SpecialK|Canonjelmer: nice loggerhead MPs!08:58
cjwatsonOh right, I didn't notice those somehow08:59
cjwatsonjelmer: How did you make python3 work without porting away from simpletal, since simpletal is py2-only at present?09:00
cjwatsonjelmer: Or wait, I see that simpletal 5 is py3, I guess I missed that because they don't have a bilingual version09:01
tomwardillno YUI!09:10
* tomwardill mutters about ahead-of-time COW filesystems and ownership09:21
tomwardill(everything fails if it's owned by root)09:21
tomwardillnone of the directories are consistent10:32
tomwardillthere's about 4 different checkouts in the image afaics10:32
tomwardillah, nope, it's just a documentation / set of code 1 / set of code 2 mismatch11:53
tomwardill"buildbot❌112:116:Buildbot system user,,,:/var/lib/buildbot:/bin/false"14:35
tomwardillyeah, a shell of /bin/false would do it14:35
tomwardillyou're not getting a shell to execute commands in that case!14:35
tomwardillIT'S DOING A THING15:04
tomwardillI can tell, all my CPU just went away somewhere15:05
tomwardillblergh, lxc-start-ephemeral has been deprecated in favour of lxc-copy and no longer appears to work16:07
cjwatsonlxc-copy --ephemeral should do it, give or take16:08
tomwardilllxc-start-ephemeral works, unless you give it a command to run,t hen it fails16:19
tomwardilllxc-copy fails with what looks like an apparmour type failure (my host is a container, so may be related)16:19
tomwardill"overlayfs cannot be stacked on top of zfs"16:25
tomwardill"default/containers/buildbot-worker on / type zfs (rw,xattr,posixacl)"16:25
cjwatsonlxd vm to the rescue?16:26
tomwardillyeah, guess so16:26
cjwatsonProbably simplest ...16:26
tomwardillsigh... so close16:27

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