sunweaverhi all!13:46
sunweaverI wonder what the current philosophy regarding the standards Ubuntu desktop in 20.04 is.13:48
sunweaverI installed it and it seemed to launch an X.org in the background. And I can remote-access it with vino-server (which is a VNC server for X11).13:49
sunweaverI always thought, Ubuntu 20.04 would come with Wayland by default.13:49
sunweaverI must admin, I haven't looked any closer regarding /usr/share/xsessions and stuff, but I was a bit surprised when doing a test install on a customer machine and wanted to test the new GNOME remote desktop feature.13:50
ahayzenI believe Ubuntu still defaults to x11 since switching back for 18.04 (eg for the reasons stated here https://ubuntu.com/blog/bionic-beaver-18-04-lts-to-use-xorg-by-default )14:01
sunweaverahayzen: it looks like it, indeed...16:31
sunweaverthanks for the link!!!16:32
oerhekssunweaver, sure ubuntu comes with wayland session installed by default, logout/switch session/login18:22
ahayzennote that pipewire support is disabled in mutter under Ubuntu though, so remote desktop won't work under wayland yet anyway even if you switch :-) (eg see https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/mutter/-/blob/debian/master/debian/rules#L33 )19:41

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