OvenWerksyou may need to keep an unactive one tied up... that sounded like a threat18:06
EickmeyerOvenWerks: It's not really possible, but I did it anyways just in case.18:10
OvenWerksEickmeyer: re:telegram/matrix, etc. I am not sure how they are viewed as better than IRC. What do they offer? do they have backscroll even when not online?18:26
* OvenWerks thinks that would just be a webpage addition to IRC.18:27
EickmeyerSo, Telegram and Matrix are always connected and can simply bridge to IRC. Matrix's bridge is more robust.18:28
EickmeyerTelegram is more like an instant messenger, Matrix is a whole chat protocol.18:29
OvenWerksso backscroll during offline time18:29
EickmeyerThat, and you can actually post images (screenshots, etc). directly to the chat.18:29
EickmeyerNo need to go through imgur or something else.18:29
EickmeyerSame with video, if needed.18:30
EickmeyerAudio too, as a matter of fact.18:30
OvenWerksok. sort of makes sense I guess18:30
EickmeyerI prefer Matrix to Telegram, especially since the bridge is more robust.18:30
OvenWerksto be honest, I would not liked being pinged via either audio or video (assuming that is live)18:31
EickmeyerNo, it just posts as a message that you'd have to click on to see/hear.18:31
EickmeyerIt's not like people can just call you.18:32
EickmeyerWell, they can, but that doesn't happen.18:33
EickmeyerLike, eylul[m] asks before she calls me.18:33
OvenWerksfrom a support pov, some of the people who come to IRC seem like they would just expect to make a call to you if they didn't get an answer fast enough18:35
EickmeyerHeh, if they do, 1) decline, 2) block, 3) ban.18:35
EickmeyerHave yet to see anyone on Matrix attempt to call me.18:36
OvenWerksI know I ignore PMs and only answer comments in the channel18:36
EickmeyerAlso, Matrix forces people to register before joining a channel.18:37
EickmeyerCuts down on spam.18:37
eylul[m]@eickmeyer Ovenwerks it is usually a good idea to poke before calling someone, or.. well, there is also the issue of giving people time to setup their headsets etc22:32
eylul[m]also I believe you can limit private calls, or even DMs to only people in your friends list22:32
eylul[m]anyhow I am heading to sleep, dropped in because I saw my name22:33
EickmeyerGood night!22:34

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