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MiltosHi ppl :-)05:07
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KryunaHi. Does anyone play Dying Light on Ubuntu/Xubuntu? I'm having troubles launching it! I'm using NVIDIA recommended drivers. (proprietary) , gtx 1050ti12:49
Kryunanevermind I fixed it!13:45
Kryunado any of you guys game on here?13:45
CelsoGood morning!14:16
RandyB201i wanted to tell someone...16:55
RandyB201the xubuntu core iso i downladed would not install for me16:56
RandyB201i ended up downloading the mini.iso, when i selected xubuntu-core, the xubuntu-core did not automatically install.  i was able to install it from the terminal, though16:58
RandyB201i installed synaptic, it shows up in the menu as synaptic-pkexec and does not start at all from the menu17:01
RandyB201when i change that to sudo synaptic and click the box to open it in a terminal, the terminal asks me for my password and opens synaptic -- almost as easy as gksu, lol17:03
RandyB201i installed lillyterm and set it to my default.  when i click on Synaptic, lilyterm opens, but the Synaptic command does not seem to get passed to lillyterm17:06
azagayaHi! i need some help! is there a way to enable autologin from console for an user in xubuntu 20.04? it seems that /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf is not there anymore19:31
azagayaor for gui, but i need to set autologin19:31
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krytarikazagaya: https://askubuntu.com/questions/530072/how-to-auto-login-in-xubuntu - despite indeed '/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf' not being there anymore by default now, this still applies.20:09
azagayakrytarik: thanks for the answer, but unfortunately it doesnt resolve my problem in 20.04.. first, because /etc/lightdm/lghtdm.conf seems not to be present anymore. Second, the energy manager also seems to be changed. I tried every suggestion there without any help20:14
azagayaI found the possible file in /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/60-xubuntu.conf20:15
azagayaBut sometimes it stills asks for the password. All energy settings are set to never suspend the computer20:16
krytarikazagaya: Well, I implied that you just create '/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf' yourself.20:28
azagayaOh, sorry.. as the article says "add the following lines" i assumed it had to exists already.. I'll try.. thanks!20:29
azagaya * Oh, sorry.. as the article says "add the following lines" i assumed it had to exists already.. I'll try.. thanks!krytarik20:29
CurlyWhat is the command to shut off  < on join ;  on part >  for IRSSI ?22:19
CurlyIt is quite annoying.22:19
CurlyI found it.  https://blog.htbaa.com/news/irssi-ignore-joins-parts-quits-and-nicks-messages22:21
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