xnoxcjwatson:  wgrant: did I do it wrong? or do i still need something arch:any?00:42
xnoxi'm trying to build "firmware" i.e. natively compiled on three arches, each building a unique cd-boot-image-$arch package which themselves are arch:all00:42
wgrantxnox: Ah, that's not possible00:42
xnoxit got scheduled on just amd6400:43
wgrantIt will still only build arch-indep on a single arch.00:43
xnoxright =(00:43
wgrantYou can't use it to build arch-indep from multiple arches at once from one source.00:43
wgrantIt's designed for things like firmware that can only build on a single arch00:43
xnoxyeah, but often enough it's the same firmware over and over again =)00:43
xnoxaka src:qemu that needs to build on every arch, to produce unique arch all packages.00:44
xnoxcause one cannot build _all_ of them on any one arch, in one go.00:44
xnoxwgrant:  i wonder what will happen if in .dsc i declare them as arch=amd64 but produce an arch=all packages during the build....00:45
xnoxi.e debian/control != .dsc00:45
wgrantxnox: LP will reject that00:45
wgrantLP will reject arch-indep coming from a build that it didn't tell to be arch-indep.00:45
xnoxbut i did in Build-Indep-Architectures00:46
xnoxit is a list right?! or implementation reduces it to be a single value?00:46
xnox    :param indep_hint_list: a string of the architectures this source package00:48
xnox        specifies it can build architecture-independent packages on.00:48
wgrantxnox: It's a list, but your interpretation of the semantics is wrong00:48
wgrantIt means if there are arch-indep packages, build them on one of these arches.00:49
xnoxright, yeah. reading the comment.00:49
wgrantRather than on nominatedarchindep.00:49
wgrantLP will choose one of those, if possible, on which to invoke sbuild with -A00:49
wgrant(I know LP will reject if sbuild disobeys that, because focal's sbuild defaults to -A, so I got a lot of riscv64 rejects when I first started using focal buildds!)00:49
wgrantHm or were those just from dupe binaries? I don't remember, but it should violate the fit check I'd expect.00:50
wgrantRegardless, it is rude to build arch-indep when not asked to :)00:50
xnoxso source package per arch then? if i want them arch-all?01:02
* xnox thinks about it.01:02
mwhudsoni guess in one way that's ugly but in another they are pretty unrelated03:14
Crimson_RogueI'm having issues connecting my vnc server to my vnc viewer in android. Can someone point me in the left direction?23:11

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