studiobot<teward001> @Eickmeyer if the LP builders are down I can't upload them :P00:23
studiobot<teward001> so :P00:23
studiobot<teward001> make a complete list of what you need me to poke00:23
studiobot<teward001> i'll get to them probably by end of week00:24
studiobot<teward001> because at this time you've got like 8 things you need me to push00:24
Eickmeyer@teward001 More like 4...00:24
EickmeyerDid I not warn you about the incoming flood of packages I'm working on?00:25
studiobot<teward001> you did.00:25
studiobot<teward001> but i have no central tracker anymore :P00:25
studiobot<teward001> and you don't have bugs etc assigned to me for it XD00:25
EickmeyerI was considering spinning-up a card system on my nextcloud.00:26
studiobot<teward001> *cough*trello*cough*00:30
studiobot<teward001> trello is free?00:32
studiobot<teward001> not hosted on prem it's in the could but still00:32
studiobot<teward001> https://trello.com/pricing 10 team boards free.00:33
EickmeyerOk, I guess I thought we would need Business Class.00:33
studiobot<teward001> nope00:33
studiobot<teward001> *smacks you for failing to read the pricing docs*00:33
studiobot<teward001> if you have different teams with different visibility you simply define different team boards00:34
EickmeyerI read the price docs a while ago, I just failed to evaluate our exact needs I guess.00:34
studiobot<teward001> for different visibilities00:34
studiobot<teward001> if you just need cards and assignment tracking free works pretty well00:34
EickmeyerI mean, I have a DO droplet nextcloud that I could easily give everyone an account to. There is a task card app plugin for it.00:36
studiobot<teward001> heh00:39
EickmeyerOK @teward001: Just assigned a bunch of bug reports for the new packages to you. I've got more coming, but at least you can keep track of them this way for the time being. There's only 4 so far.04:19
EickmeyerMake that 5, forgot about dragonfly-reverb.04:21
studiobot<teward001> @Eickmeyer yep i see the assigns, thanks.04:46
studiobot<teward001> i'll poke these tomorrow after I get an on-prem Landscape working for my one employer04:46
Eickmeyer@teward001: Cool. The simplest ones are Add64 and redkite by far.04:47
EickmeyerI'm down to about 30 only because one contains something like 12, but that one is on hold because upstream wants to port the build system to meson from prebuild.04:49
EickmeyerAlso eliminated a couple due to FTBFS/dep hell.04:54
* Eickmeyer goes to bed04:54
=== ErichEickmeyer is now known as Eickmeyer
studiobot<teward001> Eickmeyer: I see more being assigned to me lol.17:02
studiobot<teward001> check your trello, i sent you a link17:02
studiobot<teward001> look @ my trello board for tracking my tasks heh17:02
Eickmeyer@teward001 Yep, I'm knocking quite a few out of these left and right. Just want to get them in before Feature Freeze, which I concede is a couple months out, but I'd rather have them ready.17:53
EickmeyerI don't want history repeating itself with dragonfly-reverb.17:53
EickmeyerThese are all audio plugins, or dependencies for them.17:53
EickmeyerOvenWerks: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1246566/ubuntu-studio-default-pulseaudio-output-device19:00
EickmeyerI didn't realize we removed the ability to select the device for the pulseaudio bridge.19:01
EickmeyerRather, default connection.19:01
* OvenWerks reminds Eickmeyer that he was instrumental in the decision...20:21
EickmeyerOof, you're right. :P20:21
OvenWerksEickmeyer: that will change in the next version of -controls as already discused20:21
EickmeyerAlright, cool.20:21
OvenWerksI actually think it is possible to hand edit the config file for other than system:* ports now.20:23

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