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lotuspsychjegood morning01:39
lordievaderGood morning06:16
ducassegood morning06:16
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guivercI just looked at https://askubuntu.com/questions/1247146/ubuntu-app-store-doesnt-show-any-installed-application , turns out my groovy system does the same. I can't see a cause; if anyone wants to enlighten me please do  (I'm more worried that it's a bug, but I'm tired and won't remember this tomorrow to chase up)11:05
oerheksguiverc, indeed ..11:15
oerheksnow i cannot reach out to the permissions of a snap :-(11:15
oerheksguiverc, after full upgrade, it is working again?11:21
guivercI've lots of lxqt updates so upgrade hasn't finished... oerheks (also got a lvm package issue that maybe is cause for my system)11:29
oerheksbefore updates, i have seen the same behaviour.11:29
guivercthanks oerheks, nah no change (but I now wonder if the lvm2 issue (post installation) my system has is cause for me anyway..  (i'll have to fix that to keep exploring on this system)11:36
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leftyfbhggdh-msft: msft?14:01
hggdh-msftleftyfb: yes, I joined the light side of the dark force14:35
leftyfbcare to share what sort of things you're working on?14:35
hggdh-msftno prob, for me it is just escalation support for Linux under Azure.14:36
hggdh-msftthe interesting part is I found  some folks I knew there as well.14:37
hggdh-msftbut most of the open source is published on github; as far as I understand, only when a project starts it is considered internal-use14:40
lotuspsychjegood midnight22:37
jeremy3137 minutes late22:39
lotuspsychjeits the mosquito's fault22:40
daftykinsearly in my timezone (:22:40
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