sirriffsalotOvenWerks: Eickmeyer I'm getting started on making this tutorial-video, but I'm missing one piece of the puzzle. In the case of fixing my missing calf-plugins, I had to edit the address of where it's at in the .ardour file. But where do I find the correct address for all my plugins?17:13
sirriffsalotMeaning, this for instance: "http://calf.sourceforge.net/plugins/Equalizer5Band"17:13
sirriffsalotSome I can find in my Carla list when I search for the specific plugin, but some don't seem to list this address anywhere17:14
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: Eickmeyer I made a tutorial-video for the missing-plugins issue, using the KXStudio example, but it applies to all such cases I suppose. Would it be of any use to you think: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sg4zqsvt9uciger/How%20To%3A%20Fix%20%22Missing%20Plugins%22%20in%20Ardour.mp4?dl=0 ?18:58
tomreynhi, i'd like to improve voice recording quality by buying a usb microphone. and just using it with alsa + pulseaudio, if possible. i'm wondering how well supported those mics are though, they seem to mostly have device specific drivers fro other OSes.19:06
sirriffsalottomreyn: USB-microphones are pretty meh imo, also what are you planning on recording with, Ardour?19:21
tomreynsirriffsalot: it's not professional, this is just to not sound completely terrible by using a laptop-internal mic or an in-ear phone headset when doing video conferencing really.19:24
tomreynalso i'd probably not really be using ubuntustudio but there just standard ubuntu (unless there are good reasons for this use case), i just hoped i could steal some knowledge here.19:26
tomreynso i was thinking something like Blue Yeti or AT2020usb+, but i have no idea whether those work with linux, or whether i *have to* get an audio interface (which is otherwise not useful to me, because i don't do anything professional about audio really).19:39
sirriffsalottomreyn: if you're not planning on using ubunstudio then you're kinda asking in the wrong place..19:51
sirriffsalotIf you're planning on recording with ardour, you're gonna have to use the jack audio server19:51
tomreynsirriffsalot: yes, i shouldn't have asked here in the first place, sorry.19:52
sirriffsalottomreyn: if you're just using this device to have a conference/call, you don't need to record the audio, just have skype or whatever select the usb-device via pulseaudio/pavucontrol19:52
sirriffsalottomreyn: no worries :) But your question was kinda misleading as well, hehe19:52
Eickmeyersirriffsalot: tomreyn does a lot of support for non-Studio issues in this channel.19:52
sirriffsalotEickmeyer: ok?19:53
Eickmeyertomreyn: It's all good. If you're looking at a USB mic, most are pretty well supported. I think I have heard of people having no issues with Blue Yeti, but you might ask in #lau (Linux Audio Users) to be sure.19:53
tomreynthanks Eickmeyer, but he's still right it's not ubuntu studio related, i shouldn't have brought it up here19:53
sirriffsalottomreyn: but if all you're doing are audio-calls, a USB-device should be just fine, I use them myself for that19:54
sirriffsalottomreyn: headset that is19:54
tomreyngreat, thanks, Eickmeyer, i might ask in #lau then (didn't know about this channel!) once i looked up some more mics19:55
sirriffsalotEickmeyer: any thoughts on the tutorial, btw, now that you're here? :)19:55
tomreynactually for what i'm doing, a lavallier mic may actually be the better option19:55
Eickmeyersirriffsalot: I haven't had a chance, and might not get to it today. :/19:55
tomreynand thanks to you as well19:56
tomreynsirriffsalot: ^19:56
Eickmeyertomreyn: There's a plethora of lavallier mics that work with USB audio cards (the cheap $10 kind) on Amazon.19:56
tomreyni just looked at Rode SmartLav+19:57
sirriffsalottomreyn: sure thing20:15
sirriffsalotEickmeyer: alright, lemme know20:15
OvenWerkstomreyn: for USB audio interfaces (usb mics too) do not look at if it requires a driver for windows but rather if it requires a driver for macOS21:27
OvenWerkswindows seems to have lagged way behind everyone else. if a USB device is "class compliant" (MacOS does not allow device drivers) then it should just work.21:28

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