessively basic.06:34
skyliner_369where might I be able to set it to like, 32-bit audio and 192000 hz output?06:36
vltskyliner_369: Not the most straight forward way but ... for my hardware `alsamixer` has a setting for sample rate and I usually configure JackAudio to match my desired settings.06:46
b3lt3roerheks: wow, just read the linuxhint pxe boot guide you referenced... what a palaver :-) I'm hoping the Raspi distro for 20.04 gets a "pure" nfs boot like I can with Raspian - that is just installing nfs-kernel-server on the host and changing one line in the boot cmd on the client sd card.06:51
SpeedrunnerG55sarnold sry i didnt seeyour responce >.>07:03
skyliner_369Aaaa music keeps playing but nothing's open playing it!07:09
skyliner_369wait... found the player... just... not on the taskbar07:09
echoSMILEthe ubuntu version 20.04 without LTS is not available or I am not seeing it?07:10
skyliner_369for PC or what?07:10
echoSMILEskyliner_369: for amd6407:10
ducasseechoSMILE: what do you mean 'without lts'?07:11
ducasse20.04 is lts, there aren't different versions07:11
echoSMILEducasse: oh. nevermind then07:12
skyliner_369if you're running 18.04 at the moment, I recommend running software updater a few times. should prompt you to upgrade. if not, then it's right there. I believe 32-bit is fully abandoned07:13
echoSMILEI have Ubuntu 19.10, but I need to backup everything first becaue I follow the FDE ubuntu guide and the upgrade could messe up. But in normal circunstances, upgrade from 19.10 to 20.04 LTS is quite straightforward right ?07:14
ducasseas long as you don't have any ppas07:15
skyliner_369it should be rather easy yeah. your files should be safe. maybe not your software, but that's easier to reinstall than recovering a lost project.07:15
echoSMILEducasse: ppas ?07:16
ducasse!ppa | echoSMILE07:16
ubottuechoSMILE: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge07:16
echoSMILEskyliner_369: cool. tks07:16
skyliner_369I had a few PPAs but as I said, PPAs can also be reinstalled, long as the project files remain. Documents, pictures, etc. etc.07:17
skyliner_369what's the best way, in 20.04LTS to get, well, weebly-wobbly jello-like windows?07:20
lotuspsychjeskyliner_369: wobbly windows was a untiy plugin, so you could try that on unity desktop07:22
lotuspsychjeskyliner_369: there's also a gnome wobbly windows extension07:22
skyliner_369what desktop environment is default?07:25
lotuspsychjeskyliner_369: depends with flavour of ubuntu you are going to install07:26
skyliner_369I'm running the 20.04Lts version07:26
akemFor regular Ubuntu that is.07:26
skyliner_369I can install extra desktops via apt... well... if I remember how.07:27
lotuspsychjeskyliner_369: depends what you want to do exactly07:28
skyliner_369lwell with this I kinda wanna stick to basic, as I hear extra environments can introduce stability issues?07:29
lotuspsychjeskyliner_369: stability issues not really, as you are on LTS, but the more flavour desktops you start to install, the more mixed your ubuntu will start to be, harder to purge things07:30
skyliner_369I mean I put every environment on my laptop but I think the windows side of the disc clobbered something and now neither OS runs07:30
skyliner_369Luckily the desktop is happy as a clam07:32
max12345hello, a copy operation to a usb stick won't finish and won't cancel.08:11
max12345can I do something/ do I risk ruining the stick?08:11
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lotuspsychjemax12345: aborting operations and unmounting can always lead to possible data loss08:13
max12345but only with the stuff that's being "touched" right?08:14
lotuspsychjemax12345: perhaps you can use commandline tools that support --progress next time08:14
max12345good idea, thanks. I will try that and verbose...08:15
lotuspsychjemax12345: rsync or pv or something08:15
lotuspsychjemax12345: 'if' you lost data, try testdisk/photorec to get your data back08:16
EriC^^max12345: try to unmount the usb manually maybe08:18
EriC^^or from filemanager08:18
mbeierlmax12345, you can also take a look at dmesg or /var/log/syslog to see if there are messages about device access failing08:19
EriC^^good idea ^08:19
max12345yep, the log says the mount wasn't completed properly and to fsck.08:23
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akei-aihow not to lose data?08:27
raj_hey, why'd I get kicked from #ubuntu-release-party?08:57
raj_wasn't me who spiked the vodka08:57
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peepsalotis there an app or site where I can browse available fonts from ubuntu repos before installing them?09:11
peepsaloti mean with image samples or something09:12
lotuspsychje!info fontmatrix | peepsalot09:13
ubottupeepsalot: fontmatrix (source: fontmatrix): featureful personal font manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.99-1 (focal), package size 1402 kB, installed size 4343 kB09:13
peepsalotlotuspsychje: sounds useful but i'm on 18.04 still :-/09:15
lotuspsychjepeepsalot: there's a few snaps too if you like, fontvuer, gnome-font-viewer09:19
hurrrrayhi guys i really need some help formatting a micro sd card 15G Gparted isnt fixing it even when i format to ext4 fat32 msdos or gpt09:34
hurrrrayplease any suggestions would be greatly appreciated09:35
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InteloI have guacamole, trying to setup. Do I need VNC installed separately?10:01
InteloWhats the best and easiest way to setup a remote desktop? VNC? if so, which one? I use ubuntu?10:04
BluesKaj'Morning all11:18
brillopadHi all! Can anyone help me trying to set up a Flask app via gunicorn on Ubuntu 20.04? The service file is here: https://pastebin.com/NbsSZRfB11:18
brillopad/opt/sales/env/bin/gunicorn definitely exists (and I can run it from the commandline). However, when I try to start the service I get the message: salespages.service: Failed at step EXEC spawning /opt/sales/env/bin/gunicorn --workers 3 --bind unix:salespages.sock -m 007 wsgi:app: No such file or directory11:18
unauditedprintis there a way to quickly switch between single and dual monitor display?11:27
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donofriounauditedprint, what do you mean?12:04
unauditedprinti actually figured it out using xrandr12:04
unauditedprintthanks donofrio12:04
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brillopadHi all! Can anyone help me trying to set up a Flask app via gunicorn on Ubuntu 20.04? The service file is here: https://pastebin.com/NbsSZRfB12:10
brillopad/opt/sales/env/bin/gunicorn definitely exists (and I can run it from the commandline). However, when I try to start the service I get the message: salespages.service: Failed at step EXEC spawning /opt/sales/env/bin/gunicorn --workers 3 --bind unix:salespages.sock -m 007 wsgi:app: No such file or directory12:10
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futureRichcan i know name. when i connect linux with ssh, then i can retain program after exiting program12:14
ioriabrillopad, is /opt on another partition ?12:26
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VlanXHello. Aftrer upgrading to Fossa, my computer get assigned with a  static IP address and a DHCP address. I only want the former. How can i disable the secondary address?12:49
ubaionDoes anyone know how to install git-filter-repo in Ubuntu? I've tried: 1) pip3 install git-filter-repo, 2) installing Fedora's RPM with Alien, 3) installing manually and adding the install directory to my PATH. I always get "git: filter-repo is not a git command." Is there a recommended way for Ubuntu? Should I be trying #git instead, perhaps?12:52
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vakkovHi guys! this might have been asked a tons of time but I got into a big mess and  am in a huuuuge hurry, honestly - is there a way to boot ubuntu on T2-chip Macbook?? i read that booting from external media has to be allowed but what about secure boot - should that be set to "no security" or is everything OK with EFI and Ubuntu now; also, do recent Ubuntu versions ship with the needed T2 kernel patches? I really need to save the data from a dying macCrap o13:38
vakkovf a friend of mine13:38
gildartsI don't think Ubuntu could read the data off the drive even if you got it booted. Apple SSDs are formatted as APFS, and as far as I know, Ubuntu doesn't have drivers for it.13:45
gildartsBut yeah, you would need to boot to recovery mode and change the security settings to even attempt it.13:45
gildartsvakkov: ^13:45
mike18hi, how can run sed for that string? https://ideone.com/ymhGiq  ... sed -n '/"instances"/s/[^{]*{/p'13:47
vakkovgildarts: is that all that is needed to be done/13:47
vakkovthanks btw!13:47
gildartsvakkov: No worries. I haven't tried booting Ubuntu on any of their recent hardware, so am not sure. Probably safest to turn off all the security settings if you are just trying to extract the data. But I doubt you can get it off without booting into macOS. Between disk format and encryption, I doubt Ubuntu can read it.13:49
gildartsmike18: `curl blah | sed blah` Though it appears that your pattern is malformed somehow. Not familiar with sed.13:56
gildartsHmm, appears I misunderstood the question though.13:57
gildartsmike18: What are you actually trying to do?13:58
rangergordI'm trying to debugg issues with my Right Ctrl key. Anyone know any keyboard shortcuts that use it? Couldn't see any in the keyboard settings.13:58
Buoy172hi guys13:59
Buoy172I'm trying to install ubuntu on termux (android tabled), and I followed these instructions: https://wiki.termux.com/wiki/Ubuntu14:00
bjarne333journalctl is only showing logs since 2020-03-29 but the machine uptime is 700 days.14:00
Buoy172However if you open ubuntu.sh: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Neo-Oli/termux-ubuntu/master/ubuntu.sh14:00
Buoy172You'll notice the location of the image is: https://partner-images.canonical.com/core/disco/...14:00
Buoy172but that folder doesn't exist14:01
Buoy172here: https://partner-images.canonical.com/core/, there's no disco folder14:01
Buoy172what ubuntu image should I install?14:01
ducasserangergord: try 'xev -event keyboard' to see which keypress events it sends14:02
Buoy172i.e. where can I find an ubuntu 19.04 image (Disco Dingo) online which I would install with wget?14:02
EriC^Buoy172: disco is eol i think, try to go for 18.04 bionic14:02
Buoy172disco is eol? what does eol mean?14:03
ducasse!eol | Buoy17214:03
ubottuBuoy172: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:03
EriC^Buoy172: end of life, usual releases are 9months, the lts are 5 years14:03
EriC^Buoy172: 18.04 is an lts release14:03
EriC^(long term support)14:03
rangergordducasse, thank you14:04
Buoy172I see, thank you14:04
EriC^no problem14:04
Buoy172but EriC^ there's also 'focal' there which is LTS according to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases14:05
Buoy172and it's 20.0414:05
Buoy172should I go for that instead?14:05
brillopadHi all! Can anyone help me trying to set up a Flask app via gunicorn on Ubuntu 20.04? The service file is here: https://pastebin.com/NbsSZRfB14:09
brillopad/opt/sales/env/bin/gunicorn definitely exists (and I can run it from the commandline). However, when I try to start the service I get the message: salespages.service: Failed at step EXEC spawning /opt/sales/env/bin/gunicorn --workers 3 --bind unix:salespages.sock -m 007 wsgi:app: No such file or directory14:09
bjarne333turns out journald only keeps a max of 4G of logs.14:18
leftyfbbjarne333: that is configurable14:19
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olspookishmagushello, is there some sort of minimum/suggested specs required to run specific Ubuntu versions?14:30
Buoy172When running a script to extract ubuntu.tar.gz I get a lot of errors like: Cannot create symlink to **: Operation not permitted.14:30
Buoy172this is on sdcardfs14:30
Buoy172on ext2/ext3 it works14:30
Buoy172any advice?14:31
leftyfbolspookishmagus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements   # found by searching google for "ubuntu minimum requirements"14:34
leftyfbBuoy172: fat32 doesn't support symlinks14:34
leftyfbor whatever "sdcardfs" is14:34
brillopadletftyb: Google's FUSE replacement14:38
brillopadleftyfb even. Stupid fingers.14:38
leftyfbbrillopad: there should be no expectation that you can run a full ubuntu installation from it14:39
brillopadleftyfb - oh god no, totally agree14:39
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eoli3n_how to know which packages has another one as dep ?15:01
eoli3n_i remove gdm3 in a automated install, but after reboot it is still here15:01
eoli3n_i can see in dpkg.log that i removed the package, then it installed again15:01
eoli3n_i manage install with ansible and i install more than 300 packages, how to know which one had gdm3 as dep ?15:02
eoli3n_same for network-manager15:03
blahboybazhow can I find out what version of something would be installed from the officaial / default repository? I want to find that out for pandoc but doesn't ubuntu use different versioning numbers?15:19
leftyfbblahboybaz: apt-cache policy pandoc15:21
blahboybazleftyfb:  It say ""  but the latest version shown on the pandoc website is    is it an ubuntu versioning thing so the versions don't correspond or... ?15:22
leftyfbblahboybaz: ubuntu has available15:23
blahboybazso if I want the latest I have to find an alternative way to install15:23
blahboybazthanks man15:23
blahboybazI gotta go to work  :)15:24
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Staidenhi all, so im trying to connect to a sambashare on my desktop version of ubuntu PC running 18.04, from server 18.04 and I cannot figure it out. I ran a command that lets me see the sama folder but it said it was depreciated. Im not sure what command it was though.15:31
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SumOverHistoriesgood afternoon. could someone please explain to me why when I rebuild my Ubuntu Kernel following the steps in the BuildYourOwnKernel guide, I end up with so many different .deb packages to install. there is a buildinfo package, multiple cloud tools and tools packages, multiple headers packages... do I need to install all of these packages following a kernel rebuild or can i simply just install linux-image-un15:35
SumOverHistoriessigned, linux-modules and linux-headers? I simply want to rebuild the existing kernel with a slight configuration change15:35
entouragehow do I erase mbr or gpt with the dd command?15:38
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leftyfbSumOverHistories: try #ubuntu-kernel15:39
leftyfbentourage: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-clearing-out-master-boot-record-dd-command/  # first result on google for "ubuntu delete mbr"15:39
entourageleftyfb, thanks but the site doesn't mention gpt15:42
leftyfbentourage: gpt uses a partition15:43
leftyfbentourage: dd will work the same way for gpt15:45
kel_what makes a good torrent client?15:45
leftyfbentourage: https://serverfault.com/a/78721015:45
leftyfb!ot | kel_15:45
ubottukel_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:45
entouragekel_, on the desktop I'd say Qbittorrent15:46
Greenfrogsilly connection keeps dropping15:49
Greenfrogreally, nothing. seems that last comment was for mac15:50
SumOverHistoriesthanks leftyfb15:50
purveshhow can upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 If I have ISO downloaded15:53
leftyfbpurvesh: the upgrade path from 18.04 to 20.04 isn't fully vetted. You're better off waiting till 20.04.1 which will probably be out in the coming months15:56
purveshleftyfb, Ohk... Thanks for reply. I was having iso downloaded so thought to upgrade it offline through 20.04LTS ISO from 18.04LTS15:57
leftyfbpurvesh: I would just do a fresh install and restore from backup15:58
purveshleftyfb, how to do that? do you have any article link from which I can see all application backup & restore after updating?15:59
leftyfbpurvesh: nope. I just make a list of packages I installed(apt and snap), copy my home and etc and anywhere else I'm aware of having anything custom16:00
hinderakerI cant (Q)uit apps from ALT+TAB on 20.04. Need to use W (started in 19.10 it seems, but I only use LTS).16:12
hinderakerAny idea if its possible to change it back to Q in 20.04?16:12
VlanXI love how ubuntu is getting worse and worse with every LTS16:22
leftyfb!ot | VlanX16:26
ubottuVlanX: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:26
VlanXleftyfb: yeah thats the spirit16:27
leftyfbVlanX: this is a support channel. Not for rants or complaints.16:27
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ioriahinderaker, it was set in altTab.js once, but know i guess has been hardcoded17:13
RoseBusGNUS slowly dropping again17:15
MassDebatesRoseBus, the time to make on GNUS is over17:17
MassDebatesyou will have another rally before the 15th.17:17
MassDebatesThat's when it's make-it-or-break-it time for GNUS17:17
MassDebatesHopefully you got in early enough. Multiplied my investment by 17x17:18
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MassDebateseither A) the company becomes a legit company (it's been largely a hollow shell that burns investor cash) or B) it dies17:18
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AmaranthI can't tell if this is a pump and dump spam for penny stocks or some weird crypto thing17:23
AmaranthEither way offtopic17:23
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TidersI have a ubuntu 18.04 docker image for aws codebuild.  It comes with php7.3 installed under /root/.phpenv/shims/php.  I need to use php7.2 instead so I installed php7.2 with apt and then ran update-alternatives to set that.  However when I do "which php" it still points to the other one.  What can I do to make it point to the correct one?17:30
AmaranthTiders: Sounds like your $PATH has been modified to prefer the one in ~/.phpenv17:34
AmaranthAre you running as root when you have this problem?17:34
Tiders /root/.phpenv/shims  is the first thing in the $PATH variable as you guessed17:36
AmaranthYour ~/.bash_profile has been modified to add ~/.phpenv/bin to $PATH for the phpenv command and some other addition to add whatever points at the version of PHP it has configured17:37
AmaranthProbably that shims thing, yeah17:37
AmaranthYou could also keep using phpenv and use it to install 7.2 and change to it, if you wanted to keep that system17:38
TidersI honestly don't mind either way.  I've just been having a lot of problems trying to get php-redis enabled and I've tried multiple approaches.  My current approach was trying to bypass the built in php17:39
TidersWhen I used the php version that was set wtih phpenv and ran apt install php-redis it installed php7.2 as well17:39
Tidersand the phpenv version of php never got the module17:39
Tidersso maybe I need to install the module differently as well, maybe a php question?17:40
AmaranthYeah, if you want to use phpenv you'll have to compile php-redis yourself I think, I thought phpenv would have a thing for that like the combination of virtualenv and pip for Python but I guess not17:42
AmaranthSo if you want 7.2 and have php-redis installed for it you can just comment out or delete the lines in your ~/.bash_profile that add phpenv stuff to your $PATH then reload the config or log out and back in17:43
TidersAmaranth: I can't really log out and back in because this is an automated script to run a build process inside the docker image.  would doing source ~/.bash_profile do the same thing?17:45
TidersCool, will just need to write a little command to find that line and remove it from bash_profile then17:45
Tiderswill try that17:45
TidersAmaranth: what if there is no bash_profile file anywhere that I can find, should I just modify the PATH directly (this is only a single session thing anyways)17:46
AmaranthYou could, sure17:47
AmaranthOr you could directly reference /usr/bin/php to make sure you get the one you want17:47
TidersIf I modify the path directly would anything need to be reloaded or that would take effect immediately?17:47
AmaranthIt'll take effect for every command run after you change it17:47
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hinderakerioria: Thats just sad. Believe its Q on both Mac and Windows, and used to be on Ubuntu aswell. Weird to change that imo18:12
coconutI created three fat32 partitions on an usb thumb with gnome disks, and put the data of three different Linux iso's on those. But how do i grub install that thumb?18:15
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Staidenhi all, so im trying to connect to a sambashare on my desktop version of ubuntu PC running 18.04, from server 18.04 and I cannot figure it out. I ran a command that lets me see the sama folder but it said it was depreciated. Im not sure what command it was though. Would anyone be able to help me connect and mount it?18:44
jpmhI installed mysql-server, realize I do not need it, so apt remove mysql-server.  Weirdly, the system tells me it deleted it, if I try and remove againg it tells me not installed, YET mysqld continues to start when I reboot.  What am I missing here?18:46
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estanhi folks. anyone with insights know what the the first hwe kernel version for 20.04 might be once it's released to the repos? 5.8?19:21
ioriaestan, i don't think so19:24
oerheks1estan, that would be the 20.10 kernel, unknown for now.19:24
oerheks15.8 does not exist, smart guy19:24
ioria20.10 might be 5.719:24
daumhey all - i'm trying to install ubuntu on a machine but keep getting unable to find medium containing live file system any ideas what may cause that?19:24
daumused mkusb + ubuntu 20 to do this on my stick19:25
oerheks1daum,  did you check the iso?19:25
estanalright, thanks. i know 5.8 isn't out yet, but thought that it might be by the time the hwe kernel for 20.04 is released (i'm a little unsure of how the schedules work).19:25
ioriaestan, https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2020/05/ubuntu-20-04-1-coming-july19:25
estanioria: alright. and the .1 release is when the hwe packages are released?19:26
estangreat, thanks. understand 5.8 would be a bit tight then.19:26
estani'm planning on getting a new laptop, and probably want it to be one of those nice new AMD ones, and i saw that the 5.8 kernel would have some thermal stuff for AMD, so that's why i was curious.19:27
daumoerheks1, yep iso checksum is correct19:28
estanbut i guess maybe ubuntu will backport that.. (?)19:28
ioriadaum, why don't you use dd, etcher, rufus ... ?19:28
estanioria: hmm but from that post you linked: "There’s also no new hardware enablement stack (HWE) set to ship in the Ubuntu 20.04.1 point release." :/19:29
daumioria, will find rufus19:29
ioriaestan, yes19:30
coconutI created three fat32 partitions on an usb thumb with gnome disks, and put the data of three different Linux iso's on those. But how do i grub install that thumb to tripple linux installer?19:30
daumioria, hm rufus is windows which i don't currently have19:30
ioriadaum, are you on linux ?19:31
estanioria: okay, then i misunderstood you, i thought the "yep" meant that hwe will coincide with the .1 release, but i guess it's coming in .2 then.19:31
daumyeah have dd so can look up that one19:31
ioriadaum, that's better19:31
ioriadaum, btw, is still TBD  (to be defined)19:33
ioriaestan,  btw, is still TBD  (to be defined)19:33
estanioria: alright. do you know what page i can keep an eye on to find out when they decide if .1 will have hwe packages or not?19:36
ioriaestan,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack19:37
daumioria, so it starts up sees the boot menu and then yous ee the splash screen as it loads,  to the same error again, unable to find a medium contain a life file system19:37
estanthe two i could find are https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-20.04.1 , but they don't seem to list that kind of information.19:38
estani wonder where that omgubuntu.co.uk article got its information.19:39
ioriadaum, might be a bios issue19:39
daumioria, do you know what i'd need to enable/disable?19:40
ioriadaum, some bios have a 'bootmanager' options -> Windows or Other19:41
daumyeah it's set set to "Other OS" for os type, but secure boot tate is enabled19:42
oerheks1sounds like an UEFI bios, did you install in EFI mode?19:44
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:44
daumoerheks1, how'd i get to that mode?  it's a brand new machine so havent' installed anything to that19:44
daumreading link19:46
ioriadaum, have you tried to just change the usb port ?19:46
oerheks1also a new machine, check for bios updates19:47
oerheks1boot manager should show UEFI option19:47
daumioria, yes tried the top ones and back ones,19:49
daumi wonder if it is my usb stick itself, could that be an issue?19:51
CrellHi folks. I'm trying to write a shell script that reads lines from a file and takes an action on each line, skipping comment lines. I have it working aside from skipping lines that start with #.  What I've found googling is to use [[ "$line" =~ ^#.*$ ]] && continue , but that is matching nothing for me. Also [ "$line" = "\#*" ] && continue, no luck either. To complicate matters I'm on dash, not bash.  Any pointers for what the incantation is to skip comment20:24
sarnoldCrell: what do you want to do with lines thta are mixed comments and instructions?20:26
CrellIt would be lovely to support that, but for now I'm happy with "first character is #, exclude it".20:26
CrellThe specific script is running "git clone --depth=1 $line" for each non-comment line.20:27
sarnoldis it fair game to run the whole input through grep -v first?20:27
CrellHm.  Maybe?20:28
Crellhttps://gist.github.com/Crell/bf3576849769de76e887b9f18abbf957 - That's the script at the moment.  (It's part of a much larger process, not relevant here.)20:28
sarnolddo be careful of someone giving you a repo named https://example.com/important_repository;rm -rf /20:31
Crellsarnold: You're suggesting replacing line 7 with done < grep -e # "$file"20:31
CrellHa, fair.  Though this runs as part of a build process in a container that is controlled by the customer, so the potential for shenanigans is somewhat limited.20:32
sarnoldgood good20:32
CrellI wanted to allow customers to specify a git repo, or a repo and version number.20:32
anusFolks when a program is not supported in ubuntu 16.04lts 32 bit is it better to upgrade then spend months waiting for a fix?20:32
sarnoldsome "" in the right place would probabvly do the trick for whatever names are given, accidental or intentional20:32
CrellI suppose it would be a good step to also strip out any line that contains a ; anywhere.  Not a perfect fliter but potentially helpful.20:33
leftyfbCrell: grep -v -- "^#"20:34
sarnoldcareful, if you go down that path, you can go crazy :) $IFS is not your friend. $() `` || && < > | etc etc etc20:34
Crellanus: At this point, I'd say upgrade.  There are much newer LTSes, and the odds of someone spending more effort to support a 4 year old release are low unless you pay them to do so.20:34
anusLTS pertains only to security updates amirite?20:35
CrellThe L part, I believe so.  I'm not certain, though.20:35
anusit might be a very small fix tho20:35
CrellKeeping up with the most recent LTS at least of whatever software you're running is generally good advice.20:35
anusNot when rig is single core cpu from 200220:36
sarnoldanus: there's only a limited amount of engineering resources to go around -- if you've got a bug you want fixed, that otherwise doesn't score highly on anyone else's priorities, you might need to prepare a fix for the issue, test it out, etc20:36
anuseverything needed is running fine..just one program refuses to install20:36
CrellHave you reached out to the developer?20:37
Crellleftyfb: I'm getting syntax errors with that.  Unexpected token -v20:37
leftyfbCrell: why are you on dash?20:37
anusI am not able to join the channel due to conservative aproach to running a channel.20:38
anusSomeone is uptight.20:38
CrellIt's not by choice...20:38
leftyfbCrell: what OS?20:38
CrellDebian.  It's what the hosting provider uses.  (Sorry if that's a bit off topic; I thought I just needed generic shell advice, which shouldn't vary *that* much.)20:39
leftyfbCrell: sorry, you'll need to ask for support in #debian20:39
Crellshell script syntax varies that much between OSes?20:39
CrellEr, distros?20:39
leftyfbCrell: apparently in this case if something as simple as grep not supporting -v20:40
leftyfbCrell: this is a perfect example as to why we can only support ubuntu and not other distro's20:41
CrellI think it's more likely a script escaping issue.20:41
BeavisOnFireDo you have any idea if Gnome 3.36 runs smoothly with an Intel HD 520 IGPU ?20:41
CrellOn the command line it works fine.20:41
BeavisOnFireOr should I directly go for MATE ?20:41
fradI manually downloaded youtube-dl and followed their instructions to install: $ sudo wget https://yt-dl.org/downloads/latest/youtube-dl -O /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl and $ sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl . However if I type youtube-dl on the terminal, nothing has been installed. This is 20.04. Am I missing something?20:59
gildartsfrad: I assume you checked that 1) that folder is on your path, and 2) that the file is actually there?21:00
fradyes gildarts , that file is in /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl21:02
oerheks1wrong place21:02
oerheks1see their topic21:02
oerheks1which youtube-dl21:02
oerheks1 /usr/bin/youtube-dl21:02
gildartsfrad: And did you verify that /usr/local/bin is in your path?21:03
fradwhat do you mean oerheks1 ? I downloaded it just 2 minutes ago21:03
annihilatorim getting no os found after install ubuntu server. the install media works (tested on another system).  is there anyway to fix that?21:03
oerheks1frad,  we officially support out repo packages only, we are not reponcible for theirwrong instructions, but i pointed to the answer.21:04
leftyfbfrad: sudo apt install youtube-dl or sudo snap install youtube-dl21:05
leftyfbfrad: that is how you install it on ubuntu21:05
oerheks1here more answers for that problem, it should not exist .. https://andjey.info/reinstall-youtube-dl-on-ubuntu/21:06
annihilatori try to reinstall grub but im getting an error failed to get canonical path '/cow'21:09
oerheks1annihilator, are you sure you have set the bootdevice correct?21:10
annihilatorwhat im not getting is why didnt ubuntu server install grub correctly on the desktop21:11
oerheks1is this a legacy bios or UEFI?21:12
annihilatorubuntu desktop installed fine but i dont need a desktop environment installed so i was installing ubuntu server for barebone install21:12
RuntimeErrorhello guys21:13
RuntimeErrorwhy is everyone so silent?21:16
leftyfbRuntimeError: this is a support channel. If you're looking for chatter, try #ubuntu-offtopic21:16
alexeightsixhey, im using the latest ubuntu (fresh install) and my OS will often lock up and i'll have to restart the entire machine. It usually happens when my RAM/swap is at a high usage but this never happened before.21:19
alexeightsixim debating trying another version of ubuntu (18lts) or another distro but im wondering if anyone has any suggestions..21:19
deviosI have a Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer/Scanner/Fax that's connected to my wifi network.  Ubuntu found and prints to it over the network no problem, but I can't seem to find any info on how to use the scanner over the network on Ubuntu.  Its http://192.168.x.x/scan/scan.html feature doesn't seem to work in Chrome or Firefox or even in IE or Edge on a Windows machine, so that's useless.21:19
annihilatorif i installed ubuntu desktop and let that setup the hard drive properly then format all partition and install ubuntu server without modifing partitions would that work?21:26
sarnoldannihilator: that sounds like a lot of work; if you use the server installer you can apt install the desktop you want; if you use the desktop installer, you can apt install the server software you want21:29
annihilatori dont want gui or any over head21:29
annihilatorthats not needed that is21:29
annihilatorand the problem is ubuntu server is not partitioning the drive correctly to boot21:30
oerheks1standard ubuntu install is 1 partition and a swapfile, no longer a swap partition21:30
annihilatorubuntu desktop setups a 3 partitions where as ubuntu server sets up 121:30
xrandrHello, I am looking for help upgrading Ubunu 19.04 to the latest version of ubuntu. The website isn't giving me much help. What is the best way to upgrade?21:30
annihilatorubuntu desktop boots ubuntu server doesnt21:31
oerheks119.04 is EOL, see EOLupgrade21:32
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:32
annihilatorunless there is a way to install 18.04 and do a dist upgrade to 20.0421:32
annihilatorand see if 18.04 server works21:33
PoipaHey i got this problem when using apt-get update: http://paste.debian.net/1150286/ it looks to be something with the keys but when i try to import the keys manually with gpg i get this error http://paste.debian.net/1150287/ ?21:34
oerheks1upgradepath 18.04 > 20.04 is not out yet21:34
oerheks1Poipa, we do not support linux mint21:34
xrandroerheks1: thank you!21:40
oerheks1xrandr, have fun!21:41
TheTalkingYogurtis there a way to make the UI less "whitespacey" ? I find Ubuntu very wasteful on padding, and mostly very hard to use on a small-res screen21:41
TheTalkingYogurt(720p and lower)21:42
lnkcmplxctwhen you use apt update && apt upgrade && apt dist-upgrade will ubuntu automatically verify the signature with pgp?21:42
lnkcmplxctwhen you install software from the ubuntu repos will it verify the signature with pgp automatically?21:43
sarnoldlnkcmplxct: yes21:43
sarnoldlnkcmplxct: you'll get error messages like this if they fail https://pastebin.com/nmpiaT9421:43
lnkcmplxctsarnold so I can pressume a classical man in the middle attack is not possible ?21:43
sarnoldlnkcmplxct: yes; you do need to be careful that you add new repository keys very sparingly -- the repository key represents executing code on your computer as root21:44
sarnoldlnkcmplxct: so when you add a new repository key, be very sure you trust whoever controls the key21:44
chucaraHas anyone ever encountered anything like the following: My Ubuntu Server has two network adapters, both set via netplan to DHCP (IPv4). But only one appears to work - it has acquired an IP:, However, when I look in my DHCP server, it toggles between x.x.x.9 and x.x.x.10. And when I run dhclient, the other adapter fails to acquire21:45
lnkcmplxctsarnold ty21:46
TheTalkingYogurtchucara, if you've ever spoofed one of the MACs, your DHCP server may be confused22:01
TheTalkingYogurtor if there are two different machines requesting the same IP22:01
chucaraI've done no spoofing, but I wouldn't rule out that something is running with a static IP somewhere.22:02
chucaraThe mac address doesn't change though22:02
TheTalkingYogurttry checking the static IP list on the DHCP server and make sure there are no conflicts22:02
chucaraThe DHCP was installed today, but it might be an old lease22:03
chucaraTried rebooting the server, and nothing appears to be running on that IP22:04
chucaraThe DHCP server now reports a third IP - x.x.x.124 for the second adapter, but ifconfig just gives me an IPv6 address and nothing else22:06
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leftyfbchucara: why do you have 2 network cards on the same network via dhcp? That's not going to work out the way you think22:09
chucaraWhy not? It's working without incident on my NAS?22:10
leftyfbchucara: why?22:10
leftyfbchucara: the problem is, they're both trying to set a default route.22:10
leftyfbchucara: if you want redundancy, then setup bonding across the interfaces and only get and use 1 ip22:11
leftyfbchucara: what is your reasoning for having 2 network interfaces on the same network and both set to dhcp?22:13
chucaraThat was actually the end goal (LinkAggretation), but I figured I'd like to see this working first.22:13
leftyfbchucara: ok, setup LACP. Don't play with a broken network setup like 2 dhcp interfaces on the same network22:13
chucaraDHCP is more that I'd rather setup fixed IPs in the DHCP server and manage it centrally.22:13
leftyfbchucara: since your end goal is LACP, just configure that and be done with it22:14
chucaraOk, I'll just disable this second adapter until I setup LA then. I still find the behavior strange though.22:14
gildartsI have a similar setup. It is much easier to deal with it if you only have a single cable connected, setup link aggregation, and then attach the second cable.22:14
aoxomoxoaI'm on 20.4. Is there a way I can resize my file system on my main SSD to make some free space for another distro?22:15
aoxomoxoai tried resizing it on disks but it says its mounted. on the ubuntu docs it says that it doesnt matter if it is mounted22:15
aoxomoxoaso i got confused22:15
* gildarts bought a 4 Ethernet card and uses it for link aggregation.22:15
leftyfbaoxomoxoa: https://www.howtogeek.com/114503/how-to-resize-your-ubuntu-partitions/22:15
leftyfbaoxomoxoa: boot to a live cd/usb22:16
chucaraleftyfb, gildarts: Ok, thanks guys. I'll stop worrying about this if the the system stabilizes after this :)22:16
gildartss/4/4 port/22:16
aoxomoxoayeah i know how to do it that way, but i was trying to do it live without a cd22:16
leftyfbaoxomoxoa: don't22:16
aoxomoxoacause the docs said you could22:16
gildartsCan and should are much different things.22:16
aoxomoxoai figure if as long as the blocks are in the same place it would be alright22:16
oerheks1no, making partitions bigger can be done from the running system, decreasing needs a live iso.22:20
aoxomoxoathen why did they add that into their docs?22:24
TheTalkingYogurtaoxomoxoa, I honestly can't recommend installing several distros in parallel in 2020 except in edge cases22:27
aoxomoxoait was literally in their help docs22:27
oerheks1show us please?22:27
TheTalkingYogurtyou really should use virtualization22:27
oerheks1one can resize a partition unmounted, a running system cannot be easily unmounted, that is why you need a live iso. i am sure there are no canonical docs saying different.22:29
leftyfbaoxomoxoa: do you care about the data on the partition you are resizing?22:29
aoxomoxoanot really, no. its all backed up on another disk22:30
oerheks1oh, that doc is certainly curious22:30
aoxomoxoaright? thats why im confused22:30
TheTalkingYogurtoerheks1, it's pretty vague: just says "not all filesystems have resize support"22:31
oerheks1'To make space for another partition after the filesystem, it can be shrunk according to the free space within it.'  is wrong, imho22:31
oerheks1yeah, that too, without proper example22:31
TheTalkingYogurttechnically that sentence is true for several filesystems22:31
TheTalkingYogurtjust not _simple_ for ext422:32
leftyfbaoxomoxoa: please just take the advice given here and boot to a live cd/usb and do the resizing22:32
aoxomoxoawell shit22:32
aoxomoxoathe whole point was to learn how to do it22:33
TheTalkingYogurtanyway, from a purely practical standpoint, taking the time to do it properly live would properly be longer than rebooting onto a USB stick22:33
aoxomoxoaim just curious as to how i can resize it while running22:33
oerheks1shrink? no.22:33
aoxomoxoarest in peace22:33
TheTalkingYogurtaoxomoxoa, you could maybe do it live with a pivot_root ?22:35
TheTalkingYogurtthe system shouldn't freak out as long as / is accessible, no matter where from22:36
TheTalkingYogurtbut for that you'd have to stop all services than are not stricly in RAM, then copy /* somewhere and execute the pivot_root22:38
TheTalkingYogurtthen you can unmount it without rebooting22:38
TheTalkingYogurtit's quite simple, really22:39
oerheks1no, it is not simple.22:39
TheTalkingYogurtbut probably a huge hassle22:39
TheTalkingYogurtoerheks1, you don't think the pivot_root would work ?22:40
TheTalkingYogurt(I still think virtual machines make more sense)22:41
oerheks1it can work, sure, but not easy to do.22:42
oerheks1anyway, i am going to try to get that page rewritten22:42
TheTalkingYogurtoerheks1, cool :)22:43
Sbur3Trying to install "Imaginary Teleprompter" on my Ubuntu system.  It was there. Somehow, it is no longer there and I've been trying to re-install it.  Anyone willing to help me?22:45
Sbur3Or am I in the wrong room to discuss that?22:45
skyliner_369how come .desktop files look like red squares with a white     ⃠  in the middle23:12
amazoniantoadWhat is a pdbase?23:37
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