chietaim on dropdown qterminal... the default color scheme is breeze modified.. how to know the color used on that scheme?00:38
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lubot<ShiBonCip> @wxl [<wxl> if it were me, i'd just write a script and use kdialog for gui elements], thanks for pointing, KDEman 😉02:00
lubot<ShiBonCip> @HMollerCl [also: https://phab.lubuntu.me/w/portfromgtk2qt/], ah, this is qt way02:03
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lubot<tbs61> @aexis [<aexis> anybody?], yes?06:50
theosi just installed 20.04. its amazing. how do i add app shortcuts to the panel just like i did in 18.04?08:02
theoslooks like i cant drop in shortcuts on the panel like before08:02
lubot<lynorian> unforately I think you need to drag and drop them09:19
lubot<lynorian> https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/5/5.1/lxqt-panel.html09:19
lotuspsychjei dont find the language pack right away in lubuntu 20.04 where does that hide nowadays?09:58
guivercsorry lotuspsychje, I'm not sure what you mean, https://phab.lubuntu.me/w/bugs/ shows our main list of packages/areas (for filing bug purposes)10:00
guivercmy own system has language-pack-en installed, but sorry I don't know what's in it..10:00
lotuspsychjeguiverc: well in ubuntu-desktop when you click on the language settings, an auto windows asks to install your language pack, that doesnt seem to happen here for me10:01
lotuspsychjefor me its nl language pack10:01
lotuspsychjeso some system items and FF are still english here10:01
guivercokay... I know what you mean, but sorry I don't know the answer (probably never had to learn given I only speak en which is default)10:02
guiverchave you just attempted install? rebooted and have it asking? or something... I've had it appear then (au) but I've connected ethernet/wifi & got issue resolved.. (sorry I never bothered to learn it)10:04
lotuspsychjeinput method did something, lemme reboot to see if it had effect10:05
lotuspsychjeive just installed on an old acer aspire one with 4GB ram10:05
lotuspsychjeworking like a charm10:06
lotuspsychjetweaked unneeded services with stacer10:06
lotuspsychjereboot after input method didnt fix it neither10:10
guivercI can't help sorry lotuspsychje, if you wait maybe another user can (when available), I'll provide https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/3/3.2/3.2.9/locale.html  (closest manual page I can find, but sorry I'm empty)10:13
lotuspsychjeguiverc: ill await a bit if someone else might know where, tnx10:19
lotuspsychjeif its needs manual install i could consider a bug wishlist10:19
lotuspsychjeguiverc: checked what im missing with: check-language-support -l nl11:51
lotuspsychjefirefox-locale-nl hyphen-nl language-pack-gnome-nl wdutch as output11:51
lotuspsychjenow to findout if lubuntu does that automatic somewhere, or the user needs to manually install11:53
guivercmy system reports way more for `nl`; ie. chromium-browser-l10n firefox-locale-nl gimp-help-nl gnome-getting-started-docs-nl gnome-user-docs-nl hunspell-nl hyphen-nl language-pack-gnome-nl language-pack-nl libreoffice-help-nl libreoffice-l10n-nl thunderbird-locale-nl wdutch  (all my bloat, only chromium-browser-l10n for au)11:54
lotuspsychjeja prob checks all the installed apps language packs11:54
guiverclotuspsychje, I don't see much (and I know nothing still sorry) - https://phab.lubuntu.me/search/query/c8kdhxPqvJ.P/#R11:55
lotuspsychjeno sweat guiverc im gonna install them manually11:59
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So_its_MEhello, i have a question about network-manager and its dependies16:23
So_its_MEmy computer does NOT have bluethoth onboard nor do i have a blue-dongle16:24
So_its_MEYET a bluetooth demon keeps running around while doing nothing  with out harware16:25
So_its_MEnow, why is the network-manager depending on bluetooth ?????? and why is it UNinstalled with out REinstalling ???16:26
So_its_MEkock knock16:27
So_its_MEtipical linux, just IGNORE your self a bit more and you are DONE16:31
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hisHello I got a bug with python install. Can someone help me please ?22:53
wxlhis: what is the problem exactly?22:55
wxlsome explanation would be helpful22:57
hisI think my python is broken.22:57
hisI would like to do proper install of it please.22:57
hisI'm a beginner.22:58
wxlhow did you install it?22:58
wxland it seems like you were trying to use youtube-dl. why not just install it from the repos?22:58
hiswith apt22:58
hisBecause it's not updated22:59
wxlwhat exactly did you do?22:59
hisI don't remember when it started.22:59
hisI'm going to seek for it22:59
hissudo apt-get install python-pip python3-pip23:00
hispython3 -m pip install --user --upgrade pip23:00
hissudo easy_install pip23:00
wxloh god you're mixing and matching python elements in the repos with ones outside of it23:01
hisIt all started with unable to update with  pip ... and trying to fix it.23:01
hisCan i fix it please ?23:02
wxlsigh maybe try sudo apt install --reinstall python-pip python3-pip23:02
wxland stop mixing and matching23:02
hissame error23:03
wxlwhat was the result of *THAT* command?23:04
wxlwell maybe just uninstall it and reinstall it23:06
hisHow can I do that please ?23:06
hisI don't want to do mistakes again...23:06
wxlsudo apt remove23:06
wxlsudo apt install23:06
hiswich apps ?23:08
kc2bezHere is an instance where the snap of youtube-dl is what I would recommend.23:08
histhanks but i'de like to fix python first :)23:08
kc2bezGood point23:08
hissudo apt remove python python3 python-pip python3-pip ?23:09
histhen sudo apt install python python3 python-pip python3-pip ?23:09
kc2bezI don't see the error in your last paste23:09
wxlthere wasn't an error but they probably tried their pip installation of youtube-dl again and failed23:10
kc2bezoh I understand23:10
wxlfrom what i can tell the python being used is the ubuntu python23:10
wxlbut the pip is from the ubuntu repos but then upgraded and installed (yes, both for some weird reason) via upstream23:11
wxlhis: just the pips.23:11
wxlyou can see the problem is looking for some metadata from pip https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/34j6X5QQq4/23:12
wxlthe fact that it's 2.7 is curious when it's a pip3 call23:12
wxli mean it's just a whole mess of python23:12
hisCan I fix it ?23:12
wxldid you do what i suggested?23:13
wxlmaybe it would even be better to undo the upstream commands23:14
hisI did it yes23:14
hissudo apt install --reinstall python-pip python3-pip23:14
hisAnd no error23:14
wxlnot that23:14
wxlsudo apt remove python-pip python3-pip23:14
hisno error23:15
wxland now does your pip installation work?23:15
wxlok well then i would uninstall the pip you installed through easy_install. i've not used easy_install in forever. maybe ever. so i don't know what to do to tell you how23:16
wxlis pip still on your system?23:16
wxldoes `which pip` do anything?23:16
hisHow can i check that ?23:16
wxlor `which pip3`?23:17
hisUsage:     pip3 <command> [options]...23:17
wxlclearly you're doing something wrong23:17
kc2bezI don't think it is python3 so probably want to  pip install vs pip3 install23:17
wxl`which` is a shell command23:18
hiswhich python/usr/bin/python23:18
kc2bezOh you need to remove the backticks `23:18
hiswhich python3/usr/bin/python323:19
wxltype these and hit enter and give the results:23:19
wxlwhich pip23:19
wxlwhich pip323:19
wxlNOT python, but pip23:19
hiswhich pip/home/user/.local/bin/pip23:20
hiswhich pip3/home/user/.local/bin/pip323:20
hishttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/22247889/how-to-cleanly-remove-pip-that-is-installed-by-using-easy-install  : sudo pip uninstall pip  ?23:21
wxlsudo python -m pip uninstall pip23:22
wxlsudo python -m pip3 uninstall pip323:22
wxlmaybe even23:22
wxlsudo python3 -m pip3 uninstall pip323:22
hishttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/khW7cJWm6J/ for 1st command23:26
hisFor 2 and 3: no module named pip323:27
wxljeez you really messed up good XD23:28
wxlsudo python -m pip uninstall pip3?23:28
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wxldo `which pip` and `which pip3` produce results still?23:30
hiswich pip3 yes23:31
hiswhich pip yes23:31
wxlok well good we got rid of one of them23:31
wxloh well nevermind23:31
wxllet's try sudo python3 -m pip uninstall pip23:32
hisSuccessfully uninstalled23:32
wxloh horray23:34
wxltry the which's again23:34
hisusr local pip or pip 323:35
hiswith /23:35
hisnot user/.local/ anymore :)23:35
wxlwait what?23:35
wxlwhat does `apt cache policy python-pip` say?23:37
wxlsorry apt-cache23:37
wxlor `apt-cache policy python3-pip`?23:37
wxlthat might be the easy_install you did23:40
wxllooks like `sudo easy_install -m pip` is what you want https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22051158/how-to-fully-uninstall-pip-installed-with-easy-install23:40
wxlif that works, and the `which`s don't return anything THEN you have a choice23:41
wxl 1. install pip yourself. i wouldn't suggest this because you're still using the python on the system (from the repos)23:42
wxl 2. install pip from the repos. given python2 is deprecated, i'd probably just install python3-pip and then do your pip install23:42
wxli don't knwo what to tell you23:46
wxltry #python23:47
hissudo apt-get purge python* && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get install python*23:48
hiswxl ?23:49
wxltry #python23:49

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