ninguI've noticed that when I do "lxc list", I get this error: cannot create temporary directory for the root file system: Permission denied00:13
ninguany idea where it's trying to create that temporary directory? and what the permission issue might be?00:14
ninguerm... well strace says it's /tmp/snap.rootfs_gif0dt00:17
ninguahh it's being denied by apparmor00:22
akikningu: is that using lxd snap?00:23
ninguyes. I think this is because I symlinked /tmp to /var/tmp00:23
ninguand it's messing up the apparmor profile00:24
ninguyeah that was it00:30
abtm_I am trying to test my cluster of caching proxies and was looking for a large non-snap package (traditional apt managed package or metapackage) that is 20 to 30 mb00:58
abtm_last test I tried wine00:58
abtm_need another one00:58
abtm_any suggestions?00:58
abtm_also have libreoffice installed as well00:58
AlecTaylorhttps://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts is down in my MOTD01:09
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Oderusguys i am having issues getting kmail to work. here is a paste of the output when i try to start akonadictrl         https://pastebin.com/6e3VBZ7b01:59
tripelbI have completely removed Plex. But I have something called Plex Media and Plex script running as root. https://i.imgur.com/E2fhxjp.png02:09
tripelbPosted 19.09pdt02:10
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sliverajust trying to install ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my dell xps13 and i'm finding the screen flickers unless I boot it into graphics safe mode, but now i'm finding that it quickly tries the standard boot mode and doesn't give me the option to select safe graphics mode (this is using the USB) - anyone got tips on how to proceed here?03:29
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sliverai.e. that screen where you pick to just boot standard Ubuntu or select graphics safe mode flashes up only for a split second and I don't have the time to select graphics safe mode03:30
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EriC^^slivera: the recovery menu?03:31
sliveraEriC^^, not sure if thats the correct term but basically black screen with a border and like 5 choices, usually I think the default is to boot live version of Ubuntu. So i think it's auto-picking that without giving me a choice03:33
EriC^^slivera: oh, try spamming the 'e' maybe it opens the edit menu03:34
EriC^^then add 'nomodeset' to the linux /boot ........ <kernel parameters here> line and press f10 to boot03:35
sliveraoh but I haven't installed it yet? I wanted to live boot into safe graphics mode, then do the install03:35
EriC^^yeah that should boot with safe  graphics03:36
EriC^^it's basically what happens when you choose safe graphics from the menu03:36
sliverahmm just tried spamming e on boot, still not working for me, its going normal liveboot03:36
ledenislivera: try press tab when boot live usb03:37
EriC^^try holding shift perhaps03:37
sliveraso I presume the order then its: go into one time boot menu, select USB, then hold shift while waiting?03:42
Bashing-omslivera: At the purple splash screen (stick figure keyboard emblems at bottom of screen) -> hit any key ->03:44
Bashing-omLanguage screen -> escape key to accept the default ->03:44
Bashing-omBooting options screen -> F6 key (other options) -> arrow down to the preset option(s) space or enter to accept and then the escape key to exit03:44
sliveraah holding shift worked! thanks EriC^^ - will boot up live version then install ubuntu and just wipe the windows off this thing. Any tips on how to make it boot safe graphics every time?03:45
sliverai presume thats where I'd have to press e and edit some command setting? like the 'nomodeset' thing?03:45
EriC^^slivera: yeah, you can add nomodeset to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX in /etc/default/grub and then sudo update-grub to make it effective03:47
EriC^^slivera: a driver might fix it though why not give that a shot instead?03:48
Bashing-omslivera: Be aware that "nomodeset" does much more than just disabling the graphic's driver as all DKMS is disabled - "nomodeset" should only be temporary untill the situation is resolved.03:49
sliveraok well i'm doing the formatting and installing ubuntu now, will explore the graphics driver EriC^^  and thanks for the tip Bashing-om03:51
Bashing-omslivera: :D - We are here to help.03:52
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sliveraso Bashing-om I've now installed ubuntu on the laptop, but its got that flickering thing and now i dont even get that option to pick graphics safe mode on boot up, is there a key combo i'm missing here?04:06
Bashing-omslivera: If it is a MBR (Non UEFI) install it is the shift key that grub looks for as soon as the bios screen clears. In grubs boot menu is advanced options - from here choose "recovery". We then need to see what the graphic's situation is.04:08
sliverahmm its a Dell XPS 13 9380, so i think it's a intel graphics thing. will try the shift key04:10
Bashing-omslivera: UEFI machines it is the escape key - spam it as there is but a 3 second window of opportunity.04:11
sliveraBashing-om, cool so i'm in GRUB, i've got a terminal now, what next?04:12
Bashing-omsincere_fox: And while on my mind - if it is a UEFI machine ya really do wnat to install in UEFI mode ( ubuntu will install either).04:12
sliveraWell pressing esc was what got me into it, so I guess I did UEFI?04:13
Bashing-omslivera: Yup - great uefi :) .. ol let's jve a look at graphics on this box: pastebin the output of terminal command ' lspci -k | grep -iEA5 'vga|3d' ' .04:14
Bashing-omslivera: * OK let's have a look *04:15
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sliveraoh wait no sorry I think it is non UEFI, i pressed shift and now i've got the 3 options - Ubuntu, advanced optiosn for ubuntu, and UEFI firmware settings04:16
Bashing-omslivera: Literally running "[ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS" will tell you if you're booted via UEFI.04:18
sliverai get syntax error, on both comands there - the lspci one and the echo BIOS one04:19
sliverathats doing the command in GRUB, unless i should be doing it on actual terminal in the booted up ubuntu?04:19
sliveramaybe i try booting into the recovery mode instead of standard? or is there where i should set that nomode thing04:20
Bashing-omslivera: The commands with out the quote marks - those are here to indicate that the string is a command.04:20
sliveralspci -k | grep -iEA5 'vga|3d'04:21
sliveraso i typed that and got syntax error, do you mean without even the single quotation marks around vga 3d ?04:21
Bashing-omslivera: that terminal ' is the issue. lspci -k | grep -iEA5 'vga|3d' | nc termbin.com 999904:23
Bashing-omslivera: My result: https://termbin.com/k5u004:24
sliverayeah i'm just getting syntax error04:25
sliveramaybe i try booting into recovery mode04:25
Bashing-omslivera: wierd - what results ' sudo apt update ' ?04:26
sliveraoh i just booted into recovery mode and now the graphics is working fine in here - also was able to do that command, will put it in a pastebin one sec04:28
Bashing-omslivera: Intel - Intel "just works" abd the driver is included in the kernel. I do not know what else to check here as the i915 driver is loaded :(04:33
Bashing-omslivera: Have you updated the install ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' since the install ?04:35
sliveraBashing-om, ah no i haven't, will try those now04:35
Bashing-omslivera: Maybe a firmware upgrade in in the upgrade .04:36
sliverayeah the sudo apt update and upgrade didn't seem to fix it, normal boot still does this weird flickering thing. it seems so weird that i have to go thru recovery mode to have my graphics work fine with no flickering04:38
Bashing-omslivera: See and consider the advise at the bottom ' apt show xserver-xorg-video-intel ' . Confirm eith ' dpkg -l xserver-xorg-video-intel '.04:43
sliverahttps://pastebin.com/XhRf29VU is what I get, basically it's saying its an old driver04:45
Bashing-omslivera: And is that driver installed ' dpkg -l xserver-xorg-video-intel ' ?04:47
sliverayeah it shows up when i type that command, but i can't see where it says installed or not, i presume yes04:49
Bashing-omslivera: the leading "ii" shws desired == (i)nstalled status == (i)nstalled. Looking to find the means to know IF that is the driver that is in use at this time.04:51
sliveraah thanks ok04:52
Bashing-omslivera: Sorry - I do not have Intel skills sufficient to know I will not mislead you - Await here for others with the skills to aid.04:59
sliveraawesome well thanks very much for your help anyway Bashing-om04:59
EriC^^slivera: try 'sudo ubuntu-drivers devices' and see what it lists05:17
EriC^^it should show the available drivers and recommended one that has a "*" next to it05:18
EriC^^i might be wrong here, been a while05:18
r3duxI am trying to install picom-tryone in Ubuntu. I have it running on my arch systems installed via yay... How do I install this in ubuntu? All I can seem to find is a pkgbuild file.. how do I build this?05:26
EriC^^!info picom-tryone05:29
ubottuPackage picom-tryone does not exist in focal05:29
EriC^^r3dux: ppa perhaps?05:29
Bashing-om!info compton | r3dux this ?05:30
ubottur3dux this ?: compton (source: compton): compositor for X11, based on xcompmgr. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1~beta2+20150922-1 (focal), package size 97 kB, installed size 264 kB05:30
r3duxubottu: no.. I need the compton-tryone-git or picom-tryone-git forks05:41
ubottur3dux: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:41
r3duxI want that blurrrrr05:41
r3duxEriC^^: I can't fint a ppa :( just a pkgbuild file... bit its like reading chinese to me. I need something i can compile05:43
DrecondiusI can't get my windows drive to boot from grub. It's shown, and I just had to re-install grub. and it's not booting, if you need an error message from it I can boot again and grab a pic of it.06:00
DrecondiusIt's on a seperate drive from ubuntu's / and, as I said before, it shows on the grub menu, I'll be right back and pop in with the error06:02
DrecondiusOk,ay, when trying to boot windows it's as follows :06:07
Drecondiuserror: no such device : 70dc1b12dc1ad26806:08
Drecondiussetting partition type to 0x8306:08
Drecondiuserror: Invalid signature06:08
Drecondiusand this is all from the grub menu06:10
Drecondiusany ideas on how to correct this?06:17
guivercDrecondius, it's likely the issue is UUID, use `blkid` to view your UUIDs, and compare the wanted partition UUID with that listed in grub (sorry I don't have a windows system to look at what you should see in grub)06:49
EriC^^Drecondius: can you pastebin your '/boot/grub/grub.cfg' ?06:49
EriC^^it looks pretty normal, what does 'sudo blkid /dev/sda' give?06:56
Drecondiusdev/sda: PTUUID="a2c292e7" PTTYPE="dos"06:56
EriC^^sorry "sudo blkid /dev/sda*"06:56
Drecondiusthat is blkid06:57
Drecondiusoh, sda*06:57
Drecondius"/dev/sda: PTUUID="a2c292e7" PTTYPE="dos"06:58
Drecondiusdag nab it06:59
Drecondiuswouldn't let me paste the whole thing in here06:59
Drecondiuseven though it's only 3 lines07:00
DrecondiusI'm beginning to suspect a bug in grub07:00
EriC^^is ubuntu in mbr mode? try "ls /sys/firmware/efi"07:01
EriC^^yeah seems odd, i wonder if it's adding the right lines in the menu, looking for an example windows mbr grub entry currently07:01
DrecondiusYeah, I just posted in grub to see if anyone can help with it or confirm, if so I will see if I can post a bug report the best I can. I've been "dabbling" with ubuntu  since my commercially pressed 8.10 disc lol07:04
DrecondiusIt's come a LONG way since then.07:04
EriC^^Drecondius: did you change the ahci/raid mode before installing ubuntu?07:06
Drecondiusjust boot order07:07
Drecondiuscould it be my drive is corrupted?07:07
EriC^^Drecondius: an easy check is to manually boot it from the bios07:07
EriC^^put its order before ubuntu's disk or use a run-time boot menu if available07:08
EriC^^it might just need a windows bootloader installation, you could also try to mount /dev/sda2 and see how that responds07:09
Drecondiusi can boot it from bios, either by setting windows as primary boot or via instant boot selection, or do you mean set windows to boot first then re-install or update grub?07:09
EriC^^oh ok, no i just meant to see if it boots on its own07:10
DrecondiusYeah, it boots on it's own, i have already fried both mbr's just trying to fix this myself07:10
Drecondiusand fixed them, i'm not in a live env this time :D07:10
EriC^^Drecondius: is ubuntu also in mbr mode? try "ls /sys/firmware/efi" and see if it says no such dir07:11
DrecondiusYeah, Dell Precision T7500, i think it's a hybrid system, but both are mbr because the machine itself doesn't support efi07:11
EriC^^Drecondius: yeah but what is ubuntu using (and grub)07:12
Drecondiusubuntu is mbr07:12
Drecondiusas is windows07:13
DrecondiusWindows is there in the grub selection07:13
DrecondiusHmm, Wait a second07:14
DrecondiusI'll be right back, I may have to fully enable the onboard raid controller07:14
ricardodevriesHello, I'm trying to install kvm on a headless 20.04 LTS. Using `sudo apt install qemu qemu-kvm libvirt-daemon bridge-utils virtinst` It wants to install X and a bunch of related packages. I really try to avoid that. Any suggestions?07:15
ricardodevries* server lts I meant to include07:15
ricardodevriesI solved it by using `--no-install-recommends`, thanks people :)07:24
unimatrix9hello all07:28
unimatrix9does anyone know if there is a new irc channel for ubuntu nl ?07:28
unimatrix9i was there , but it looks empty07:28
luna_i am not dutch so no idea07:29
ducasseshould be people in #ubuntu-nl07:30
unimatrix9ah thanks07:30
ducasseother than that, ask !alis07:31
unimatrix9its working now, i guess i was not logged in correctly07:31
awsdf654654652Hello. I'm on ubuntu 20.04. I have an external drive formatted as exFAT. I found that if I copy a file on the exFAT drive to another disk formatted as ext4, then unmount and remount the exFAT disk, the modified date of the file is incremented by 30 days. Can anyone test this?07:43
albechAnyone know if argon2 is compiled into dovecot and postfix by default in 20.04?07:48
viktor_Hi everyone. I can't log into to SSH from outside my LAN. Connection gets refused. DDNS is set up, port forwarded, firewall disabled for now. I can login from inside the LAN. I don't know where to look further for the problem. Any ideas?08:05
younderI am using X-chat. When I log in it logs into ubuntu-unregged first. Than once the nick and passwd are registered I can log into Ubuntu. I have solved this before, but it was a long time ago and I have forgotten how. Any suggestions?08:15
viktor_younder: you want to log in automatically?08:17
younderviktor_, yes08:17
viktor_younder: does this help? http://xchat.org/faq/#q23 Of course you'll have to input your usern & passw somewhere in preferences or something.08:20
younderviktor_, Not really. You register the name and nick in a dialog. Then you select the channels to connect to. The problem is that it doesn't wait until the nick is identified before it tries to connect.08:23
viktor_younder: and ubuntu-unregged stays open after getting logged in to ubuntu?08:25
younderviktor_, yes08:25
viktor_younder: haven't used x-chat for years... but i could recommend irssi08:30
younderviktor_, well maybe I'll try that08:31
poutinelast xchat release was over 10 years ago09:10
SakaraDoes the graphical disk tool in Ubuntu have a mechanism to backup the parition schema and apply it to another drive?09:14
Sakaramanaged to use sgdisk(8) to clone the partitions. thanks.09:23
amcsiI have this weird issue that occasionally (like every 2 hours) some networking issue would happen to me that approximately 1/3 of the IPs would become unreachable until I unplug and plug back my ethernet cable.09:33
amcsiI would notice this when browsing a website and noticing that it says "This site can't be reached" on a site, that some sites load, but a couple don't. It seems to be completely random, which.09:33
amcsiThis can even cause me to get cut off from Zoom calls09:33
amcsiI've already confirmed that this is not a DNS issue, because the IP can't be pinged either, and I already tried setting my DNS to and it didn't fix it09:33
amcsiwhat could cause this, and how best to go about trying to fix this?09:33
qptamcsi: i actually have the exact same problem, except it occurs across several devices (Windows and Mac as well)09:45
qptamcsi: are you in Australia by chance?09:45
amcsiqpt, no, I'm in Hungary09:45
qptI think my problems go to our national broadband09:45
amcsithis does not happen to me across devices; only my laptop with Ubuntu on it09:45
qptah i see09:45
amcsiI haven't confirmed yet if this happens on wifi09:45
qpti don't have any advice, but good luck. drop outs are frustrating09:46
amcsibut it does happen with ethernet09:46
BluesKajHowdy all11:10
EmmaTi have ubuntu server 18.0411:20
EmmaTand need to install an older version of chromium-browser11:20
EmmaTa version that existed on 16.0411:20
EmmaTapt-get install -qy chromium-browser=49.0.2623.108-0ubuntu1.123311:20
EmmaTbut this is not present11:20
EmmaTin 18 repository11:20
EmmaTis there a way to install it none theless so i dont have to use the 16 ?11:21
EmmaTthe origianl ubuntu is minimal11:21
Deano59EmmaT: you could add 16's repo then install it, don't advise it though.11:21
Deano59why do you need an older chromium?11:21
EmmaTDeano59 old software that require it for crawling websites11:22
EmmaTDeano59 how do i add this repository?11:22
Deano59edit /etc/apt/sources.list, copy and paste whatever repo is in there, go to the bottom, paste but add 16 (not 100% sure what 16 is but 18 is bionic) you get the idea.:)11:23
Deano59not recommended though.. you could break things.11:23
Deano59make sure to run "apt update -y" though.11:25
Deano59under sudo or root, your choice.11:25
EmmaTDeano59 here is teh one for 16 https://hastebin.com/jifizafoda.shell11:26
Deano59tomreyn: what's the command? for what EmmaT is doing? ;P11:26
EmmaThow many of these do I need to add to the 18 one?11:26
Deano59EmmaT: add this deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ xenial multiverse then sudo apt update -y11:26
EmmaTI will try11:32
Deano59!ask | raddy11:36
ubotturaddy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:36
EmmaTI added the entire contents of that file, and the asked version was not present11:36
raddyI feel that ubuntu 20.04 to be slower and clumsy than 19.0411:36
Deano59no idea then EmmaT sorry11:37
raddyI have enabled persistence and was not happy with that11:37
raddy19.04 is lot better11:37
Deano59raddy: /join #ubuntu-offtopic11:37
raddyOhhh okk.11:37
raddyBut this is not off-topic :D11:37
Deano59this channel is for support raddy11:38
raddyHello Everybody12:05
raddyI have recently started using ubuntu after a long while12:06
raddyI have few questions12:06
raddyIf i remove a package after enabling persistence, would it persists?12:06
raddyWhat for most the gnome software are missing in ubuntu software?12:07
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EmmaThow do you add a repository without add-apt-repository? i tried adding them by appending to etc/apt/sources.... but did not work13:24
geirhayou add a file ending with .list in /etc/apt/souces.list.d/13:25
schanggI have a raid9 set up with mdadm for the file system of my OS. And a raid 5 set up for data storage13:27
schanggfor unknown reasons the raid5 does not show up anymore (the disks are still there and show up with fdisk -l)13:27
leftyfbEmmaT: adding to sources.list will work if the repo is valid. You do need to run "apt update" to be able to pull packages from that repo13:30
schanggI wanted to troubleshot this raid issue with mdadm but all those commande must point to the /dev/md device which no longer exists13:32
schanggso I am not sure what I could try to set the raid the way it was13:32
leftyfbschangg: did you change/update a kernel that is missing the related modules package?13:37
schanggleftyfb I do upgrade my system once in a while13:39
schanggleftyfb but nothing exceptional (just like apt-get upgrade/dis-upgrade)13:40
leftyfbschangg: kernel upgrades are part of normal upgrades13:43
raddyI have installed ubuntu 19.10 recently and I am aware that is not the current version.13:46
raddyBut how to get normal Debian software in ubuntu ?13:46
raddyThe snap packages are very small13:46
raddyI could not install even synaptics package manager13:47
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oerheksraddy, what happens if you try? sudo apt update && sudo apt install synaptic13:50
leftyfbraddy: why do you need synamptic?? Also, 19.10 is going to be EOL next month. You might want to think about upgrading ASAP13:51
leftyfboerheks: synaptic is part of the universe repo13:51
oerheksah, correct, enable universe repo: sudo add-apt-repository universe13:52
giacodo you know any good open source password share software/service I can use at work with non IT professionals? It should work everywhere (iOS/Android/Windows/Linux/Mac)13:53
giacoI mean, I am in the situation where I'm trying to educate some colleagues to basic IT security, and to do that I need to introduce some softwares and services. Password generator/storage/share is the first one13:54
oerheksthere are some password managers, any good.. dunno. https://www.wired.com/story/best-password-managers/13:56
coconutWith secureboot enabled, which one is easier to configure/use booting ubuntu iso's, virt-manager or virtualbox?14:41
tomreyncoconut: i generally find virtualbox to be more comfortable if you like a GUI frontend. either work for uefi booting, and i think they both use ovmf.14:45
DrecondiusI'm back, It continued to hang on me last night because, well, I was mildly intoxicated. I forgot to remove the usb boot from the bios boot order. otherwise it hangs after enabling the sas controller14:57
Drecondiusbut, enabling the controller still didn't allow windows to boot14:58
coconutok thanks tom!15:04
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giacooerheks: thanks15:28
coconutCan anyone push me in the right direction for installing all ubuntu wallapapers of older ubuntu version? (sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-* ##does not work.15:41
oerheks!find wallpapers15:41
ubottuFound: ubuntu-wallpapers, ubuntu-wallpapers-focal, budgie-wallpapers, budgie-wallpapers-artful, budgie-wallpapers-bionic, budgie-wallpapers-cosmic, budgie-wallpapers-disco, budgie-wallpapers-eoan, budgie-wallpapers-focal, budgie-wallpapers-xenial (and 11668 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=wallpapers&searchon=names&suite=focal&section=all15:41
oerhekssynaptic says mate-background15:42
coconutyeah thnx oerheks, i want to just install them all in one command without having to type them all.15:43
oerheksoh, and indeed ubuntu-mate-wallpapers without *15:43
oerheksubuntu-mate-wallpapers-artfull -bionic -common -complete and more15:43
luca_DHello everybody. I have a little problem with Jack in Ubuntu: Ubuntu 20.04 with Kernel 5.3.0-18. Basically, when I connect my external soundcard MOTU Ultralite AVB and try to use it, PulseAudio works just fine but QJackCtl gives this problem: https://imgur.com/a/7LbjzHu15:44
coconutubuntu-mate-wallpapers just installs the latest version(20.04) only....15:45
oerheksUbuntu 20.04 LTS is based on the long-term supported Linux release series 5.4 .. how did you get 5.3?15:45
oerheksubuntu-mate-wallpapers-artfull -bionic -cosmic -disco ..... -common -complete and more15:45
oerheksan * does not grab them all15:45
luca_DBecause 5.3.0-18 is the only kernel that I tried so far that can pilot my internal sound card :(15:46
luca_DI don't remember how to retrieve the model of my actual internal soundcard, but it is a Realtek15:47
oerheksluca_D, and how long ago was that? i cannot help fixing bugs that does not exist15:47
coconut* does not work no.... that's why i am searching for a working apt command (i need to improve this for myself)15:48
oerhekscoconut, maybe with a dash? ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-*15:48
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luca_D@oerheks I have a new computer Lenovo Yoga C640. I had problems for months with my internal sound card, and had to revert back to 5.3.0-18 (I didn't know about this fantastic chat at that time)15:49
oerheksluca_D, from the manjaro friends, see this fix in the last answer adding set-card-profile 0 HiFi to /etc/pulse/default.pa    >>  https://forum.manjaro.org/t/lenovo-yoga-c640-sound/126933/215:52
coconutoh, that's weird... "sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-*" does not work while with "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-*" does work.15:52
oerheksubuntu-mate-wallpapers* matches one package, not seeing the '-'15:52
luca_D@oerheks, ok! I reboot with the latest Ubuntu 20.04 native kernel and try that. Thanks for now!15:53
oerhekshave fun!15:53
Luca_DHi again. I am now in Ubuntu 5.4.0-33-generic. I followed the directions in the mentioned thread: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/lenovo-yoga-c640-sound/126933/216:05
Luca_DHowever, although the sounds work, the internal sound card doesn't work with Jack. (I didn't reboot anyway). I will post now the error from QJackCtl16:06
oerhekswb Luca_D .. and?16:06
oerheksoke, there is progress16:06
Luca_DCannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directoryCannot connect to server request channeljack server is not running or cannot be startedJackShmReadWritePtr::~JackShmReadWritePtr - Init not done for -1, skipping unlockJackShmReadWritePtr::~JackShmReadWritePtr - Init not done for -1, skipping unlockMon Jun  8 18:01:08 2020: Starting16:06
Luca_Djack server...Mon Jun  8 18:01:08 2020: JACK server starting in realtime mode with priority 10Mon Jun  8 18:01:08 2020: self-connect-mode is "Don't restrict self connect requests"Mon Jun  8 18:01:08 2020: Acquired audio card Audio0Mon Jun  8 18:01:08 2020: creating alsa driver ... hw:0|hw:0|512|2|48000|0|0|nomon|swmeter|-|32bitMon Jun  8 18:01:0816:06
Luca_D2020: configuring for 48000Hz, period = 512 frames (10.7 ms), buffer = 2 periodsMon Jun  8 18:01:08 2020: ALSA: final selected sample format for capture: 32bit integer little-endianMon Jun  8 18:01:08 2020: ERROR: ALSA: cannot set period size to 512 frames for captureMon Jun  8 18:01:08 2020: ERROR: ALSA: cannot configure capture channelMon Jun  816:06
Luca_D18:01:08 2020: Released audio card Audio0Mon Jun  8 18:01:08 2020: ERROR: Cannot initialize driverMon Jun  8 18:01:08 2020: ERROR: JackServer::Open failed with -1Mon Jun  8 18:01:08 2020: ERROR: Failed to open serverMon Jun  8 18:01:09 2020: Saving settings to "/home/luca/.config/jack/conf.xml" ...16:06
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:07
Luca_DOuch, this is not the easiest way to paste16:07
Luca_DDoes this work? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Btb4Sdsy9b/16:07
oerheksLuca_D, so that fix does not work on the internal.. i guess only plugincards are working then?16:13
oerhekswhy would you need the internal working too?16:13
Luca_Doerheks , just because I often use Jack-dependent applications without an external audio card16:14
Luca_DAnyway I just go and try if my external sound card actually works now :D16:15
ice99I'm looking for free asset management tool (whether online or offline), something like AssetTiger, any suggestions?16:18
oerheksBing, Google, DuckDuckGo ..16:20
lotuspsychjeapt, snap,..16:20
Luca_Doerheks, with the external sound card and Kernel 5.4.0-33, I just get the same error in Jack :D  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BSc63gzhF8/16:20
oerheksLuca_D, so the plugincard disables the onboard,.. reverse that manjaro fix?16:21
oerheksnot sure you *can*  use the onboard together ..16:22
Luca_Doerheks, indeed now the external soundcard works! You're good! Thanks. I believe that at this point I will just install two different Ubuntus, one for travelling, and one for professional audio16:24
Luca_DWell, I just need to enter with the right kernel depending on needs16:25
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lifeboyI'm now restoring a full duplicity backup of my notebook after I reformatted the disk and installed the exact same version I had before. At first I tried to restore to the drive a booted from.  Got many errors that the files can't be written.  So now I booted from a flashdrive and mount the hard disk, but the mount always is read-only.  How can I overcome that?16:45
lifeboyI use "remount,rw,nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show,noauto" in gnome-disk-utility, but it gives me an error16:51
EmmaThi there. I need some expert help please. there is a package, that I am trying to install a particular version of ... on ubuntu 18 server. .. that is located in repo 16 ... i added the repo and all... installed several versions of the stuff that are in 16 ... however ....16:53
EmmaTonly one package is giving me a problem.16:53
EmmaTI found a way around it ... and now everything works. but i do not like the solution16:54
oerheksEmmaT, don't mix versions, if you need an ancient package, build it yourself?16:54
EmmaToerheks i am not mixing16:54
EmmaTjust trying to install a verson of package16:54
EmmaTone moment16:54
oerheksmixing 16.x and 18.x, sure you do16:54
oerhekscare to share what package?16:55
EmmaTjust one moment ... trying to verify16:55
EmmaT apt-get install -qy --allow-downgrades libgconf2-4=3.2.6-3ubuntu616:56
EmmaToerheks https://i.imgur.com/8WSLUBJ.png16:56
EmmaTi get this error16:56
EmmaTi can not install it ... however ...16:56
EmmaTif i remove the bionic (ubuntu 18) repositories all together16:56
EmmaTfrom sources.list16:56
EmmaTthen this complaint goes away and it installs16:57
EmmaTi just dont understand why it would behave differently .. so can I force it to unsinstall regardless of sources.list ?16:57
EmmaTthe message it is complaining also doesnt make sense16:57
EmmaTlibgconf2-4 : Depends: libgconf-2-4 (= 3.2.6-3ubuntu6) but 3.2.6-4ubuntu1 is to be installed ...16:58
anonymipany ideas what to do about "CIFS VFS: Close unmatched open" when browsing a mounted cifs share in Midnight Commander?16:58
EmmaTit is dependendant on itself ?16:58
anonymipI'm running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS16:58
oerheksinteresting, you point to an obsolete packages, bionic gives 3.2.6-4ubuntu116:58
EmmaTthe version of the older one .. is now requiring the new one ?16:58
EmmaToerheks i dont give a shit16:58
oerhekswhy do you need the bionic version? this is silly16:58
EmmaTobsolote ...16:58
oerheksEmcy, oke i leave you, good luck!16:58
EmmaToerheks old software in rumtime requires it16:58
jwashanyone here use gscan2pdf? all my docs have the backside page ghosted into scans. I'm wondering how to remove it, and to make the whitespace white, and just have the text and color show.16:58
EmmaTi am not going to change the underlying software16:59
EmmaTjust trying to get it to run16:59
EmmaTwhy is it obsolete ?16:59
anonymipwhen I'm accessing the share via the console I don't get the error16:59
EmmaTi mean i can install old packages just fine .. this is hte only one that i cant16:59
EmmaTif i remove bionic then i can ... wierd .. i should be able to force install obsolete anyway16:59
EmmaTwithout modifiying sources.list .. installing and restoring it17:00
EmmaToerheks i dont need the bionic one .. i need the xenial one17:00
EmmaT-f did not work17:01
EmmaT--fix-broken ? ... is there an --ignore-broken ?17:01
oerheksjwash, maybe this page is your fix; see answer gwern Branwen > gscan2pdf 'crop' with 'all'.  https://sourceforge.net/p/gscan2pdf/mailman/message/24693948/17:02
EmmaTmesaboogie it installs just fine when i remove bionic .. and it runs fine ...17:02
EmmaTit must be the security repo in 18 preventing it ... i dont get how i can be prevented by adding another repo17:02
EmmaTlet us try --ignore-missing,17:03
ioriaEmmaT, what xenial repository have you added ?  universe or main ?17:04
EmmaTall of the ones that existed in 16 ... one moment17:04
xtuhhi, can somebody suggest gui program, similar to winscp (left panel local, right remote, can gui edit by pressing f4)17:04
EmmaTioria https://hastebin.com/wevagolequ.rb17:05
EmmaTnote that the problem is not that it does not find it... it does... however the repo in 18 is preventing the install17:05
EmmaTand i cant override it17:05
EmmaTunless i remove 18 repos17:05
ioriaEmmaT,  you need to comment the universe bionic repo17:05
EmmaTioria what is that ? is that the main bionic ?17:06
EmmaTwhy would it prevent the installation... and why do i have to comment it out .. this package is not even in there17:06
ioriaEmmaT,  on xenial that pkfg is in main, on bionic is in universe17:06
EmmaTioria i am installing 3.2.6-3ubuntu617:07
EmmaTthe one in xenial17:07
EmmaT apt-get install  -m --ignore-missing --allow-downgrades libgconf2-4=3.2.6-3ubuntu617:07
EmmaThave i mistyped something?17:07
ioria!info libgconf-2-4 xenial17:07
ubottulibgconf-2-4 (source: gconf): GNOME configuration database system (shared libraries). In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.6-3ubuntu6 (xenial), package size 82 kB, installed size 569 kB17:07
ioriaEmmaT,  3.2.6-3ubuntu6 is in xenial main17:08
EmmaTioria i am installing other packages from xenial .. and no complain17:08
EmmaTioria yes... but i can not install it17:08
EmmaTunless I remove bionic repos17:08
ioriaEmmaT,  probably becasue you have ionic repos active17:08
ioriaEmmaT, yes, that's why17:08
EmmaTstill targeting a specific version .. that is not in bionic17:08
EmmaTthe message is also wierd17:09
EmmaTlibgconf2-4 : Depends: libgconf-2-4 (= 3.2.6-3ubuntu6) but 3.2.6-4ubuntu1 is to be installed17:09
EmmaTi am trying to isntall ubuntu117:09
ioria3.2.6-4ubuntu1 is bionic17:09
EmmaTbut trying to instal xenial 3.2.6-3ubuntu617:10
EmmaTapt-get install   libgconf2-4=3.2.6-3ubuntu617:10
EmmaTthat is the command17:10
EmmaTwierd bug17:10
ioriaEmmaT, you cannot force version from another release17:11
ioriaEmmaT, comment the bionic repos and simply install  libgconf2-417:11
EmmaTioria yes, that works .... and software runs ... however, confused what that means .. can not force ... i am trying install a specific verison (6) ... that is in xenial ... is it the problem then that it has dependencies that it resolves to bionic ... and then it tries to install stuff from there ... despite it also being in xenial ... maybe order in sources.list matters ?17:13
EmmaTi have no issues like i said with any other package17:13
EmmaTjust this17:13
EmmaTobviously an issue and potentially unsafe17:14
EmmaTthe one in bionic is then marked with wrong dependencies ..17:14
EmmaTwhich then point to 117:14
EmmaTapt-get install -t libgconf2-4 xenial ............. Reading package lists... Done .................... E: The value 'libgconf2-4' is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources17:16
EmmaTrelevant i think: https://askubuntu.com/a/81493617:17
EmmaTbut not able to make sense17:17
kinghatmaybe im confused, but shouldnt this cron be setting rtcwake at 00:00:00? 0 0 * * * rtcwake -m no -l -t $(date +%s -d "today 03:55") >/dev/null 2>&117:17
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EmmaTkinghat https://crontab.guru/every-night-at-midnight17:18
kinghatmaybe its not working because my system is usually suspended at midnight?17:19
EmmaTkinghat that'll do it17:20
EmmaTioria this post is talking about priority: https://askubuntu.com/a/81493617:20
EmmaTbut not able to figure out what to do, in a neat way17:21
kinghatwonder if there is a better way to get the PC to wake up at 3:55 everyday when you dont know when the system will be awake?17:21
EmmaTkinghat yes, i have a job .. at 4 am .. backup .. and since a few months back . ive resorted to alway leave computer on17:22
EmmaTnot great ... there isnt really a way to wake from sleep unless you move mouse or keyboard ... mac can react on bluetooth .. maybe a device can be purchased that will move the mouse at 4 am17:23
EmmaTbut the computer itself is asleep17:23
kinghati mean rtcwake works fine for waking up i just want it to happen everyday.17:23
EmmaTwhere can i add this value ?17:24
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EmmaTAPT::Default-Release "stretch";17:24
kinghatwonder if instead of today and tomorrow you can use "everyday"?17:24
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annihilatorwhat is a good way to backup an Ubuntu server installation. no DE installed.17:37
leftyfbannihilator: rsync the data and any important configs you'll need to copy/reconfig on a new install17:40
leftyfbannihilator: but that is my version of $(best)17:40
abtm_I have a plan for a script (just need to implement it) to archive files to be replaced in rsync destination BEFORE rsync runs so that the files are preserved.17:43
abtm_its on my to do list but I have bigger things to address first :)17:43
annihilatori was hoping for a whole pc backup so i didnt have to reinstall everything incase of failure. a bit lazy lol17:51
oerheksdd the partitions?17:52
oerheksannihilator, tons of guides online, https://www.techrepublic.com/blog/linux-and-open-source/drive-and-partition-backups-with-dd/17:56
AlexPortableHow do I remove this error when installing/removing/doing anything with snap packages: `main.go:173: description of sign's "k" is lowercase: "naam van de te gebruiken sleutel, gebruik anders de standaardsleutel"`17:56
sarnoldAlexPortable: try running "ubuntu-bug snapd" and see if that lets you file a bug report17:58
AlexPortableno internet on the machine17:58
AlexPortableit gets fixed when i change my user/system language to englissh17:59
oerheksAlexPortable, found that issue too .. https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/weird-error-message-whenever-i-run-the-snap-command/641818:00
oerheksthe code as written seems to require that translated strings used for the description of command-line options must begin with an upper-case character.18:00
AlexPortablefiled in october 201818:01
ioriaEmmaT, libgconf2-4  != libgconf-2-4    (note the '-')  and you probably have already the bionic version installed (3.2.6-4ubuntu1); so it fails and you might need to remove it18:08
EmmaTioria it is true ... but what does that mean .. they are the same it seems howver .. ?18:12
ioriathey are not the same18:13
EmmaTbut hte same issue is for both18:14
EmmaTbut the other one complains slighgly different18:14
EmmaThowever, i think i solved it18:14
EmmaTone moment18:14
ioriaEmmaT, do you have libgconf-2-4  installed ?18:14
EmmaTno, neither i think18:14
ioriaEmmaT, dpkg -l | grep libgconf18:14
EmmaTioria nothing18:15
EmmaTioria this worked18:16
EmmaTapt-get install -t xenial libgconf2-4=3.2.6-3ubuntu618:16
EmmaTi am not sure what I did different before .. but i did try the -t no ? i think i put xenial at the end though before18:16
EmmaTioria -t xenial is the way ... never impossible18:23
EmmaTit took a while though18:23
EmmaTthanks for helping out, it gave me good energy :)18:24
EmmaTioria google search has seriously become worse and worse for searching code related issues for every year18:25
EmmaTi've been saying it for like 4 years18:25
EmmaTi think they do it on purpose18:25
EmmaTto stiffle compition18:25
EmmaTseriously have to google the hell out of everything every single time ... like installing a package from a specific repository should not be that difficult to find information on18:26
ioriai can't tell, sy18:26
EmmaTstackoverflow answers presented are rarely any good18:26
EmmaTnor relevant .. and surely the question has been posted many times before18:26
EmmaTbastards ... and they removed the search for discussions18:27
EmmaTgreat, now everything works in 18 as well18:38
zmagiiHi everyone, I reinstalled Ubuntu over macOS. Is there a good way to recover access to the Windows partition that I had on Bootcamp.18:57
zmagiiI can also reinstall Windows if that is better. The info on the Windows partition is not important.18:58
zmagiiIf I try to boot into the Windows partition with the Macintosh startup key (I think shift) I can boot into Windows as an option, but it then proceeds to say "no OS installed".18:59
Bashing-omzmagii: Does the Windows partition still exist ' sudo parted -l ' in a pastebin to show the channel what we are working with.18:59
zmagiiBashing-om: https://pastebin.com/raw/FX1eAmj519:03
zmagiiYou'll see that the last data is just to say that I encrypted the Ubuntu partition19:03
Bashing-omzmagii: looking ^^19:07
Bashing-omzmagii: Looks recoverable - " EFI System Partition " but will take one who knows what to expect in that directory. I am not Windfows/UEFI knowledgeable :(19:09
zmagiiBashing-om: So is that the boot loader or something for Windows?19:14
Bashing-omzmagii: It contains ( or should)  the code to boot the selected OS.19:15
zmagiiCool, thanks, then I can Google around that.19:15
Bashing-om!uefi | zmagii19:15
ubottuzmagii: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:15
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abtm_!squid | abtm_19:25
ubottuabtm_, please see my private message19:25
Bashing-om!ubottu | abtm_19:27
ubottuabtm_: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot. You can search my brain at https://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | General info and channels at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me, see !botclone19:27
abtm_I was trying to determine if it was generally avail or avail only to some19:28
abtm_hence the check19:28
abtm_and the answer is, avail to all via /msg and avail to some in #19:28
leftyfbzmagii: I'm not that familiar with it, but maybe it's possible the Windows install on bootcamp will only work using bootcamp. Isn't there some sort of hypervisor going on therE?19:29
zmagiiBashing-om: Just one more question, does this mean UEFI mode is on?19:33
zmagiileftyfb: I am not sure if there is, but Bootcamp does have funny restrictions in general like for example it had to be Windows 7 at some point.19:35
Bashing-omzmagii: Literally running "[ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS" will tell you if you're booted via UEFI.19:38
zmagiiSorry, just as you posted I read that section.19:38
Bashing-omzmagii: I am not up on bootcamp - Is that a Mac bootloader ? as Mac no longer exist I can accept that bootcamp will have to be replaced by grub ( GRand Unified Bootloader ).19:41
zmagiiBootcamp is the "official" way to dual boot Windows if you have a Macintosh running macOS.19:42
zmagiiYou launch it as an app from within macOS and install Windows by following the GUI, after which you have a dual boot with Windows. I think it restarts a few times as you do it. Then on startup you can hold alt I think to choose the disk, otherwise it boots into macOS.19:43
mw_is there a library somewhere with hashes for all binaries ever distributed by ubuntu, including possible inter-release updates? i ran into a suspicious file on my system, checked all the 18.04.* releases and couldn't find a match, even by version number. does that automatically mean it's something malicious? or is it possible that there has been an update that have never made its way to the stable distro?19:45
mw_clamav says its ok but otoh for some reason it's the same size as the one i just got it replaced with, yet totally different contents19:48
sarnoldmw_: very curious19:49
sarnoldmw_: it's funny you mention that, I've vaguely wondered about setting up such a system, but had no idea if the end results would actually be useful for anyone ..19:49
Bashing-om!info debsums19:50
ubottudebsums (source: debsums): tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.5 (focal), package size 41 kB, installed size 121 kB19:50
sarnoldmw_: you can find previous packages on old-releases.ubuntu.com eg s of stilts wearing a hat. ponies19:52
sarnoldSTUPID FIREFOX19:52
sarnoldmw_: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/b/bash/19:52
mw_Bashing-om, thx, this will be useful19:53
mw_sarnold, i didn't mention it was bash19:55
sarnoldmw_: I know19:55
sarnoldmw_: I just picked bash because I always pick bash when I need an example package19:55
mw_hm, there's no 4.4.20 at all, and that was on my system..19:56
mw_looks like i have something for the clamav guys19:57
mw_phew, debsums reports only node/python related stuff differs, which is normal, thats sort of a relief20:01
tomreynnote what debsums does, though20:04
EriC^^mw_: did you figure out that bash weirdness in the end?20:04
tomreynit checked whether the files belonging to packages are original. it does not check whether some additional files you may have should be there or not,20:04
tomreynmw_: uploading the file to virustotal (or just searching for its checksum so you don't leak potentially sensible info by uploading it) is most likely a better test than clamav.20:07
mw_EriC^^, its so embarassing, but.. yep, the binary was surely not from ubuntu. still have no idea how it got there tho. i had one of the accounts breached some time ago, a miner was installed, it didn't take too long to notice and disarm, and i was confident that was it. looks like something much worse happened, but i'm still unsure exactly what.20:09
EriC^^mw_: oh yikes, sounds like reinstall/latest secure backup time, eek20:11
mw_tomreyn, virustotal wont recognize it20:12
mw_there's a slight chance that it's totally unrelated, and it was actually me trying to hack something together, that i totally forgot since20:13
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EriC^^what about the miner?20:14
EriC^^it's a tough spot i guess20:15
mw_i correct myself, virustotal _does_ recognize it as bash, last uploaded 3 days ago, just no threats identified20:16
EriC^^hello Stavros20:16
StavrosHas anyone tried an Ubuntu installation with ZFS on root? Is it stable/does it work well?20:16
EriC^^mw_: any idea where the bash came from? maybe md5sum it and check with google if anything hits?20:17
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mw_md5 / sha1 / sha256 - 557c0271e30cf474e0f46f93721fd1ba / 59fea2c26edbbab48daaf73e7cd16ebc47475e83 / da85596376bf384c14525c50ca010e9ab96952cb811b4abe188c9ef1b75bff9a20:27
mw_there are a few hits, but not really helpful20:28
mw_https://hybrid-analysis.com/search?query=da85596376bf384c14525c50ca010e9ab96952cb811b4abe188c9ef1b75bff9a says marked as clean, that's something..20:28
quadrathoch2Hey, is there a page or something, where I can lookup the syntax for setting a keyboard shortcut with gsettings?20:29
bytesafariquadrathoch2: Are you trying to set up a custom shortcut?20:31
quadrathoch2bytesafari, I want to setup a keybinding for always on top20:32
quadrathoch2(to something like F12)20:32
quadrathoch2or Alt+W but somehow he tells me that the file Alt is not available :/20:33
bytesafariquadrathoch2: Check out this resource, may be a good place to start20:34
Atlenohenare there any reported issues upgrading 19.10 to 20.04 LTS ?20:35
quadrathoch2bytesafari, I assume, that the program is for X, I use wayland :/ as the drivers are better with wayland20:35
oerheksAtlenohen, maybe there are? did you see the releasenotes? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes20:36
quadrathoch2Atlenohen, also https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu20:37
Atlenohenoerheks: I'm talking about issues in the upgrading process20:37
AtlenohenSome people say Linux can crash and stop working20:37
oerheksit is a too wide question, why would a bug apply to you too?20:37
oerheksstart with a fresh iso on usb to be sure, and have fun20:38
quadrathoch2Atlenohen, nobody can say if your config can cause bugs or not, because it's unlikely that you have the same hardware + software setup as other people20:38
AtlenohenSince I picked the worst time to install and setup my new linux, a few days before 20.04 was released, after being on Linux Mint for 5+ years20:38
bytesafariquadrathoch2: I'll tool around in wayland once I get a chance, but it looks like wmctrl may be a good place to start20:39
quadrathoch2well it's a program for X only. so that won't work :/20:39
bytesafariah, my bad20:39
quadrathoch2and even the examples on the internet don't work with sth like ['<Alt>w'] so idk how else to type it in where gsettings is satisfied ^^20:40
bytesafariquadrathoch2, yeah I saw a couple of askubuntu posts for wayland, but they don't have answers20:43
bytesafariquadrathoch2, does alt+space bring up a menu, or is that just an X thing?20:44
quadrathoch2it brings up the menu on the top left (from the app not the app switcher)20:45
quadrathoch2this is what I don't get20:45
bytesafariwhat file is that from?20:48
quadrathoch2terminal commands I entered20:48
bytesafariah okay20:48
quadrathoch2sorry, forgot to copy the $ ;)20:49
quadrathoch2bytesafari, so also no idea? :/20:56
tomreynmw_: the 256sum you posted matches ubuntu 18.04-amd64's /bin/bash20:58
bytesafariquadrathoch2, yeah, not really sure. Could be the syntax of your gsettings command, but I'm not sure20:58
quadrathoch2bytesafari, thanks :), off to more searching around :>20:58
tomreynmw_: so you'd find it in here: https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic-updates/amd64/bash/download21:05
freebenchhi,  I'm looking for a client utilizing xmpp working on android, windows and linux, with VoiP and Video features. Can anyone advice21:13
blazedfreebench https://astrachat.com/ looked at that?21:18
freebenchhaven't tried yet21:19
abtm_blazed, looks like astrachat PC version is only avail for corp customers21:32
blazedye i've actually just been reading on it, didi a quick google search from freebench's question. shame.21:33
freebenchjitsi is good, but android version supports jitsi video conversation only21:35
freebenchaTalk must be okay, but android only :)21:35
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jay42Hi, running Ubuntu server 18.04 with lxd (btrfs backend), after a kernel event (INFO: task btrfs-transacti:1453 blocked for more than 120 seconds.) all containers are hung and not responding to commands. Did anyone have a similar issue, any suggestions?22:52
sarnoldjay42: is there anything else in dmesg?23:01
sarnoldjay42: it might be worthwhile trying to grab /proc/pid/stack files for all the hung processes, too23:02
jay42sarnold: Yes, more details for the btrfs event, then there is an lxd message: lvl=warn msg="Detected poll(POLLNVAL) event."23:03
jay42And then several services in systemd stopped, eventually causing systemd-logind service to hang, and disable logins.23:04
jay42In ps, I see there are lots of btrfs processes active: btrfs property set -ts /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/.... ro false23:04
sarnoldprocesses stuck in D state tend to multiply23:05
jay42Indeed, they're all in D state.23:06
Jordan_Ujay42: Has this happened more than once?23:11
jay42Jordan_U: No, this is the first time after almost 1 year of lxd+btrfs setup.23:14
jay42My theory is that something went wrong during the lxd snapshot of the container, blocking btrfs overall and hence the containers.23:15
Jordan_Ujay42: I'm seeing other reports of the error "task btrfs-transacti" "blocked for more than" from googling, and they're all from 2016/17/18. I wonder if this is a bug that was fixed since 2018.23:16
jay42lxd is pretty new - 4.123:18
Jordan_Ujay42: My guess is that it's not an lxd specific problem, but rather a more general btrfs bug.23:20
jay42Pastebin of the kernel event when it all started: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MqkTTYGb96/23:21
tripelbHello this is the fifth day of reporting my Ubuntu 20.04 keeps freezing. I sure hope somebody will take up the problem. I have something called Plex server running as root. (Yes I removed the Plex server.) Yesterday I posted a snip from my TOP command23:22
jay42btrfs-transacti being the first, and others following (systemd-journal, postgres, apache, lxd)23:22
matsamantripelb: when it freezes can you switch to another TTY? Can you ssh in?23:23
matsamantripelb: usually only will be so many things: out of RAM, primary storage (hard disk/etc.) failure, rare X bug, overheated hardware23:24
blizzowIs there any concise documentation/video that makes managing networking (particularly DNS) in ubuntu understandable?23:25
tripelbMatsaman  I wasn't out of time I checked that the other way My hdd just doesn't fail because I can keep rebooting. I don't know how to switch to another TTY or SSH in.  --. I'm not a sis up. I'm a woman at home with home internet one laptop several Android devices...23:25
quadrathoch2blizzow, anything particular you are wanting to have a look at?23:26
tripelbIt releases and refreezes. Matsaman I think he's totally gone because Nick completion doesn't work on his name. This is the fifth day I'm asking about this. I have new information today It's related to chrome23:26
matsamantripelb: okay, so maybe just don't use chrome for now? Try Firefox23:27
matsamantripelb: or at least chromium instead23:27
matsamanany chrome on Linux is going to be a beastly binary blob23:27
matsamanif you use Chromium it will at least be packaged sensibly23:27
tripelbMatsaman Right I can use Firefox. But I really like to have chrome. But the same thing happens with chromium.23:27
matsamantripelb: okay so you're using chromium and doing nothing special and it freezes?23:28
tripelbIt releases then comes back to the freeze. I can tell cuz the mouse will move a couple inches when I swing the cursor around23:28
matsamantripelb: how much RAM have you got?23:28
tripelbIf nothing special means using IRC and chromium at the same time, maybe looking at a directory listing, then yes.23:28
tripelbThis time I started and made sure it Did not restore any of the old links in case it was one of them. ---- I think it is this "Plex server" running two processes as root.23:29
tripelbI'm doing this on the phone let me switch to the computer where the pastebin link resides23:29
blizzowquadrathoch2, I want to run a good local resolver on port 53. I can't start it up because systemd-resolved is stuck there. systemctl stop systemd-resolved doesn't kill the resolver.23:29
blizzowSo I use killall systemd-resolved. dnsmasq takes over!23:30
blizzowso I killall dnsmasq23:30
oerheksplex as root, crazy.23:30
blizzowThen I'm able to fire up a good resolver on
blizzowBut noooo.23:30
oerheksold fix .. https://forums.plex.tv/t/proper-way-to-run-plex-as-another-user-with-systemd-ubuntu-server-16-04-lts/158853/223:30
tripelbOh that's right I have to reboot to do that23:30
tripelbBecause it's on Firefox23:31
blizzowI go into netplan and try and change the resolver to and f' you ubuntu tells me.23:31
oerheksbut plex is not freeware23:31
matsamanproper-way-to-blah-blah-nonsense-situation, heh23:31
matsamantripelb: I just need the output of 'free -m'23:31
blizzowI try to just edit /etc/resolv.conf, but there's a bunch of scary text in there saying it's worthless now.23:31
matsamantripelb: not even the output, just the human-rounded first number (mem total)23:31
tripelbmatsaman I have to reboot the computer to unfreeze the mouse to do anything on the computer, I can't even bring up terminal with the keyboard, iir23:32
blizzowWhy the hell do I need to follow breadcrumbs through the documentation of /etc/resolv.conf into systemd-resolved into netplan, into some other garbage. Jesus I miss my old /etc/resolv.conf23:32
blizzowWhen I look for netplan dns howtos, this comes up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bbdc_CvDGUM23:32
blizzowHow f'ing true.23:32
matsamantripelb: ok23:33
quadrathoch2blizzow, can you test out systemctl disable --now systemd-resolved.service (because here it works 100% got no resolver anymore)23:33
matsamanblizzow: because you're using systemd, and it's awful23:33
tripelbmatsaman last time I looked at the RAM out of 8 gigs I think it was using three or else point three. It wasn't anywhere near half23:33
matsamantripelb: so you have 8GB total?23:34
tripelbWell maybe my memory was wrong. I just booted up and totaled a 7.4 gigs and free is 5.4 gigs23:34
tripelbAvailable 615423:34
matsamantripelb: okay, so that's fine23:34
blizzowmatsaman, I understand systemd is awful. Oh, don't I know it. quadrathoch2 - so if I disable the garbage that's systemd-resolved, what's doing resolution at that point?23:35
blizzowDoes it fall back to /etc/resolv.conf?23:35
matsamantripelb: what does 'swapon -s' say?23:35
blizzowDoes netplan write /etc/resolv.conf?23:35
blizzowOr does networkmanager do some magique?23:35
quadrathoch2blizzow, nothing, because only systemd-resolved is setup to resolve anything23:35
matsamantripelb: or, 'swapon --show' is better23:36
tripelbLet me see if the Plex server is running yet. AH HA: NOW: 7.46 total 1.23 used 5.02 free, 5.98=available23:37
tripelbNow LESS is being used.23:37
quadrathoch2so is plex still running? I assume that plex is hogging much of the resources23:37
Jordan_Ublizzow: https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/network-configuration If you're using network-manager, you should also be able to configure dns via nm-connection-editor or nmtui (terminal ncurses based interface).23:38
blizzowShould one use netplan or networkmanager?23:39
tripelbmatsaman results of show. /dev/sda14 partition 16M used 0B prio -1.  (Next line/ sda13 1020K 0B -323:39
quadrathoch2netplan is just a configurator for nm and systemd-networkd23:39
Jordan_Ublizzow: That depends on your use case. I would expect that servers would benefit more from netplan, and desktops would generally use network-manager.23:39
tripelbStarting firefox23:40
quadrathoch2blizzow, did you get it running? because still not 100% sure what you want to achieve23:42
matsamantripelb: How about this?: lsblk | grep -i swap23:43
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tripelbFrom yesterday, top.   https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/ZNf2TGbBGr/23:44
tripelbmatsaman That's yesterday I'll do the LS block now23:45
blizzowI want to run a docker container or VM with my own dns server that serves DNS on port 53 on I want to change the nameserver on the host running the VM or docker container to I want to point other hosts to use this as a DNS server.23:45
matsamanblizzow: why's that?23:45
quadrathoch2blizzow, which software do you want to use for that (because dnsmasq is not bad for that)23:46
tripelbmatsaman There was no output to that LS to grep statement23:46
matsamantripelb: I wonder if you have any swap at all, time was with 8GB of RAM it wouldn't be such a big deal, but that might not be the case with contemporary nonsenses23:47
matsamanswap is usually useful to have23:47
tripelbI have 16 gigs of swap iir. I will figure out which command will display it in a moment.23:48
tripelbI see SDA 13 and SDA 14 are both swap One has 1M and the other has 16M23:48
tripelbI'm speaking because it's easier than typing on a phone23:49
matsamantripelb: M as in megabytes is essentially zero swap23:49
tripelbWhen I installed the system on this partition... Oh you're right. Can I fix that without reinstalling Ubuntu?23:50
blizzowquadrathoch2, I want to use knot-resolver locally because A) I'm on a wireless backhaul so my best performing DNS server comes in at about 80ms. B) I want the ability to load a nice blacklist C) I want good metrics out of my DNS server D) I want a DNS server that automatically renews cached items23:51
matsamantripelb: yes23:51
quadrathoch2blizzow, as long as you know how to setup that resolver I am fine with helping you to deactivate any other resolver ;)23:52
Jordan_Utripelb: Yes. You can either boot from a LiveUSB and use GParted (be sure to test it afterward, in case the UUID for the swap partition changes and you need to modify the /etc/fstab), or you can switch to using a swap file instead of a swap partition.23:52
tripelbI'm into the swap faq in help.Ubuntu...23:52
quadrathoch2tripelb, just a sidequestion, do you want to have plex installed? as you already said a few times you removed it (but everything you show us, it's still installed)23:53
tripelbquadrathoch2 The day I got some kind of an answer in the Plex system they said none of it should run as root. I've never used Plex yet It's not important to me.23:54
tripelbI definitely want to remove those things running as root.23:55
tripelbIf I have to swap partitions can I just turn them into one swap partition?   This help.ubuntu page is telling me how to add or modify a swap partition.23:56
matsamantripelb: yes, it's not 100% safe technically, so make a backup first23:57
matsamanyou would just remove one, resize the other, and make sure it's set up properly23:57
matsamanif you use a swap file you can just disable any swap partitions and use that and it'll be completely safe23:57
matsamanwhen you're messing with actual partitions, there's always a greater than 0 chance something will turn into the shape of a pear23:58
tripelbOh I have a few unused 30g partitions. But they were made by Windows and I was afraid to do anything with gparted. At the moment I've quite forgotten my windows password. (My stupid hint is the same as the username)23:58
matsamaneven if usually that doesn't happen23:58
matsamantripelb: mmm, well, they're probably not encrypted, so you can likely read the data from Linux23:59
matsamantripelb: and back it up if you want23:59
tripelbNamikazeo I didn't make any encrypted partitions.23:59
matsamanthere are tools to recover/reset passwords, frequently, too23:59
tripelb.. No I didn't make any encrypted partitions23:59
matsamanmost people don't23:59
tripelbYeah well I have to figure that out for windows. I can reset an Ubuntu password with my hand s tied behind my back just using my a stick tied to my nose23:59

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