lotuspsychjeGunnarHj: a little question, ive installed lubuntu 20.04 in dutch but i dont find the option to auto install the missing language packs like in ubuntu-desktop, so ive checked check-language-support -l nl and it gives me the pack names i can install manually12:08
lotuspsychjenow i would like to file a bug against, wich packagename should i use?12:09
luna_Ubiquity maybe *guesses*12:10
GunnarHjlotuspsychje: Well, when Lubuntu replaced LXDE with LXQt, they dropped the language-selector-gnome package (which is Gtk based). That was most likely intentional. So I would suggest that you get in touch with the Lubuntu developers and ask for their thoughts on this topic.12:15
lotuspsychjeaha thank you GunnarHj12:15
luna_ah think Lubuntu uses Calamares12:18

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