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dengihow do I import a vpn config via GUI?00:35
dengiadd vpn button is greyed out adding via edit connection also yet to work00:35
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guivercIs there a reason why a lubuntu 20.04 image won't provide a "Try Lubuntu without installing"  (UEFI i gather, i get it on VM, it's start lubuntu matching manual on some hardware)  [https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2444909]07:19
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guiverc_qaqa-test only; ignore08:11
tommy``i've a question, i've installed yesterday lubuntu on my very old pc and is totally awesome and fast! This morning it seems i found pc frozen, i noticed that screensaver was active and seems like it was his fault, how that is possible? thanks11:20
guiverctommy``, what release of lubuntu?  I assume it wasn't turned off, just left on with xscreensaver running?  does it switch to a text terminal (eg. ctrl+alt+f4) and back?12:28
tommy``hey guiverc, hi, i installed latest 20.04 LTS, and yes it wasn't turned off, i had to press reset button on computer because nothing seems worked12:29
tommy``i didn't tried ctrl+alt+f412:29
guivercif you try it, it switches to a text terminal .. other options are SysRq key combinations to tell (linux) kernel what to do (assuming gui has locked up, I'd not expect that on Lubuntu with good pc. you could run ramtest maybe if it occurs again a few times12:31
guivercfyi:  use ctrl+alt+F1 to switch back to GUI (away from tty4)12:31
tommy``my is pretty old Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q9400  @ 2.66GHz with 8GB DDR2 667mhz12:35
guivercdon't knock that thing... this is my primary pc and it's "dell [optiplex] 960 (c2q-q9400, 8gb, amd/ati cedar radeon hd 5000/6000/7350/8350)"12:36
tommy``nvidia GTX550ti there12:37
tommy``so i could assume is ram issue?12:37
guiverci would run memtest86() for sure, but esp. if desktop, I'd open it up and have a look at motherboard (any swollen caps etc...)12:38
tommy``can i see, maybe, the log of this night? when happened the issue?12:38
guiverc`dmesg` won't help (it's current session), but there maybe some clues in `journalctl`; for sure it's worth a look12:39
guivercand in case a program crashed, I'd also look in /var/crash/  (looking for crash file, not everything leaves it, but most system programs do inc. xscreensaver I believe)12:40
tommy`` /var/crash seems empty12:41
tommy``I've this on journalctl at 3:46 am12:42
tommy``also some of:12:43
tommy``kernel: nouveau 0000:01:00.0: fifo: read fault at 000044a000 engine 05 [BAR3] client 07 [BAR_READ] reason 02 [PAGE_NOT_PRESENT] on channel -1 [021febf000 unknown]12:43
guivercsorry I don't recognize anything there  (tr3nton nouveau lines)12:44
tommy`` tr3nton is  pc name12:44
* guiverc guessed that from detail12:44
tommy``also: https://paste.ofcode.org/pp4e5Prq45RyjvY79LyST912:45
tommy``those are red messages on journalctl12:45
guiverci suspect the second paste is only normal messages.. I'd compare those messages with what is normal for your box (given new install, you won't currently have much to compare to)12:46
guivercif you selected it because of time & suspected crash, ignore my "normal messages", it could be useful when you have more, or to others12:47
tommy``the screensaver by default activate itself after 10minutes?12:47
guivercsounds correct... rather short in my opinion, so I change it, plus flurry to something else too12:48
tommy``i can check what happened from 1:10 am because I slept at 112:48
tommy``nothing till 3.41 am, then: nouveau 0000:01:00.0: Xorg[1242]: failed to idle channel 9 [Xorg[1242]]12:49
guivercI'd probably ignore it (noting it of course), and look for pattern, running memtest & if easily opened, check of motherboard  (if it was hot, is dust/etc preventing good air flow, need a clean inside etc...)12:50
tommy``I checked motherboard 1 week ago, I've done the "summer clean" with compress air12:51
guiverc:) no need to check again.12:51
tommy``yes i suspect also an issue combined with nvidia driveer and 3d screensaver images12:51
guivercxscreensaver can be changed to blank only12:52
tommy``that file have 120 inside12:54
guivercyou pasted that before (looks identical anyway, even if url differs), I didn't know how to interpret that sorry (I've seen it before, but can't recall anything sorry)12:55
tommy``ok no problem :D12:55
tommy``regarding changing theme and aspect, i've installed Adapta-Colorpack but i don't know where i can change it12:56
guivercif xscreensaver crashed, I'd have switched to [text] term (ctrl+alt+f4), login & look around... if needs be killed xscreensaver (I get the feeling you feel it's the issue with nouveau issues).. and expect to re-gain control12:56
tommy``ok i'll do that if re-happens, thanks mate ;)12:57
guivercif you mean https://www.gnome-look.org/p/1190851/; it's a GTK theme so not usable on a Qt (LXQt) based desktop, but could be used to theme gnome apps maybe.. you could expand & copy to a theme directory (in $HOME or /usr/share/..)12:58
guivercsee also https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/3/3.2/3.2.2/appearance.html?highlight=themes12:59
tommy``oh ok!13:02
guiverctommy``, this may also be helpful    https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/468709/lxqt-what-are-the-qt-themes-widget-styles-and-how-to-install-new-ones  (the directories I alluded to are actually mentioned with proper detail, I missed sorry)13:02
guiverc(even if widget style isn't what you are after, the directory options was what I was looking for; something to paste so I didn't make typos)13:03
tommy``do you have some cool theme?13:04
guivercI'm probably close to the worst person to ask..13:05
tommy``ahah ok13:05
tommy``oh finally static ip issue seems fixed13:08
tommy``i've edited the file inside /etc/netplan/13:10
tommy``is this good solution?13:11
tommy``for static ip obviously13:11
guiverci can't help with netplan sorry, fyi: you can also use ubuntu for non-Lubuntu specific questions (Lubuntu is an official flavor)13:11
lubot<N0um3n0> @tommy`` [<tommy``> do you have some cool theme?], https://gitlab.com/isseigx/lxqt-less-theme13:12
tommy``oh ok13:12
tommy``thanks lubot, checking13:13
guivercfyi:  it's N0um3n0; use a @ before name (on telegram, not IRC, bot links networks)13:13
tommy``ops :D13:13
* guiverc didn't use @N0.. so as to not ping the term of ..13:13
lubot<N0um3n0> ;)13:14
tommy``installed less theme N0um3n013:20
lubot<N0um3n0> @tommy`` [<tommy``> installed less theme N0um3n0], You have more here.... … https://store.kde.org/browse/cat/446/order/latest13:23
tommy``actually now i'm looking for some wallpaper13:25
guiverctommy``, if you `apt-cache search wallpapers` you can see all ubuntu/flavor wallpaper packages... some good ones are amongst them13:38
tommy``oh good to know let's do that13:39
guiverc(the packages are usually all wallpapers for a flavor/release, not a single wallpaper)13:39
Bomboi upgraded from 19.04 to 19.10 then to 20.04, now the splash (loading lubuntu) screen shows 'Lubuntu 18.04'17:37
Deano59hopefully someon can answer my question; what is calamaris?17:54
Deano59I created a custom .iso with cubic and installed/removed what I wanted. at the end of the install it says calamaris failed but the install still succeeds as I can boot to it. just wondering what IT means?17:56
kc2bezDeano59: Calamares is the installer for Lubuntu.17:58
Bombothe version i have is Focal Focca according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lubuntu#Table_of_releases18:00
Deano59kc2bez: just wondering what crashes it then18:01
kc2bezI am not sure Deano59 Maybe try starting it from the command line.18:05
GLAT-agent1Hello. I am selling GNU/Linux licenses. Contact me if you want one ($99 for single computer, $49 for each computer if purchasing for 25 or more machines).18:25
GLAT-agent3Hello. I am selling GNU/Linux licenses ($99 for single computer, $49 for each computer if purchasing for 25 or more machines).18:39
Deano59kc2bez: how do I start the installer from the command line???19:41
Deano59brb gonna backup19:45
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Deano59sorry had to go earlier kc2bez, how do I run the startup from command line?22:03
Deano59the installer/startup... y'know. ;P22:03
kc2bez`sudo -E calamares`22:04
hugo_sorry for my english, i speak french or spanish22:39
hugo_but i will try22:39
hugo_i just install lubuntu 20.04 and i cant install new software from muon or discover22:40
hugo_dont have permission22:41
hugo_if i try sudo apt install mysoftware, its ok, i can install22:41
hugo_but i would like to do with muon and discover22:42
hugo_so if you can help me, thank you. i am trying to find an issue on internet but i dont find22:42
kc2bezIs there only 1 user on the system?22:43
hugo_2 users22:43
hugo_user1 and then i created user222:44
kc2bezI think you have encountered this. https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/user-account-lost-all-permissions-cant-install-from-discover/123522:44
hugo_i am reading , it seems the same problem22:46
kc2bezI am not sure there is a solution yet.22:47
hugo_ok, the solution is to have only one user22:49
hugo_but seems you can add users with command line and its ok22:49
hugo_i dont want to reinstall the system so i will try to remove a user i see what happen22:50
hugo_thank you for help22:50
hugo_very fast :)22:50
kc2bezThe work around of using apt is an option too.22:50
hugo_yes maybe , until there is an upgrade with the bug fix22:53
hugo_maybe its not "until" the good word :)22:54
hugo_yes its "until", sorry22:55
hugo_im back, i remove user2 and now the problem is gone22:58
hugo_i use "userdel -r user2"22:59
kc2bezThank you for the updated information.23:00
hugo_you are welcome23:01

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