oerheksp0a, cheese, obs ..00:01
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adam4567OK. Will look at Sane first. Thank you oerheks00:02
p0aoerheks: thank you00:02
adam4567I can see  sane-pygtk  there. Mbe that's it. Off to ..community/Scanners now00:04
peter22222hi... my in nautilus my gnome-online account doesnt accept self signed ssl certificates... what can i do?00:14
p0apeter22222: what are you trying to do?00:17
peter22222p0a I installed a nextcloud on my ubunt 20.04 and i did a self-signed certificate. now i want to mount my nextcloud with gnome-online-accounts... but it says "HTTP error: not acceptable tls certificate"00:18
peter22222i can add the account, but cannot use nautilus to mount the folder00:19
p0apeter22222: there seems to be some solutions online for this problem00:21
p0apeter22222: https://help.nextcloud.com/t/how-to-remove-a-certificate-exception/6274700:21
p0aI may be not answering you correctly but feel free to read the link and see if it helps you00:22
p0aalso, gnome-online-accounts has its own IRC channel, see https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/GnomeOnlineAccounts "Getting in Touch"00:23
adam4567re scanner software,  xsane  has been suggested.00:25
peter22222p0a thank you!00:26
InteloHow do I get rid of kdeinit5 http.so proccess squeezing my cpu. I am on kubuntu, installed xfce and logged in on it but this process is still there?00:27
bray90820How much resources does cron actually use because I was thinking of thing of setting up cron to run every few seconds00:54
bray90820Would that be advised or no00:54
Psi-JackAnyone know if a way to setup temporary key binding maps, for example to setup keys e and c to do PgUp and PgDown, and can be easily restored later?01:05
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HyperTablesI'm trying to run emacs in tightvncserver and connecting to it from a mac with TigerVNC with a PC keyboard attached to the mac. And M-x doesn't work. any ideas?01:27
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fancyfetusHi everyone. My google-fu is failing me here. I have a tiny little ubuntu-server VM running that I want to use to do some simple scripting. How can I make it start up and boot into root automatically without me having to enter anything?02:30
fancyfetusRight now the default user isn't root, it's an account with sudo abilities. But I specifically want to not enter a password on boot and have it automatically log in to root.02:31
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ash_worksido you use keepass?02:44
fancyfetusme, ash_worksi?02:45
ash_worksifancyfetus: anyone02:46
ash_worksifancyfetus: just seeing what other people do02:46
fancyfetusI use 1pass02:46
ash_worksithanks fancyfetus02:47
ash_worksifancyfetus: what do you like about 1pass over keepass?02:48
ash_worksi(or any other PM)02:48
fancyfetusI haven't used keepass, but I have used lastpass02:49
fancyfetus1password has a much cleaner interface02:49
fancyfetusAnd once I switched to ios, it integrated much better with everything02:49
ash_worksiI see; apparently it also offers "throw away passwords" over keepass02:50
ash_worksidunno what exactly that means though02:50
fancyfetusDoesn't keepass give you the option to store your passwords locally?02:50
ash_worksifancyfetus: keepass is local only actually02:50
ash_worksior rather, it's not online02:51
ash_worksi(not like DashLane)02:51
fancyfetusThat could be a benefit. 1pass is only online afaik02:51
ash_worksibut according to this chart, 1pass is offline only too02:51
ash_worksiso maybe this chart is wrong02:51
ash_worksior out of date02:51
fancyfetusI think that's out of date, hmmm02:53
fancyfetusLooks like 1pass CAN be local though02:53
fancyfetusStill, i mainly use it for the interface02:54
ash_worksihave you used keepass?02:54
ash_worksior rather, when you say it integrated nicely, are you referring to over keepass?02:54
fancyfetusover lastpass02:54
fancyfetusI haven't used keepass02:54
ash_worksiah i see02:54
ash_worksiwell thanks for your input02:55
ash_worksiI know people don't want to answer questions like that because they're based on so much arbitrary opinion, but it helps me and so long as people don't turn it into a flame war I think it's fine02:56
ash_worksiat least imo02:56
ash_worksiI wish it were a normal thing for browsers to automatically generate ids on various text nodes02:57
ash_worksiso you could always just link someone directly to a section in an article02:58
mixfix41im stuck at the ubuntu grub screen and im not sure how i can get it to boot focal-desktop-amd64 i did add 32bit EFI boot file and it use to go03:46
mixfix41i can enter commands like insmod and some other ones i need to dig out03:46
tripelb2Does i3 use xwindows04:29
InteloHow do I get rid of kdeinit5 http.so proccess squeezing my cpu. I am on kubuntu, installed xfce and logged in on it but this process is still there?05:36
InteloWhat is gdm3 and lightdm ?06:02
akemIntelo, login managers.06:04
akemWhen you boot up, the thing that ask you for your login and password.06:04
InteloTo have vnc on ubuntu-server, do I need a login manager?06:05
InteloFOr that also, do I need xfce or desktop env or xorg is just enough?06:06
akemIf you wanna use VNC, you usually want a windows manager or a desktop like xfce yeah.06:06
akemOtherwise you cannot manage windows :P06:07
akemYou need xorg, or eventually wayland if it's supported, a desktop/wm, then you can run your VNC server, and use it easily/normaly.06:08
ducassetripelb2: yes, but there is also a related project for wayland called sway06:23
Inteloakem: http://i.imgur.com/zDrRAGD.png06:26
Inteloakem: a) I cannot just use xorg ? I need a desktop env like kde or xcfe?06:26
Inteloakem: b) any clue why this happens06:27
akemIntelo, Yes you need a desktop or a WM otherwise you will get problem to get focus and you won't be able to move windows.06:46
Inteloakem: making xstartup +x solved06:46
Inteloakem: thanks!06:46
akemIntelo, Cool ;)06:47
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snake-venommy system resolution 1366x768 max , any how can i increase it to 1920x1080 ?07:03
snake-venom0:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation HD Graphics 620 (rev 02)07:03
snake-venom 07:03
akemsnake-venom, Go to settings, devices > screens.07:05
akemOr you can change it with arandr too.07:05
snake-venom:) akem thanks but max 1366x768 max showing07:06
akemsnake-venom, Try arandr.07:06
akemYou may have to install it first: apt install arandr.07:06
snake-venomakem, installing..07:07
akemAnd then you go in the menu, the name of the screen, then it will shows all possible resolutions.07:07
snake-venom1366x768 max showing07:07
akemsnake-venom, Then you can't go beyond that with your current drivers.07:08
akemsnake-venom, Is it a laptop?07:08
snake-venomah ic, yes its laptop07:08
snake-venomcant any driver installation help me in this ?07:09
akemThe max resolution is choosen from the max of the display panel, this is your native resolution.07:09
akemYou can go higher on HDMI, if you plug a screen that can go higher.07:09
snake-venommeans another screen i need to attach  ?07:10
EriC^^snake-venom: yes the resolution depends on the screen as mentioned, if the screen supports 1080 you can run it only07:11
snake-venomhm ok thanks, seems more cost to me :(07:11
EriC^snake-venom: see the laptop specs to know what it can support07:14
akemHow can i tell if the laptop lid is closed from the terminal? (ssh session)07:19
EriC^akem: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/148197/determine-status-of-laptop-lid07:21
akemAwesome, thanks EriC^, i couldn't find it, my bad search skill :P07:24
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InteloI am running xfce. I still see kdeinit5 http.so in top despite I am not in kde (I just have it installed). It takes much resources. How can I get rid of it?07:52
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oxybladehi) ubuntu friends have a good day)08:21
tommy``is anyone here using tilix?08:29
mesaboogietommy``: yes08:46
tommy``mesaboogie: you installed with apt or from github?08:47
tommy``do you have in your .config folder the tilix folder themes?08:47
mesaboogienever looked08:47
tommy``could you check please?08:48
ducassetommy``: this would be much easier if you would explain your problem08:49
tommy``i don't know why i don't have tilix folder on .config for installing themes08:50
ducasseis there a .tilix folder in your homedir?08:54
ducassei expect you can  just create it under .config, though09:02
eliyahutbrHey guys, is there something similar to "System Monitor" that allows me to see (in GUI) what is going on with my network connection(s)?09:03
mesaboogieyes, creating and placing the new themes .json works tommy``09:03
tommy``mesaboogie: you created on your .config?09:03
tommy``i found that the folder is in /usr/share/tilix/schemes09:04
mesaboogieducasse: mkdir -p ~/.config/tilix/schemes/09:04
mesaboogietommy``: ^^^09:04
JimBuntueliyahutbr, you are looking for an alternative to the system monitor? What specifically do you want to see about your network?09:04
tommy``what's that "^^^" ?09:04
mesaboogietommy``: means that sentence was for you instaead of ducasse09:05
tommy``ah :o09:05
eliyahutbrJIMBuntu, I want to see what apps are using the network09:05
JimBuntueliyahutbr, Ok, I understand now. I'm not aware of a GUI that lets you see what programs are using the network interfaces via GUI. I'm sure there is one out there though :)09:09
Viking667Quick question, where would I download a .src.deb from? I need to go compile tightvnc as an rpm instead.09:28
eliyahutbrJimBuntu, anyway I can see this via terminal?09:28
ledenieliyahutbr:try etherape 'sudo apt install -y etherape'09:29
Viking667hm, I'd forgotten about that, too used to wireshark, I guess.09:30
eliyahutbrdude! this is awesome. thanks ledeni!09:30
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akemWhat lightweight image viewer can you suggest me please?09:46
akemFound Viewnior and Mirage.09:49
viktor_i got a beginner question about port forwarding: if i set the internal IP of my server, and i don't keep it on all the time, can't the internal IP be something else next time?10:53
WaVviktor_: it's possible. If you'd like to prevent that from happening, you can enable DHCP reservation on your router or set a static IP on that machine in question.11:02
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viktor_Wav, the 2nd is my server's MAC address, right? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/66CxwYSdSB/11:14
BluesKaj'Morning all11:15
viktor_BluesKaj: good evening :)11:16
BluesKajhi viktor_11:16
viktor_How do i find the MAC address of the host in a SSH?11:27
akikviktor_: ip link show11:38
amcsiI have this weird issue that occasionally (like every 2 hours) some networking issue would happen to me that approximately 1/3 of the IPs would become unreachable until I unplug and plug back my ethernet cable11:40
amcsiI would notice this when browsing a website and noticing that it says "This site can't be reached" on a site, that some sites load, but a couple don't. It seems to be completely random, which.11:42
amcsiThis can even cause me to get cut off from Zoom calls11:43
amcsiI've already confirmed that this is not a DNS issue, because the IP can't be pinged either, and I already tried setting my DNS to and it didn't fix it11:43
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amcsiwhat could cause this, and how best to go about trying to fix this?11:44
pinheadmz1hi friends11:56
pinheadmz1im having trouble with a custom dns server - my server works when I dig @ its ip, but it does not wokr when set in the network settings tab11:56
pinheadmz1if i set dns to it works11:56
pinheadmz1but my personal dns server ip wont work in the settings tab11:57
BluesKajpinheadmz1, try setting your personal dns in /etc/syatemd/resolved.conf at the DNS= line12:05
BluesKajcorrection /etc/systemd/resolved.conf12:05
pinheadmz1ok even though im using gnome / gui?12:07
pinheadmz1is there a reload / reset command as well?12:08
pinheadmz1looks like dig is still hitting, which is not forwarding to my dns12:09
BluesKajmaybe a logout/login12:10
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raddyHello Everybody12:28
raddyI am trying to setup persistence in my 4GB pen drive12:28
raddyI don't have a large requirement12:28
raddyIs it possible to reduce installation size of live image ?12:29
raddyAll the changes like setting wifi password and setting a wallpaper be preserved ?12:30
jeremy31raddy: I don't think those can be saved12:34
raddyjeremy31: Really ? then what is the purpose of persistence ?12:36
jeremy31raddy: you can save text files, pictures and other files12:36
toffeHi, I have a question. Can I prepare a disk for raid 1 ahead of time? I've not received disk 2 and just want to prepare raid1 on my first disk so they sync when I get my next disc?12:41
viktor_i set up a DDNS & trying to connect to host via SSH, but the connection just times out. What am i still missing?12:46
quadrathoch2raddy, I think you just want to install ubuntu on that usb stick12:47
akemAnyone knows if it possible to turn my running system into an live USB stick?12:56
akem"Remastersys" maybe, i see on askubuntu.com.12:58
toffe /exit12:58
akem4GB file limitation :(12:59
akemI wanted to put 50 GB installed system on a 64 GB stick.12:59
akemWell 40 GB.13:00
akemTools discontinued.13:02
akemI wonder why it is not possible to just clone the hardrive partition to a USB stick, and just tweak boot stage :X13:03
EriC^^akem: you can dd it to a usb and it should run as a full os13:12
EriC^^akem: you need to take care of the boot loader and that the uuid are the same as in fstab13:13
akemEriC^^, You try it before? I need to change uuid in fstab and install grub on the USB stick?13:13
EriC^^akem: if you dd the partition you wont need to change the uuid, my bad, but yes you have to take care of grub13:14
EriC^^it really depends on if you're using uefi or msdos akem , if you're using uefi you'll need to also make an efi partition and add that to grub, also when you install grub you want to let it install the removable media efi files so that it can boot without having any entries in the uefi list of the pc you plug it into13:15
EriC^^akem: in theory if you want you could make a usb install that can boot on any pc booting mode, msdos or legacy if that's something you're interested in13:16
EriC^^*legacy or uefi13:16
EriC^^*add that to fstab13:17
akemMy USB sticks are 32 GB :X i can't try it now, i need a 64 GB one.13:17
akemEriC^^, That would be nice yeah, if it could boot in both situation EFI or dos.13:18
akemEriC^^, I have a EFI partition on my current machine.13:18
akemThere is also Windows 10 installed, but i never boot it.13:18
EriC^^akem: aha, for that you would need to make the partition table gpt, make a bios_boot 1M partition for legacy booting, and an efi partition for the uefi, and install grub-pc and install grub to the bios_boot, then install the normal grub-efi packages (with the removable media option) for the uefi booting13:19
EriC^^akem: yeah, windows has an issue with usb installs, ive run into the same problem personally13:19
akemEriC^^, Do you have some link that details what you just said?13:21
EriC^^supposedly there are tools out there to make a windows usb, i tried one but it never really booted for me iirc13:21
EriC^^akem: not really, it's really not that more details, the bios_boot is just a 1M partition with the type "ef02", efi partition should be 300mb or so with type "ef00", you only add efi partition to fstab, then install grub-pc package from a chroot with efi partition mounted, then grub-efi package and run grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --removable --efi-directory=/boot/efi13:24
acresearchpeople in ubuntu 20.04 server the default command to run python is python3    how can i change it to python? () because that is breaking lots of my scripts13:26
akemEriC^^, I don't mind about Windows. That cool, thx for the informations and details, i logged it, i will try it when i get the USB stick.13:27
quadrathoch2acresearch, you need to rewrite your scripts then. as it could break a lot more than just your scripts to edit the python bin13:28
EriC^^akem: alright, no problem, ps the grub-efi package you need is 'grub-efi-amd64-signed'13:28
akemacresearch, Create an alias maybe? or move "python" to something else and symlink it to python3.13:29
akemNot sure it will work fine, but you can try it.13:29
acresearchquadrathoch2: i can;t change all my scripts, it is not feasible13:29
EriC^^acresearch: what does "readlink -f `which python`" give?13:29
acresearchakem:  how can i change it?13:29
acresearchEriC^^: readlink: missing operand13:30
acresearchoh sorry13:30
acresearchEriC^^: /root/which python13:30
EriC^^acresearch: what does "which python" give?13:30
acresearchEriC^^: nothing13:31
acresearchwhich python3 give /usr/bin/python313:31
EriC^^seems odd there's no /usr/bin/python there13:31
EriC^^acresearch: does "dpkg -S /usr/bin/python" give anything?13:32
acresearchEriC^^: to be honest this python 2 to 3 change is totally terrible,   i mean i like python 3 but that way they choose to perform the transision is poor13:32
acresearchEriC^^: dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/bin/python13:32
EriC^^acresearch: do you have this installed python3-minimal13:34
EriC^^it comes up in the manifest of 20.04 server, for me a python minimal package provides /usr/bin/python13:34
EriC^^this is the manifest fwiw https://releases.ubuntu.com/focal/ubuntu-20.04-live-server-amd64.manifest13:34
EriC^^try 'apt-cache policy python3-minimal' to see if its installed13:35
acresearchEriC^^: i am using vultr,   i think maybe they have their own ubuntu setup?13:36
EriC^^could be yeah13:36
EriC^^you could always just do as akem suggested and make a symlink to python313:36
EriC^^sudo ln -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python13:37
acresearchEriC^^: nice that solves it13:40
acresearchEriC^^: thanks :-)13:40
EriC^^acresearch: no problem :)13:40
mw_anyone here had problems with their startup scripts not being executed _at_all_? happened a while ago, only annoyance is that my PS1 is not being set up, all i got is the bare bash-4.4$ prompt, both in X terminals and the textmode ttys, feels a bit like blindly wandering around in the dark. could've just set up an alias to set it manually, but that would be forming a bad habit, and i already got too much of those, so here i am suffering. trie14:42
mw_d all kinds of approaches, straced/ltraced  it - (( echo exit | strace bash -li 2&> strace.txt )) kinda stuff, even inserted log calls way back to /etc/profile, which is the first being read (and it is clearly being opened according to strace) and even that doesn't seem to run. there is an echo > log statement in there to a 666 file and it's empty after a reboot. manually running it appends an entry. i don't even know anymore where the hell m14:42
mw_y environment comes from. weird.14:42
mw_what would be your next step?14:46
mw_i just refuse to wipe it off and reinstall14:47
mw_it will break again14:47
mw_hell i miss the good old slackware days14:47
mw_now every update brings a different login screen14:47
EriC^^mw_: if you add "echo something" to /etc/profile and run "bash" it doesnt appear?14:48
mw_ever realized you just typed your password into a username field? because at the last boot it was already selected... or an onscreen keyboard popping out in your face for no reason..14:49
EriC^^1 sec14:49
EriC^^ok same here, it needs an actual login shell14:50
EriC^^mw_: what if you add something to ~/.bashrc ?14:50
mw_if i run it manually it works fine, just not on init14:51
mw_i have echo > log.log stuff everywhere by now14:51
EriC^^ok, try 'sudo login' then login does it still show it?14:51
EriC^^try to add "echo something" in .bashrc14:52
EriC^^mw_: ah actually for me, with sudo login it doesnt show it, then it shows what i added in ~/.profile14:52
EriC^^so try adding something in ~/.profile and run "sudo login"14:53
mw_just did it, straight echo to stdout14:53
mw_still nothing14:53
EriC^^mw_: do you have a ~/.bash_profile ?14:53
mw_.profile and .bashrc only14:54
mw_strace: openat(AT_FDCWD, "/home/mw/.bash_profile", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)14:55
mw_so it looks for it14:55
mw_and then: openat(AT_FDCWD, "/home/mw/.profile", O_RDONLY) = 314:55
EriC^^mw_: try "mv ~/.bashrc ~/.bashrc.backup"14:56
EriC^^mw_: then add in ~/.profile at the very top "echo something"14:56
mw_openat(AT_FDCWD, "/home/mw/.bashrc", O_RDONLY) = 314:57
mw_it reads both files properly14:57
mw_what's the concept?14:57
EriC^^try it?14:58
mw_well, why not14:58
EriC^^that's the spirit :D14:58
EriC^^mw_: also try "grep mw /etc/passwd" and take a look at the last column14:59
mw_oh, silly me, i forgot14:59
mw_this happens to all accounts afaik15:00
EriC^^that's interesting, but just as a sanity check it's /bin/bash in the last column?15:00
mw_and even more stunning, there was a brief period when some were still working, while mine was broken15:00
mw_sure it is15:01
EriC^^mw_: ok, so after renaming .bashrc and putting echo something in the top of ~/.profile , it's still empty in sudo login ?15:01
EriC^^mw_: ok, try "sudo mv /etc/bash.bashrc /etc/bash.bashrc.backup" and "sudo mv /etc/profile /etc/profile.backup"15:04
mirakis there anywhere a repo with dingo packages ?15:04
mirakdisco dingo15:04
coconutAny place i can download ubuntu 19.10 iso ? I cannot find it.15:05
EriC^^mw_: also see if /etc/environment has anything interesting other than the PATH variable15:05
BluesKajcoconut, https://releases.ubuntu.com/19.10/15:06
An_Si1224hallo world15:06
mw_it's like nothing changed15:06
mirakubuntu 19.0415:07
coconutthnx BluesKaj!15:07
BluesKajcoconut, all i did was google it15:08
EriC^^mw_: odd, for me renaming both /etc files and .bashrc but keeping .profile gives an echo when logging in15:08
mirakhello, I have a ubuntu 19.04, how do I update it to 20.04 ?15:09
mw_ok, renaming /etc/environment _did_ make a change, so that obviously executes15:09
mw_echo from your ~/.profile?15:09
BluesKajmirak, recommend a clean install15:10
EriC^^mw_: yeah15:10
ducasse!eolupgrade | mirak15:10
ubottumirak: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:10
mw_i'll run another strace, see how it looks now15:10
EriC^^mw_: i get the same effect if i run "bash -il"15:11
EriC^^mw_: in the strace it shows open("/home/e/.profile", O_RDONLY)      = 315:12
michagogoHi, I’m trying to make a live USB drive that also has other partitions on it. I’ve tried Startup Disk Creator as well as a couple different mkusb modes and each time I’ve ended up with just the iso9660(or whatever it was) filesystem on the disk with no partition table to add to. Is there a recommended tool that will create an installation disk _with_ a partition table?15:14
EriC^^mw_: it seems to open /etc/profile then /etc/bash.bashrc then a bunch of /etc/profile.d/* stuff then ~/.profile then ~/.bashrc15:15
EriC^^mw_: i get this line read(3, "# ~/.profile: executed by the co"..., 686) = 68615:16
EriC^^so it opens it, does fstat then reads it15:16
EriC^^this is the line previous to the read, fstat(3, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0660, st_size=686, ...}) = 015:17
fradafter installing python from eadsnake's ppa https://launchpad.net/~deadsnakes/+archive/ubuntu/ppa, ls /usr/bin/python* shows /usr/bin/python3  /usr/bin/python3.8  /usr/bin/python3.9. is it a problem to have 2 versions of python?15:18
mirakBluesKaj, i will do an upgrade to 19.10, then 20.0415:18
mirakI did do-release-upgrade and it's what it proposes15:18
akikmichagogo: i've written a guide on how to do it. it includes the ubuntu mate installer + hiren's bootcd https://atkdinosaurus.wordpress.com/2020/05/25/how-to-create-a-multiboot-usb-stick-installer-in-linux-mbr-and-uefi/15:19
mirakI do that in chrooted snapshot anyway15:19
michagogoWait, wtf, I just used a mode of mkusb that mentioned making an usbdata partition15:19
michagogoIt did that, and lsblk shows 3 partitions15:19
michagogoBut gparted is only showing one partition and no partition table?15:20
EriC^^michagogo: this might also be worth a check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:20
BluesKajmirak, you backup your data then copy it over after doing a clean install, problt a lot faster unless you have numerous tweaks that you want to save15:21
mirakI am not in a hurry15:21
mirakand also I don't remember all specific setups I did15:22
mirakif there is a command that can tel you all the changes you did, I am interested15:22
michagogoEriC^^: I think that may be outdated? usb-creator-gtk in Focal definitely didn’t offer me persistence15:22
BluesKajok, i did what you intend once and it worked ok15:22
mirakBluesKaj, but I think with a ssd and optical fiber time is not really an issue15:22
michagogoAlso, I’m not looking for persistence within the live environment, just more data partitions15:23
coconutBluesKaj, and "ubuntu-6.06.2-desktop-amd64.iso" ? (All i duckduckgo find is with Title "ubuntu-6.06.2-desktop-amd64.iso" while file actually is version ubuntu-6.06.1-desktop-amd64.iso)15:23
akikthat's vintage15:24
mirakBluesKaj, also as I said, I always have a multiboot of linux installs with btrfs. So I do a snapshot of the current system and name it to the next ubuntu, then chroot in it, and run the upgrade there.15:24
BluesKajcoconut, well, sometimes google is needed15:24
mirakBluesKaj, there is no way I do an ubuntu upgrade without a fallback. There is always something that's wrong and needs time to fix15:25
coconutBluesKaj, yeah i tried with duckduckgo15:25
EriC^^michagogo: the later part of the guide mentions how to manually install the iso there "method 3"15:25
mw_EriC^^, looks like it executes, the number of openat() lines doubles if i place /etc/profile back in place. at the same time it still seems it doesn't,  like if it was in some sort of chroot jail or accidentally ran in a docker container, however that works, i dunno much about it... but i've installed docker and k8s a while ago, altough haven't yet got to really use them15:30
fradi need your opinion about synaptic: I find it useful, because it lists all names with all possible variations for all possible packages. For somebody with not a sound knwoledge of computing this is very practical. But I find myself cmobining cli and synaptic. For instance: I just upgraded python. I started googling for commands, executing those commands, but ultimately turning to synaptic to check packages names... Is this the wrong way of doing it? I simply15:34
fraddon't know the packages names15:34
mw_EriC^^, although at some point i've already made the init.d/docker non -x so...15:34
knstnGuys, if i run either systemd-networkd or NetworkManager, and i want to add a 2nd DNS server, and because i'm lazy i go to /etc/netplan/*.yaml and just add it there, what do i have to restart? NetworkManager/systemd-networkd depending which i use, or reboot the server?15:38
mw_looks like i'll have to resort to some hack15:45
mw_can i consider installing windows a hack? at least it's expected to break.. this one, ok, have seen a lot, successfully got through a dist-upgrade, the very first for me that didn't end in total disaster, so in the grand scheme of things, i can't complain that much15:48
=== semitones_tea is now known as semitones
mw_but for fks sake, on a linux box, being unable to debug the startup scripts, let alone properly set a goddamned environment variable on shell init, sooooo enfuriating15:50
sherlockFrom the output of `apt list --installed`, how do I know that a package was installed from a ppa? e.g., "golang-1.14-go/bionic,now 1.14.2-1longsleep1+bionic amd64" is installed from longsleep ppa, but that is not very apparent from the string. Is there a cleaner way to do the same?16:05
acresearchpeople anyone can understand this error:  https://hastebin.com/cuwutiloku.pl   i don't undertand what is the problem16:07
Lukei had some script make folders with single quotes in the folder names. How do I remove those directories from the bash cli?16:18
mw_start to type and press tab? autocomplete takes care of these, at least for me16:19
padhuI wish to buy all in one monochrome laser printer with wifi for home use which is working in Ubuntu. Please suggest one16:24
StatelessCatpadhu: an HP ? Because of cups + hplip ?16:26
padhuAny one. But with full functionality16:27
codecutternot much space left on my virtual server, how do i find the largest files so i can delete them?  => / is using 99.9% of 29.02GB16:28
tomreyncodecutter: ncdu16:28
tomreyncodecutter: this shows disk allocation by director,y not latest files.16:29
codecutteryea, i need the latest files16:29
codecuttermost probably logs16:29
codecutterthis is showing the files inside my home dir16:29
tomreyncodecutter: logs are usually stored in /var/logs16:29
tomreynrun it as    suco ncdu /16:30
tomreynrun it as    sudo ncdu /16:30
tomreynlog files are usually rotated so they should not keep growing16:30
codecutterthought so /var where the logs is the largest16:31
tomreynif you prefer to look for the latest files, see the !man page for "find" about the -mtime and -mmin   (and -ctim and -cmin) options16:32
codecutteris it safe to delete everything in '/var/log/journal'?16:34
Lukemw_: yeah I was using autocomplete to expand them but it still seems to not work16:35
codecutter'/dev/vda1        30G   28G  1.4G  96% /16:36
tomreyncodecutter: probably so, but i would not recommend it, since thos logs can provide relevant information. you may want to reconfigure logging instead, and vaccum systemd-journald's database. generally, what's stored there is already well compressed. i'd rather look into what else is consuming most of the disk space, and into options for extending your available disk space.16:37
codecutterlets see what else is consuming the disk space16:38
tomreyncodecutter: what's consuming the other 25 GB? 3-10 GB (the latter on a desktop only) will be the OS and applications. but what are the other ~15GB?16:39
Lukemw_: i used emacs dired mode to delete them. not sure what was going on with the bash autocomplete expansion failure16:39
codecutterno idea16:40
mw_Luke: so dired did the job?16:40
Lukethank god :)16:40
codecutterits defiantly not files that i manually placed there16:40
mw_good then :)16:40
Lukety for the emotional support ;)16:40
tomreyncodecutter: well, ncdu should hint on it, see which directory below / takes how much, then naviagte through it. most of ubuntu is in /usr/lib, /usr/share and /var/lib16:43
codecutterthere are a lot of 1G files inside  /opt/tomcat/logs/16:43
codecutter-rw-r----- 1 tomcat tomcat 1G Nov 19  2019 catalina.2019-11-19.log16:43
codecutter-rw-r----- 1 tomcat tomcat 1G Nov 20  2019 catalina.2019-11-20.log16:44
codecutter-rw-r----- 1 tomcat tomcat 1G May 27 20:48 catalina.2020-05-27.log16:44
codecutter-rw-r----- 1 tomcat tomcat 1G Jun  7 16:42 catalina.out16:44
tomreynso you seem to have a custom apache tomcat installation there.16:44
tomreynby default, apache tomcat creates those date indexed log files, but using ubuntu packages, those would still be written to /var/log and (i think) log rotated automatically, too, so that old files are removed after a while.16:45
codecutterold files are being deleted it seems16:47
codecuttersee above pastebin16:48
tomreynnov 3, 2019 is > 6 months ago, and those files remain uncompressed. that's not a good configuration, especially if you're short of disk space.16:49
codecutterlets remove all the files except the most current ones16:49
codecutterhelp me fix this16:49
tomreynwhich ubuntu version is this, installed how, which kernel version, why aren't you using ubuntu tomcat packages?16:50
codecutteri had set up tomcat some time ago, i'm sure i used apt-get for this but not sure16:52
codecutteranyway help clear files and in the future compress the files and auto remove those too old16:52
tomreyn<tomreyn> if you prefer to look for the latest files, see the !man page for "find" about the -mtime and -mmin (and -ctime and -cmin) options16:55
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/16:55
codecutteri find the files16:56
codecuttersee pastebin16:56
tomreynyou can also use this to look for all files older than ..., then use -exec to run commands against them , or just -delete16:56
Drecondiusdoes libpng16 support the same calls as libpng12 or do i need to build libpng12?16:57
tomreynDrecondius: if they'd export the exact same symbols the packages would likely not have changed name, just version.16:58
padhu wish to buy all in one monochrome laser printer with wifi for home use which is working in Ubuntu. Please suggest one16:58
Drecondiuswell, png12 doesn't exist, ergo i need to build :(16:59
tomreynDrecondius: what makes you ask this, though? usually you won't run into this situation unless you're running some closed source software built for a different OS release on yours.16:59
codecuttersudo rm /opt/tomcat/logs/catalina.2019*16:59
codecutterrm: cannot remove '/opt/tomcat/logs/catalina.2019*': No such file or directory16:59
Drecondiusthe game Dying Light requires libpng12 only one in the repos, and installed is libpng1617:00
DrecondiusCould I potentially make a link libpng12 - libpng16?17:01
tomreynthis *may* work.17:02
Drecondiushere goes .... I'll inform if it works17:03
codecutterwhy is this command not deleting the files? sudo rm -rf /opt/tomcat/logs/catalina.2019*17:04
sorcererwhy does my audio make like a popping sound everytime i start to play something with audio17:04
sorcererits just a quick pop but its annoying cuz it does it everytime so i cant leave my speakers too loud17:05
codecutter[938971.915768] systemd-journald[386]: Failed to open system journal: No space left on devic17:06
codecutteri want to delete all files from line 1 -51 https://pastebin.com/nxSX8Npj17:20
codecutterrm: cannot remove '/opt/tomcat/logs/catalina.2*': No such file or directory17:20
codecuttersudo rm /opt/tomcat/logs/catalina.2*17:21
tomreyn!crosspost | codecutter17:25
ubottucodecutter: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.17:25
codecutterit was all working last time17:38
xbfrogcan the background pictures that come with ubuntu 20.04 be deleted? i have one thats annoyingly bright18:00
tarelerulz if you boot an iso from your hard drive can you use that to install back to the hard drive?18:01
gravitosso, i've got ubuntu 18.04 bionic on arm64, and when i try to connect to irc using irssi or hexchat, instead of ident (that thing which is uid355353 in my case, set to "gravitos" in both clients) both irssi and hexchat send Unknown, and that means that i can't join some servers which i'd like to.18:06
gravitosany known ways to fix this?18:06
Trail_Q: in my /etc/fstab i have several NFS mount points set as noauto so i can mount them as a user. I would like to mount them automatically when i log in to gnome. I've read /config/autostart/ is a good place, however im failing to run a script that does the mounts for me as a user. I created a text file with the mount commands, and a mount.desktop file that is similar to the other .desktop files in there. but i get no result.. is there18:06
Trail_an easier way to do this?18:06
m2_teknixany software I can use to make/receive phone calls via my android phone, while I am plugged into ubuntu?18:07
gravitosm2_teknix: unsure but maybe kdeconnect18:08
joshhTrail_: so the .desktop file has Exec=yourscript?  and the script is executable?  and then that desktop file is an autostart program?18:11
Trail_joshh, yes has exec, yes its chmod +x, no i dont see it appear in tweaks... how do i do that?18:12
codecuttersudo apt remove redis18:13
joshhthat i don't know, was just trying to understand your approach, sounded interesting.  does clicking the desktop file correctly execute it?18:13
codecutterPackage 'redis' is not installed, so not removed18:13
codecuttersudo apt install redis-server18:13
codecutterredis-server is already the newest version (5:4.0.9-1ubuntu0.2).18:13
Trail_josh i didn't know i could execute the .desktop file itself. which btw is not chmod+x nor are the other two that do work18:13
joshhthey are the same files that desktop launchers/menu entries use, i think.  i don't use gnome though18:14
joshhbut you are probably on the right track18:14
tomreyn!paste | codecutter18:14
ubottucodecutter: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:14
codecutterok, i'll keep that in mind in future18:15
joshhcodecutter: looks like redis is a metapackage that depends on redis-server but not vice versa, if you're just confused about that or something18:17
codecuttersudo apt-get purge --auto-remove redis-server18:17
codecuttersudo apt install redis-server18:19
Trail_thanks, going for a reboot to try new ideas;)18:21
joshhthat looks like it failed to start in the postinst steps for some reason, is an older process still using the port or something?  or does the log have a specific error?18:21
joshhalso you should probably install the redis metapackage18:21
joshhbut that's probably not directly related18:22
oerheksremove a server, reboot, install the server again to avoid such mishaps18:23
codecutter 2388 ?        Ssl    0:02 /usr/bin/redis-server
knstnGuys, if i run either systemd-networkd or NetworkManager, and i want to add a 2nd DNS server, and because i'm lazy i go to /etc/netplan/*.yaml and just add it there, what do i have to restart? NetworkManager/systemd-networkd depending which i use, or reboot the server?18:26
The_LoudSpeakerI have a amd ryzen 7 4800 cpu paired with nvidia 166018:32
The_LoudSpeakerUbuntu focal isn't recognising the amd integrated GPU18:32
The_LoudSpeakerAlways using the Nvidia card.18:32
The_LoudSpeakerAny suggestions?18:32
oerheksmaybe your bios gives an option; integrated first, then pciXpress18:34
oerhekswhen you put in a dedicated card, bios switches to that card, standard18:34
Deano59The_LoudSpeaker: 4800?18:34
oerheks.. and check for bios updates18:35
The_LoudSpeakerDeano59: yeah a 4800H18:35
The_LoudSpeakeroerheks: okay. I will check the BIOS18:36
Deano59oh, a laptop?18:36
Deano59my bios has an option to disable iGPU and use a dedi gpu card, can turn it on/off; ryzen 3200g.18:36
Deano59try your bios and look for an updated bios as oerheks said.18:37
The_LoudSpeakerSure. Thanks!18:37
codecutterif i do 'redis-server', it starts successfully  but when i do 'sudo systemctl restart redis.service' Job for redis-server.service failed because of unavailable resources or another system error.18:41
codecuttertried creating the symlink again 'sudo systemctl enable redis-server'18:41
Deano59codecutter: you sure 100% the systemd service points to "redis-server" ?18:42
codecutterhow do i check?18:42
oerheks'enable' is used for starting at boot.18:43
oerhekselse, there is mask/unmask/start/stop/restart18:44
codecuttersudo systemctl unmask  redis-server.service18:44
codecuttertried that too18:44
joshhcodecutter: you should't mix using manual start/stop with systemctl, just one or the other18:45
joshhsystemd won't know about your manually started one, etc, it sounds like18:45
codecutteri need it to start on boot18:45
joshhand then try to start a new one and have a port conflict18:45
joshhthen just do systemctl enable redis-server, and don't start it manually18:45
joshhkill the one you started, systemctl enable redis-server to start it at boot, systemctl start redis-server to start it now18:47
codecutterjoshh neither of these work18:48
joshheven without the old one running?18:48
oerheksafter enable, just reboot.18:49
codecutterthere is no other services running i event tried rebooting to see if redis started18:49
codecutterservice did not start on boot so I tried 'systemctl start redis-server'18:49
codecutterJob for redis-server.service failed because of unavailable resources or another system error.18:49
joshhok so that needs to be debugged then18:50
codecutterok, lets go18:50
joshhreboot, systemctl status redis-server, if not active, systemctl start, if that fails, journalctl -xe18:51
codecutter1 sec18:51
joshhalso do ps -ef | grep redis18:51
codecuttersudo systemctl start redis18:54
codecutterdoes not work18:54
joshhwhat does journalctl -xe or the redis log say18:55
codecuttersudo journalctl -xe -> https://pastebin.com/yMtCMeFA18:56
rjwiiiFINAlLY! .... got my QC35s working ... another device was hogging the A2DP profile ...18:56
joshhok, see if there's a /var/log/redis or something, apparently nothing in the systemd log18:57
codecutterno /var/log/redis18:58
codecutteri mean its empty18:59
joshhthat is weird18:59
ioriamaybe that's the problem18:59
ioriacodecutter, what's the permission ?18:59
codecutterif i do redis-server, it starts18:59
codecutteri'm using sudo18:59
codecutterso thats not the prob19:00
codecutterwell, i dont to be honest19:00
codecutterdont know*19:00
ioriacodecutter, ls -l /var/log/redis19:00
codecuttertotal 019:01
ioriacodecutter, ls -ld /var/log/redis19:01
codecutterdrwxr-x--- 2 redis redis 4096 Jun  7 18:25 /var/log/redis19:01
ioriait's ok19:01
joshhi think the server just didn't write any logs, it must not have even started enough19:01
codecutteri had to do 'sudo  ls -ld /var/log/redis'19:02
joshhall you did was install the package and didn't manually do or change anything earlier?19:02
codecutterwell, i was having the same issue with my prev install so I removed it and reinstall using'apt install redis-server'19:02
codecutterprev version removed with: sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove redis-server19:03
joshhso it's never worked via systemd on this machine?19:04
codecutterprev version did, until my last reboot19:05
joshhi just did sudo apt install redis-server on a focal that's never had it before, or any other redis, and it started up clean19:05
codecutterok maybe i should remove it all and do it again?19:05
Deano59^ delete the service too.19:06
codecuttercan i have the commands?19:06
Deano59you're doing something wrong.19:06
joshhya, there has to be something wrong or conflicting somewhere, just hard to tell what19:06
joshhyou ever installed, set it up, or started it in any other way in the past?19:07
joshhalso what ubuntu version19:07
codecuttereverything was working perfectly until my l;ast reboot19:07
codecutterlsb_release -a gives me '18.04'19:07
joshhthere's some difference between you typing "redis-server" and systemd starting it with it's execstart command and whatever other options it looks at19:08
joshhdo you have /etc/redis/redis.conf?19:09
codecutterit seems to so19:09
joshhls -l /run/redis/redis-server.pid19:09
codecutterls: cannot access '/run/redis/redis-server.pid': No such file or directory19:10
vlekI have a quick newbie question. I'm switching to ubuntu from win10, I'm trying to figure out where the best place to put things like a VLC plugin before I make/install.19:10
ioriacodecutter, sudo updatedb && locate redis.service19:10
joshhlook at /etc/systemd/system/redis.service and see if anything in there looks broken or changed etc19:11
ioriacodecutter, paste it19:11
Deano59codecutter: use "ubuntu paste"19:13
Deano59"Pastes to https://paste.ubuntu.com/"19:13
Deano59read the /topic19:14
joshhi have an idea19:14
joshhyou started it with sudo redis earlier, but it's supposed to run as the redis user, as you can see there19:14
joshhi bet something it uses got owned by root19:14
codecutterit did switch to su account19:14
codecutterdo delete some files19:15
Deano59codecutter: is there a user called redis?19:15
codecutterredis is for the redis-server19:15
Deano59answer the question, please.19:15
joshhsudo -u redis /usr/bin/redis-server /etc/redis/redis.conf19:15
Deano59you have "User=redis Group=redis" if it doesn't exist, it won't start. change to your username or even root and try again.19:16
vlekI have a quick newbie question. I'm switching to ubuntu from win10, I'm trying to figure out where the best place to put things like a VLC plugin before I make/install.19:16
joshhthe package should install that user and group19:17
Deano59not really joshh...19:17
joshhim guessing there's a perms issue because it has ran as root before manually19:17
codecutteri did not create user redis19:17
Deano59codecutter: change to your username/root; "systemctl daemon-reload" and see if it starts...19:17
joshhthe package created the user in my test just now19:18
joshhyou should have it19:18
joshhtry the sudo command i showed you19:18
joshhand see if there's a useful error19:18
Deano59joshh: yeah but wrong permissions etc can cause it not to start via systemd. he should change it.19:18
codecutteri did this <joshh> sudo -u redis /usr/bin/redis-server /etc/redis/redis.conf19:18
joshhthat said, apt-get install --reinstall should fix any wrong perms19:18
Deano59codecutter: "codecutter: change to your username/root; "systemctl daemon-reload" and see if it starts..."19:19
joshhcodecutter: what did it do?19:19
codecutternothing happened19:19
joshhDeano59: exactly, but he should fix the broken perms instead of starting it as root19:19
ioriacodecutter, check the status again19:19
joshhcodecutter: is there a redis process running?19:19
codecutter 2166 ?        Ssl    0:00 /usr/bin/redis-server
Deano59joshh: indeed but to make sure IT IS a permission error he should change it to his user/root.19:20
joshhok, that makes sense19:20
Deano59codecutter: see above. seems like you're trolling...19:20
codecutterDeano59 1 sec19:20
codecutterthere is a process running do i stop it?19:20
joshhthen try to start it again via systemd as root19:21
Deano59or your user. :)19:21
codecuttersystemctl daemon-reload as sudo?19:21
Deano59yes. or root.19:21
joshhi wonder if you read a blog post that said to do sudo redis or something, and that broke some perms or resources from the package, which didn't get fixed by reinstall19:21
joshhworking theory so far19:22
Deano59codecutter: try and start it. :)19:22
codecuttersudo systemctl start redis19:22
codecutterJob for redis-server.service failed because of unavailable resources or another system error.19:22
codecutterSee "systemctl status redis-server.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details19:22
joshhbut when i see "resources error", etc, i think of locks, pid files, ports, etc19:22
Deano59did you do daemon-reload?19:23
joshhcodecutter: wait, do ls -ld /var/log/redis again19:23
xbfrogvlek; read your pm19:23
joshhoh nevermind19:23
codecutterdrwxr-x--- 2 redis redis 4096 Jun  7 19:16 /var/log/redis19:23
ioriacodecutter, time to purge it again and autoremove (and rm /etc/redis/dump.rdb) and reinstall19:25
codecutterok lets do it19:25
codecutteri already tried that but this time i'll take your commands19:26
codecutterjust incase i missed anything19:26
ioriacodecutter,  apt purge redis redis-server && sudo apt autoremove --purge19:26
ioriacodecutter,  sudo rm  /etc/redis/dump.rdb19:27
codecutterrm: cannot remove '/etc/redis/dump.rdb': No such file or directory19:27
ioriacodecutter,  ls /etc/redis/19:28
codecutterls: cannot access '/etc/redis/': No such file or directory19:28
ioriacodecutter,  ls /var/log/redis19:29
codecutterls: cannot access '/var/log/redis': No such file or directory19:29
ioriacodecutter,  ps -A | grep -i redis19:29
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt install --reinstall redis19:30
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt update && sudo apt install --reinstall redis19:30
codecutternot so fast19:30
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt update19:30
codecuttersudo apt install --reinstall redis error19:30
Deano59no need for reinstall.19:31
Deano59"sudo apt install redis"19:31
InteloI am running xfce. I still see kdeinit5 http.so in top despite I am not in kde (I just have it installed). It takes much resources. How can I get rid of it?19:31
codecutterthere is an error on --reinstall line19:31
codecutterlet me get pastebuin19:31
Deano59yes don't do that codecutter, see above.19:31
ioriawhat error ?19:31
Deano59(no need for reinstall. "sudo apt install redis")19:32
ioriait's the same19:32
Deano59he's not reinstalling ioria so it isn't needed.19:32
ioriai said it'ds the same19:32
oerheksIntelo, remove kubuntu-desktop^19:32
codecuttersudo apt install --reinstall redis -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Kq49Sr4hFb/19:32
Deano59codecutter: "sudo apt-get install -f"19:33
codecutteri need to follow one person19:33
oerheks 14 not upgraded.19:33
ioriacodecutter,  14 not upgraded.19:33
oerheksreally, messing with a server install without proper updates?19:33
ioriacodecutter,  you are updated19:34
codecutterwhat does that mean?19:34
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt update19:34
Deano59"apt update -y && apt upgrade -y && apt install redis" < codecutter19:34
joshhthat was the remove failing19:34
joshhunless im blind19:34
Deano59codecutter: "sudo apt-get install -f"19:34
Deano59I'm don, gotta go. :)19:35
m2_teknixOn ubuntu 20, I paied my laptop and android phone via bluetooh. I can listen to songs etc but can't speak\listen in calls. Bluetooh connection goes mute19:35
oerheksand after dist-upgrade, reboot.19:35
joshhalso install redis, not redis-server, next time19:35
oerhekslots of security fixes lately19:35
joshhyou missed the 2nd sudo after the &&19:36
Intelooerheks: hm but I need it or may switch to it. THe logic I see is that if I am not running kde, why the process in xfce session?19:36
joshh(it's a whole separate command)19:36
codecutter1 sec19:36
joshhactually you need 319:36
oerheksIntelo, not sure, some KDE app needs it to function in xfce19:37
codecutterok done19:37
ioriacodecutter,  please, before install anything, be sure your system is upgraded19:37
Intelooerheks: I am not running any kde app. Just session manager is of kubuntu19:37
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade19:37
codecutteri usually do this, in fact i'm i ran update19:37
codecutteri'm sure*19:38
oerheksIntelo, i said it needs it, you don't need to run that app, it is available when you do19:38
joshhsudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo apt remove --purge redis && sudo apt install redis19:38
ioriacodecutter,  and if you got kernel updates, reboot19:38
oerheksanyway, such small instance should not bother you19:38
codecuttererror on sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade19:38
joshhthe remove failed earlier though, you might need to force that step first19:38
ioriacodecutter,  paste the error19:38
joshhactually yes, the broken package will make your upgrade fail19:38
Intelooerheks: sudo apt remove kubuntu-desktop ?19:39
oerheksjoshh, don't give that line. after dist/full-upgrade, he should reboot first19:39
oerhekstoo much nice commands that could bite19:39
oerheksi used to use that too, including apt autoremove, but that should be done after reboot too.19:40
ioriacodecutter,  sudo dpkg -P  redis redis-server19:40
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt full-upgrade19:41
Intelooerheks: is that correct command? Will I loose anything  else than kde and its apps?19:41
Intelooerheks: will I get confirmation on what apps will be deleted? e.g I do not want firefox to be deleted19:42
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt-get install -f19:42
oerhekswell, adding a desktop is no problem, removing one is interesting..19:42
oerheksone could do a -d dry run19:42
ioriathe same ?19:42
joshhdo you have /var/tmp?19:43
joshhthat's an odd error but you might have deeper issues with this server19:44
ioriacodecutter,  ls  /var/lib/dpkg/info/initramfs-tools*19:44
joshh/var/tmp should be created by the base-files package, hmm19:45
ioriacodecutter,  sudo mv   /var/lib/dpkg/info/initramfs-tools*  /tmp19:45
codecutteri may have deleted /var/tmp when i was cleaing up the filesystem19:46
codecutteri fact i did delete it19:46
codecutterjosh: i deleted that directory, i was getting filesystem is full message so I had clean up some old files19:47
joshhok, this is good info19:47
joshhi see19:47
joshhi wonder if you deleted any other dirs that the systemd service depends on, which aren't getting reinstalled by the redis-server package alone19:47
joshhtry reinstalling base-files at least19:48
codecutterjust tmp19:48
joshhwhich is what creates /var/tmp, though systemd writes there19:48
codecutterioria done19:48
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt-get install -f19:48
codecutterjosh hold that thought19:48
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt full-upgrade19:49
codecutterno errors19:49
codecuttersudo apt autoremove?19:50
ioriacodecutter,  wait19:50
akemHey, i got this stuff in my dmesg about JFS/raid6/Btrfs ?? however i don't have anything like that on my system, Do someone knows where this originate from?19:51
ioriacodecutter,  sudo dpkg --configure -a19:52
ioriacodecutter,  dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii | grep -v ?rc19:52
ioriacodecutter,  dpkg -l | grep -v ^^ii | grep -v  ^^rc19:53
ioriacodecutter,  sorry:  dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii | grep -v  ^rc19:55
ioriacodecutter,  ok, sudo apr autoremove --purge19:55
ioriacodecutter,  ok, sudo apt autoremove --purge19:55
Deano59ioria: get a better keyboard. ;P19:55
akemSomone answered me, it grub doing it.19:56
ioriacodecutter,  all good ?19:56
codecutterfew warnings19:56
ioriacodecutter,  like what ?19:56
codecutterno errors19:56
ioriacodecutter,  it's ok; sudo apt install --reinstall redis19:58
ioriacodecutter,  what is ?19:58
Deano59at this point I'd give up and re-install 20.04 codecutter :)20:00
ioriacodecutter,  sudo mv   /var/lib/dpkg/info/redis*  /tmp20:00
joshhalmost there but not quite20:00
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt purge redis*20:00
codecutterDeano59 hehe20:01
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt autoreme --purge20:01
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt autoremove --purge20:01
ioriacodecutter,  sudo apt install --reinstall redis20:02
ioriacodecutter,  the same ?20:03
joshhmaybe add set -x to the redis-server postinst20:03
ioriacodecutter, sy, i give up for now, sy20:04
joshhhang on20:04
codecutterioria defeated20:05
joshhsudo vi /var/lib/dpkg/info/redis-server.postinst20:05
joshhchange the set -eu to set -eux20:05
joshhthen retry20:05
codecutteri hope he did not think I was telling him to go20:05
joshhmight show more info20:05
codecutterthat was for josh20:05
joshhlol its ok, he knows20:06
joshhthe apt install again20:07
codecutteroh rerun20:07
codecuttersudo apt install --reinstall redis?20:07
joshhtry just apt-get -f install first, or dpkg --configure -a20:07
joshhnot sure offhand whether --reinstall will overwrite the postinst20:08
Deano59you've got a broken install/os/system. re-install 20.04 and be done with it. ;P20:08
joshhbut yes if this doesn't show a better error, then it just seems like your server is messed up in ways that are tough to tell from irc right now20:08
joshhok the step the of the server itself starting is what's failing20:09
joshhnothing to do with the install of the package per se20:09
Intelooerheks: can't I just turn it off?20:09
joshhlooks like systemd is actually calling the old style init script though20:10
joshhactually nevermind20:10
joshhthe postinst did invoke-rc.d which should be systemd20:10
joshhbut there is an old init script on my focal box also20:10
codecutterit seems a system upgrade is in order here20:11
joshhcodecutter: try that out of curiousity, sudo /etc/init.d/redis-server start20:11
joshhoh that script just uses systemctl duh20:12
joshhbasically just nothing different20:13
codecuttersystem upgrade it is then?20:13
joshhyou should, but one sec20:14
joshhjournalctl -u redis-server20:14
joshhjournalctl -u redis20:14
codecutter...  redis-server.service: Can't open PID file /var/run/redis/redis-server.pid (yet?) after start: No such file or directory20:15
joshhls -ld /var/run/redis20:15
codecutterls: cannot access '/var/run/redis': No such file or director20:16
joshhshould have looked at that earlier, figured the journalctl -xe would show everything20:16
joshhhmm ok20:16
joshhone sec20:16
joshhyou have /var/run right?20:16
joshhi guess try creating redis dir, drwxr-sr-x 2 redis redis20:17
codecutterwhere ? command/20:18
joshhsudo mkdir /var/run/redis20:18
codecutterthis is getting too tedius20:18
joshhsudo chown redis.redis /var/run/redis20:18
Intelooerheks: it was ktorrent20:19
Intelooerheks: thanks20:19
joshhsudo chmod g+s /var/run/redis (just matching mine)20:19
oerheksgood spot20:19
joshhdrwxr-sr-x 2 redis redis 60 Jun  7 13:12 /var/run/redis20:19
joshhshould look like that20:19
joshhthen sudo apt-get -f install/sudo dpkg --configure -a again20:20
codecutterdrwxr-sr-x  2 redis redis   40 Jun  7 20:18 redis20:20
joshhthis time if it doesn't start again, try journalctl -u redis again20:20
joshhand see if error is different20:20
codecuttererror on sudo apt-get -f install20:21
joshhanything new in journalctl -u redis?20:21
Deano59ONEcodecutter: bro, give up and RE-install.20:21
=== Deano59ONE is now known as Deano59
joshhdamn, wtf20:22
codecutterDeano59ONE i'm may need to20:22
Deano59codecutter: by the time it takes to fix your problem, you could have a fresh install with everything working. :)20:23
joshhmight as well, but the more you remember about how you got things broken, the more you can learn from this20:23
codecutterok, i'll upgrade20:23
codecutterthx for the try20:24
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joshhyou doing clean install?20:24
Deano59no upgrade codecutter, fresh install of 20.04...20:26
Deano59unless you want more problems.20:26
joshhyou might need to fix the broken package first, or just re-purge it, but i'd also recommend clean install now20:26
codecutterthat will mean getting rid of my setup20:26
codecutterthis is a production server20:26
joshhyou can also keep debugging why it doesn't work via systemd, or just start it manually like before if your business depends on that, but then plan to move to a known-good server setup20:26
codecutterit has to be an upgrade, so give me the pre prep20:27
codecutteri only have on server setup20:27
joshhim not convinced an upgrade will fix it more than anything else, but it might.  it could also break your upgrade if that package itself fails20:27
Deano59yeah I'm gone, gl. :)20:28
codecutterif you want to continue then lets continue20:28
joshhweird that there was no new error in journalctl -u redis after fixing that dir20:29
joshhand that it still failed20:29
joshhif i were you id keep troubleshooting that though, or do a clean install, but with the way your package manager has already had some inconsistencies, i'd rather just do the starting it manually hack, then  migrate to a better setup, than try an in-place upgrade if you can't afford to lose the server20:30
quadrathoch2i would suggest to maybe install a new os through debootstrap, configure it, set up everything up, and then reboot the server to the new OS, so you have minimal downtime20:32
codecutterjoshh: give me some pre-upgrade pre prep to increase the chance of this error going away20:54
codecutterafter upgrade20:54
codecutteri can't afford a fresh install20:54
gravitos21:06:10 <gravitos> so, i've got ubuntu 18.04 bionic on arm64, and when i try to connect to irc using irssi or hexchat, instead of ident (that thing which is uid355353 in my case, set to "gravitos" in both clients) both irssi and hexchat send Unknown, and that means that i can't join some servers which i'd like to.21:12
gravitos21:06:31 <gravitos> any known ways to fix this?21:12
HickorySmokedBacIs Ubuntu the best *untu to try and run Steam on?21:13
HickorySmokedBacOr can Kubuntu/Lubuntu all that do it well?21:14
oerheksgravitos, some channels block free irccloud users, for a reason21:18
gravitosnot irccloud21:18
gravitoshexchat and irssi21:18
oerheksmaybe you setup the connection wrong without SASL, ask in #Freenode?21:21
AavarCan someone tell me how to renew my dhcp lease on 20.04?21:22
oerheksdhcp leases are handed out by your router?21:23
Aavaroerheks: yes, but it gives me the wrong ip.21:26
oerheksAavar, if you need a dedicated ip , don't do dhcp, set a mac filter on that ip in your router21:29
oerhekselse there is no wrong ip21:30
Aavaroerheks: Why not? It's easyer to manage ips from one spot?21:30
oerheksit is not an ubuntu issue, but router\21:30
Aavaroerheks: It's not an issue... I am trying to release the lease and renew. Or restart the network if you will...21:32
AavarIt has nothing to do with the DHCP-server...21:33
oerhekssudo service network-manager restart or systemctl restart systemd-networkd21:34
oerheksi would stop it, delete the lease in the router, and start again21:35
Aavaroerheks: thank you. systemctl restart systemd-networkd was what I was looking for :)21:36
HickorySmokedBacSeems the latest release is an LTS ?21:36
compdocI love the LTS!21:37
HickorySmokedBacHm Lubuntu hasn't caught up though yet compdoc21:38
HickorySmokedBaccompdoc: Guess I'll try either Ubuntu or Kubuntu and see how native games run off steam21:39
HickorySmokedBacNow that I moved in to the city with unlimited bandwidth and unmetered21:39
HickorySmokedBacI don't see why I don't try atleast once to get all machines off Windows21:39
HickorySmokedBacLooks like Xubuntu caught up with Lubuntu hasn't , I'll try it21:42
codecuttergot it21:52
codecutterremoved redis21:53
codecutterreinstall base-files21:53
codecuttersudo apt install --reinstall base-files21:53
codecuttersudo systemctl restart redis.service21:54
codecuttersudo apt install redis-server21:54
rhaguHi, I am running a ubuntu bionic server and saw that udisks2 keeps polling my hdds which prevents spindown, I turned of the service with systemctl stop, can I simply remove udisks?22:10
mirakI am upgrading a ubuntu from a chroot22:21
mirakand i want to upgrade to the next one, but it asks me to reboot, but i don't want to22:22
mirakcan i force do-release-upgrade to ignore that ?22:22
epsilonKNOTi mean if its asking you to do something you probably should22:25
epsilonKNOTcuz you don't know the internals of do-release-upgrade22:26
epsilonKNOTfor all you know it might be running cleanup scripts on boot22:26
oerheksi don't get the  'i don't want to' part22:27
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mirakepsilonKNOT, I don't want to reboot my host22:55
mirakit's like needed to reboot your virtualbox host for an upgrade in a guest22:56
mirakthat's not hard to understand22:56
oerheksthe chroot part is interesting22:56
oerhekswhy do you need that route?22:56
mirakgoing from 19.04 to 20.04 through 19.1022:57
mirakso I snapshot the running 19.0422:57
mirakchroot in the snapshot and upgrade it from there22:57
mirakI always done that22:57
mirakbut I never did two do-release-upgrade in a row22:58
oerheks19.04 should not be running, as it is EOL.22:58
mirakI don't see why it would do cleaning at boot22:58
oerheksand what makes you think you cannot do a chroot again, fter reboot?22:58
mirakoerheks, so you where available to do the upgrade on my moms computer ?22:59
mirakoerheks, what makes you think if i want to boot on 19.10 ?22:59
oerheksoke, i leave you, good luck.22:59
mirakI don't want to reboot22:59
epsilonKNOTare you 5?23:00
epsilonKNOTi don't want to reboot is not a good reason, you may want to give some better reason then people will be inclined to help23:01
epsilonKNOTtbf i've not run ubuntu in > 4 years23:01
epsilonKNOTbut i don't think the principle changes23:01
mirakdo you have that file ? /var/run/reboot-required23:03
mirakepsilonKNOT, just shut up23:03
epsilonKNOTmaybe you need to understand how to ask for help23:04
mirakyou already proved you were not gona give me what I want23:04
mirakso I found what I need, I will just remove that file /var/run/reboot-required23:05
mirakand this file /var/run/reboot-required.pkgs23:06
flexyjerkovhi, got a quick question which im hoping is easy to answer.23:18
flexyjerkovupgraded to 20.04lts from 18.04lts and since upgrading i'm finding when deleting bulk files it hangs the system23:19
flexyjerkovthis is only when deleting via gui, using rm is fine.23:19
r3duxhow do I install a pkgbuild file in ubuntu?23:19
epsilonKNOTflexyjerkov: can you see in system monitor what is the program hanging ?23:26
flexyjerkovonce it hangs the entire system just freezes, i think its the file explorer that's doing it though as doing a rm -rf * on the .local/share/trash folder does it in seconds23:28
flexyjerkovi had tried to ssh via my mobile during a hang to at least get htop up but even that hangs trying to connect23:28
flexyjerkovappears to only be with Files, using 3.36.2-stable23:30
r3duxdoes anyone know how i can install picom/compton-tryone inside of ubuntu? I have it on my arch systems but cant seem to figure it out inside ubuntu23:38
epsilonKNOTit seems like this is a bug with whatever file manager you are using23:43
epsilonKNOTcan you do something like: nautilus ./ > ~/log.txt 2>&123:44
epsilonKNOTthis will save all your log information when you've opened you file manager23:44
epsilonKNOTand try to delete files23:44
epsilonKNOTflexyjerkov: ^ this way even when it hangs and you hardboot you can get info23:44
flexyjerkovwill give it a shot, just using the default gnome Files program23:46
flexyjerkovwhich is Nautilus...23:46
flexyjerkovepsilonKNOT, whatever the issue was it looks like doing an apt-get upgrade and autoremove and clean up of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ has fixed the issue.23:49
flexyjerkovmight have a scan through old logs to see if i can find the culprit23:50
epsilonKNOT(~ -.-)~23:50
flexyjerkovdo you know if theres a PopOS specific channel?@23:50
epsilonKNOTno idea23:51
flexyjerkovreally wishing i didnt /list didn't realise this was such a large network23:51
flexyjerkovanyway, thanks for the help. i'm going to be off now.23:52

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