wallyworld_thumper: here's the forward port https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1167200:03
wallyworld_thumper: re bug 1882025, i don't think it's unreasnable to have "to" in bundles ave the same sematics as "--to" in deploy00:08
mupBug #1882025: Specific machine placement by hostname in bundle <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1882025>00:08
tlmwallyworld_: got 5 min for HO ?00:53
wallyworld_tlm: just need a couiple of minutes00:54
tlmno rush00:54
wallyworld_tlm: jump in standup?00:59
wallyworld_stickupkid: if i land a facade bump for a facade used by the CLI, with a brand new method added, will libjuju break? I am hoping that the new method simply won't be usable initially07:46
stickupkidwallyworld_, nah07:51
stickupkidwallyworld_, it does version negotiation now, go wild07:51
stickupkidunless you're using a REALLY old version of libjuju, where the fix is upgrade libjuju07:51
wallyworld_stickupkid: ta, i was hoping that was the case07:52
wallyworld_stickupkid: we landed all the 2.7 patches except the dep update as there was an issue with the s3 copy of the deps07:53
stickupkidwallyworld_, ah, ok07:53
wallyworld_didn't look too closely as there was/is a bit of a backlog07:54
wallyworld_and other prs got landed anyway07:54
stickupkidI'll see if I can get a chance today07:54
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