t0mb0Hi, do operator pod resources support annotations?01:50
t0mb0I'm creating a custom ingress and I need to adjust request body size and send duration01:50
t0mb0this is how I expect it to work https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/48h4287TKn/01:51
jamt0mb0, that is more of a #juju question. the operator framework just passes through the request to Juju.06:12
jamI know there are some discussions in the past like: https://discourse.juju.is/t/k8s-charms-annotations-charm-config-use-case/148906:12
jamI don't know the current state of it06:12
* Chipaca afk for a bit10:19
facundo__Muy buenos días a todos!10:55
=== facundo__ is now known as facubatista
Chipacafacubatista: 👋10:57
facubatistahola Chipaca10:57
Chipacafacubatista: how're you doing?10:59
facubatistaChipaca, tired, but not so demoralized with quarantine and all11:01
Chipacafacubatista: *hugs*11:01
Chipacafacubatista: take it easy today maybe?11:01
Chipacafacubatista: i was just reading you're getting another 21 days apparently :-(11:01
facubatistaChipaca, yeap11:01
Chipacafacubatista: no going outside for exercise even?11:02
facubatistaChipaca, I will write a lot today, which for me is quite interrupted by itself11:02
Chipacafacubatista: quite interrupted?11:02
facubatistaChipaca, I NEED go back to tennis, and I don't even want to start thinking when that could be possible11:02
Chipacatennis is like socially-distancing ping pong11:03
Chipacaas long as it's outdoor tennis, it should be back sooner than, say, rugby?11:03
facubatistaChipaca, I don't write texts in a steady constant mode, I tend to it by chunks of time11:03
Chipacaah gotcha11:03
facubatistaChipaca, yes, tennis should be one of the firsts sports... but they depend of sports clubs to be open, so...11:04
MarkMaglanaChipaca: now what if you played against a tennis ball machine? Would that be like social-distancing ping pong: boss level?11:04
Chipacajust the one machine? psh. that's for amateurs11:05
MarkMaglanaoh, like two ball machine's against each other???!11:05
Chipacai meant two or three against you, but, sure11:05
MarkMaglanawhich oddly reminds me of those dueling useless machines11:05
MarkMaglanawimbledon fans will have to settle for that in the meantime11:07
ChipacaMarkMaglana: i've seen that but with lego11:09
Chipacanow i'll need to find it11:09
MarkMaglanaChipaca: OK here I go down the YouTube rabbit hole...11:10
ChipacaMarkMaglana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5y1pdPVDx811:10
MarkMaglanahang on. still working on the first one: https://youtu.be/6xCd55oSgO411:11
MarkMaglana"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn" (at his Lego pieces organizer)11:14
* Chipaca ⇝ luncheon11:27
Chipacathe eon of lunch11:27
* Chipaca approves11:27
vgrevtsevhi everyeone - a quick question, is there any docs re: dependency management in the framework (I heard it'll be called `ops.lib`, but not sure, pls correct me if I'm wrong) ?12:40
Chipacavgrevtsev: what're you trying to do?12:41
Chipacathere is ops.lib but it does not do dependency management :)12:41
vgrevtsevChipaca: I'm thinking about how can I share some parts of the charm code across the charms (like interfaces, for example)12:42
Chipacavgrevtsev: then yes, you want to use ops.lib, probably12:42
vgrevtsevand I got an impression that ops.lib is for that12:42
Chipacavgrevtsev: but, ops.lib does not get you the bits on disk, it doesn't manage the dependencies12:42
vgrevtsevok, so what it does?12:43
Chipacavgrevtsev: it's like a namespace package, but with API and author constraints12:43
Chipacaie you can say "use the mysql interface version 1 from joe"12:43
vgrevtsevbut, this interface has to be installed before I can tell the charm to use it12:44
vgrevtsevso what's the difference then? e.g without ops.lib I can just do a submodule and pin the commit hash to get the exact version of the interface, for example12:45
Chipacavgrevtsev: but you could have two versions of the same interface, a stable and a devel say, side by side and it'd do the right thing12:45
Chipacavgrevtsev: for sure you could, and that would work12:46
Chipacavgrevtsev: and in fact, if you start doing it like that, and then want to switch to ops.lib.use, it would be a one-line diff12:46
Chipaca(assuming the interface is opslib-enabled :) )12:46
vgrevtsevChipaca: alright... but how does the ops.lib know where should it look for the code/version it was asked for?12:46
vgrevtsevChipaca: and what does "opslib-enabled" means? I'm going to write a few interfaces during the next week12:47
vgrevtsevwill be good to know as much as possible before, not after :-P12:47
Chipacavgrevtsev: i was hoping to work with MarkMaglana to opslib-enable his k8s interface12:47
Chipacavgrevtsev: as the first one12:47
Chipacavgrevtsev: but the code is in 0.6 already so you can use it if you want12:47
MarkMaglanaChipaca: let's git 'er done!12:48
Chipacathere's a doc, 1 sec12:48
vgrevtsevso we're back to my original question: is there any docs? :))12:48
vgrevtsevChipaca: ah I see, cool12:48
Chipacavgrevtsev: not enough docs yet, no12:48
Chipacavgrevtsev: there's https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D-DA3vJRRaauNc2bAJqLTKtAMTTP6tdj5HmOz-rasJI/edit12:48
Chipacawhich hopefully is enough :-)12:48
ChipacaMarkMaglana: yes let's :)12:50
ChipacaMarkMaglana: what's the most recent k8s.py you know of?12:51
vgrevtsevChipaca: oh, it's useful, thanks12:51
vgrevtsevprobably that is something I was looking for12:51
MarkMaglanaChipaca: that'd be https://github.com/charmed-lma/charm-k8s-alertmanager/blob/master/src/adapters/k8s.py12:51
ChipacaMarkMaglana: ack12:53
ChipacaMarkMaglana: this pm i'll go through all the other k8s.py and see if there's anything that needs adding12:53
MarkMaglanayou got it12:53
MarkMaglanaChipaca: and if you're looking for unit tests, it's here https://github.com/charmed-lma/charm-k8s-alertmanager/blob/master/test/adapters/k8s_test.py12:54
Chipacai was about to ask :-D12:54
Chipaca'... fools seldom differ', my Nan would always add12:54
MarkMaglanaG can either min Great or Git, so...12:55
Chipacameanwhile i'll leave you with https://www.ijsr.net/archive/v9i4/SR20409190322.pdf12:56
MarkMaglanaAh yes, when I first learned that the problem of squaring the circle has been finally solved successfully, I breathed a sigh of relief. Quite a momentous event, indeed.13:04
Chipacafacubatista: how did you invoque fades to get that error log?13:53
ChipacaFacu: how did you invoque fades to get that error log?13:59
Facufades -d file:///home/facundo/canonical/operator14:00
FacuChipaca, ^14:00
* Chipaca creates a 'facundo' user14:01
Chipacathats very strange, i was sure i'd tested this14:03
Chipacathat's why when j_am asked 'does doing this avoid pulling in ops.__init__' i was so confident with my 'yep'14:04
Chipacabut, i must've bungled it somehow14:04
ChipacaFacu: can you test the setup.py version magic thing again? just in case i'm deluding myself again :-)14:43
ChipacaFacu: (no rush)14:43
FacuChipaca, it's left a "file=fh" parameter to fh.write?14:50
FacuChipaca, it's hard to see because the template dedentation, that's why I tend to have the template as a constant at column 014:51
ChipacaFacu: i think i fixed it14:51
ChipacaFacu: not sure if you're saying i should use dedent() or not :)14:51
Chipacagah, i broke it more14:52
Chipacahurrah for tests14:52
FacuSuccessfully installed PyYAML-5.3.1 ops-0.6.1+8.ge08cc6315:15
FacuChipaca, I really like that ^15:16
Chipaca8 commits ahead of 0.6.1! nice :)15:16
FacuChipaca, only thing missing in that branch is about "0.7.dev+UNKNOWN"15:18
ChipacaFacu: just answered that15:19
FacuChipaca, as it needs human intervention, maybe it's less error prone if you do something like: version = VERSION + ".dev+UNKNOWN"15:21
ChipacaFacu: and what is VERSION?15:22
Facubeing VERSION a constant on the top of the file, with the simple "0.7" value15:22
ChipacaFacu: not at the top of the file, that'll confuse people15:26
Chipacathe file'll have VERSION and version and one will be nonsense15:26
Chipacaeven with __all__, tab completers etc will offer it15:27
Chipacaruh roh15:28
Chipacafacundo__: was i talking to myself just then15:28
facundo__Chipaca, last word from you was "nonsense" :p15:29
Chipaca<Chipaca> even with __all__, tab completers etc will offer it15:29
facundo__Chipaca, I was trying to avoid needing to edit a complex string in the middle of the function15:29
Chipacai'll push something15:30
facundo__for example, what would happen if we change "0.7.dev+UNKNOWN" to "0.8dev+UNKNOWN"?15:30
=== facundo__ is now known as facubatista
ChipacaIn [9]: from packaging.version import parse15:31
ChipacaIn [10]: parse("0.7.dev+UNKNOWN") == parse("0.7dev+UNKNOWN")15:31
ChipacaOut[10]: True15:31
facubatistait was an example15:31
facubatistaI'm not too pushy about this, though15:31
Chipacaand, the 'canonical' way is '0.7.dev0+unknown'15:32
facubatistaChipaca, PR approved15:32
Chipacafacubatista: pushed a tweak to it15:35
facubatistaChipaca, I like it15:40
* facubatista -> lunch15:40
Chipacafacubatista: interestingly the version used is the canonical one, ie if you move .git aside you get ops-0.7.dev0+unknown.tar.gz15:40
Chipacawhich is fine by me :)15:40
Chipacai think i'm going to wrap things up here16:43
* Chipaca EOWs17:02
Chipacafacundo__: have a great weekend!17:02
facundo__Chipaca, thanks! same for you17:02

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