cpaelzerhiho, to be clear this might be on me and misunderstanding bzr details, but let me outline my issue and maybe someone can help07:55
cpaelzerI have branched https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/+junk/sync-blacklist07:55
cpaelzerand I wanted to upload a modified branch to provide an MP07:55
cpaelzerI have two ways and none works07:55
cpaelzerif I upload bzr push lp:~paelzer/+junk/sync-blacklist-php-horde-groovy I get no "create merge proposal" at https://code.launchpad.net/~paelzer/+junk/sync-blacklist-php-horde-groovy07:56
cpaelzerInterstingly if I upload as bzr push lp:~paelzer/junk/sync-blacklist-php-horde-groovy I got oopses07:57
cpaelzerthat would have a "create merge proposal" but then complains it could not be merged07:57
cpaelzerbtw oopses would be OOPS-6e59840d8911e28af8cd9f379281190d and later on a retry OOPS-a7bf9a80c9c152690ef87dfa987ebb2207:57
cpaelzerIf I want to open a merge on the latter into ~ubuntu-archive/+junk/sync-blacklist it fails complaining that "This branch is not mergeable into lp:~ubuntu-archive/+junk/sync-blacklist."07:58
cpaelzerI'm bzr-lost on this :-/07:58
cpaelzerNext I wanted to learn from other MPs how it would be correct, but https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/+merges?field.status=ALL&field.status-empty-marker=1 is empty08:00
cjwatsoncpaelzer: It is not possible to propose MPs into +junk branches.08:01
cpaelzerok, that is very interesting - thanks already08:02
cpaelzerhow do I then propose things to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/+junk/sync-blacklist08:02
cpaelzeras it is the repo mentioned in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArchiveAdministration#Blacklisting08:03
cjwatsonDiffs and pastebin I guess08:03
cpaelzerok, will do that then08:03
cpaelzerthanks for eliminating my confusion on this08:03
cjwatsonAlso junk != +junk08:03
cjwatson(re your attempted push above)08:03
cpaelzeryeah that was just a try to avoid the issue08:03
cjwatsonSomebody more active in ~ubuntu-archive than me should probably move it into a real project and git, or whatever08:04
slyonHi #launchpad! I'm trying to login at staging.launchpad.net with a freshly created account (via login-lp.staging.ubuntu.com SSO), but only get an error/oops: OOPS-0dda66f82cb6b4801fab74273bb05746 ... How can I make use of the Launchpad staging server, to do some testing?12:34
cjwatsonslyon: It's some work at our end, https://help.launchpad.net/StagingServer - would qastaging meet your needs instead?12:53
slyoncjwatson, I'm working on apport, which has 'staging.launchpad.net' hardcoded... so I cannot easily switch to qastaging. But maybe I can just the production launchpad to report 1 testing bug and mark it invalid afterwards...12:54
cjwatsonslyon: It should be pretty trivial to hack that to have a qastaging option as well12:56
slyoncjwatson, right. I can probably do that as well12:56
cjwatson(And launchpad.dev should be launchpad.test nowadays, while you're there ...)12:57
cjwatsonThat OOPS isn't even showing up for me, meh12:58
cjwatsonI wonder if staging OOPS syncing broke with the recent lift-and-shift to VMs.  But it seems to be working fine for qastaging ...13:00
slyonYes the login to qastaging is working. Thanks for your help!13:04
cjwatsonGood stuff13:10
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