bandinoluxsagt mir bitte einer das er deutsch kann und das ubuntu studio system kennt und kurz nerven besitzt mir aus meinem dillema herraus zu helfen  :-(06:40
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vltherraus o_O10:42
vltdillema o____O10:42
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user|88619Hii is there any telegram group for Ubuntu studio ?18:01
OvenWerksI think there is one but it ends up being the same as here. (some sort of bridging) Eickmeyer[m] can give more details I would guess18:02
Eickmeyeruser|88619: We got rid of the Telegram groups. They ended up being hard to manage for spam. We do have Matrix groups that bridge here and to our offtopic caht.18:03
user|88619Still I would be glad if someone can provide the that telegram group link .. because I don't use a  irc client...18:04
Eickmeyeruser|88619: We don't have one.18:04
EickmeyerWe did, but they're gone now.18:04
user|88619I may create one then18:05
Eickmeyeruser|88619: No. Please don't.18:05
user|88619Ohh okay.. then I will not...18:06
user|88619And why the Ubuntu Studio website Copyright license is still showing 2011 ?...Ubuntu Studio (c) 2011- Canonical Ltd18:06
Eickmeyeruser|88619: Because Canonical hosts us.18:06
user|88619I guess same as Kubuntu ... But it's update to 202018:07
EickmeyerAnd it's 2011- which means implicitly 2011-present.18:07
user|88619Ohh great then18:07
user|88619Kubuntu uses 2005-202018:08
Eickmeyeruser|88619: Good for them. :)18:08
user|88619I'm starting my singing career and thinking about Ubuntu studio.. how does it work in real life situations for Audio production?? Currently I'm using Kubuntu18:10
Eickmeyer!ubuntustudio-installer | user|8861918:10
ubottuuser|88619: Ubuntu Studio Installer is an app that can be used to add Ubuntu Studio's benefits to an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation, or add additional packages. For more info, see https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer/18:10
EickmeyerNo need to reinstall.18:11
EickmeyerI am a 26-year audio engineer and I've used Ubuntu Studio in live production, as have many others. A good resource is #opensourcemusicians for discussion about that.18:11
EickmeyerI highly recommend installing an IRC client (Kubuntu comes with Konversation) and registering on Freenode.18:12
user|88619No actually im gonna purchase a new PC only for production... So gonna clean install ... Hope my journey will be easier with Studio ... Because I don't wanna install windows for that18:12
Eickmeyer!register | user|8861918:13
ubottuuser|88619: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.18:13
EickmeyerOur next version of Ubuntu Studio coming in October is going to use the same desktop environment as Kubuntu, but customized.18:13
user|88619That sounds good .. thanks @Eickmeyer ☺️18:13
EickmeyerYou're welcome.18:14
user|88619Yes I saw that on omg Ubuntu website.. Studio 20.10 .... πŸ‘Œ18:14
user|88619Thanks everyone for your help .. it's 12 am here so good night.. I will surely use IRC client then and contact with you guys again and for helps about my beginning of production in studio πŸ˜ŠπŸ™18:17
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