guivercEickmeyer, fyi:  BDLL have publically stated Ubuntu Studio will be covered next week00:47
Eickmeyerguiverc: Thanks!02:04
SoundShamanis there a way to set a host mask on freenode02:17
EickmeyerSoundShaman: You'd have to ask #freenode.02:17
EickmeyerUbuntu members are given masks.02:17
SoundShamanoh ok02:18
SoundShamanhi again Eickmeyer btw02:18
SoundShamanhow ru02:18
EickmeyerDoing ok. Trying to spend some time with my family, just jumped-in to check on things. :)02:18
SoundShamancool right on02:18
SoundShamani been trying to figure out how to mix tracks together from seprate instruments to make one song on Audcaity02:19
SoundShamanlots of reading02:19
EickmeyerYep. Should probably take it to #ubuntustudio-offtopic for chit-chat since this is the support channel, but I'm about to hop off.02:20
SoundShamanoh yeah my bad02:20
OvenWerksEickmeyer: fyi, audacity is not made for tracking instrument. qtractor or Ardour are. (even the video editors like blender or kdenlive would do a better job.... and most people who use blender for video still use ardour or such for sound staging.05:59
OvenWerksAudacity is great for audio editing though.05:59
t0rgOn my upgrade to focal fossa the hydrogen package seems to have gone missing. Any ideas on the easiest way to bring it back?14:49
OvenWerkssudo apt install hydrogen?15:08
t0rgAh, for some reason i had an older version of hydrogen-data from another repo lying around. Removing it apt install hydrogen sucessfully installed the new one.15:08
OvenWerksthat would do it...15:08
t0rg..from kxstudio, probably added that as a source ages ago15:12
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: I'm liking the overall feel of Ubuntu Studio without kxstudio repos, but one thing that really is a ridiculous pain in the ass is the fact that I can't watch and listen to web-browser audio while US-c is the one running the audio-show...15:13
sirriffsalotLike now for instance, I have three different ardour sessions running, as I'm sorting through a lot of files, and I'd like to just take a break and listen to an interview. I'll have to close everything down, shut off US-c and let pavucontrol take over again just to watch a video online in order to hear the audio.. surely there must be a solution to this which is more practical?15:14
OvenWerksuse pulse bridging...15:15
OvenWerksyou don't have to close anything15:15
OvenWerksThat is the way controls does things by default15:16
OvenWerksif you can hear your daw, then with pulse bridging you can hear your browser15:18
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: well the pulse bridge is happening, the chromium-section in the playback tab of pavucontrol is showing audio happening, but I can't route it/see it going anywhere15:19
sirriffsalotEven in carla15:19
OvenWerksin pavucontrol it should show a jacksink. Do you see that?15:20
sirriffsalotUh, wait, wtf... now it works. What on earth happened15:20
sirriffsalotSeriously I didn't change anything, lol. Hang on15:21
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: huh, odd... seems to be working now. I'll keep an eye on this and get back to you if it happens again :)15:21
OvenWerksas a note, allowing pulse to be able to see any device while bridged to jack can cause jack to crash on ardour export15:22
OvenWerksit also cause the odd xruns all the time.15:23
OvenWerksThat is why controls removes pulse's ability to see alsa devices while jack is running.15:23
sirriffsalotDepends on your buffer size and periods I imagine, my beast of a machine has had no trouble with that in the past :)15:24
sirriffsalotBut usually I shut down everything else when doing an export15:24
OvenWerksnope does not depend on buffer size.15:24
OvenWerkspulse will try to use the sync of even an unused device it can see.15:24
sirriffsalotIf you have a lower buffer size, that makes for more likelyhood of xruns in general, in my experience? At a certain point a machine just isn't good enough to cope with the processing speeds you're demanding15:25
OvenWerksbecause the two devices are not in sync it will (_will_) cause xruns every time that device does not irq in time15:25
sirriffsalotAh, well yeah sure15:25
OvenWerksthis is really a bug in the pulse-jack bridge.15:26
OvenWerksI would think a crash whle exporting would be the bigger problem though15:26
OvenWerksbecause pulse is syncing itself to some unused device, it causes trouble when jack is put in freerun mode.15:27
OvenWerksNo one is going to work on pulse at this point though, because it looks like pulse will be replaced by pipewire.15:28
OvenWerkspossibly jack will be as well if things go well.15:28
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: jack will be replaced? What on earth for?15:30
OvenWerksI think the idea is that jack will be a part of pipewire. That is with pipewire running, a jack client will see jack running15:32
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: why fix or change jack, is it not working optimally enough?16:10
OvenWerkssirriffsalot: pipewire should not be either better or worse than curent jack. but system integration should be better.16:35
TreskjegI've got a Focusrite pro 40 set up with firewire, but I only see 2 system audio inputs in Jack. Ubuntu Studio 20.04... any ideas?16:35
OvenWerksTreskjeg: not enough information for me to give any suggestions16:36
OvenWerksI am not familiar with the device at all.16:36
sirriffsalotTreskjeg: you need to configure jack to see your device's respective ins/out?16:36
OvenWerksfirst question would be if you are using the device as jack master.16:37
TreskjegYes, using as jack master. Or attempting to. When I select the firewire driver in jack, it doesn't let me select anything other than "default" for device.16:37
sirriffsalotTreskjeg: close controls for now, open up qjackctl instead and see there what you can do, you have a lot more options16:38
sirriffsalotBut that option should be in US-c16:38
sirriffsalotUnder "Channel Count"16:38
OvenWerkscontrols does not show firewire at all in 20.04.16:39
OvenWerks it expects firewire devices to show as alsa devices16:39
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: Treskjeg oh, lol. I misunderstood then16:39
OvenWerksSo i expect using qjackctl16:40
TreskjegYup, using qjackctl. Selecting firewire as the driver there empties the interface options to just "default".16:41
TreskjegSelecting "Alsa" as the driver shows three options for the Focusrite Pro-40, but running jack with any one of these still has only two inputs in jack.16:42
OvenWerksI do not know how qjackctl deals with FW. I know that the alsa fw modules have to be unloaded before the ffado drives can be loaded16:43
OvenWerksI don't know if qjackctl somehow does this or if the user needs to blacklist the snd-* firewire modules first.16:44
TreskjegI had read we no longer have to blacklist snd-dice, but if we still need that in 20.04, that would help... I'll try that next.16:45
TreskjegAs far as I know, the FireWire driver in Jack is really just Alsa's FireWire utils.16:46
OvenWerksTreskjeg: my problem is that I know pretty much nothing about fw devices. I got one last year to play with but so far it does not even show up as anything :P16:46
OvenWerksI do not think that is true though qjackctl may deal with it that way.16:47
OvenWerksjack itself deals with fw in a different way16:47
OvenWerksqjackctl may detect a fw as alsa device and silently use the alsa backend16:48
OvenWerksbut I don't really know.16:48
OvenWerksThis is a big part of why support in ubuntustudio for firewire devices is not here. There is no one who knows enough to help people.16:49
sirriffsalotTreskjeg: if you use qjackctl you'll get an error message that's pretty detailed, that might give some hints. Link a pastebin to the error output :)16:50
sirriffsalotTreskjeg: as the device should pop up there at least :-S16:50
sirriffsalotTreskjeg: did you google to check if some drivers are required for this particular device in GNU/Lin?16:51
TreskjegI've attempted that. Didn't find much that was useful. Everything I did find said it should work through Alsa, but this device has 8 inputs and I'm only ever seeing 2 in Jack no matter which of the 3 instances of it I pick from the dropdown.16:52
TreskjegI'll get to work on deeper googling and keep an eye out for the error messages, and I'll be back then to run through this here if I need to.16:52
OvenWerkssorry to not be much help...16:53
TreskjegNo worries; helped some anyway, especially with regards to maybe having to blacklist snd-dice.16:53
OvenWerksSome of the arch docs on that may be helpful16:54
OvenWerksThey at least have a list of modules to BL16:54
augugustohey. the ubuntu studio web pag does not use https for the downloads or the checksums. does anyone have an iso and can send me the checksum?19:06
Eickmeyeraugugusto: Known problem, but even the source of the images or the checksums doesn't use https (cdimage.ubuntu.com). This is beyond our capacity to fix. You *can* trust the checksums on cdimage.ubuntu.com as those are accurate, and nobody (not even myself) has access to that server.19:26
Eickmeyeraugugusto: Every flavor of Ubuntu has gets the checksums from the same source, so if you can't trust ours, you can't trust anybody.19:27
augugustono but if you have an image that you've used, you can send me the checksum so at least i can be sure i have the same image as you19:27
Eickmeyeraugugusto: https doesn't work that way. The site hasn't been compromised. You can trust it. I'm not going to go out of my way to provide you information that's already published.19:27
* Eickmeyer is the Ubuntu Studio leader19:28
Eickmeyerteward: If you're around, can you explain to augugusto why they shouldn't be paranoid about the lack of http on cdimage.ubuntu.com?19:30
tewardyou mean https?19:31
tewardit's Canonical's faul19:31
tewardthere's a set of official cdimage mirrors as well19:31
tewardand distributiong a cdimage.ubuntu.com SSL cert to every mirror host will be problematic19:31
tewardbecasue they also need to share a privkey for that which in turn *compromises* the key19:32
tewardit's a logistics challenge to support that across the mirrors19:32
tewardit's not compromised though19:32
Eickmeyeraugugusto: So, that basically means adding https to the site would *compromise* security of the images, not enhance it.19:32
tewardit also introduces its own logistics headache to manage it securely.19:34
tewardaugugusto: you may want to ask this question to the ubuntu mirrors team instead - this isn't an Ubuntu Studio issue it's a higher level issue that is far more wide-spread than just Studio (and not within Studio's purview to control)19:35
augugustosorry i wasted your time. i'll go ask somewhere else. my network could be compromised. thats why i asked19:35
oerheksso https is safe. not.19:41
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