AlecTaylorhttps://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts is down in my MOTD01:10
mwhudsonhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sigviewer -> click latest release -> retry amd64 build in focal -> Build for superseded Source02:25
mwhudsoni retried the build in groovy i mean02:27
mwhudsonwgrant: can you explain this one? ^02:29
wgrantmwhudson: Looks like you retried the focal builds, where it doesn't exist any more?02:30
wgrantThe groovys are all failed02:30
mwhudsonwgrant: oh right02:31
mwhudsonmaybe i should give up on trying to be useful today02:31
wgrantAren't you off today?02:31
wgrantOr does NZ have a different fake queen's birthday from us02:31
mwhudsonthe queen is a week older in nz02:32
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xnoxbecause timezones09:29
Unit193I thought everyone finally switched to EST.09:30
eoli3n_i want to remove DM entry for gnome-wayland but its not in /usr/share/xsessions10:55
eoli3n_any idea where it gets that file ?10:55
eoli3n_forget it, its obvious10:57
xnoxrbasak:  was reimport of udd repositories completed? or like can it be scheduled that some of them become stable before others?12:24
rbasakxnox: no, still in progress, sorry. And it's bottlenecking inefficiently so I'm working on improving parallelism to speed it up. In the meantime, yes, if you have a particular package you want reimported earlier, I can schedule that.13:07
xnoxrbasak:  if you could, it would be nice if these would be imported sooner:13:31
xnoxrbasak:  then i can refer to stable repos from ubiquity subtrees. But, no big deal if they change abis in the future again.13:32
rbasakxnox: I've submitted reimport requests for those. It'll take a while due to the current performance issue.16:52
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coreycbseb128: can your update to software-properties 0.98.10 be uploaded? I have some cloud archive updates to make and can include it. also I think we may need to cut a stable branch.18:16
seb128coreycb, yes, it's fine to upload, I just staged in the Vcs because it was not important enough to justify an upload by itself at the time, and ack for a stable serie20:27
coreycbseb128: thanks, I'll take care of those bits20:35
seb128coreycb, thanks!20:35

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