deviosI have a Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer/Scanner/Fax that's connected to my wifi network.  Ubuntu found and prints to it over the network no problem, but I can't seem to find any info on how to use the scanner over the network on Ubuntu.  Its http://192.168.x.x/scan/scan.html feature doesn't seem to work in Chrome or Firefox or even in IE or Edge on a Windows machine, so that's useless.00:08
helu_cadevios: for WIndows, there is a Brother scanning app in the Microsoft Store that still works fine with my MFC, different model though.00:11
sarnolddevios: what packages are you using to try to scan?00:12
lotuspsychjehelu_ca: this is ubuntu support though00:13
helu_caThen slap me with a large trout and call me stinky!  They did say, "feature doesn't seem to work in Chrome or Firefox or even in IE or Edge on a Windows machine, so that's useless."00:15
* sarnold slaps helu_ca with a trout00:15
dengion lubuntu lxde 18.04 how do I add vpn? add vpn connection button is greyed out using plus to add via edit connections also yet to work00:29
sarnolddengi: run "apt-cache search network-manager-" to see a handful of different packages that provide additional functionality for network-manager -- there may be one for whichever VPN you're trying to use00:31
dengiits an open vpn based vpn00:33
sarnolddengi: install network-manager-openvpn and network-manager-openvpn-gnome and see if that works00:35
dengisarnold: why cant openvpn handle it without gnome00:38
dengiI do not like gnomes xd00:38
sarnolddengi: well, good point, I just assumed that lxde was using network-manager00:38
sarnolddengi: if they're using something else, then use that :)00:38
dengilxde uses network manager00:41
dengiso it could have an ldxe plugin?00:41
sarnoldI'm not sure, I know next to nothing about the desktop environments00:42
dengii can use cli right?00:42
dengito fire up a vpn connection in screen00:42
sarnoldyeah, you can use nmcli to start vpn connections, and iirc I even configured my openvpn config using nmcli00:45
hissHello everyone my python is broken due to sudo easyinstall pip01:00
hissCan someone help me please ?01:00
hissI found "solutions" on askubuntu but i don't to mess things again...01:01
guiverchiss, you've asked before in multiple rooms01:01
hissNot in this one01:01
hissI though we would have more people able to help me.01:02
sarnoldhiss: you could try running debsums -sa to find overwrittenfiles, then use apt install --reinstall on those packages01:03
sarnoldhiss: maintainer scripts might not necessarily be written with a --reinstall in mind, so it's not something you just want to run on ALL packages, but it sounds like it might be useful to run it on specific packages at the moment01:03
hissCould you guide me please ? I found multiple askubuntu links, i don't want to mess things again.01:05
hissCan I share you these links ?01:05
hissI just to know if the command I do on shell are safe or not so risky.      About solutions I found askubuuntu.01:06
hissAt least ?01:06
guiverchiss, what OS/release (since you've avoided saying)01:07
hissUbuntu 18.04.301:07
guivercthank you hiss01:08
hisssarnold guiverc01:10
hissYou're welcome.01:11
dengisarnold: using --ask it only asks for a password not a user name01:12
dengiwhats the easy way to pass both user name and passwd to nmcli?01:13
sarnolddengi: hmm, I think I configured mine via a configuration file...01:16
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dengithere are more than 80 of them haha ok I can mass change but01:18
sarnolddengi: eighty machines?01:18
dengimaybe just install GUI open vpn client :)01:18
dengisarnold: openvpn --config client.ovpn --auth-user-pass xd01:32
dengibut have to enter credential manually01:33
sarnolddengi: hmm -- once it's set up in openvpn, can you then control it via nmcli?01:33
dengiwhat do you mean setup in openvpm01:34
dengiI just wonder how come it is yet to work out of box xd01:34
dengimany many people use vpn on linux01:34
sarnoldyeah, and I think they're usually willing to use the gnome gui to configure things :)01:35
denginame is bad01:35
dengiwhy not chad01:36
dengixd just name is kinda bizzare plus it does not  lxde could have lxde open vpn plugin01:36
dengifunnily enough once imported via nmcli it does appear in VPN connections however yet to become configurable01:38
wmcdTrying to configure nvidia_drm modeset=1 but for some reason that parameter is not taking at boot.01:42
wmcdTried looking over the known issues for the driver but couldn't find any information. Anyone have any pointers?01:43
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wmcd20.04 / 440.64 / 5.4.0-3301:44
Bashing-omwmcd: End goal that you want to disable DKMS ? To see if the parameter is set ' cat /proc/cmdline ' .01:44
wmcdOh hi! Thank you and your team on the weekly newsletter01:46
Bashing-omwmcd: UWN always a work in progress :P01:47
wmcdThe end goal is to enable PRIME Synchronization. For that I need modeset set to 1 instead of 0. I've set up an config file in modprobe with that option but it doesn't appear to make any difference.01:47
tripelbOur job is to spread light and not heat, a reporter on PBS. It's a show with six reporters on zoom being interviewed in a show called reporter Roundup.01:50
Bashing-omwmcd: Sorry - I am out in left fiels with PRIME Synchronization. No experience there :(01:52
dengisarnold: plus gnome plugin is yet to function on 18.04 lubuntu lxde01:55
wmcdNo problem, I did type my question a bit fast which doesn't help. I'm going to try passing nvidia-drm.modeset=1 in the cmdline to see if that makes a difference01:55
sarnolddengi: I wonder if you need to restart the nm-applet?01:55
wmcdUpdate; looks like that worked.02:01
sarnoldwmcd: woot!02:01
wmcdNot sure why the entry under modprobe.d didn't work.02:02
sarnoldnvidia_drm vs nvidia-drm perhaps?02:02
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dengisarnold:  you mean network manager02:08
dengiI did it02:08
sarnolddengi: all good?02:09
dengito sum up , there are two open vpn packages in 18.04 , pure vpn and likes recommend to use 19.1002:09
dengiyet to work :)02:09
dengisarnold:  ldxe openvpn plugin will fix it only where to get it xd02:10
dengior yes openvpn cli connect xd02:10
dengithere is https://sourceforge.net/projects/oast/02:14
jeniawhy can't I join ubuntu-talk. It says invite only02:41
dengisarnold:  ok I stick with cli :P02:44
sarnoldjenia: when I tried to join I was redirected to #ubuntu-offtopic02:44
sarnoldjenia: oh, sorry. it took several tries before I noticed it is set +r  -- "Prevents users who are not identified to services from joining the channel" -- https://freenode.net/kb/answer/channelmodes02:49
sarnoldjenia: register your nickname with nickserv, identify to nickserv, and then you'll probably be able to join02:50
elthey already are registered and identifed (you have to be to be in here usually). i'm curious why they're using the other channel name though.02:55
sarnoldman, good thing my week is over :)02:56
Psi-JackI've been having an extended "staycation" during these interesting times. :)03:02
AlecTaylorTrying to upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04, it told me to remove ppas so I ran https://askubuntu.com/a/646918, now getting apt: error while loading shared libraries: libgcc_s.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory03:06
sarnoldAlecTaylor: pastebin the commands you ran?03:09
AlecTaylorfind /etc/apt/sources.list.d -type f -name "*.list" -print0 | \03:10
AlecTaylorsarnold - while read -d $'\0' file; do awk -F/ '/deb / && /ppa\.launchpad\.net/ {system("sudo ppa-purge -y ppa:"$4"/"$5)}' "$file"; done03:10
sarnoldAlecTaylor: note that step 2 included the list that was going to purged -- what's that list?03:11
AlecTaylorsarnold: I cleared my screen03:11
LOA_onlineAlecTaylor: me thinks he removed all the ppas03:11
AlecTaylorSo what do I do? - Happy for a clean upgrade, but will be annoyed if I need to back it all up and clean install03:12
sarnoldAlecTaylor: try downloading and installing this package http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/gcc-8/libgcc1_8.4.0-1ubuntu1~18.04_amd64.deb03:18
sarnoldtime for me to run; good luck with this one AlecTaylor, I hope that's the only thing you're missing. this might be a long process otherwise..03:20
AlecTaylordo-release upgrade seems to be working…03:20
sarnoldI used apt-file to find likely paths, then dpkg -S on a bionic machine to double-check, then apt-cache policy to make sure I was selecting the right version from the archive03:21
sarnoldthat sounds promising :)03:21
sarnoldgood luck, have fun03:21
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AlecTaylorRestarted and it works sarnold - 20.04 FTW03:41
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kinghatsudo rtcwake -m no -l -t $(date +%s -d "today 03:55") why would it respond with > rtcwake: wakeup using /dev/rtc0 at Sat Jun  6 08:54:59 2020?05:16
kinghatsame with -u and using seconds, 03:55:00. i have a backup that needs to run at 04:00 so i need to wake the system.05:17
blogtenhi, I'm trying to get Desktop Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installed.  after installation proceeds on a blank disk with nothing on it, booting lands me in grub and nothing further happens.  sometimes I see lots of syntax error complaints from grub as well.  I did not specify special instructions for partitioning.  how do I figure out what's going on?05:35
BrokenNephilimsuccess. running ubuntu from usb.05:41
blogtenright, so that's what I did... get the ISO, put it on a USB disk, plug to the machine, install to the boot drive (no updates, nothing special, nothing custom).  result: grub, and doesn't boot.  the previous attempt resulted in grub with syntax errors all over the place, and still wouldn't boot.05:42
BrokenNephilimi do have grub at boot but a simple bios tweak and i left it as las priority in the boot sequence.05:45
BrokenNephilimfunny how i needed a usb to install ubuntu to another usb though. took a while but was simple enough05:46
blogtenI get the grub command line, not the grub menu to boot ubuntu.  ubuntu just does not boot.05:48
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blogteninstalling Ubuntu again with the BIOS set to Legacy boot results in another boot failure, but this time there is a useful message "invalid arch-independent ELF magic".  why would this happen on a fresh install?...06:33
zetheroojust noticed something weird on my Ubuntu 20.04 laptop ... when the lid is closed and the laptop is in sleep/suspend mode Pidgin periodically reconnects. :D I hear the audible notification and when I wake the laptop after a couple hours the Pidgin Nicksrv window is open and showing multiple connect messages ... how can this be happening!?06:35
akemHey, anyone got an apparmor profile that works for "skypeforlinux"? I try to create one, but it prevent skype from launching :X06:37
artistsvoidthink my 20.04 install is broken (I used the minimal.iso to install, as I always do) - update upgrade dist-upgrade run, but NEVER upgrade ANYTHING, and trying to install gnome-tweak-tool says I've held broken packages, relevant screenshot https://i.imgur.com/ezYS6nr.png - can anyone else recommend where to look at?06:44
artistsvoidif I can't fix this I will re-install, but I hope I can fix it somehow06:46
OnceMehello df -h says /dev/sda5              184G  157G   18G  90% / however for my /home/onceme it ndcu says only 64G is used, where is the rest used??06:50
BT40some of my keys in keyboard are not working correctly. nothing is typed hen i press them. earlier they ere fine. i have tried these commands but no solution ..... sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration         ..... sudo loadkeys us06:51
BT40please help i ont be able to login nexttime if passor eys are messed up06:51
BT40also restarted system 2 times even after commands no improvement06:53
sherlockOne machine where I did a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 install has the following:07:02
sherlock$ pip3 --version07:02
sherlockpip 20.1.1 from /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pip (python 3.6)07:02
sherlockWhere as, another system upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 from 16.04 has the following:07:02
sherlock$ pip3 --version07:02
sherlockpip 9.0.1 from /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages (python 3.6)07:02
petrjis there a complete/exhaustive list of packages that are preinstalled in the standard ubuntu image?07:17
* artistsvoid fixed his problem * DONE * PROBLEM FIXED *07:21
sherlockIs there any apt switch that lets me figure out which package some installed files came from?07:22
spronkeyhi all - does anyone have any ideas on how to debug a purple screen after login?07:22
artistsvoidspronkey: damn I had that as well, grub options I think, lemme check07:23
spronkeyI've just added an nvidia gtx960 to the machine (i5 3450 with iGPU theoretically disabled), which boots fine on nouveau, but won't boot with any of the installed nvidia drivers. Just log in, then purpe07:23
spronkeyI did somehow manage to have it working via gtx960 but plugged in via the iGPU first time I booted (as needed to switch bios over but missed the del key!), possibly doing offloading via nvidia prime?, wondering whether its stuck in some state somehow07:25
artistsvoidspronkey: this might not be the fix for you, but try making the following change in /etc/default/grub07:25
artistsvoidGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="splash quiet"07:25
artistsvoidthat should eliminate the purple screen07:25
spronkeyi had quiet splash07:25
spronkeyswapped order07:25
spronkeydo I need to run a cmd to get that to stick?07:26
artistsvoidspronkey: you can hold down shift during boot, change it there, and it should boot07:26
artistsvoidto make it stick you will have to edit /etc/default/grub07:26
spronkeyyep, just edited, will see what happens07:26
artistsvoidspronkey: hope it helps07:26
spronkeylogin screen...07:26
spronkeyaaaaaand purple07:27
spronkeythere's no ouse cursor either07:27
artistsvoidI haven't had a dedicated GPU for many years now, I'm sorry07:27
spronkeyJun  6 19:27:11 garold systemd[1]: Started User Manager for UID 1000.07:28
spronkeythats last entry in syslog07:28
spronkeyno errors in dmesg07:28
artistsvoidhope someone can help you, I think I can't07:28
* spronkey tries turning on and off his tv07:28
spronkeyno luck there either07:29
spronkeyoo amybe i should delete .nvidia-settings.rc07:30
spronkeyconsidering it was working when hdmi was plugged in to igpu first time I booted, and dthe nvidia driver was definitely loaded and detecting card, i'm thinking there might be some sort of stray setting07:31
akem_spronkey, "dpkg -S /bin/ls" <- what package provides /bin/ls.07:32
akem_Yeah, i mean if you need to know it for some other file on your system.07:33
spronkeyakem_ : coreutils: /bin/ls07:33
spronkeyoh i see07:33
akem_It was just an example.07:33
=== akem_ is now known as akem
spronkeyhmm... no path for nvidia-settings.rc07:34
spronkeyguessing it gets created once oyu load nvidia tool or something07:34
spronkeyproc-sys-fs-binfmt_misc.automount                    loaded active waiting   Arbitrary Executable File Formats File System Automount Point07:35
zetheroojust noticed something weird on my Ubuntu 20.04 laptop ... when the lid is closed and the laptop is in sleep/suspend mode Pidgin periodically reconnects. :D I hear the audible notification and when I wake the laptop after a couple hours the Pidgin Nicksrv window is open and showing multiple connect messages ... how can this be happening!?07:38
spronkeyoh interesting, ubuntu on wayland works07:40
spronkeyyeah.... purple screen on x08:01
spronkeyopens fine on wayland08:01
spronkeybut nvidia drivers dont seem to work on wayland...08:01
mixfix41i think theyve been working alright08:03
mixfix41is it not the nvidia drivers then it might be nouveau iirc08:04
mixfix41i could be wrong08:04
mixfix41make sure xorg.conf is present when using the nvidia drivers08:04
mixfix41actually the nvidia blob puts it there so it should be there08:04
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coconutHow should i configure swapping when creating a multiboot of more distro's?08:55
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viktor_hi. i'm trying to set up mdadm to send email. but sending a test msg i get the error from google that my ip isn't authorized. can i configure sendmail to log in to google smtp somehow, or is there another workaround?09:07
spronkeyhmm, how can i, via CLI, reinstall nvidia drivers and have them do whatever they need to do xorg config to remove whatever random settings are in place at the moment?09:51
spronkeyMy machine will log in to a blank purple screen unless I remove /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-nvidia.conf09:51
viktor_spronkey: something like this? https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182365910:02
spronkeyviktor_ yeah, i've basically been doing that, along with apt remove --purge nvidia*10:02
spronkeybut I think i've mangled my config10:02
viktor_spronkey: if you purged there shouldn't be a config file anymore10:04
spronkeysomething is really screwed10:08
spronkeyi reinstalled xorg10:08
spronkeyand now i get a white screen with a desktop, but nothing is actually clickable10:08
JoeboyHi. I'm trying to work out why an app (Signal Desktop Messenger) is showing in my list of applications when I press the windows key. I can't find where it's installed. Tried finding / grepping for .desktop files with signal in the name, I don't seem to have any. Any ideas?10:11
JoeboyI found this: /home/joe/snap/chromium/1143/.config/chromium/Default/Extensions/bikioccmkafdpakkkcpdbppfkghcmihk/0.48.1_0/protos/WhisperTextProtocol.proto, which I guess might be related, but not sure and if it is, I don't know how I'd uninstall it.10:22
JoeboyMaybe I just have to live with having a redundant app on my computer.10:22
JoeboyOr maybe I can just delete that folder10:23
JoeboyWho knows.10:23
JoeboyIt sort of looks like I have two versions of chromium installed under snap, but only one shows up in snap list.10:25
Joeboy(I hate snap)10:26
mortuh, why is the nvidia driver version in ubuntu 20.04 called 440.82+really.440.64-0ubuntu610:48
mortwhy is the version 440.82 when it's really 440.6410:48
mortand how do I convince apt to actually get the proper 440.82 driver from the graphics drivers ppa10:49
tatertotsmort: by specifying specifically what package you want to install10:50
tatertotsmort: verbatim10:50
morttatertots: like `apt install nvidia-driver-440=440.82-0ubuntu0~` I assume? That just tells me I have held broken packages10:51
mortand why would there be a version called 440.82+really.440.64, why isn't that just version 440.6410:52
tatertotsmort: are you chatting from the computer right now?10:53
tatertotsmort: in terminal>    apt show nvidia-driver|nc termbin.com 999910:53
tatertotsmort: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so10:53
mortthat's not very helpful10:54
mortthat's for nvidia-driver-440 though10:54
tatertotslooks like you have only one candidate which is 440 and already installed10:56
tatertotsso there's nothing left for you to do10:56
mortbut the version installed is 440.64, the graphics-drivers ppa has version 440.8210:56
mortbut ubuntu's 440.64 version seemingly lies to apt and says it's 440.8210:57
tatertotsit's really 440.82 so same thing10:57
tatertotsno difference to fuss over10:57
mortso you're saying 440.82+really.440.64 is really 440.82? Why would it have "+really.440.64" in the name then?10:58
mortplus, why would glxinfo report the driver as 440.64 if it's really 440.82?10:58
OnceMehow can I encrypt external hdd disk? using LUKS on 16.04 right?11:00
tatertotsif it's really important you could get the driver directly from the nvidia website and install it according to the manufactures versioning11:00
mortbut... it's in the graphics-driver ppa11:00
mortfor focal11:00
mortapt just thinks ubuntu's built-in fake 440.82+really.440.64 is newer11:01
mortmaybe aptitude can fix it11:01
BluesKajHiyas all11:04
mortok, no, aptitude just broke everything, should've expected that11:05
mortwhy do I always have to fix up after canonical's inept packaging11:05
BluesKajuse apt11:07
mortno, apt just does the regular user blaming thing it always does11:07
mort"you have held broken packages"11:07
BluesKajbutt your head against the wall if you must11:07
mortBluesKaj: what do you recommend as the solution then?11:08
tatertotsmort: you had to manually add this 3rd party graphics PPA correct?11:08
mortwhat would qualify as not butting my head against the wall11:08
morttatertots: yes, it's generally what is recommended for ubuntu users who want somewhat not outdated graphics drivers11:08
ubottuLike apt and apt-get, aptitude is a terminal frontend for Ubuntu's package management system. Unlike the others, it is not recommended in Ubuntu because its behavior differs significantly from other Ubuntu package management tools and can cause issues.11:08
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)11:09
mortBluesKaj: if I'm stupid for having tried to use aptitude, you surely have a better way11:09
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mortif you had read any message I have written here, you would have known that apt doesn't work11:09
mortbut hey,  just blame me for your system being broken, it's what apt does anyways11:10
mortBluesKaj: you're just going to shout at me for using aptitude and you don't even know what the alternative solution would be?11:11
mortfucking awesome11:11
mortbut you've all just kind of ignored my question; why would the driver have the version 440.82+really.440.64? Why wouldn't that just be version 440.64 so that apt doesn't fucking break?11:21
mortthere's this game where version 440.82 was supposed to fix some huge performance issues with proton; I've for months just rebooted into windows for it after seeing that my system even with 440.82 has huge performance issues, but now that makes complete sense because apt's version fucking lies11:22
mortsorry, I shouldn't be so crass and quick to assume malintent. I'm sure there's a good reason. It's just frustrating is all, especially to be met with y'all thinking this is all my fault somehow11:28
pragomerhi. I bought a brand new lenovo ideapad s145 and wifi is not working at all with 20.04. "additional drivers" does not find a driver. please I need urgent help.11:33
pragomerhow can I detect my wifi card? I am sure it must be a f... realtek thing, right?11:34
mortpragomer: can you do `lspci | nc termbin.com 9999`?11:35
BluesKajpragomer, try nmcli device wifi list11:36
pragomermort: the output is https://termbin.com/lay611:38
pragomerBluesKaj: this command outputs nothing (empty prompt)11:38
jeremy31pragomer: check BIOS settings, see if WLAN is disabled11:39
pragomerOk, checking bios.. just a second..11:39
pragomerSecure boot is off, Wifi is on11:40
pragomerhttps://termbin.com/lay6   I cannot see what wifi chip is in it.... right?11:41
mortI googled Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device c82f, it seems like that's associated with lots of people having network issues11:41
pragomeromg... even the touchpad does not work either11:41
pragomerman I am so frustrated11:42
ioriapragomer, a bit verbose maybe : lspci -nnk11:42
pragomerioria: https://pastebin.com/CCy37ysP11:43
BluesKajnmcli device wifi list should show wifi signals in your area, even if they aren't yours11:43
mortBluesKaj: not if the wifi card isn't even detected by the kernel11:44
ioriapragomer, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1216699/wifi-adapter-not-found-in-ubuntu-18-04-no-drivers-for-device-rtl8822ce11:44
Dr_CokeHey BluesKaj :)11:46
BluesKajhi Dr_Coke11:46
Dr_CokeBluesKaj, How are you ?11:47
BluesKajdoing ok here Dr_Coke, how about you?11:47
Dr_CokeBluesKaj, I got an issue with my car it's to low and it's split the front guard I was pretty upset when I found that out11:48
Dr_CokeBluesKaj, but apart from that I am doing ok11:48
Dr_CokeBluesKaj, how is kubuntu coming along?11:50
BluesKajrunning fine, Groovy is just "groovy" :-)11:51
BluesKajDr_Coke, gotta keep this conversation to support, otherwise we'll be reminded to11:53
BluesKajyup, a little more strict than ##linux11:53
BluesKajthere are offtopic chans like ubuntu-offtopic or kubuntu-offtopic for general chat12:01
Dr_CokeBluesKaj, talk later man12:03
Dr_CokeI need a shower12:03
An_Si1224hallo world12:03
xbfrogyou have a question?12:08
BluesKajdo you?12:10
xbfrognope, i fixed all my issues12:10
xbfrognow running ubuntu on both my laptops, exited win 10 it wss annoying12:11
BluesKajxbfrog, pragomer has an issue with wifi card detection, it's non-existent12:12
xbfrogbeen a user of win since win 3.112:12
xbfrogi fixed my wifi issue12:12
xbfrogseems its easier to didable UEFI than to use it12:13
xbfrogdisable rather12:13
xbfrogtoo bad, they dont kake it easier to use12:15
xbfrogugh make12:15
xbfrogi needed additional wifi drivers and they wouldnt work till i disabled UEFI12:16
xbfrogugh, cant pell it right12:16
xbfrogthen "wala" there was wireless12:18
xbfrogbut of course you know all of this12:19
xbfrogthe learning curve in linux is sometimes steep12:20
xbfrogok, really? most times12:21
xbfrognice install, nice interface12:22
xbfrogbut then there are somethings that command line experts want you to do thru the command line, no gui12:23
xbfrogthis is why i hated DOS12:23
xbfrogsyntax errors are super annoying12:24
* coconut whispers something about offtopic to xbfrog12:24
xbfroggohead my lovely12:24
MBoardhi all, I have a desktop with Ubuntu 18.04 and I have 3 SSD drives.  Seems like I cannot get permission to write anything to the 2 other SSD drives, but I can write to the main SSD drive as well as a standard SATA drive.12:25
MBoardDo I need to change permissions or something on ubuntu to access the 2 drives which I cannot access at the moment?12:25
MBoardin case it makes any difference, the drives seem to be mounted as I can see them on the desktop, I can open the drives which are empty, but I cannot write to the drives12:26
BluesKajMBoard, probly try adding the ssds to /etc/fstab if lsblk lists them12:38
MBoardBluesKaj yes I just added these now, will reboot to see what happens.  Thank you12:41
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Seversquick question, im sure its normal since it just happens every once in a while and they go away when i reboot, but why do i sometimes see a random sized unmountable volume appear on my desktop?13:08
tatertotsSevers: snaps/flatpacks or whatever they are calling them now days13:21
Seversah, so is it just Ubuntu updating those in the background then? I don't really install anything on here and i notice they pop up once or twice a week and just sit there until i reboot13:22
leftyfbtatertots: what?13:25
leftyfbtatertots: snaps will not do what Severs is reporting13:25
severs_so it's something else then?13:26
=== severs_ is now known as severs
leftyfbsevers_: the next time you see it, open a terminal and type: mount13:27
leftyfbsevers: save that list and free to pastebin it here for someone to examine13:27
seversi have one here right now actually, its what made me think of it13:27
leftyfbalso screenshot the icon13:27
severscan i send it to you?13:29
leftyfbsevers: pastebin here please13:30
seversnow if i attempt to tell Ubuntu to mount it it says "Failed to mount 'Volume' The given volume was not found" which makes me feel like its just some background updating thing going on13:32
leftyfbsevers: sorry, nothing I notice at the moment and I need to step away for the day13:35
Wayward_VagabondHow do I disable the trash/trashcan system in ubuntu 18.04?13:38
Wayward_VagabondI can't remember how I turned it off last time, or really find anything about it, and not seeing any obvious settings13:38
coconutHi. I am trying to install ubuntu mate 20.04 on a new laptop. What do i have to do with secure boot?(i am new with uefi and secure boot and have no idea what this is).13:39
severs@coconut try this https://www.pcworld.com/article/2951559/how-to-install-linux-on-a-pc-with-secure-boot-enabled.html13:44
Wayward_VagabondI'm finding stuff that auto deletes trash items or removes the icon, but nothing about disabling the entire lot instead of just hiding it13:44
oerhekscoconut, see the uefi manual..13:45
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:45
coconutoerheks, ok thanks, but do i need secureboot?13:46
oerhekssecureboot is fine, fastboot not.13:46
coconutoerheks, install asks for password for secureboot. Can i just choose one, or do i have to cp one from uefi?13:47
Ben64i turned secureboot off13:47
oerhekssunno, the bios password?13:47
oerheksthat password is the last defence against malware13:48
coconutDo i really need to create a EFI-system partition?13:59
oerhekswith secureboot/uefi, yes14:00
oerheksbut ubuntu does that for you14:01
coconutoerheks, when i disable secureboot(need to do that from uefi bios right?) i don't need this?14:01
oerhekswithout secureboot, you have legacy mbr i guess14:02
oerheksit is all in the manual?14:03
coconutyeah i do not like reading manuals too much, but hehe i will try14:04
Wayward_VagabondI don't have secureboot on here, but still use an efi partion and gpt-partition table on boot drives14:18
lotuspsychjeJoeboy: contact:   https://github.com/snapcrafters/signal-desktop/issues14:21
coconutoerheks, do you find secure boot viable yourself?14:28
vijuHello, the ethernet connection doesn't work for me on Ubuntu. I can connect using wifi. I am not sure what I have changed that caused it to not connect me anymore. Plugging in the ethernet cable to the computer doesn't work. How can I get this to fix? Ubuntu 18.0414:28
oerhekscoconut, yes.14:29
coconutok, will try to install it then...14:29
jeremy31viju: what ethernet device?14:30
vijuI am not sure how to answer that.14:30
oerheksswap internet cable?14:31
vijuI don't know what you mean by ethernet device14:31
vijuThe cable is good, it worked with the other PC I use14:33
vijuDoes libvirtd have to do anything with this?14:34
lotuspsychjeviju: if you want help with your ubuntu issue, its reccomended you elaborate on details as asked about; the brand/model of your ethernet device, your kernel version, your ubuntu point release etc...14:38
oerheksis this an ubuntu install in libvirt?14:39
vijulotuspsychje: I don't understand what they mean by ethernet device. I can get you the kernel version and what's point release?14:39
oerhekslspci would show the network card ID/chipset14:40
oerheksand what ubuntu version?14:40
vijuoerheks: I installed a couple of things long time ago. I am not sure what that is for. After searching on the internet I think it's something to do with virtualbox. I use for windows and other OS. Ubuntu is natively run though14:41
bluez_Hey guys14:41
vijuoerheks: ubuntu 18.0414:41
bluez_I have setup a static ipv6 on net plan but there is also another ipv6 through Slaac with a route14:41
bluez_How can I ensure my static ipv6 is used as the default and not the slaac one?14:42
vijuThis uname -a output: Linux den 4.15.0-101-generic #102-Ubuntu SMP Mon May 11 10:07:26 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:42
jeremy31viju: post URL from terminal for>  lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net | nc termbin.com 999914:43
jeremy31viju: URL for> ifconfig | nc termbin.com 999914:49
vijuifconfig output: https://termbin.com/93rg914:50
jeremy31viju: check network manager, see if IPv4 is set to ignore or disable14:52
oerheksthe networkcable should work, driver loaded, and no issues reported with that driver, AFAIK14:57
oerheksso, what is missing in your information?14:57
vijuI've been using Ubuntu for more than 10 years like a grandma and I still struggle with simple things I am sorry, I don't know how to look for the information. If I knew I would definitely share it.15:04
vijuThanks for your help15:04
lifeboyI have deleted the boot partition of my laptop NVMe drive which was formatted with the Ubuntu 18.04 installer using LVM and encruption.  The machine is still running and the main encrypted partition is entact and readible (aamof I'm actually posting this from the machine).  I need to recreate the boot partition.  How can I do that?16:29
lifeboyI have tried recovery with various tools (like gparted and others), but nothing is found to recover.16:30
tatertotslifeboy: have you reboot yet?16:30
lifeboytatertots: No, the system won't boot if I do!16:30
tatertotslifeboy: you should back up any important data/files then16:31
lifeboyI have done so16:31
lifeboyto my NAS16:31
tatertotslifeboy: did you learn any lesson from deleting partitions?16:32
lifeboyI'm thinking it can't be too difficult to only create a new boot partition, must can't find how to do it16:32
tatertotslifeboy: you can boot LiveCD/LiveUSB and play with partitions all day16:33
lifeboytatertots: you mean like focus on what you're doing late at night when you mean to format a flash drive? :-o16:33
tatertotslifeboy: you'd need to do it from LiveCD/LiveUSB16:33
tatertotslifeboy: so you might as well just reinstall and chalk it up to a lesson and be more careful in the future16:34
lifeboytatertots: I can do that yes, but then I don't learn anything new in the process.  Never waste a disaster as a learning opportunity.16:35
lifeboyI was hoping that somewhere someone has written down what the boot partition starting and ending sectors are for LVM with 18.04.  The boot info is there, I just need to add the partition details again16:37
tatertotslifeboy: lol..you can do anything on active partition so you'll be booting to some LiveCD/LiveUSB to repair or recover no matter what...there's nothing more or new for you to learn in this circumstance besides pick the correct disk and double check you've picked the correct disk before making "destructive" changes to partitions16:37
lifeboytatertots: do you come from the windows world??  With the reinstall advice I mean...   That's not the linus way, is it?16:38
tatertotslifeboy: you couldn't pick the right block device ....are you sure it's not YOU that came from windows world LMAO16:38
lifeboyI want to recreate the boot partition. I know it's possible, but I need the parameters.16:40
urxtnw Can rm -rf / typed without privileges still do damage?16:40
lifeboyReinstalling is so last century...16:40
tatertotslifeboy: looks like you better got to google'n or duckduckgo'n16:40
lifeboyI have, but no luck, which is why I'm here.16:41
lifeboyI'll hang around, maybe someone knows16:42
tatertotsask one of the mods..they might have a link for situation where a person has borked their installation / boot and steps to repair16:42
tatertotsthere's a tool call bootrec/boot repair that will do it...but you still have to boot it from LiveCD/LiveUSB16:43
tatertotsyou could use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair maybe it'll save your bacon16:44
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EriC^^lifeboy: hey what's up17:20
EriC^^lifeboy: by boot partition you mean the efi partition?17:21
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sharpertoolI have a terminal in an embedded Ubuntu system. The editing is hopelessly messed up. Editing a single line wraps before the terminal end, and using vi or vim on a file just scrolls to the end of file, and editing is impossible.18:04
sharpertoolMoving up to the top line of the sceeen just displays a single line, scrolled.18:05
sharpertoolI set TERM variable, and used stty rows and colums to match the current size.18:05
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sharpertoolNot sure what other knobs to turn to make things work18:05
deviosI have a Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer/Scanner/Fax that's connected to my wifi network.  Ubuntu found and prints to it over the network no problem, but I can't seem to find any info on how to use the scanner over the network on Ubuntu.  Its http://192.168.x.x/scan/scan.html feature doesn't seem to work in Chrome or Firefox or even in IE or Edge on a Windows machine, so that's useless.18:16
The_LoudSpeakerHey! One of my friends is trying to install ubuntu 20.04 and he's getting following screen on opening the installer: https://upload.disroot.org/r/2r8PnL82#kcM9LCsrcn31KWDkTsAdC1upSX4EgqpKQMqaRYJr7UI=18:17
The_LoudSpeakerAny ideas?18:17
oerheksdevios, maybe the scanner wiki is any help; see sane https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Scanners#Setting_up_Network_Scanning18:18
zetheroo just noticed something weird on my Ubuntu 20.04 laptop ... when the lid is closed and the laptop is in sleep/suspend mode Pidgin periodically reconnects. :D I hear the audible notification and when I wake the laptop after a couple hours the Pidgin Nicksrv window is open and showing multiple connect messages ... how can this be happening!?18:20
deviosoerheks, that seems to point to instructions for plugging the scanner into a server and setting up sane daemon on that server so networked clients can use it.18:20
dominic34@The_LoudSpeaker  I'm no expert, but I believe that has something to do with Ubuntu not picking up the graphics card.18:20
dominic34@The_LoudSpeaker This article may also help. https://itsfoss.com/pcie-bus-error-severity-corrected/18:22
ubottuSystems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.18:23
devioszerotex_, what model of laptop is it?  have you searched to see if there's anyone talking about [your-model ubuntu sleep mode] in search engines or for a page about your model in the ubuntu wiki?18:26
devioszetheroo, what model of laptop is it?  have you searched to see if there's anyone talking about [your-model ubuntu sleep mode] in search engines or for a page about your model in the ubuntu wiki?18:27
deviossorry zerotex_18:27
zetheroodevios: Thinkpad T450s18:27
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zetheroodevios: I haven't found anything applicable online18:29
devioszetheroo, closest think I found so far: https://web.math.rochester.edu/people/faculty/akrish11/2015/04/10/lenovo-thinkpad-t450s-review-and-linux-arch-and-ubuntu-install.html via https://duckduckgo.com/?q=T450s+%2B%22sleep%22+%2Bubuntu&t=canonical&ia=web18:33
zetheroodevios: thanks but that's a bit old (2015). I only had this problem with 20.04, never with 18.0418:35
oerheksshibboleth, interesting.. but this is ubuntu support, not your mint fan channel18:49
shibbolethnever actually used mint18:49
The_LoudSpeakerdominic34: the laptop has no dedicated graphics. Only intel integrated ones18:49
The_LoudSpeakerRight now trying the kernel parameters mentioned in the link you sent.18:50
shibbolethbut i have been telling you lot that the whole snap-thing is a huge mistake18:50
oerheksshibboleth, take that to #ubuntu-discuss, thanks18:50
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The_LoudSpeakerdominic34: the kernel parameters from that link worked. Thanks!19:18
ice99guys, would you help me with this poll as it will help with a future project, thanks! https://www.quiz-maker.com/poll2964876x7a3447f2-8719:48
oerheksice99, no, wrong channel for that.19:49
oerheks!coc > ice9919:50
ubottuice99, please see my private message19:50
billybigriggerThe following packages have unmet dependencies:19:59
billybigrigger linux-image-4.15.0-91-generic : Depends: linux-modules-4.15.0-91-generic but it is not installed19:59
billybigriggerE: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution).19:59
billybigriggeris it safe to run --fix-broken install while messing with kernel packages?19:59
billybigriggeror am i caught in a mirror refresh where there are missing pkgs on the repo?19:59
oerheks'while messing with' .. what are you doing?19:59
billybigriggerapt update && apt upgrade is all im trying to do20:00
oerheksit is safe to run fix broken, but howcome it did not install properly?20:00
billybigriggerhaven't touched linux in awhile, and everytime i got package errors while upgrade, and they involve the kernel, it's never good :P20:00
billybigriggeroerheks i'll paste the log20:00
oerhekswell, try apt --fix-broken install ??20:01
billybigriggerya i can read, i'm asking if it's safe, because i know years ago apt would inform you of a command to fix the error, but always ended up borking it more20:02
oerheksafter that, 137 packages more comming. sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade ## and reboot20:03
billybigriggerwhy dist upgrade? i'm not upgrading to a new version20:04
oerheksno, dist-upgrade does not bring a new version20:05
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.20:05
oerheksnewer kernels, core components and such20:05
oerheksso it might be wise to run that command periodicly, or always like me :-D20:05
RoseBuswhat does it mean if i have a * after the filename?20:06
RoseBusoh i think it just means it's executable20:07
EriC^^RoseBus: yes20:10
billybigriggerso apt update && apt upgrade is not the correct way to update ubuntu systems anymore? :P20:11
oerheksit might not be sufficient. the update app does it right.20:12
billybigriggerawesome, i think that system hard locked while upgrading systemd20:12
billybigriggerProcessing triggers for systemd (237-3ubuntu10.41) ...20:13
billybigriggerProgress: [ 95%]20:13
billybigriggercan't ssh in anymore lol20:13
RoseBussystem requirements for cuda toolkit says i need "linux with a gcc compiler and toolchain"20:24
RoseBuswhat is toolchain?20:24
oerheksyour build packages and tools.. what guide do you follow?20:25
RoseBushow can i determine the correct graphics driver?20:46
RoseBusi have nvidia geforce rtx 206020:46
RoseBusi fk'd something up trying to install cuda / nvcc and ended up removing anything with nvidia in its name20:47
RoseBusnow i need to reinstall driver20:47
oerhekssudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall, would choose the right one20:48
tripelbI've said it before and I'll say it again. 20.04 keeps freezing. Sometimes it releases the mouse but not enough to do anything really. I've open the terminal and looked at top. I don't know what to do except to reinstall which takes a lot of time to back up reinstall and then add programs. Can anyone help me diagnose this and fix it?20:58
tripelbI'm rebooting again.20:59
tripelbHi leaftype20:59
tripelbIf you're available I'll repeat my question about 20.04 freezing20:59
fructoseIs there some reason that in Ubuntu MATE Terminal, Ctrl+Shift+s disables the keyboard for just the terminal?21:14
noordfructose, try ctrl+q21:15
fructosenoord: That generated a bunch of the keys I'd typed and enabled the keyboard again, thanks. Can you tell me why?21:16
noordfructose, https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/1214621:18
fructosenoord: Thanks!21:21
john_ramboI want to re encode a video to change its aspect ratio to 16:9 ...How can I do that ?21:34
fructosejohn_rambo: ffmpeg I'd think21:41
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MordocSorry, in the wrong console everyone...22:11
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virmahaHello. In a folder, I've file a.jpg and a (Custom).jpg . I want to delete all a.jpg files only if there's  "a (Custom).jpg" file23:05
virmahahow can I do that?23:05
oerheksthere are programs that can spot duplicate photos despite the naming..23:10
StephanieHow do I remove snapd23:10
virmahaoerheks , like23:10
oerheksfind Pictures/  -type f -exec md5sum '{}' ';' | sort | uniq --all-repeated=separate -w 15 > dupes.txt  >> https://www.linux.com/training-tutorials/how-sort-and-remove-duplicate-photos-linux/23:11
oerheksor exiftool, same url23:12
oerheksStephanie, switch distro if you don't want snap23:12
StephanieCan't I just apt purge it?23:12
AtlenohenDo I have to run grub-mkconfig when I change /etc/default/grub ?23:21
oerheksno, run update-grub23:22
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub223:23
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virmahathanks oerheks!23:26
AtlenohenOh yeah that was a different distro I was watching a tutorial there23:28
WallyI have this process "/sbin/cpqIde -f" chewing up a high portion of my CPU in Ubuntu, anyone know what it would be used for on a HP Proliant MicroServer?23:30
WallyLooks like HP's tools but unsure23:32
virmahanot sure if this is right channel, but when I use ffmpeg to convert my .MOV to .mp4, the audio doesn't work23:34
Wallyyeah sounds like a question for ffmpeg IRC channel :)23:36
virmahaWally, posted!23:36
AtlenohenHmm ... update-grub also talk about some other OSes on other devices ... so Win10 got put into Grub now, I meant to use this as a removable without either OS seeing each other ... but I guess no harm if it's just a boot option right? Don't want Win10 to be messed up23:41
qptIs there a system utility that will run a script at a certain time? Not a cron job because it's not repeating, but I'd like to run script once at, say, 6PM23:44
adam4567Which is a good scanner program, for Ubuntu 18.04? Gimp 2.8.22 doesn't have a scanner input any more. Simple Scan 3.28.0, works but is not great. Any suggestions welcome.23:52
p0aIs there a program I can use to utilize my laptops camera and capture video?23:54
p0ai.e. that does exactly that and no more. I'm not looking for jitsi/skype/etc23:55
oerheksadam4567, sane23:59

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