mwhudsonis it possible to tell launchpad which architecture to build a particular architecture: all package on?03:55
sarnoldI've not seen that mentioned anywhere03:56
sarnoldafaik it's fixed per release03:56
wgrantmwhudson, sarnold: XS-Build-Indep-Architecture works in LP and dak05:22
wgrant(it's a space-separated list of architecture tags, but usually just one)05:25
slyonhey LocutusOfBorg! I was just looking into the netplan.io autopkgtest failure on arm64, blocking network-manager 1.24 proposed migration... Seems like you got it working – was it a flaky test after all?06:41
eoli3n_Is there any post which explains what's going on with snaps ?06:52
eoli3n_i deploy my hosts with a kickstart install then i use ansible in "post" section. It fails installing chromium-browser because snap can't reach snap store. I think that's because i'm in a chroot06:53
eoli3n_a package manager which needs a daemon ? is that docker who wrote that tool ?06:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1609903 in Snappy "Enable the installation of snaps in a classic chroot" [High,Triaged]06:55
eoli3n_is there a way to completly disable snapd without breaking anything ?06:58
eoli3n_as i use ansible, i would be able to seperate snap tasks to not run in a chroot. But then, it is IN apt, what a choice ??07:01
eoli3n_should i test each of my 450 packages to know if it installs snap version or not ?07:01
eoli3n_if i remove snapd package, then i try to install chromium for exemple, snapd comes as a dep to be able to install chromium07:09
eoli3n_is that serious?07:09
eoli3n_ubuntu isn't only used by geek teenagers who wants to rice gnome...07:10
LocutusOfBorgslyon, I just retried it...07:11
LocutusOfBorgflaky is the right wording I guess07:11
andrewsh_eoli3n_: that’s because chromium is a snap package in Ubuntu07:12
eoli3n_i noticed that andrewsh07:13
andrewsh_if you want a non-snap package, you can install one from bionic-{updates,security} or Debian07:13
andrewsh_I use the Debian one since the package from bionic doesn’t work with UberConference for some reason07:13
eoli3n_andrewsh what i mean i that i need to be able to completly disable snap packages07:13
andrewsh_I have snap completely disabled, yes07:14
slyonLocutusOfBorg, okay thanks! It was the first time it behaved this way.. It was re-tried many times before and now it suddenly works07:14
eoli3n_because, if i add a new package to my playbook which requires snap, it will break my deployments07:14
LocutusOfBorgslyon, meh, I know, but some big migration happened before I retried it07:15
LocutusOfBorgwe might meld the last two runs to see if something in toolchain made it pass07:15
slyonLocutusOfBorg, yes. I will investigate a little bit, trying to understand what was going wrong.07:16
zygamy thinkpad x240 running groovy daily had some issues this morning - when I tried to log in via gdm I got kicked out of the session instantly07:20
zygalooking at the logs I noticed that X could not get /dev/dri/card007:20
zygathe file on my system is owned by root:video but my user account did not belong to the video group07:20
zygaI temporarily resolved this by adding my account to said group but I'm not sure this is right07:20
zygait feels like something logind would ACL me into07:21
zygaseb128: ^ reported here07:21
wgrantYeah, you'd normally get u:$USER:rw- on /dev/dri/card0 from logind, hm.07:21
zygajournal from this boot https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/TFJ6dqJzFK/07:22
zygaline 4042 has: cze 05 08:58:04 x240 /usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[2867]: (EE) modeset(0): drmSetMaster failed: Permission denied07:23
seb128zyga, thanks07:24
zygahmm, my system has a 2nd user account for various tests07:25
zygaand it's possible that account has linger enabled07:25
* zyga chceks07:25
zygathe 2nd account does have linger07:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1662552 in snapd (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1782873 snaps don't work with NFS home" [Medium,Fix released]07:51
eoli3n_who manage snapd integration ?07:54
xnox@pilot in08:01
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zygaeoli3n_: hey09:10
zygaI should probably have a look09:10
zygacan you tell me how to replicate your setup?09:10
zygaI'm not a nfs user09:10
eoli3n_Hi zyga09:11
eoli3n_is there a way to completly disable snaps ?09:12
zygaeoli3n_: remove snapd09:12
zygaeoli3n_: but if you tell me how to replicate the nfs setup I'm sure I can fix that bug09:12
eoli3n_nop, if i install a package which requires snap install, it installs snapd as dep09:12
eoli3n_my main problem is not NFS one, i didn't check yet if its still a problem, i will tell you for sure09:13
zygawhat is the problem then?09:13
eoli3n_apt purge snapd -y && apt install chromium-browser -y09:13
zygachromium is not packaged as a deb anymore, nobody wanted to maintain it09:13
zygait's a mess and pain to do09:14
eoli3n_zyga, i use kickstart install, in %post i use ansible to install packages. As snaps requires snapd daemon, and i'm in a chroot it breaks my install09:14
zygaI see09:14
zygaperhaps file a bug on the chromium package to handle that case better (defer the install)09:15
eoli3n_for now i only have the problem with chromium-browser, but what's fears me is that ubuntu will use more and more snaps packages09:15
eoli3n_my concern isn't mainly about chromium-browser09:15
eoli3n_it is about "how to massive deploy ubuntu with snap packages now integrated in apt"09:15
zygaI think there are ways to do that09:16
zygabut I'm not the best person09:16
eoli3n_i need to use ansible in chroot, i always did and it works well09:16
eoli3n_ubuntu just need to provide a way to disable snap packages09:16
eoli3n_snaps are buggy still, force it will cause lots of problems09:17
zygayou can configure a seed to preinstall snaps09:17
zygabut I think you should not mix many problems at once09:18
eoli3n_my problem is this : i use a playbook in a post kickstart chroot and that same playbook during host live : if i add a new package which is handled by snap, i will never see that and it will break my deployments09:19
eoli3n_i don't want to test each packages i add09:19
eoli3n_i'm really sad about ubuntu's choice, isn't docker a good light for "what you should not do" ? Why force snap to use a daemon, when flatpak shows you it is useless ?09:19
zygaperhaps someone else can help you, I can only help you with specific snapd topics09:20
zygaeoli3n_: I think you are wrong but I'm not sure you want to discuss it09:20
zygayou are unhappy about it and that's not something I can help with09:20
eoli3n_yes you're right, lets don't talk about that point09:20
zygasnapd did not have a daemon, inititally it was just snappy, it was a huge mistake that took a year to fix09:21
zygaand there's a lot of really good reasons why09:21
zygathere are some ways to configure a system to install snaps on first boot (seeding)09:21
eoli3n_ok ok, but you will face a lots of deployments problem as mine09:21
zygawe use it in ubuntu09:21
zygaperhaps, stuff will adjust though09:22
eoli3n_but my concern isnt about "how to preseed a snap package"09:22
zygawe will help where we can09:22
zygaI know, you want things to work09:22
zygaI'm not familiar with ansible so I cannot really help you with that part09:22
eoli3n_yes, for now i just need to find a way to "don't break my deployments" when adding a random package09:22
zygaperhaps someone else here could09:22
eoli3n_ansible isn't the problem, consider it as a "apt install package" in a chroot09:23
eoli3n_lets recenter09:23
zygaI think the package responsible for conversion should be fixed to detect this09:23
zygaand instead drop some hooks/triggers that go off when the system really boots09:23
eoli3n_making snap installations offucated by apt is a bad choice09:23
eoli3n_i will open an issue, can you tell me on which package i should open it ?09:24
eoli3n_snapd ?09:24
zygaI think the way to make progress is to file a bug on the package to report that it misbehaves in a chroot09:25
zygaand carry on the discussion there09:25
eoli3n_so chromium-browser ?09:25
zygaI think so09:26
eoli3n_lets do this, thanks zyga09:27
xnoxeoli3n_: for daemons we have policy-rc.d stuff. Which allows to download install, but not start, daemons. And it works in chroots.09:28
xnoxeoli3n_: I guess for chroot based stuff we should have similar i.e. "download and add snap to seed.yaml / pending transaction" but do not try to start snapd or mount the snap.09:29
xnoxeoli3n_: instead of installing Chromium package, you may want to call snap prepare-image to seed Chromium => that can be done in a chroot without snapd Daemon running.09:30
eoli3n_xnox i don't get all you said10:13
eoli3n_my main concern is "how to install a package without problem in chroot"10:13
eoli3n_as apt wrap snaps and debs, i don't want the need to "do something to make it work"10:13
eoli3n_i just want it to work10:13
eoli3n_chromium is identified here, but my concern is about all existent packages.10:14
xnoxeoli3n_: you may not realise, but installation of majority of packages in chroots already has detection code in maintainer scripts to not do things that break.10:15
eoli3n_oh ok, so that's a chromium-package issue10:15
eoli3n_i didn't open issue yet10:15
eoli3n_coffee time :)10:15
xnoxeoli3n_:  i.e. we make a lot of work, on every package, one by one, to ensure they install fine in chroot, lxd, container, vm, baremetal, WSL1, WSL2, over the network, on various filesystems, kernels, selinux confimenet, apparmor, etc.10:16
xnoxeoli3n_:  i am happy that for you it is perceived as "apt installs always work" =)10:16
xnoxin general, and that we are doing things so good, that it is expected as normal =)10:17
xnoxeoli3n_:  but yeah, it feels like a bug against chromium-browser (or whatever the package is). To somehow do something sensible.10:17
eoli3n_but shouldn't it be snap process which needs to catch chroot env ?10:18
xnoxeoli3n_:  i think installing lxd package should work in chroot. And i think that install creates stub scripts, that if invoked later, offer to install snap and run it, if snapd is running.10:19
eoli3n_xnox: i didn't know about the work you talked about : so yes, great work :)10:19
xnoxeoli3n_:  right, that would be ideal if "snap install" would realise that it's in a chroot, that snapd is not running, and somehow "schedule to install this thing later, when snapd is operational"10:19
xnoxeoli3n_:  but that sounds like a separate bug/issue type of thing.10:20
eoli3n_i will open it in chromium-browser package and see where it goes10:20
xnox(well feature)10:21
oSoMoNeoli3n, ping me with that bug once you've filed it, I'll be looking at it10:25
eoli3n_nice, thanks to all of you ;) i'm kickstarting to paste error10:27
eoli3n_oSoMoN https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/188223210:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1882232 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "install chromium-browser in a chroot fails" [Undecided,New]10:49
eoli3n_xnox: do you really want that i run in noninteractive ?12:35
eoli3n_i'm on it , i will paste logs12:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1870293 in wireguard-linux-compat (Ubuntu Focal) "Resync wireguard/wireguard-linux-compat with development" [Undecided,Fix committed]12:47
dupondjeForgot to push it to -updates on Focal?12:47
ahasenackhi, focal has golang-go 1.14, but defaults to 1.13 via golang-defaults. Is there an "official" way to have 1.14 be the default, or should I create the symlinks that golang-defaults has manually?12:49
ahasenackI would like to use 1.14 in a package build, and I can't change the symlinks in the system in that build (not root), nor should I12:50
ahasenackI was hoping for some environment variables, like java12:50
ahasenackI can of course update PATH12:50
xnoxeoli3n_:  what you are experiencing, and reporting, does not sound like a bug.12:57
eoli3n_why that ?12:58
eoli3n_its normal that i can't install a package in a chroot ?12:58
xnoxeoli3n_:  many package installations pop-up debconf prompts upon installation, or upgrades, and require user input or acknoledgement by default.12:58
eoli3n_xnox please read my answer12:58
xnoxeoli3n_:  this is not a failure to install. as apt didn't fail to install anything.12:58
eoli3n_that's not a debconf issue12:58
eoli3n_anyway, i'm running right now it in noninteractive mode12:59
eoli3n_i'm waiting for timeout to break to be able to paste12:59
xnoxeoli3n_:  "-y" is not enough12:59
eoli3n_i understood that13:00
eoli3n_please wait a min13:00
xnoxeoli3n_:  one has to either preseed debconf answer, or ask ansible to run in non-interactive mode13:00
eoli3n_ansible runs defaulty in non-interactive mode13:00
eoli3n_anyway as said, i'm facing that issue with DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive13:00
eoli3n_if i'm reporting it, that's because there is a problem13:01
xnoxeoli3n_:  if install does not complete even with DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive => then there are bugs in maintainer scripts yes.13:02
LocutusOfBorgtjaalton, hello you there?13:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1876882 in libclc (Ubuntu Bionic) "Backport packages for 18.04.5 HWE stack" [Undecided,New]13:02
LocutusOfBorglooks like vbox is broken by new mesa?13:02
xnoxeoli3n_:  i'm sorry, but the bug report as was written was not clear at all.13:02
eoli3n_the debconf pop up is clear13:02
eoli3n_but i will add what you want13:03
xnoxeoli3n_:  the fact that there is debconf pop-up is valid and ok. Unless it is impossible to bypass them, when trying to do so.13:03
xnoxwhich is what you seem to be reporting13:03
eoli3n_did you read the pop up ?13:03
eoli3n_"fails" means recturn code is 113:04
eoli3n_sorry knox, but your answer has no sense13:04
eoli3n_"-y" is not enough to install non-interactive under ansible.13:04
eoli3n_ansible doesn't use -y or something13:04
eoli3n_it has his own module13:04
eoli3n_and it wraps a real noninteractive install13:05
xnoxhang on13:08
xnoxeoli3n_:  the code in the template expects that dialog to have 3 options / answers13:08
xnoxRetry Abort Skip13:08
xnoxyet in your screenshot it's just "OK"13:08
xnoxeoli3n_:  which release / package version is this?13:09
eoli3n_xnox i understand that you need to be sure that i don't say something wrong. But it would help if you help me to make you understand what's going wrong13:11
eoli3n_the msg is clear13:11
eoli3n_the problem is clear to13:11
eoli3n_snapd is not running in chroot13:12
eoli3n_and it make the package install fails13:12
eoli3n_which release / package of what ?13:12
eoli3n_i use netboot13:12
eoli3n_so latest13:12
eoli3n_which package ? apt updated so latest too13:13
eoli3n_the problem is "Unable to contact the store, trying every minute for the next 30 minutes"13:14
eoli3n_in debconf OR in text logs13:14
eoli3n_you seems saying that i do something wrong: please reproduce then you will see :)13:15
xnoxeoli3n_:  and you expect to be able to use the chromium-browser in the chroot? or do you plan to boot that choot in a VM / bare mchine later13:15
xnoxeoli3n_:  let me attach my screenshot13:15
xnoxeoli3n_:  because it is different to yours13:15
xnoxeoli3n_:  which release of ubuntu are you using?13:15
eoli3n_xnox i manage 800 ubuntu nodes for a university, so here i'm trying to migrate my deployment method13:16
eoli3n_i install my whole system with kickstart then ansible in chroot13:16
eoli3n_but why is that important13:16
eoli3n_please try docker commands i gave you13:16
eoli3n_and you will face that same issue13:16
eoli3n_xnox: latest netboot13:17
eoli3n_so 20.0413:18
* ogra thought latest netboot uses a livefs ... how does a chroot come into play here 13:18
eoli3n_you seriously guys don't get what i do here ? aieaieaie ok lets explain more13:18
eoli3n_im a sysadmin in a university13:18
eoli3n_i deploy 800 ubuntu nodes on physical hosts for courses13:19
eoli3n_i automated the whole process with kickstart13:19
xnoxeoli3n_:  https://launchpadlibrarian.net/482972565/debconf-prompt-groovy.png13:19
eoli3n_kickstart deploys my system, then in %post section of kickstart i use ansible, to configure the whole system13:19
eoli3n_then it reboots and the host is ok and working13:19
xnoxeoli3n_:  so i am confused how come I am offered "retry abort skip ok" and you are only offered "ok"13:20
xnoxeoli3n_:  and you will need to preseed the answer to Skip with debconf preseed (aka automatic ahead-of-install answers to package questions)13:20
eoli3n_xnox ansible wrap it13:21
ograxnox, different debconf priority settings ?13:21
eoli3n_it does what you say13:21
xnoxeoli3n_:  what ansible settings do you have for the debconf module in your playbook? https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/modules/debconf_module.html13:21
eoli3n_i don't use the debconf module13:22
xnoxeoli3n_:  you must, if you want ansible to answer the debconf questions for you13:22
eoli3n_didn't even know it exists13:22
tjaaltonLocutusOfBorg: yes?13:22
eoli3n_xnox that's strange : i use that method since 5 years13:22
eoli3n_never had to use debconf module13:23
xnoxeoli3n_:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2N78xNW2m8/13:23
xnoxeoli3n_:  it means your installations are extremely trivial.13:23
xnox(despite however complicated they are)13:23
xnoxfrom dpkg / debconf point of view at least13:23
eoli3n_so your solution, is to wait for that long timeout13:23
eoli3n_then tell to install package later ?13:24
xnoxeoli3n_:  no13:24
xnoxeoli3n_:  if you use debconf, ansible will preseed that answer for you, and the timeout will not even be attempted.13:24
xnoxeoli3n_:  it will instantly skip and carry on.13:24
eoli3n_so package will not be deployed ?13:24
xnoxeoli3n_:  this is what debconf preseeding is for, to answer things ahead of time.13:24
tjaaltonLocutusOfBorg: where's the full log13:24
xnoxeoli3n_:  the package will be installed.13:24
xnoxeoli3n_:  the snap will not be, until later when users boot the system13:25
eoli3n_sorry, i think the part i don't get is "what snap is trying to do with that timeout ?"13:25
xnoxeoli3n_:  also why are you installing the package at all?13:25
xnoxeoli3n_:  this has nothing to do with snap13:25
eoli3n_because an OS is to run packages ??13:25
xnoxeoli3n_:  Ubuntu runs on snaps and debs.13:25
eoli3n_i don't get what you mean13:25
eoli3n_so ?13:25
eoli3n_xnox: eoli3n_:  also why are you installing the package at all?13:26
xnoxeoli3n_:  i.e. chromium-browser deb is there for convenience. When preparing Ubuntu Studio images with chromium-browser, instead of isntalling it as a deb, we preseed it as a snap using seeded snaps functionality.13:26
eoli3n_any link about that ?13:26
eoli3n_that snaps start to bored me13:27
xnoxit's easier to preseed snaps on first boot, directly from the store without trying to use debconf + apt modules of ansible to take three detours to install a snap.13:27
eoli3n_what a mess13:27
eoli3n_KISS powa13:27
xnoxeoli3n_:  https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/modules/snap_module.html13:28
xnox- name: Install browser13:28
eoli3n_xnox my concern is : how to know a package IS a snap if its wrapped by apt13:28
xnox  snap:13:28
xnox    name:13:28
xnox      - chromium-browser13:28
xnoxand done13:28
eoli3n_so at each new package i install : i need to verify that that's a deb or snap package13:29
eoli3n_that's your solution ?13:29
eoli3n_so why integrated snaps in apt if its better to keep them separated ?13:29
xnoxeoli3n_:  majority of things only exist in one form. (i.e. only a deb, or only a snap). And we try to minimise number of things that are available as wrappers.13:29
xnoxeoli3n_:  because it is confusing.13:29
eoli3n_ubuntu: "cool, we integrated snaps in apt" me: "there's an issue" ubuntu: "separate your installs then"13:29
xnoxeoli3n_:  however, we must provide them for upgrades and to transition people off a deb into a snap.13:30
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xnoxeoli3n_:  chromium-browser is not intended to be installed on fresh machines. It is only intended to support upgrades and conversions.13:30
xnoxeoli3n_:  so far in the archive we have 3 packages that are wrappers around snaps, for upgrades: maas lxd chromium-browser13:31
eoli3n_ok, but so what about my issue ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/1882232/comments/613:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1882232 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "install chromium-browser in a chroot fails" [Undecided,Incomplete]13:31
xnoxeoli3n_:  interractively we do guide people to the right tool.13:31
xnoxeoli3n_:  and grpahically snap-store UX is clear, it is a one stop place that installs either snaps or debs.13:31
xnoxeoli3n_:  your issue is valid. The experience is bad, frustrating and confusing.13:31
eoli3n_i can confirm that13:32
xnoxeoli3n_:  and requires a lot of details explaining as to what is happening, why, and how to do things better.13:32
eoli3n_i'm trying to debconf solution13:32
xnoxeoli3n_:  and we must improve it. given that there is too much information out there that says "apt install chromium-browser"13:32
eoli3n_xnox so write a post about that somewher13:32
xnoxeoli3n_:  let me rephrase/rewrite that bug report and keep it open.13:32
eoli3n_ok thanks for your help13:33
eoli3n_add the deconf workaround please13:33
eoli3n_and "chromium-browser-l10n" should be installed as package yes ?13:34
eoli3n_but it has chromium-browser as dep in apt13:34
xnoxchromium-browser-l10n => is empty13:34
xnoxDescription: Transitional package - chromium-browser-l10n -> chromium snap13:34
xnox This is a transitional dummy package. It can safely be removed.13:34
xnox .13:34
xnox chromium-browser-l10n is now replaced by the chromium snap.13:34
eoli3n_ok thanks13:35
xnoxeoli3n_:  on fresh installs you only want to "snap install chromium-browser" on first boot13:35
xnox(with ansible module, or with a cron job or etc)13:35
xnoxeoli3n_:  or if you must be able to complete it offline there is a way to populate /target/var/lib/snapd directory with files there to do it for13:35
eoli3n_but will i face the same issue in chroot if i use snap module ?13:35
LocutusOfBorgtjaalton, https://launchpad.net/~costamagnagianfranco/+archive/ubuntu/locutusofborg-ppa/+build/19411432 https://launchpad.net/~costamagnagianfranco/+archive/ubuntu/locutusofborg-ppa/+build/1941143313:35
xnoxeoli3n_:  let me finish typing update to the bug report.13:36
LocutusOfBorghere some detail https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=176593013:36
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1765930 in mesa "recent mesa / libglvnd changes break mutter + mutter328 builds" [Unspecified,Closed: currentrelease]13:36
eoli3n_i'm trying the snap module in chroot13:36
xnoxeoli3n_:  not sure. I do not quite know how that ansible snap module works. Ideally, it would be smart and either does "snap install" or "snap prepare-image" (for cached offline install)13:36
xnoxeoli3n_:  if it does the first thing, then it will fail too =/13:36
eoli3n_lets try, just to know13:37
xnoxeoli3n_:  what is your full installation? do you already have anything that stores things on disk (in that choot) and is executed on first boot?13:39
eoli3n_i don't get what you mean?13:39
eoli3n_my playbook in 500 tasks13:39
eoli3n_so yes13:39
xnoxbut all of them run in a choot, and later you reboot into that chroot?13:40
xnoxafter the install is done / all the tasks are done / machine deployed?13:40
eoli3n_i never reboot in the chroot, as the chroot is just the post install script13:40
eoli3n_let me paste something13:40
xnoxeoli3n_:  but like it's not possible to run desktop or browser from a chroot. without X, etc.13:41
xnoxeoli3n_:  so what is the point of it? (i kind of want to know the full picture of what you are doing)13:41
eoli3n_xnox i don't get what you think, but seriously that's strange13:41
eoli3n_do you know how kickstart works ?13:41
eoli3n_that's the main problem13:41
ograits just a debconf frontend in ubuntu ...13:41
eoli3n_i pxe netboot ubuntu installer13:42
eoli3n_i provide a "answer file"13:42
eoli3n_which install in non interactive way ubuntu13:42
xnoxi know that people boot kernel+initrd, run installer to provision the hard-drive which during install is a mounted chroot, and at the end the said machine is rebooted, from disk, and people get a graphical desktop.13:42
eoli3n_that's what i do yes13:42
eoli3n_expect that at the end of install13:42
eoli3n_i use %post kickstart to run ansible in chrooted env13:43
eoli3n_then i reboot13:43
eoli3n_and i get a full deployed host as you said13:43
xnoxeoli3n_:  hence my question, when that machine boots for the first time for the end user is there something running on first boot only? i.e. connect / enroll to ldap, configure printer, generate ssh keys, etc?13:43
xnoxor are they all "golden" and pristine?13:43
eoli3n_the same playbook runs at each reboot13:43
eoli3n_so yes13:43
xnoxdo they enroll into master puppet / ansible / etc to be remote controleld administered.13:44
eoli3n_but it has nothing to do because it freshly ran13:44
eoli3n_no nothing of that13:44
eoli3n_when the host first boot, it is fully configured13:44
xnoxeoli3n_:  but when it re-runs on the reboot, it still operates the same way from chroot, or does it run from rootfs?13:44
xnoxright, i see.13:44
eoli3n_xnox: read this -> http://ix.io/2olM13:45
eoli3n_everything after "%post" key runs in freshly installed chroot13:46
eoli3n_that complete file is passed to pxeboot env13:46
eoli3n_so it automates the whole process13:46
eoli3n_then it reboots, and everything is working at first boot13:46
oSoMoNI am looking at r-cran-gwidgetstcltk test failures, and I think I have a fix which I'm going to submit to Debian in a moment13:56
xnoxeoli3n_:  by the way, all the things that start with "preseed " word are debconf questions answered.14:02
xnoxeoli3n_:  i.e. preseed chromium-browser/blah-blahs select Skip => should be usable there. but let me read it in full14:02
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xnoxeoli3n_:  you are doing a lot of interesting things there! it is very neat!14:03
tjaaltonLocutusOfBorg: why does it import both..14:07
tjaaltonLocutusOfBorg: you could sync the internal header to match mesa14:07
tjaaltonLocutusOfBorg: like this https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/commit/3dd299c3d5b88114894ec30d1fac85fba688201f14:09
xnoxcpaelzer:  vorlon: i remember somebody somewhere asked before how to reproduce i386-amd64 autopkgtest builders14:21
xnoxand i'm failing to find instructions again14:21
xnoxwas it you? do you remember where it was posted on how to do it?14:21
xnoxhttps://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release/autopkgtest-cloud/+git/autopkgtest-cloud/+ref/i386-as-amd64-cross ?14:22
Eickmeyerxnox: Just for reference, we don't seed chromium in Ubuntu Studio in any way, but I hope the example still got across. :)15:05
LocutusOfBorgtjaalton, will try to fix thanks15:15
eoli3n_thx xnox15:35
xnoxEickmeyer:  yeah, i know. hence using studio images is no problem. but trying to do, what studio iso is doing, is hard. because it is impossible to discover that one must do "snap ack --remote model:generic..... >model ; snap prepare-image model --snap core18 --snap snapd --snap chromium-browser"15:41
eoli3n_lets drink a bear and continue monday morning :) have a nice we15:41
eoli3n_a beer15:41
eoli3n_not a bear :D15:41
Eickmeyerxnox: Oh, yeah, totally.15:42
Eickmeyerxnox: I also need to bug #ubuntu-release to figure out what is going on with our Focal images, it seems to be installing two kernels at once and livecd-rootfs is freaking out and failing.15:42
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sarnoldwgrant: oh wow, cool, I've never seen XS-Build-Indep-Architecture before :) thanks17:37
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xnoxit's quite new18:08
xnoxwgrant:  is it fully supported in lp now?18:09
sarnoldafter reporting it to #debian-til, I got back a suggestion that it's not really in debian; they said something along the lines of, dak doesn't manage the buildds..18:19
xnoxsarnold:  yeah, that's what i thought it was more or less work in progress to support that18:36
cpaelzerxnox: I was the one who asked i386 autopkgtest19:05
cpaelzerxnox: it comes down to an amd64 image + extra arch19:05
cpaelzerxnox: I put the info on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/i386 which is AFAIK the one place i386 info is supposed to be19:05
xnoxcpaelzer:  thanks19:06
xnoxi hate fftw3 and somehow i fail at autopkgtest19:38
xnoxi should give up on it19:38
xnox@pilot out19:38
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: Open | 20.04 Released! | Devel of Ubuntu (not support) | Build failures: http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and discussion of Trusty-Focal | If you can't send messages here, authenticate to NickServ first | Patch Pilots:
cjwatsonxnox: It's been fully supported in LP since 2015.19:49
wgrantxnox: since 2014 or so I think22:31
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xnoxooooh nice22:51
* xnox ponders if i can use it for cd-boot-images then!22:52

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