polekeWhat is the differens beween Back in Time and Timeshift and wich one is the best? Any experience on xubuntu 20.04?08:56
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GaiusHi people, I have a random question that may not be xubuntu specific, but since I'm using the os and have always gotten very helpful responses in this chat, I'll ask in the chance that someone knows the answer off the top of their head and can spare a minute to type it, and I understand if nobody feels like answering. I googled it but didn't see14:26
Gaiusthe exact answer I was looking for.   I was just transferring a bunch of mp3s to my android phone via usb, a lot of files, over a gb.  The transfer made it to 99% just fine, but an error message came up for the last file.  I stupidly clicked retry, and the file manager froze.  I unplugged my phone and was able to restart the system, so it wasn't a14:26
Gaiusfull crash. I looked on my phone, and sure enough it looks like 99% of the files copied fine, play fine etc.  Unfortunately, in a moment of stupidity i didn't take note of which exact file caused the error, and I'm worried that if the media player on my phone tries to play the half copied corrupted file it will crash.  So my question is, which log14:26
Gaiusfile would contain file transfer/error info so I can see which file caused the error, and delete it from my phone?Tldr: Where are file transfer error logs stored?14:26
HamiltonWhy UI freezes when I want to move a large file from a linux drive to a NTFS one (dual boot)? This happens both for mv in CLI and thunar15:24
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xu-help66wI am not very technically knowledgeable.  I have just instlalled 20.04 in an older Dell Inspiron laptop.  I can't seem to get audio -- speakers are not on mute, volume is turned up.  Any help would be appreciate.d15:38
diogenes_xu-help66w, look in pavucontrol.15:39
xu-help66wThanks for the reply, but I don't know what/where is pavucontrol, sorry.15:40
diogenes_xu-help66w, open menu and type: pavucontrol15:41
xu-help66wI did that & a window opened for input & output devices.  Already did that earlier via clicking on mouse icon & hunting around & got to same window.  Volume settings seem right.  Not sure what's wrong.15:46
diogenes_xu-help66w, look in configuration tab.15:47
xu-help66wSorry for being so ignorant.  Where is the configuration tab?15:51
diogenes_xu-help66w, https://i.imgur.com/EU8cKTU.png15:53
xu-help66wThanks.  Went there & only one from profile was available, to which it was already set:  analogue stereo input???.  I clicked on "analogue stereo output (unplugged)(unavailable)", & for some reason, now have audio.  I don't understand why if unavailable, but it worked.  Thanks for your patience.16:03
diogenes_you're welcome16:07
xu-help66wJust for my future info, the window that opens upon clicking on the mouse icon in upper left corner -- what is that called?16:08
diogenes_menu - whiskermenu.16:08
xu-help66wThanks again.  Before I came to this forum, I already had gone to the volume control window that you led me to, & checked all tabs.  However, I didn't try to change "profile" to a device that it said was unavailable.  Thank you again.16:12
xu-help66wLinux is not for people like me without any tech education.  I've been using for several years, because when I don't have problems, it's much better than Windows.16:13
diogenes_xu-help66w, linux is for everyone, several years ago it was only for advanced user, now even my granny runs linux.16:15
xu-help66wWell, your granny has you for hands on help...  And she's probably more tech savvy than I.16:17
diogenes_:) i only put 2 big buttons on her desktop, red and green and she only has to remember what happens when you click one and the other and she's never touched a PC until 70 yo.16:19
xu-help66wOne more question.  After 5 minutes of non-usage, my screen goes "to sleep"(?) which I want.  BUT, when I wake, I have to log in again.  I can't find the setting to stop this.  Can you help?16:24
diogenes_xu-help66w, look in xfce4-screensaver16:25
xu-help66w"Lock screen with screensaver"  Is that the button that should be off?16:28
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glat-agent643Hello. I am selling cheap GNU/Linux licenses. $89 today!20:47
glat-agent643[still active here]20:49
genii@comment 80011 "Selling GNU licenses" spam20:49
ubottuComment added.20:49
glat-agent643@comment help20:49
glat-agent643@help comment20:49
geniiglat-agent643: Yes, I only removed you, did not ban you ... yet20:50
glat-agent643Unfortunately, some of our agents were banned from freenode.20:50
geniiDeservedly, I imagine.20:51
glat-agent643I am still selling cheap GNU/Linux licenses. $89 today!20:57
junogood riddance21:09
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