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Guest35166Installed Lubuntu 20.04 last night. Runs very smooth. Enjoying it a lot.21:15
Guest35166I have a few support type questions though...21:16
Guest35166wondering about usb wifi adapters, adjusting admin/password prompt settings21:18
Guest35166I have a maybe too old Belkin usb wifi that got picked up in live/trial mode, but doesn't seem to be picked up on hard disk install21:19
Guest35166Lubuntu 20.04 maybe recognizes it as a USB device, but doesn't have the driver? Happy to get a hold of a more modern one less than 8 years old if that helps. Wondering if there is a list of usb wifi adapters that work well with Lubuntu21:22
Guest35166curious as well about admin/password prompt adjustment settings, where there might be an option to disable asking for my admin pass for a limited amount of time, or when installing multiple applications21:24
Guest35166I like the security, but it gets a bit tedious to enter my pass for multiple installs going in quick succession21:25
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