wallyworldhpidcock: is the TestArrayArraysUnorderedWithExpected test, why diesn't jc.NewMultiChecker().Add("[1]", jc.SameContents) work? why does it need the additonal jc.ExpectedValue arg? To me we should just be able to specify jc.SameContext and job done00:11
hpidcockwallyworld: because some checkers don't take any arguments, some checkers take more than one00:12
hpidcockso this way the syntax matches c.Check00:13
hpidcockand it means you declare the compared value to be different than whats in the object you are comparing00:14
wallyworldok, that make sense00:15
wallyworldlooks nice00:16
hpidcockwallyworld: yeah we can iterate on it to make sure its useful for all cases in the future00:17
wallyworldyup, land and iterate :-)00:17
oyrogergHi everyone, quite new to Juju. I am comparing two different bundle files for deploying the same final system, and would like to know about 'gui-x' and 'gui-y' settings. Do they do much of interest to a non-GUI user?00:19
oyrogerg(Meanwhile, I see there's a Discourse. Searching there...)00:19
pmatulisoyrogerg, they are a GUI-only thing00:20
oyrogergThanks pmatulis, I wil ignore those differences then.00:20
pmatulisoyrogerg, ^^^00:21
oyrogergEven better, thank you.00:21
hpidcockPR please https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1167602:16
thumperlandings seems to be faster and less buggy02:19
thumperbased on my sample size of one02:19
* thumper looks at PR02:19
thumperhpidcock: looks good02:26
hpidcockthumper: awesome thanks02:26
thumperhpidcock: looking at the 2.7 merge updating gorilla ws, did we have a fix for this yet?02:28
tlmwallyworld: got 2 minute for HO ?04:11
wallyworldtlm: in another meeting, can ping when done?04:11
tlmno rush might see if hpidcock wants to assist ?04:12
manadarthml or stickupkid_ or achilleasa: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1167815:20
manadartI'm EoD. If it's good, feel free to merge it.15:20
hmlmanadart: i’ll take a look15:21
manadarthml: I'll add a new test specifically for the port change life.15:47
hmlmanadart:  to the pr?15:47
manadarthml: Yeah.15:47
hmlmanadart:  ack, working on qa now15:48
hmlmanadart:  that’s weird, wonder why everything started failing with build fail in the middle of the make-check-juju15:55
manadarthml: Added that test.18:01
hmlmanadart:  k, kicked off !!build!! a bit ago, see how it ran18:02
manadarthml: Great. See you tomorrow.18:02
hmlmanadart:  g'night18:02
tlm2.8 => develop PR https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1167923:07
tlmanother PR as well https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1167123:31

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