skyliner_369how come .desktop files look like red squares with a white     ⃠  in the middle even though I set the icon file?00:22
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dodohey i have a xbox one s controller. when i connect it with wire to Ubuntu. steam detect controller but it wont work in big screen mode or any game. any idea?00:38
skookumdodo: try #ubuntu-steam00:50
skyliner_369how do I edit themes like, yaru-dark so that the highlighted line in gedit isn't impossible to read?01:00
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skyliner_369Honestly? I don't know why there isn't a theme editor.01:05
aoxomoxoaskyliner 369: https://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/gnome-edit-theme.html01:07
aoxomoxoaabout all you can do01:08
aoxomoxoaor the actual yaru theme is on github, you can probably fix your issue there01:09
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aoxomoxoathere's also this but i dont know how well it works: https://github.com/themix-project/oomox01:11
InteloDo I need xfce4 xfce4-goodies inorder to install tightvnc? I am on kubuntu desktop01:14
skookumtry "apt show tightvncserver" and it will tell you dependencies01:18
skyliner_369nothing goes to the clipboard whenever I hit printscreen... why?01:23
Intelowhen I type vncserver. I am prompted for password. Then it says new X is my pc name:1. So how can I connect and see my desktop in a virtual box?01:43
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MrSiebel1Whats goin down?01:46
lotuspsychjesupport is going down MrSiebel101:46
MrSiebel1Its been a while..01:47
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InteloCan my user be also loggedin at the time someone else vnc into that account?01:47
skyliner_369is it a bug that Nautilus (Or whatever the default file browser for focal fossa) can't drop a file onto the desktop?02:07
sarnoldskyliner_369: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/01/gnome-desktop-icons-removed-3-2802:10
puffGood evening.  I recently upgraded to 18.04 LTS.  What happened to the suspend option?  When I click the power button (top, right corner of screen, last, right-most option on dropdown menu) it offers me cancel, restart or power off, no suspend or slepe.02:10
kinghatwhat is the difference between alt + `02:10
kinghatand alt + tab?02:11
kinghaton 20.0402:12
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kinghatah switch windows of an app02:22
lotuspsychjepuff: systemsettings or gnome-tweak-tool or dconf-editor you can tweak suspend/sleep options02:22
SomethingGenericHi all. My computer just shut down because of a loss of power, and now, only one of my three monitors works, and it's at waaay too low of a resolution, and I can't change it02:26
InteloIn my vnc server, the user is already loggedin. So can a remote client make a connection and share same session?02:28
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skyliner_369I know I have top in the terminal, but is there a graphical version of that?02:31
skyliner_369what program is used to record a screencast in focal? using ctrl+shift+alt+R02:36
Psi-JackHuh.... Ubuntu Server 20.04 uses docker as a snap now?02:45
sarnoldPsi-Jack: where you are you seeing that? this looks huge if it just runs snap install .. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/docker.io/19.03.8-0ubuntu1/+build/1882909402:47
Psi-Jackroot         680  2.1  0.9 501824 80180 ?        Ssl  02:44   0:04 dockerd --group docker --exec-root=/var/snap/docker/461/run/docker --data-root=/var/snap/docker/common/var-lib-docker --pidf02:47
Psi-JackI mean, that alone says it. /var/snap/docker?02:47
sarnoldwell, how did you install it? :)02:48
Psi-JackWhich is why /etc/docker doesn't exist, and why my daemon.json isn't even being read from it manually.02:48
Psi-Jacksarnold: From the ubuntu server installation.02:48
sarnoldPsi-Jack: ah, if you selected it from the snap installation screen, yeah..02:49
Psi-JackThat was also where I selected sshd to be installed, but sshd isn't a snap.02:49
sarnoldiirc sshd was a screen or two earlier, no?02:49
Psi-JackPretty sure it wasn't..... But, Hmm.02:50
Psi-JackMaybe it was. LOL02:50
Psi-JackBut, interesting. Docker... as a snap.02:51
Psi-JackThat might just break some of my intended use of docker. LOL02:51
InteloAny help here? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6gfBJTVhhj/02:52
* Intelo snores02:57
* Psi-Jack nods.02:57
Psi-JackYep. That's the attitude to have. Cynisism. :)02:57
sarnoldIntelo: what happens if you change xsetroot -solid grey   to xsetroot -solid white  ?02:59
Psi-JackHmm.. For Docker being run in a snap. Will I potentially have issues providing /dev/_serial_ devices to a docker container running, as that's one thing I will be doing in the near future, adding a Z-Wave/Zigbee USB Z-Stick to this machine for z*2mqtt services.03:00
Intelosarnold: checking03:01
sarnoldPsi-Jack: does 'snap connections docker' report anything that looks like it might give serial access?03:02
sarnoldI got that from https://snapcraft.io/docs/interface-management03:03
Psi-JackHmmm, removable-media.... home... network... BNope..03:03
Intelosarnold: now the bg is not gray but brown03:04
Intelosarnold: and dotted03:05
Psi-JackCourse, right now, I have no serial port slots, either, yet. Z-Sticks are behind in shipping, but en-route finally.03:05
sarnoldIntelo: heh, not what I expected...03:05
Intelosarnold: I am logged in to that server computer with kde running in with a different user. Is that a problem?03:06
PatrickWTFhi, can anyone help me to configure the wifi network board with ubuntu server 16.04.6? Please, I am trying 2 days ago, but I can't03:08
sarnoldIntelo: no idea, I don't usually use desktop environment things03:08
PatrickWTF58Oh :(03:08
sarnoldPatrickWTF58: that was to Intelo, not you :)03:08
Intelosarnold: where do you think I should get help on this?03:08
sarnoldIntelo: are you sure 'startx' is the right thing to have in your config?03:08
sarnoldIntelo: how about testing a simpler window manager like fvwm2 or twm or something super lightweight and uncomplicated?03:09
Intelosarnold: no. But when I do ctrl+alt and do startx, it usually starts x03:09
Psi-JackAhhhh, snap connect something something; is what I'll need to connect a serial port to a docker container, when I have a serial port to connect to said docker container.03:09
PatrickWTF58sarnold You cant help me?03:09
Intelosarnold: ok, how about sudo apt install xfce4 xfce4-goodies ?03:10
sarnoldPatrickWTF58: I don't even know your question :)03:11
sarnoldIntelo: it's a bit heavy, but perhaps03:11
PatrickWTF58sarnold can you help me configure the wifi network board with ubuntu server 16.04.6? Please, I'm trying 2 days ago, but I can't03:14
sarnoldPatrickWTF58: what did you try? where did you get stuck? are yuou sure your wifi is supported on 16.04? are you using the HWE kernel or the release kernel?03:15
PatrickWTF58sarnold I have no idea ... Can I give you the details of the plate privately?03:16
sarnoldPatrickWTF58: you'll get far better results in the channel -- I've only got a few computers, and I usually stick to hardware that's known to work03:17
PatrickWTF58Ohh okay03:18
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PatrickWTF58sarnold Network controller: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)03:20
sarnoldPatrickWTF58: try running ubuntu-drivers install   -- does that install anythiung?03:22
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Intelosarnold: I installed xfce4 (already loggedin in kde with one user) did ctrl+alt+f2, loggedin, typed startxfce4. It said server already running. faild to start03:44
sarnoldaw. it's been years since I've run mutliple X servers, I wonder if that still works03:45
Intelosarnold: do I need .xinitrc?03:49
sarnoldIntelo: I don't know when exactly ~/.xinitrc is used and when exactly ~/.xsession is used, but one of them, probably03:50
InteloNow my ctrl+alt+f* are not working. Any alternative to that?03:53
sarnoldIntelo: chvt 1 , chvt 2, etc03:53
Intelowhats chvt?03:54
sarnoldit's changes the virtual console screen03:54
Intelosarnold: pardon? what keys are those?03:54
Intelochvt are just letters03:55
sarnoldtry it :)03:55
Intelo$ chvt 103:57
InteloCouldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console03:57
sarnoldoh that's weird. hmm.03:58
Chuggie_Dougiehaving issues with monitor output.  i have a laptop i removed the screen from (broken) and have a HDMI plugged in to monitor.  The desktop panels and icons what are not showing on the secondary (HDMI) monitor.  Are there linux commands to shut off the primary monitor and only output to the HDMI?03:59
InteloHow do I switch to xfce for some user. I have kde and xfce both installed on ubuntu?04:08
sarnoldIntelo: I finally found the other mechanism I know of to switch virtual consoles: dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.freedesktop.login1 /org/freedesktop/login1/seat/seat0 org.freedesktop.login1.Seat.SwitchTo uint32:204:10
sarnoldIntelo: details https://www.openwall.com/lists/oss-security/2019/12/02/204:10
sarnold(and it's possible that this has been fixed since then)04:10
sarnoldgood luck, time for me to run :)04:10
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Psi-JackHmmm.. SO the docker snap doesn't provide any group access to the docker server.04:24
InteloCan't I live without a sesion manager, get to console and start whatever I want. KDE or xfce or another04:32
rustytacoI need to make a local partial ubuntu mirror. I'd like to use my apt cache to seed it, since i just dist-upgraded and have ~5gb of the packages already. Found a few things that lead me to apt-ftparchive (which does work for its parts) and apt-move which seems to be broken in some ways -- Error: getfiles: Cannot find index files for APTSITES.04:32
rustytaco5gb is about a 4 day download here, so that's a rather bad time and expensive to re-fetch04:33
doctormonI have just upgraded to 20.04 from 18.04. Firefox has a huge chrome now. I can't find any settings or even references to anyone having the same issue.04:36
rustytacodoctormon: chrome?? window decorations?? Oh yes. I cant remove how i fixed that the other day. Hrmm :( It is indeed fixable04:37
doctormonYes window decorations (chrome is what firefox calls them, which is really confusing imo)04:38
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doctormonrustytaco: Can you remember anything at all about what you might have searched for?04:49
rustytacodoctormon: Im thinking it was on the FF window itself04:50
rustytacohide window decorations04:50
doctormonIt's def not a settings thing in firefox because a fresh profile shows the same error04:55
doctormonSetting devPixelsperpx to 1.0 helps a lot04:58
doctormon(in about:config)04:58
doctormonThanks taco, I hope you solve that rust problem.05:00
doctormonrustytaco: Addendum, I also added GDK_DPI_SCALE=0.6 to /usr/lib/firefox/firefox.sh which plus the pixelperpx setting has made firefox pretty again.05:23
Psi-JackOkay, why isn't /etc/network/interfaces being honored/used at all?05:43
rustytacoPsi-Jack: Network Manager :(05:43
Psi-JackUbuntu-Server doesn't come with Network Manager.05:43
rustytacoPsi-Jack: service status networking05:45
rustytacosorry service networking status05:45
Psi-JackUnit networking.service could not be found.05:45
rustytaco● networking.service - Raise network interfaces05:45
Psi-JackHmmm, looks like it's using systemd-networkd not?05:46
rustytacoPsi-Jack: Not sure - i just know my machines with static configs networking.service loads /etc/network/interfaces and makes them work. Not too great with the systemd hell, and so far hoping to get away from it asap, but i dont want to spend literally days downloading something else (:05:47
copypastewhen i press the left mouse button i get a 'k' and no click. xubuntu 20.0405:52
copypastei tried reinstalling xserver-xorg-input-all and xkb-data.05:52
copypastewhat else can i try to reinstall?05:53
copypaste(of course rebooted after the reinstall)05:53
mesaboogiecopypaste: tried another mouse to make sure?05:53
copypasteit's a VM :)05:53
copypasteand doesn't do it in the master OS05:53
Jordan_U_denkenz: There isn't supposed to be more than one AP with the SSID "uggla". My parents have a wifi extender, but it has the SSID "uggla-Ext", and since I don't have any configuration for that network in iwd I wasn't expecting iwd to try to connect to it. Are you really seeing two APs with the SSID "uggla" in those logs? Is it possibly the one AP but with 2.4 GHz and 5GHz?05:54
mesaboogievery possible there is a 2.4 and 505:55
Intelosarnold: done after xfce login, sessioni manager theme changed05:56
Intelovnc also working05:56
copypastenevermind friends, i am an idiot!05:57
mesaboogiecopypaste: what was it?05:58
copypastei had a test configuration in ~/.xbindkeysrc i forgot to remove. i killed it before i logged out and forgot the conf was still there. i logged out of this vm 2 months ago05:58
copypasteso i totally forgot that i had configured xbindkeys to do that as a test.05:58
copypastesorry for the noise.05:58
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cxlHi, where does anacron log its executions? My /var/log/cron.log doesn't exist: is it the wrong log file or it means that cron.daily doesn't run at all?06:16
Jordan_Ucxl: journalctl --unit anacron.service06:22
InteloHOw to make sure I get the same LAN IP everytime router restarts?06:28
sincere_foxHey guise I am trying to install in a laptop and I am getting this error https://imgur.com/a/MDeYcoG when I am in the ui, it runs and suddenly freezes06:29
cxlJordan_U: thanks06:54
cxlSo it looks like the daily cron has failed, but I don't see the error... It says it tired to mail the output but sendmail not configured (I know). How would I get the output to a logfile rather than email?06:55
dex1983Hi, how I can solve it to rename directory based on file name in this directory, for example: file123.txt so that the folder will be renamed to file123?07:09
TR1950Xhi, ubuntu 18.04 is supported until april 2023 but php 7.2 end-of-life is nov 2020. What will Ubuntu do? Do I still get security updates after nov 2020?07:16
lotuspsychjedex1983: linux commands you can also try in ##linux if you like or #bash07:20
dex1983ok thanks07:20
lotuspsychjesincere_fox: wich ubuntu version are you getting those, on wich brand of computer?07:21
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aviddIntelo: 1) configure static DHCP entry on your router 2) or static IP on your server (it depends on Ubuntu version)07:57
aviddsincere_fox: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/327730/what-causes-this-pcieport-00000003-0-pcie-bus-error-aer-bad-tlp08:01
Inteloavidd: ok08:15
InteloI am on kubuntu, installed xfce. I am on xfce but still see http.so kdeinit5 taking cpu at top. Why would that be?08:21
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InteloIn wiregaurd, one peer is vps and one local machine. It will always be the localmachine connecting to vps peer. Not the other way around as ip of localmachine will change. Is that sane setup? b) I am doing all this because I cannot portforward my router for local machine. To do this: myFriends -> my vps -> my pc (screenshare via vnc via gucamole).08:48
InteloI need my vps to ping my local pc and see it as LAN ip. I do NOT have port forwarding. What are my choices other than setting up a vpn?09:02
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oerhekswithout port forwarding to local machine.. interesting09:12
SynfulAckanyone familiar with mdadm? created a raid 10 with 5 devices but shouldnt it say somewhere that one of the devices is a spare? zero reported.09:13
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[[thufir]]how do I install flatpak?  I need to keep snaps also09:48
oerheksfind flatpak09:50
oerheks!find flatpak09:50
ubottuFound: flatpak, flatpak-builder, flatpak-builder-tests, flatpak-tests, flatpak-xdg-utils, flatpak-xdg-utils-tests, gir1.2-flatpak-1.0, gnome-software-plugin-flatpak, libflatpak-dev, libflatpak-doc (and 4 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=flatpak&searchon=names&suite=focal&section=all09:50
oerheksinstall the flatpak thingy, and have fun? not sure flatpak gives automatic updates.09:50
[[thufir]]how do I install flatpak alongside snap?09:51
oerhekssnaps can reside with flatpak, appimage and the lot.09:51
oerheksman flatpak  ... i never used it09:51
viktor_i set up a samba server on another computer on my LAN. trying to connect from it here i input smb://hostname/samba_folder in the file manager (dolphin). I get error msg "the file or folder <path> does not exist. when i leave out the folder name it does show up in the file browser, so it's there, unless i try to open it.09:54
oerheksthufir you need to do some steps after install .. https://flatpak.org/setup/Ubuntu/09:54
[[thufir]]oerheks: thx09:55
[[thufir]]the snap version of eclipse is old, for some reason09:55
oerhekseclipse is pretty recent, 2020-3 in snapstore09:57
pirxhello! trying to install bird2 (routing daemon) but getting an apt pkg error "bird2 : PreDepends: init-system-helpers (>= 1.56~) but 1.51 is to be installed". 1.56 is supposed to exist in backports, which i already have in sources.list. what am i doing wrong? :)  also tried a few trix: https://hastebin.com/sigicoyuwe.coffeescript10:05
pirx(oh btw, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server amd64)10:06
viktor_probably a stupid question, should i install a smb client to be able to connect to an smb server?10:06
viktor_or should it work out-of=the-box?10:06
pirxviktor_: apt install cifs-utils  # dunno if its preinstalled10:07
viktor_sudo apt install cifs-utils10:08
viktor_... sorry10:08
viktor_shouldn't multitask10:08
viktor_when trying to open samba share on dolphin, i can connect to the smb server and the shared folder shows up, but when i try to open: "the file or folder smb://host/sambashare does not exist"10:19
echoSMILEHi. Yesterday I install a fresh ubuntu 20.04 and today my disk just got full, but I'm not understanding the organization of the disk where you can check it here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/t25VQmrfm4/10:22
EriC^^echoSMILE: your main partition is sda310:24
EriC^^echoSMILE: actually something is very wrong, you're not using the full space of sda3, just roughly 4G10:24
alazredviktor_: Are you able to mount it from the command line ?10:24
echoSMILEEriC^^: I just install ubuntu from the default text mode installation using FDE10:26
EriC^^echoSMILE: aha, can you pastebin 'sudo parted -ls' ? which ubuntu is this?10:26
echoSMILEEriC^^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fbYmJhP6p8/10:27
viktor_alazred: not sure, that's the next thing i need to read up on how to do. Anyway, it seems to work now. Possibly the problem was that i put a capital letter in the folder name?10:28
alazredviktor_: ok !10:30
EriC^^echoSMILE: this might help, i think you need to resize the lvm and underlying fs10:30
EriC^^i think this is command you need lvresize --resizefs --size +115GB /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-ubuntu--lv10:31
EriC^^echoSMILE: which ubuntu is this?10:31
echoSMILE20.04 LTS10:32
EriC^^echoSMILE: what does 'sudo lvdisplay' give?10:33
EriC^^and 'sudo pvdisplay'10:33
EriC^^echoSMILE: did the installer set everything up for you? or did you manually set up the encrypted partitions etc?10:34
echoSMILEEriC^^: everything from installer10:35
echoSMILEEriC^^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YcQWdTr22k/10:35
EriC^^ok it says the PV is 110GiB10:36
echoSMILEEriC^^: what that mans ?10:38
EriC^^the lvm physical volume is 110GiB, the logical volume (similar to partition) is 4GiB so try10:39
EriC^^"sudo lvresize --resizefs --size +114GB /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-ubuntu--lv"10:39
EriC^^that should enlarge the lvm from 4 to full space and resize the fs10:39
EriC^^echoSMILE: you might need to do it from a live usb, also always have backups if you have important data10:40
echoSMILEEriC^^: Insufficient free space: 29184 extents needed, but only 27333 available10:41
echoSMILEoh, it needed to be done by usb ?10:41
EriC^^echoSMILE: well the site says it can be done while online, i dunno i never tried it, but i know resize usually needs a fsck before, so fs cant be mounted for that, no idea10:41
EriC^^echoSMILE: maybe keep lowering the size til you hit the sweet spot10:42
EriC^^echoSMILE: i think 106GB should work, keep trying til you reach it10:44
echoSMILEEriC^^: Let me try offline. I didn't understood the lowering part10:44
EriC^^echoSMILE: i mean the --size 114GB , keep lowering it til it works10:44
echoSMILEEriC^^: Ok, I have access offline to the disk. Can you give me the steps ?10:53
EriC^^echoSMILE: did you decrypt the encrypted partition?10:54
EriC^^echoSMILE: ok, do that, then sudo parted -ls10:55
EriC^^pastebin it10:55
tommy``hi guys, how can i test if a nfs share is configured correctly?10:55
echoSMILEEriC^^: can you tell me a manual to deal with encrypted paritions ?10:56
tommy`` /media/hyuma/WOPR/VIDEO,sync,all_squash,insecure,subtree_check)10:56
tommy``this is my /etc/exports10:56
tommy``where is client ip10:56
EriC^^echoSMILE: sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda3 sda3_crypt10:57
mesaboogietommy``: showmount -e   ( from client )10:57
tommy``mesaboogie: showmount not found10:58
tommy``i think the device doens't have that command10:58
iseneUpgrading from 19.10 to 20.04 my battery consumption went from around 9W to 12.5W. I have done 'tlp start' powertop --auto-tune, I run slimbookbattery in energy saving mode, have done 'pm-powersave true' ensured the graphics card is intel (not nvidia) on my Dell XPS15. What the heck is going on? And how can I get my battery life back?10:59
echoSMILEEriC^^: ok, parted -ls gave me the info about partitions11:00
mesaboogietommy``: showmount is in nfs-common pkg11:04
tommy``it could be nfs not present on device?11:04
mesaboogiewell yes11:05
tommy``if it type nfs there is nfs-cat, nfs-cp and nfs-ls11:05
mesaboogietommy``: https://vitux.com/install-nfs-server-and-client-on-ubuntu/11:05
tommy``no the client must be on android box with kodi installed11:06
tommy``i'm trying to access to nfs shared folder on ubuntu from kodi11:06
mesaboogietommy``: did you do exportfs on the server?11:06
echoSMILEEriC^: It seems it worked. Should I close the encrypted volume or just reboot ?11:07
tommy``mesaboogie: yes i made sudo exportfs -ra11:08
mesaboogietommy``: open ports?11:08
tommy``mesaboogie: you mean ufw?11:08
mesaboogietommy``: you shold double check yoru server I think. I can't hurt. see thelink above.11:08
EriC^echoSMILE: did you run the lvresize command?11:09
EriC^ah ok, yeah reboot, no need to close it11:09
echoSMILEit was 106GB the lower value accepted :P11:09
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
EriC^^ah nice :D11:09
echoSMILEEriC^^: by the way, is this normal by default installation ?11:10
EriC^^echoSMILE: not at all, must be some bug in 20.0411:11
echoSMILEhum ok. I have another ubuntu and I did the upgrade and some stuff didn't work, like switch user account, xflock411:12
EriC^^echoSMILE: hmm, i'd clean install imho, upgrades are kinda iffy11:16
BluesKajHiyas all11:18
echoSMILEEriC^^: hum.. ok11:20
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SynfulAckyou can format and use a mdadm array while its building cant you?11:28
giacoin ubuntu 20.04 I get abort core dumped when using torsocks + ssh :(11:44
giacotorsocks + curl works correctly, so it is something about the two11:44
giacofound ticket https://ea5faa5po25cf7fb.onion.ly/projects/tor/ticket/2965911:53
oerheksonion urls are useless11:54
giacooerheks: it is not an onion url11:55
oerheksoh right, sorry :-D11:56
giacooerheks: onion urls ends with .onion :)11:56
sayhisnamehow to use Yubikey 5 NFC with ubuntu?12:04
ducasseplug it in?12:06
sayhisnamei men howd i set it up? @ducsse12:06
ducasseinstall the software and plug it in, there are guides both on yubico.com and all around the internet12:07
ducasseit depends what you want to set it up for, it can work in many different modes12:08
oerheksppa .. https://launchpad.net/~yubico/+archive/ubuntu/stable12:08
ducassethe software is also in the official repos, try that first12:08
kandinskican someone please explain this? I'm trying to download the source for the kernel I'm using, but I get something called linux-signed for a different version https://termbin.com/jy8e12:16
leftyfbkandinski: try #ubuntu-kernel12:17
kandinskileftyfb: thanks!12:18
AlecTaylorTrying to upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04, it told me to remove ppas so I ran https://askubuntu.com/a/646918, now getting apt: error while loading shared libraries: libgcc_s.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory12:23
sincere_foxavidd: thanks a lot I'll try that asap and let you know .12:26
oerheksthat is a lot of ppa's, and a lot of them do not have bionic packages.12:29
oerheksIIRC there is no need for ppa-purge, ppa's are disabled by upgrade.12:30
AlecTaylorHow do I resolve the error?12:30
oerheksdid you reboot after removing ppa's?12:32
iseneIs there any changes to how sudoers operate from 19.10 to 20.04? After upgrade I can't get my sudoers to work (as in "isene  ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/tlp start" complaining that I have no privileges to run "tlp start")12:39
BluesKajisene, the sudoers file usually has to be re-edited after upgrading to a new release. That's been my eperience.13:06
iseneBluesKaj: How so? It is there - with all my entries. Do I just do any minor change to it and restart to have it "register changes" or some such? How do I know if the system tries to load sudoers on startup - and how do I see if it fails to load it?13:13
oerheksdoes your sudoers still have that line in it?13:14
EriC^^isene: maybe with ALL= (ALL) NOPASSWD:13:15
BluesKajisene, what is tip start , normally editing the sudoers file with "user  ALL= (ALL) NOPASSWD:"gives permisions to the user for all apps that use sudo13:16
larkfishermanHow do I create an encrypted drive Ubuntu system, but with light SSH client running before decryption and connecting to our server in order to fetch the encryption key?13:23
leftyfblarkfisherman: there is no out of the box package/system that does that. You'll have to develop that on your own.13:24
leftyfblarkfisherman: this might be a good place to start getting some ideas https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/easier-way-manage-disk-decryption-boot-red-hat-enterprise-linux-75-using-nbde13:25
oerhekssome did this before .. https://serverfault.com/questions/884704/luks-automatic-unlock-of-with-key-file-on-remote-ubuntu-server13:25
leftyfblarkfisherman: https://withblue.ink/2020/01/19/auto-mounting-encrypted-drives-with-a-remote-key-on-linux.html13:25
oerheksyes, just reading that too, it uses curl over https13:26
=== hggdh is now known as hggdh-msft
iseneoerheks: Yes, the sudoers file still have that line in it (and others like it) - it makes it possible for my .xsession to run "tlp start" without asking me for password - and running "tlp start" is safe as it only starts the power management for my laptop. I also have lines for suspend, etc.13:34
iseneSo - how can I see if my lines in sudoers get loaded on startup - what log file would spit out any problems with that?13:39
hggdh-msftisene: log in as one of the users affected by your changes, and run 'sudo -l' this will list all the authorised commands in the sudoers13:45
=== leaftype2 is now known as leaftype
rudeguywhen i try to start urxvt, it quits and says "unable to load base fontset". what can i do to fix this?14:22
Edwardtw92Does anyone has experience or could help me with installing linux (thinking of either Xubuntu or Lubuntu) on an old intel core 2 duo Mac?14:26
viktor_Edwardtw92: I'd go for Xubuntu, as it has more features and uses little extra RAM. but it's more of a preference.14:54
isenehggdh-msft: Thanks for that. Now this is strange: My line in sudoers "geir  ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/tlp start" is shown as this in the sudo -l command: "(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/tlp start" - my user (geir) got killed in the process. And this is a change in behavior from 19.10 to 20.04 (nothing has changed in the /etc/sudoers file).14:54
killallHello i had 2 disks, one with filesystem and other one with swap. I removed the swap disk and formated before i had swap disabled. Now i cannot turn swap off. How can i remove swap?15:16
=== cltrbreak_MAD2 is now known as ctrlbreak
oerhekskillall, boot in rescue mode, edit fstab? after that, update grub15:21
oerhekskeep crossposting killall , surely one of those channels give an answer15:27
coconutIs the laptop hardware certification page(https://certification.ubuntu.com/) or ubuntu mate desktops too?15:43
oerheksmate is an official flavor, so yes?15:44
coconutoerheks, i hope so... (then i can give some infos there of my new thinkpad)15:45
BrokenNephilimhey everyone. any possibility to have ubuntu running from usb non-live?15:59
chaslinuxDoes apt still take variables? apt install $extra_pkg for example? I know apt-install $extra_pkg works, but running a PXE server and since I added Ubuntu 20.04 apt-install $extra_pkg no longer installs my extra packages (works for bionic and below). Tried apt install $extra_pkg but the packages in $extra_pkg don't get installed. I know they're being seen since I have a log file showing what's in them.16:00
oerheksBrokenNephilim, one can install from one usb to a new one. but it will be horribly slow,16:00
chaslinuxBrokenNephilim, You could just use the network installer: https://ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads#network-installer16:01
BrokenNephilimfigured so... running live with just a persistent storage is slightly annoying.16:01
BrokenNephilimhmm gonna check on that @chaslinux, thanks16:02
chaslinuxOh sorry it looks like that's just for 18.04...16:02
chaslinuxI am pxe installing 20.04 but I don't have it perfected yet.16:02
echoSMILEWhere can I find the original /etc/apt/sources.list for ubuntu arm64 ?16:02
BrokenNephilimno biggie. just don't want to occupy this laptop with a dual boot. just be able to switch on the fly.16:03
LOA_onlineHi folks.   Anyone using quassel irc client for IRC?16:04
oerheksLOA_online, ask your real question and find out?16:06
LOA_onlineHello!   What's the feature in quassel client called that pops up a web site preview when you hover over a link?   This works out-of-the-box on a windows install but can't seem to find how to activate it in linux version.16:08
LOA_onlineI am on popos 20.0416:09
leftyfb!popos | LOA_online16:10
ubottuLOA_online: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)16:10
BrokenNephilimthe fact ubuntu is 20.04 makes me feel old now ... last i was using 10.04 lol. time flies.16:10
oerheks_IRC. To toggle previews of hyperlinks in chat check/uncheck the Show previews of webpages on URL hover16:12
oerheksquassel > settings > chat view16:13
oerhekscheck "Show previews of webpages on URL hover"16:13
LOA_onlineBingo.   Thanks!16:14
leftyfbLOA_online: future reference, PopOS is not Ubuntu. You'll have to seek support with PopOS and it's applications from PopOS.16:16
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
echoSMILEis this url correct http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports ?16:38
oerheksechoSMILE, no, http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/16:40
echoSMILEoerheks: is there mirrors of it ?16:40
oerheksall i find is http://jp.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ ... how did you find that url??16:41
echoSMILEoerheks: I change it by mistake :P16:42
darsHow to create bootable usb from iso file?16:55
coconutdars, with gnome disks16:59
coconutdars, or with rufus if you are on windows17:00
darsI tried but it is not becoming bootable17:00
darsI am on ubuntu17:00
coconutdars, did you use a keyboard short cut while booting?17:01
darsyes I pressed F12 to select boot device17:01
coconutdars, did you create a fat32 partition before using the iso under gnome disks?17:03
giacowhen I mount a windows smb share using gnome gui, where does it mount to get there via terminal?17:05
darsmy usb is already FAT partition17:05
Psi-Jackgiaco: "mount" is a great command17:05
oerhekscheck the iso?17:06
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows17:06
jwhitmoreFamily IT job, the printer :( Was using an older 32 bit laptop with an ubuntu based distro with a Brother HL-L2350DW printer. No issues. I got them to buy that printer as it seemed to be fairly well supported in Linux. It did work seamlessly on the 32bit system. However that laptop was dying so a 64bit thinkpad was purchased and Ubuntu 20.04 installed. So now the printer, having previously worked on a 32bit Ubuntu I17:07
jwhitmorewas quietly confident. How wrong was I.17:07
jwhitmoreThe printer does get added by Ubuntu automatically but you can't actually print. I'm connection via USB so no wifi or anything complicated17:08
alazredgiaco: You can use the command : mount -l     to see what is mounted and where17:08
jwhitmoreI've tried manually installing the drivers from Brother, (https://support.brother.com/g/b/downloadhowto.aspx?c=us&lang=en&prod=hll2350dw_us_eu_as&os=128&dlid=dlf006893_000&flang=4&type3=625) which does add a printer. But regardless of that Ubuntu will install a printer aotmoatically when ever it's connected. So I get two printers. The one I manually added and the automatic Ubuntu. Neither of which actually print17:09
coconutdars, you can also try to just cp the iso to the device with a terminal, but you have to be sure that *any* data on the device(on ALL partitions) will get deleted by that.17:10
coconutdars, and do not make a mistake with /dev/sdx either!17:10
jwhitmoreI've tried manually installing the drivers from Brother, (https://support.brother.com/g/b/downloadhowto.aspx?c=us&lang=en&prod=hll2350dw_us_eu_as&os=128&dlid=dlf006893_000&flang=4&type3=625) which does add a printer. But regardless of that Ubuntu will install a printer aotmoatically when ever it's connected. So I get two printers. The one I manually added and the automatic Ubuntu. Neither of which actually print17:14
oerheksdid you reboot after that?17:15
ioriajwhitmore, that driver has been released yesterday , so it should work ; i suggest to run again the script17:16
oerheksif the driver adds you to lpadmin group for printing, logout/login is needed17:16
jwhitmoreI've installed to two different laptop's and rebooted both but both act the same. I'll17:16
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
jwhitmoretry a reboot again after I check groups17:17
echoSMILEhow to turn off wifi complete by cli ?17:17
ioriaechoSMILE, if you have NM : nmcli radio wifi off17:18
lokasornIm new to Ubuntu and Linux . used windows till now. after i install somethink from the manager how can i put it to my desktop?17:18
echoSMILEioria: NM ?17:20
echoSMILEoh. and without network manager ?17:21
oerheksfor icons/drives/trash on the desktop, i have no clue why people want that, install gnome-tweak-tool17:21
oerheksechoSMILE, without NM, how did you setup wireless?17:22
echoSMILEoerheks: I didn't that's why I want turn it off17:24
oerheksthen it is not turned on.17:26
imihi, is there a way to convert pdf to odf?17:27
oerheksimi, maybe libreoffice can do that?17:27
echoSMILEoerheks: humm..17:28
imioerheks: libreoffice opens pdfs in libreoffice draw (and renders it very badly). however I came up with a different solution to my specific problem, I converted pdf to png17:29
echoSMILEoerheks: https://askubuntu.com/a/88157217:33
oerheksechoSMILE, interesting .. wait, ioria said that17:34
echoSMILEoerheks: said? didn't get it17:35
giacoPsi-Jack, alazred: thanks17:35
Amaranthimi: PDFs are really tricky to convert back to a text document, I think the professional services for it gave up on trying to parse the PDF even for files that actually have text available and just use OCR on the rendered result18:04
imiAmaranth: ok thanks. I've found a different solution18:05
AmaranthThe order of the text in the "source" for the PDF has no relation to how it shows up on the screen and a lot of PDFs are just images inside a PDF wrapper18:05
vimartHi all18:09
vimarthi luna_18:12
LOA_onlinevimart: hi!18:15
vimarthello LOA_online18:17
jwhitmoreback again and still struggling with a Brother ML-L2350DW Printer18:18
jwhitmoreI can't remove printer jobs with the command 'lprm -' which I thought was the necessary command. "lprm: Missing required attributes"18:19
oerheksjwhitmore, do this from the webpage? localhost:63118:22
jwhitmoreoerheks, thank you manged to clear jobs in the web page. But now confused as there are three different places to look at printers configured in the system. The webpage for CUPS says there are no printers18:25
jwhitmorePrinter-localhost says that there is one18:25
jwhitmoreand Settings says that there are two18:25
jwhitmoreThe printer "HL_L2350DW_series" gets automatically added and removed by the OS when you turn on and off the printer. The one I added manually with the Brother driver is the "HLL2350DW". I guess that second one is a bit better as it allows you to queue a print job, even if it is never printed18:28
BarnabasDKmy experience is either use the printer pane in settings -or- the webpage for cups18:28
BarnabasDKthey do not sync well18:28
IntelopeerPC > vps (nginx) > my pc (tomcat+ vnc+ gucamole) and its very slow. What might be the bottleneck here? CPU is not fully utilized, internet is 8mb at myside and much more at vps side.18:31
jwhitmoreThe web page can't see any connected printers and the settings adds two printers for the printer. Neither of which work. I wonder could I tell them to transfer files to print to a USB Key to copy over to the old 32Bit laptop with the older OS. At least that can print a file18:32
tomreynDW models are those with all of usb, lan and wireless connectivity, if i recall correctly. how is yours connected?18:33
jwhitmoreUSB directly18:33
jwhitmoreNever even considered using a Wifi option, but who knows perhaps that works18:34
tomreynactually this one got no ethernet18:35
tomreynusb directly should actually be the easiest thing to make work. hmm.18:35
jwhitmoredmesg - "[ 1840.263974] audit: type=1400 audit(1591381805.599:876): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/sbin/cupsd" name="/proc/sys/kernel/random/boot_id" pid=911 comm="cupsd" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=0 ouid=0"18:36
jwhitmoreDoes that mean the OS is configured by default not to allow printing18:36
tomreynno, this is just bug 1872564 which has since been fixed18:39
ubottubug 1872564 in apparmor (Ubuntu Focal) "/proc/sys/kernel/random/boot_id rule missing from abstractions/nameservice" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/187256418:39
tomreynis your system up to date?18:40
jwhitmoreAccording to the package manager both laptops are up to date with all packages. Perhaps there's an issue there as well18:41
jwhitmoreHold on there now appears to be two ways of doing everything. When I restated the laptop I was asked to check for updates, which I did and was told the system was up to date. 20 minutes ago. Now I searched for "update" and launced the app to check for updates and there are updates. This system is all over the place18:43
tomreynmaybe the info on available updates was originally not updated, so only some updates were installed. or only security updates were installed and now oyu installed regular functional updates, too.18:45
tomreynor maybe one of your apt sources really got new versions in those 20 minutes18:45
jwhitmoreThat fix looks like it was a while ago.18:46
jwhitmoregot to go18:46
tomreynto make the printer work, you'll need to configure the printer queue with a Connection of usb://... properly at http://localhost:631/printers/18:48
tomreynConnection should probably something along the lines of usb://Brother/HL-L2350DW%20series?serial=... where you'd replce ... by the printers' serial number. the serial number should be logged to your system logs: journalctl -b | grep -B4 SerialNumber:18:52
InteloIs there a way that whenever I boot, nice states screens auto open AND auto arrange to relevant desktop or ttys? http://imgur.com/RW9Ochfl.png19:11
msafii need to compile some C++ code on an Ubuntu machine. Is there some simple and free service where I can get access to an Ubuntu machine through SSH?19:13
EriC^^msafi: why dont you make a live usb boot it and compile, or run it in a vm19:13
msafiEriC^^: VM's are too sluggish they're a pain to use. As for dual boot, I would like to have my primary machine available while i work on the Ubuntu stuff19:14
EriC^^msafi: i see19:15
msafiEriC^^: maybe i create a headless Ubuntu VM it won't be sluggish?19:16
EriC^^msafi: yeah, you could give the VM more processors19:16
p0aHow can I check if I have the Lua libraries and headers in my system?19:17
msafiEriC^^: maybe I can launch a headless Ubuntu in VirtualBox then SSH to it from my primary machine 🤔19:19
vimartHello p0a19:20
vimartapt list p0a ?19:21
EriC^^msafi: yeah that can work, i guess, if you want the most squeeze from the ubuntu session, you could always launch ubuntu baremetal, and from there use virtualbox+the raw disk image to boot your primary os, that way ubuntu is taking most of the resources i gues19:21
p0avimart: let me try ,thank you19:21
p0avimart: doesn't `apt list' list just about everything?19:21
ioriap0a, what you need exactly ?19:21
EriC^^msafi: though i think it might be overkill, it's just an idea19:21
p0aioria: I see I have liblua5.3-0 and liblua5.3-dev, so I think I'm good19:22
p0avimart: than you. I had to do `apt list | grep lua | grep installed'19:22
p0athank you*19:22
vimartp0a: apt list --installed  to check packages19:22
hansihi! i want to release a software for linux (completely OSS). any tips how to package it up?19:23
p0avimart: nice, thanks19:23
vimartp0a: libraries you can check here: /usr/local/lib, /usr/local/lib64, /usr/lib and /usr/lib6419:23
p0avimart: I think I have them because I have the package19:23
p0athat's probably the library I can't imagine what else it'd be19:23
vimartp0a: no prob19:23
hansii realized i can't even double click binaries anymore (not using ubuntu much), so i wonder what my easiest bet is after now that "download as zip and doubleclick" is not an option anymore19:23
hansithis is the program: https://github.com/kritzikratzi/Oscilloscope19:24
ioriahansi, 20.04 ?19:24
hansi19. something19:24
hansi@ioria i'm on 19.10 on this computer19:25
ioriahansi, using nautilus ?19:25
hansiyea, it won't let me doubleclick a normal elf binary, very annoying19:26
hansii don't want to tell users "go to terminal and launch it from there"19:26
InteloIs there a way that whenever I boot, nice states screens auto open AND auto arrange to relevant desktop or ttys? http://imgur.com/RW9Ochfl.png19:26
ioriahansi, try nemo19:26
hansimaybe i explained wrong:19:26
hansii'm making this software19:26
hansii want others to be able to start it :)19:27
hansibut i'm definitely not going to create .deb, .rpm, and whatnot19:27
ioriatell them to use nemo19:27
hansiso i wonder what's easy and widely accepted19:27
hansiyea, i'm not gonna tell people to switch the default file manager,19:27
hansiso they can launch my program19:27
hansii'm glad you found something you like, but that's not an option for me19:28
oerheksyou can publish it as snap19:28
hansiany suggestion where to ask maybe?19:29
phinxyI have fluxbox running, is there a way to open wifi settings to start a wifi hotspot AP?19:29
hansi@oerheks checking it out...19:29
ioriahansi, have you see this ? https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/05/nautilus-remove-ability-launch-binaries-apps19:29
phinxyUbuntu 1919:29
msafiI just found out about this Multipass thing...seems 🤯 if it really does what I think it does...19:29
hansi@ioria almost, i spent 15 minutes reading this: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautilus/-/issues/437  and then i thought "well fuck, i have to ask... i'm too far away from day to day linux"19:31
Saviqmsafi: what do you think it does? :)19:32
tomreyn!YY.MM | phinxy19:33
ubottuphinxy: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle19:33
p0ahansi: can't you run software by adding them to the launcher bar>?19:33
ioriahansi, maybe a launcher that calls gnome-terminal that calls tha app19:34
p0ahansi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToAddaLauncher19:34
msafiSaviq:  it somehow allows me to use Ubuntu shell without having to fiddle with anything else! And I just confirmed it acutally does that! Not sure how it does it, maybe using Docker under the hood?!19:34
p0aioria: I think the launcher can just call bash19:34
ioriap0a, it's from 201519:34
p0aOr... the software itself19:34
p0aioria: sorry, what is?19:35
ioriap0a, the link you posted19:35
hansi@oerheks snap looks intriguing, bit overkill, but seems the best option so far19:35
Saviqmsafi: it's rather the other way around, Docker uses VMs (like Multipass) under the hood19:35
Saviqmsafi: multipass.run/19:35
phinxyUbuntu 19.10, Should I be able to open gnome-control-center with Fluxbox window manager?19:36
p0ahansi: https://askubuntu.com/a/64237 is a more recent way to do it19:36
InteloRephrase with correct picture: How come my network tools show different speeds of same apps and also huge difference in totals? http://i.imgur.com/RW9Ochf.png19:37
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blankharti upgraded to focal and now my mouse cursor is no longer changing based on context. e.g., does not reliably change to carat over text or hand over links20:08
blankhartmy 1yo sometimes takes over my laptop and presses random configuration buttons so it is possible that she also switched a setting that is relevant, though i am skeptical that explains it20:09
blankhartviews on what might be causing this? anyone else seeing this also?20:12
koi_ghoti_2how do i install h.264 / aac codecs in 20.0420:28
koi_ghoti_2i already installed ubuntu-restricted-extras and totem still won't play it20:29
InteloFrom a scale of 1 to 10, KDE (kubunt) desktop takes most resources I think, so 10/10. Can anyone tell what other variants of ubuntu take on resources roughly?20:31
koi_ghoti_2lubuntu is really light20:31
koi_ghoti_2its ridiculous that a freaking video format can be patented :(20:32
BeavisOnFireMATE is light on resources20:43
BeavisOnFireXFCE as well20:43
faLUCEHello, I forgot the password of my OS. But accessing the desktop is passwordless. Is there a way to set a new password without knowing the old one, when in desktop?20:45
sarnoldyou could try passwd or sudo passwd etc20:46
faLUCEsolved, nm20:47
Intelokobberholm: lubuntu vs xubuntu?20:49
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
BeavisOnFireUbuntu MATE, Intelo.20:49
InteloBeavisOnFire: MATE is the lightest?20:49
BeavisOnFireThose are the three lightest DEs20:50
InteloBeavisOnFire: koiHow would you rank them? xubuntu, lubuntu, MATE ?  left is heavy, right is light?20:51
BeavisOnFireI've seen it idling at ~400mb ram20:51
Psi-JackSoftware has no weight. It's just 0's and 1's.20:51
Psi-JackYou could argue that topic all day long, but only YOU can really answer yourself on that.20:52
BeavisOnFireI can't tell which one is the lightest.20:52
InteloI still see kdeinit5 http.so in top while I switched to xfce from KDE and KDE is not running. Why?20:52
InteloBeavisOnFire: ok20:52
InteloBeavisOnFire: which one is most popular?20:53
Psi-JackBeavisOnFire: Then computers are not for you.20:53
Psi-JackPlease keep the polling in the voting booths.20:53
InteloPsi-Jack: I meant resource hungry20:53
Psi-JackI don't care.20:53
BeavisOnFireWhy do you care about it being popular or not ?20:54
BeavisOnFireUse what YOU like20:54
Psi-JackJust stop polling. :)20:54
InteloPsi-Jack: of course you don't. Thats why I didn't asked you but the whole channel. Whoever is interested will answer20:54
InteloBeavisOnFire: ok20:54
InteloBeavisOnFire: Why I care? Support. Thats why20:54
Psi-JackIs unrelated to support.20:54
Psi-JackWhen you have a support question, ask it, Until then. Please stop the noise.20:55
InteloPsi-Jack: sure. Are you an op?20:55
Psi-JackDoes it matter?20:56
InteloOf course20:56
Psi-JackAnd no it doesn't matter.20:56
InteloTo me; yes20:56
Psi-JackWell, here's one for you then. Shut up.20:56
BeavisOnFireHop, ignored.20:56
Psi-JackStop being a brat. :)20:56
InteloPsi-Jack:  that tells about your upbringing and manners.20:56
* Intelo waves20:57
Psi-JackDennis Leary. "I'm not happy." "Shut the f..... up, NEXT!"20:57
Psi-JackSo, netplan is something I learned a little bit on today, to setup networking on an ubuntu-server on an Intel NUC. LOL20:58
InteloQ: Why even need a session manager? Why not just install xorg, then install kde/xfce/anything, login on console, startkde/startxfce4/whatever?21:17
IAEONhowto vackup ubuntu bionic21:19
IAEONsimply copy the dir?21:20
EriC^^IAEON: that would work, but you'd have to reinstall the bootloader if you want to restore it to another hdd or so21:22
EriC^^IAEON: if you want a 'standalone' backup you could image the whole hdd using a tool like 'dd'21:22
IAEONEric bionic-arm21:24
IAEONeric^^ on Android arm21:26
EriC^^ah, no idea sorry21:27
IAEONwhat about openjdk nothi g in the bionic main na21:28
IAEONhey johnny21:28
IAEONany openjdk in bionic repo21:28
oerheks!info openjdk-1121:42
ubottuPackage openjdk-11 does not exist in focal21:42
oerheks!info openjdk-11 bionic21:42
ubottuPackage openjdk-11 does not exist in bionic21:42
oerheksseriously, openjdk-11-jdk21:43
AmaranthOpenJDK is just the name of the project, it still has JRE and JDK components21:56
AmaranthAlthough I think the Oracle releases stopped splitting the two and just always give you the JDK21:56
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AavarCan i Remote control my ubuntu server via rs232 serial console? Like What can be done with a raspberry pi22:25
sarnoldAavar: yeah, look for console= in the kernel admin guide, eg https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/v4.10/admin-guide/serial-console.html22:28
AavarTnx. Ill check that out 👍22:32
bparkeryou don't need to change your console just to use a serial port, in fact I wouldn't recommend it unless you will never use a regular monitor on the machine22:32
bparkeryou can just do systemctl start getty@ttyS0 to add a serial login on the first port22:34
bparkerand run it again replacing start with "enable" to persist on reboot22:34
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KonHi, I'm trying to install 20.04 and the installer is not allowing me to format the ESP22:43
KonI tried formatting it from unallocated free space at the front of the drive, and as trying to reformat an existing fat32 partition22:44
KonThe option for ESP simply is not in the list22:44
jeremy31Kon: do you need to format the ESP?22:47
Konjeremy31: Yes. I want to create a new ESP on this disk22:48
jeremy31Kon: If you make a new one, you will lose access to other OS's installed22:49
KonThere is nothing else on this disk. It's an empty disk22:49
KonI have tried to install Ubuntu twice now without explicitly setting the ESP (which it will not give me the option to do), but of course it is unbootable after the fact22:50
jeremy31Kon: why not use the "erase disk and install ubuntu"22:50
KonBecause I want my own partition table with a separate /home22:50
jeremy31Kon: a separate /home can be done later22:51
KonSo does Ubuntu no longer support custom partition tables at the point of installation?22:51
jeremy31Kon: it does but for some reason you have issues22:51
jeremy31you might have to use gparted to delete the existing ESP22:52
KonThere is no existing ESP22:52
KonIt is a blank disk22:52
KonAnd this is the second person post-20.04 who I have tried to install for and run into this issue22:53
KonTwo different machines with very different hardware and needs22:53
KonSame issue22:53
jeremy31Kon: strange22:53
oerheksuse whole disk would give you a fresh mbr, booting in live mode gives the option for GPT?22:54
KonThis is UEFI machine, so I want GPT22:54
KonOther disks in the system are GPT22:55
oerhekslive mode > disks > have fun, ubuntu should create the efi partition, if you started in EFI mode22:55
KonI already did that oerheks, I had partitioned out the whole thing in Partition Manager before running Ubiquity22:57
Kon(I'm using KDE)22:57
Konoerheks: If I set the mount points inside the live environment, wouldn't that mean it's mounted inside the USB filesystem?22:59
PatrickWTFHi everyone23:02
IAEONanything like jadx built for ubuntu23:04
IAEONmoving most of my productivity into ubuntu chroot23:05
youndersingularity anyone23:06
Psi-JackYes you are a singularity.23:06
PatrickWTFhi, i have a problem ... a few days ago i installed ubuntu 16.04, and i still can't connect to my wifi23:07
younderPsi-Jack, https://sylabs.io/docs/23:07
Psi-JackWhy did you install such an old version of Ubuntu?23:08
bparkerit's still supported23:08
IAEONPatrickWTF reboot23:08
bparkerso is 14.0423:09
PatrickWTFFor an old computer, I want to use it as a server, install ubuntu server 16.04 32 bits, and install graphical environment with lubuntu23:09
Psi-JackA "server" on WiFi?23:09
PatrickWTFit only has 1 gb of ram23:09
PatrickWTFs for local testing23:09
KonOkay, the answer is that this machine's USB boot was set to Legacy Only23:10
PatrickWTFNow I no longer get the wifi icon23:10
KonSo it didn't show me the ESP option because Ubuntu thought it was MBR only23:10
PatrickWTFbut if I put ifconfig, I see there the network23:11
PatrickWTF01:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)23:11
PatrickWTFI was trying to connect it to the wifi with wpasupplicant, but I think I have a problem because there are 2 same essid, since there is a wifi repeater23:13
PatrickWTFtry using the bssid, but it still doesn't work23:14
bparkeryou can specify the mac to choose which one23:14
PatrickWTFthe bssid is not the mac?23:15
dengiwhich keepass version is more secure?23:16
Psi-JackThe most recent?23:17
Psi-JackWhat about it?23:19
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