abtm_I am trying to test my cluster of caching proxies and was looking for a large non-snap package (traditional apt managed package or metapackage) that is 20 to 30 mb.  The chaches already have wine and libreoffice. any suggestions on another largish package I can install from apt?01:13
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well_laid_lawnabtm_: maybe a web browser01:24
well_laid_lawnor emmai client01:25
abtm_chromium is a snap pkg01:28
abtm_thunderbird is already installed01:28
abtm_my intent is to test my caching cluster to ensure they can pull cached .deb backages from each other02:01
abtm_and not go out to the internet again02:01
abtm_which is why I need to find a large deb package and install it on 2 vms02:01
abtm_a snap does not help me02:01
abtm_looks like it did not work02:17
abtm_tried bluefish02:17
abtm_firewall shows both installs going to the internet02:17
abtm_so now I have more logs to pour over02:17
CurlyWhich install do you want to run in the background while the other is going through the firewall?02:23
abtm_basically I have set up 2 squid instances02:24
abtm_on 2 VM hosts02:24
abtm_they use identical conf files02:24
abtm_and they are configured as cache_peer siblings02:24
abtm_to ea otehr02:24
abtm_same conf is used on both except the cache_peer line for the host is commented out02:25
abtm_found a note that I needed to add an ICP_timeout02:25
abtm_so I did02:25
abtm_but I still get cache misses which sends the proxy out to the internet to download the package02:26
abtm_the intent was to use sibling and ICP queries to find already downloaded .deb packages on the other cache and provide the client the package instead of going out to the internet for it02:27
CurlyHave you tried Port Forwarding to the client diverting the internet?02:29
abtm_the VMs are using the proxies02:30
abtm_00proxy file in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d02:30
abtm_the issue is that the proxies are not properly working together02:30
abtm_as I identify options to tweak, I need to find more large packages to test with :)02:31
abtm_I have an open question in #squid the problem is that they are not responding :)02:31
CurlyYou mentioned that both have identical .conf files.02:32
abtm_except that the cache_peer sibling line for the server the proxy is running on is commented out02:33
abtm_but all the other configs are the same02:33
abtm_ea proxy works on its own02:33
abtm_the problem is they dont work together :)02:34
abtm_which means if I put them into an HA config I would be downloading all the content 2x02:34
abtm_so I need to fix it :)02:34
CurlyIt reminds me of a Broadcast where one must wait for the first data packet to finish.02:34
CurlyWhy not set up a packet signal to tell the second instance to cease?02:35
abtm_which is why I tried ICP_timeout02:35
abtm_and I am not using multicast02:35
abtm_I am not familiar with that....02:36
CurlyInstead of timeout, to just send the unwanted packet to a dump file.02:36
abtm_but its not an unwanted packet02:37
abtm_the way it is supposed to work is that if the proxy gets a request for a file that it does not have02:37
abtm_it should now check with its peer server02:37
abtm_if the peer has the file, it copies the file from the peer and provides it to the client02:38
abtm_if the peer does not have it either, the cache goes to the source on the internet to download the file02:38
abtm_the problem is that even though I know the peer has the file02:38
abtm_the cache thinks it does not and goes to the internet02:39
abtm_I read that if the query timeout is set too low, the cache does not wait for a response so I encreased it02:40
abtm_still no dice02:40
CurlyI think your timeout idea is reasonable.02:40
abtm_I set it to 7000 ms02:41
abtm_still no dice02:41
abtm_the two boxes are on the same wifi AP02:41
CurlyIf you set your timeout, add an < if then don't send > signal.02:42
CurlySomething like that.02:43
abtm_it is an option in the squid.conf02:43
abtm_also, if I legitimately get a "I dont have it" I do want to go out to the internet to download it02:44
CurlyThe client that does have it could tell the other client:  I have it. Let me send it to you instead.02:46
abtm_thats what I am trying to get working :)02:46
CurlyLike a handshake between both clients.02:46
CurlyIn other words both clients would handshake and tell each other the  timestamp of reciept of the wanted packet.02:47
abtm_supposedly squid has that as a built in feature that I am trying to implement :)02:48
CurlyIf the other client doesn't have that updated data, it can handshake and check the one that has it.02:48
abtm_unless you know of something other than squid that can do it reliably :)02:48
CurlyThat would be a lot of traffic too on your server.02:49
abtm_basically the way its supposed to work is on query from the client act02:49
CurlyWhat if you alternate between clients for the wanted data so just one would recieve the packet and tell the other client: I have it! Don't bother. Pretty much the same idea.02:51
abtm_ideally yes02:52
abtm_basically I am doing this for 2 reasons.02:52
abtm_1) learn a new technology02:52
CurlyIt reminds me of an electronics device called a:  Comparator.02:52
abtm_2) set up HA cache for my home lab so that I limit bandwidth consumption02:53
abtm_so squid works on a single instance02:53
CurlyBandwidth is a major issue.02:53
abtm_yes it is02:53
CurlyIs this a Home server?02:53
abtm_have a 25mb connection and a data cap02:54
CurlyI understand bandwidth. My server is a home server and periodically I have to set GoDaddy my new IP address. It is a pain, but a money saver for sure.02:55
CurlyIs your IP a Static or Dynamic?02:56
CurlyLikewise here.02:56
abtm_and this is a home lab02:56
abtm_not present on the public internet02:57
abtm_ie VMs for study02:57
CurlyI know the feeling. I am running pretty much the same idea.02:57
abtm_ the VMs need to be kept up to date02:57
abtm_down my list is learning ansible02:57
CurlyI am running:02:57
abtm_but first I need the infrastructure in place02:57
CurlyDistributor ID:Ubuntu02:57
CurlyDescription:Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS02:57
abtm_I am running ubuntu 20.04 server (kvm)02:58
abtm_opnsense vm firewalls02:58
abtm_and xubuntu 20.04 clients02:58
abtm_xubuntu because it has the lowest memory footprint ubuntu based gui02:58
CurlyThe Id was  IUbuntu but this is XUbuntu. I spent too many hours to use another LTS version, however, there is not too much difference though.02:59
abtm_I am still running an older laptop with lubuntu 16.04 as my personal machine03:00
abtm_eventually when I have the lab infrastructure squared away I will upgrade it03:00
CurlyAre you using   Wine or VM03:01
CurlyI installed  VBox as well.03:01
CurlyMy next project is setting up a Paste Bin.03:02
abtm_I am an MCSE who uses windows at work all day03:02
abtm_so I do linux at home03:02
abtm_and KVM03:02
abtm_I have used virtualbox as well and its nice for some things03:02
CurlyI also am in the process of setting up an IRC Server. I have set up two servers a while ago.03:02
abtm_but if I want to run with less overhead its kvm03:03
CurlyGUI uses overhead.03:03
abtm_hence ubuntu server and KVM03:03
abtm_on my personal laptop xubuntu (minimal overhead)03:04
abtm_and as close to same tech (kvm) as possible03:04
CurlyI chose GUI install for reasons of teaching students the basics. I have used non GUI also.03:04
abtm_one annoyance I have with KVM is that virtualbox has a built in driver that permits bridging wifi nic03:04
abtm_KVM does not support it03:04
CurlyCan you apt-get it?03:05
CurlyKVM can be modified though.03:05
CurlyNice link. I bookmarked it.03:09
CurlyI hope I am not taking up too much of this channel.03:09
abtm_that was the first one I found there are others as well03:10
CurlyI don't know the rules of this channel. Funny thing. I opened up a Terminal Emulator, typed in IRSSI   then:  /server irc.xubuntu.com   Found this channel.03:11
CurlyI didn't need a GUI for that. IRSSI is my favorite. I used to use  Pirch98 for Windows and still do. It is so ahead of it's time. Most people never heard of it.03:12
CurlyIt is compatible with almost any Windows OS.03:12
CurlyI installed Xubuntu  on Windows with VBOX. Worked nice.03:13
abtm_virtualbox works well on windows03:13
abtm_the problem is if you want to do virtualization on linux03:14
abtm_you really need to get to the bare metal :)03:14
CurlyNo GUI with VBOX.03:14
abtm_there is gui with vbox03:14
abtm_but if you are running linux in a vm on windows03:15
CurlySorry No GUI without in text mode.  :)03:15
abtm_you are not running a vm IN linux :)03:15
abtm_try hexchat03:15
abtm_gui IRC client03:15
abtm_works well03:16
CurlyI am running Xubuntu with GUI. It does have VM though. I tried to install some Windows OS and there were a few glitches.03:16
DarkTrickJapanese is not properly rendered within xfce4-terminal. What could be the cause?03:16
abtm_xubuntu on hardware or in a VM?03:16
DarkTrickI have ibus3 and JP language installed03:16
CurlyI have seen Hex Chat. Used it with a Terminal Web Browser. That was fun.03:16
CurlyPerhaps a font issue DarkTrick.03:18
DarkTrickI can also not write Japanese. This could also be a font issue?03:19
DarkTrickCurly, how would I fix this?03:19
CurlyLet me do a search.03:19
CurlyDarkTrick:     https://askubuntu.com/questions/427713/set-default-japanese-font#43144803:21
CurlyBy the way guys I always use:  https://duckduckgo.com/03:23
CurlyNever use Google.03:23
CurlySet your default for the latter.03:23
CurlyGoogle tracks you but Duckduckgo.com   never tracks you. It is faster than Google and and no Adds. <-------<03:24
CurlyDoes this channel have a published log file?03:29
DarkTrickCurly, is it strange, that /etc/share/fonts/truetype does not exist?03:30
CurlyCheck your  version of Xubuntu and specify your search on Duckduckgo.com  and specify truetype fonts.03:32
CurlyAt the bottom of the link I showed you, there are more instructions there. Your problem may be kernel specific.03:34
CurlyNot all kernels are the same.03:34
CurlyWhen first trying so many versions of Ubuntu, Kbuntu, Xubuntu, Debian, and more, I went crazy untill I made it a point that if you ask an Ubuntu question, you need to specify what kernel you are using and then sudo apt-get the correct installation. If your version doesn't have it then, search how to make the installation.03:37
CurlyOnce the installation is made, you need to follow the instructions.03:38
CurlyDownloading doesn't mean that it is install the way you want. One must find out how to apply the installation.03:38
CurlyMake sure you install the correct repositories. Git Hub is a good location for many things.03:40
CurlyBefore you install anything, make sure you:    sudo apt-get update03:41
CurlyAlso:   sudo   apt-get upgrade  first.  Then update.03:41
CurlyIf you need to know your version:   lsb_release -a      <------------<03:42
CurlyIf you have an older version of Ubuntu and upgrade, it may ask you to reboot and then ask you if you want to keep your original settings? Yes! Otherwise your settings will be erased.03:44
CurlyFor a laugh, type this in the Terminal:   sudo apt-get moo03:45
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DarkTrickCurly, thank you for you help. it should not be a font problem per-se04:29
DarkTricki just figured, that japanese output comming from a python script shows fine.04:29
CurlyIs it a matter of font size?04:29
DarkTrickmaybe it's a mount-option problem as in vsftp04:30
CurlyAre you using a modern LCD screen or a CRT? That does make a difference.04:30
DarkTrickThe problem is happing inside my VM. No problem on host. It should not be screen related.04:31
DarkTrickI'm inside the gui04:31
CurlyI see. Now that you are explaining things, it opens up a different scenerio.04:31
CurlyWhenever I hear a question, I later get the details which almost answers the question.04:32
CurlyYou may need to set the default fonts in the VM.04:36
CurlyThe CRT I am using the lates Ubuntu's search for your monitor. My CRT, the fonts were so small it took me a week to find the Terminal commands to increase the fonts. That was something.04:37
CurlyI am sure there is an answer.04:40
CurlyWhat application are you using that the fonts are not what you want?04:40
CurlyIn Xubuntu, on my Web Browser, if the font is too small, I just left Ctrl   &   right +   and the screen text gets larger. It is text registration or pixelation.04:59
CurlyIt may not be the font, but a magnification issue.05:01
DarkTrickCurly, it's just xfce4-terminal. But perhaps it's an ibus/input issue rather than a font one. I'll give it up for not. Somehow xubuntu must have configured itself erroneous during setup. So reinstalling a full system is probably the more reliable option.05:05
DarkTrickThank you for your help, though!05:06
CurlyYou may have the same problem. Check  https://duckduckgo.com     and  type exactly what you posted. I can do a quick search and demonstrate.05:07
CurlyIn one sentence give me the exact problem.05:08
CurlyBy the way, I am in my Terminal and look up at the drop down boxes.05:11
CurlyFile   Edit   View   Terminal  Tabs    Help05:12
CurlyDon't do anything drastic until you are sure.05:12
CurlyReinstall the application first instead of the full system.05:19
geblinaHi, I'm looking for a program to record internet radio, or sound that comes from a laptop13:18
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azagayaHi! i think i managed to remove the password on login, but now i would need to remove it also on suspend and lock screen.. is it possible?14:10
azagayai already unchecked the "lock screen when suspend" on energy admnistration with no luck14:12
CurlyGeblina Greetings! What you may want to do for the Internet Radio is use a Streaming Audio Recorder. There are many ways to record from the internet without software such as using your sound card or headphone output and port it to a DVD or other types of recorders. Many people don't know or think of outputing the video of a computer to an external recorder. However, you may want to check this web site out:17:04
Curly https://itsfoss.com/record-streaming-audio/17:04
diogenes_RoadRunner, ?17:41
alex_cGood day is it possible to setup xubuntu through the installer. I tried to run the installer it only allowed me setup encrypted physical volumes. Am I missing something?18:17
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CurlyAlex_c  <-------<  At what stage of the installation did you get for this situation?19:02
CurlyWhen installing Xubuntu, it asks: "Do you want to encrypt the volume in the event of theft, etc."19:04
CurlyEvery installation is different for each kernel or distribution.19:05
CurlyIf your Xubuntu installation is a home version, not encrypting would be the alternative. Unlike being in a huge Company or Corporation where anyone has access to the box.19:07
CurlyMake sure you have enough disk space and older Xubuntu versions are not present. Wipe the disk clean before installing. Usually Xubuntu will format and tell you it will wipe out what is on the Hard Drive.19:08
CurlyEncrypting could pose problems unless you are experienced. If you are new to Xubuntu, perhaps use the entire Disk to be sure.19:11
CurlyNo partitions.19:13
CurlyXubuntu will do the rest.19:14
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cimbakahnIs anyone around?22:02
cimbakahnI fell asleep last night watching Starsky & Hutch on my laptop.  When i woke up this morning there was no sound.  What do i do?22:03
CurlyCimbakahn, look at the top of your screen. You will see an icon that looks like a speaker. Click that and see if your problem is there. Otherwise laptops have a button at the top of the keyboard with an: up or down arrow. You said you fell asleep on the laptop, therefore, it must be the speaker key on your laptop if it has one.22:06
cimbakahnI didn't fall asleep ON the laptop.  I fell asleep in bed.  The laptop is on a table next to the bed.22:08
CurlyCheck the speaker icon on your screen.22:08
cimbakahnI already checked all that stuff in there.22:09
CurlyIt is difficult to say without more information.22:09
cimbakahnI also tried sudo alsa force-reload22:09
cimbakahnand amixer -q -D pulse sset Master toggle22:09
CurlyHave you rebooted the laptop?22:09
cimbakahnI restarted it.  And after a bit i shut it down completely.22:10
cimbakahnI have no idea why something like this happened.  It seems so trivial.22:12
CurlyI agree.22:12
cimbakahnThe sound on this laptop was worked fine til i woke up this morning.22:13
CurlyDid you   apt-get upgrade   or   update ?   That could be an issue.22:13
cimbakahnI could see if there are any updates i can get and come back.22:14
CurlyThat link gives an excellent explanation.22:15
CurlyUpgrading or updating could change sound settings.22:15
cimbakahnOk.  I saved it.  I'll be back if i can't get it fixed.22:15
CurlyTake your time. :)   Good Luck.22:16
cimbakahnHello!  I'm back.22:49
cimbakahnI did all the things on that page.22:50
CurlyWelcome back.22:50
cimbakahnStill no sound.22:50
cimbakahnThank you!22:50
CurlyAre the speakers internal speakers or external?22:50
cimbakahnI did all of these things:  sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get upgrade  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  sudo alsa force-reload  sudo apt remove --purge alsa-base pulseaudio  sudo apt install alsa-base pulseaudio  sudo alsa force-reload  Shut down and pushed the power button to turn on laptop.22:52
CurlyIs your laptop connected to a TV monitor with a HDTV cable?22:52
cimbakahnThe speakers are internal.22:52
cimbakahnBuilt in.22:52
cimbakahnI am still very much perplexed.22:53
CurlyIn my mind I am trying to troubleshoot it from a IT viewpoint.22:53
CurlyIn CISCO we call it:  Layer 1   Hardware first.22:54
cimbakahnThis same thing happened to an old laptop i had many years ago, and i was never able to get the sound working on that one.  External speakers would work on it though.22:55
cimbakahnI have 2 sets of external speakers here still.22:56
CurlyVery good. Now your thinking of an actual example.22:56
CurlyI have heard some have removed the battery for about a minute and putting the battery back. It is a long shot, but in digital electronics, capacitors hold charges and the speakers are in the Physical Layer in troubleshooting.22:58
CurlyIf your external speakers work, then it is a physical electronic issue.22:59
cimbakahnI don't have a battery in this laptop.22:59
cimbakahnI will go get them, and plug them in.23:00
CurlyDon't dare to change anything unless you make sure that it just may be something simple as a voltage issue.23:00
CurlyAlso if you shut down the computer, unplug the power supply seeing you don't have a battery and let it sit for a few minutes so the capacitors can discharge. Some capacitors take longer.23:01
cimbakahnThe external speakers work great!23:02
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CurlyNow we are getting somewhere. See how easy it is getting?23:02
cimbakahnI want to get the internal ones working though.23:02
CurlyI understand but take into consideration what I am saying to you.23:03
CurlyI am an Engineer.23:03
CurlyWe now troubleshot that it is not Xubuntu. We troubleshot that the sound works.23:04
cimbakahnSo, i guess the next step would be to shut down the laptop, and take the power cord out, and wait like 10 minutes, then power it back up?23:05
CurlyThe process of elimination leads us to either 1. The speaker wires are disconnected by virtue of the plug in socket or a wire got loose. Also if worse comes to worse, go into the Bios and look at your sound settings.23:05
Curly2. Going to a higher level, you would then check the digital switching by way of Xubuntu i.e. the drivers because whenever you apt-get update or upgrade, the audio drivers may have been modified.23:07
cimbakahnI don't see why all this stuff would be necessary.  It's like the laptop, or OS shut off the volume by itself.23:07
CurlyAll of this is part of troubleshooting.23:07
cimbakahnSo, i guess the next step would be to shut down the laptop, and take the power cord out, and wait like 10 minutes, then power it back up23:08
CurlyNever dismiss anything. Sometimes the problem is so simple it is staring you right in the face.23:08
CurlyDid you open up the laptop?23:08
cimbakahnI guess i'll be back after 10-11 minutes.23:09
CurlyOK I hope you can figure this out.23:09
CurlyCimbakahn are you still there? If so:   https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000725.htm23:13
cimbakahnHello!  I'm back.23:30
cimbakahnNo luck.23:30
cimbakahnWhat to do next?23:30
CurlyThat URL should give you a basic idea of what I was talking about.23:32
cimbakahnLooks like that info is for Windows.23:33
CurlyI understand.23:33
CurlyIt is a basic principle though.23:33
CurlySoftware has switches that talk to the BIOS such as Drivers, etc.23:34
cimbakahnWhatever happened, the laptop or the OS just turned off the volume by itself.23:35
CurlyXubuntu does the same thing but of course much differently than Windows.23:35
CurlyNever rule out anything.23:36
CurlyBy the way does both your laptops with sound issues use Xubuntu?23:36
cimbakahnI wonder if i log out and then log in using the pure Xfce session if the speakers would work then?23:37
CurlyTry it. What can you lose?23:37
CurlyI am trying to get you to think like a Technician.23:37
cimbakahnThat old laptop i was telling you about i just put in a box, and i haven't been using it for over a year.23:38
CurlyWhat OS on the one in the box?23:38
CurlyWhether it is Ubuntu or Windows, hardware issues always come up.23:39
cimbakahnI am in the pure Xfce session now.  No luck.23:43
CurlyI see.23:43
CurlyI have a thought, but this for sure would tell you about the speakers. If you removed the hard drive and put another working Xubuntu hard drive in to see if for sure that the posibility of Xubuntu drivers could be bad, that is another trick I do before taking drastic measures like replacing the speakers, etc.23:45
cimbakahnI tend to think it is a software issue.23:47
CurlyYou could take a new hard drive and create a < MIRROR IMAGE >  of your now system and reinstall without removing the hard drive. Keep the mirror image reinstall. If the same thing happens, i.e. no sound then it is definitely a hard ware problem.23:47
CurlyUse an external USB  Backup  Drive and  < MIRROR > the now Xubuntu image. Do you follow what I am suggesting?23:48
cimbakahnMy screen was black this morning when i woke up.  I moved the mouse and the normal screen appeared.23:48
CurlyScreen Saver.23:49
CurlyDid you watch the movie with Xubuntu?23:49
cimbakahnI believe i uninstalled the screensaver several months ago.23:49
CurlyWhen you apt-get update or upgrade, that may have again as above be the the reason.23:50
CurlyNever rule anything out.23:50
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cimbakahnYes.  I did.23:51
CurlyYou have a lot of amunition to work with now.23:52
CurlyAgain, it could be the simplest thing, but, only you can find it out. I can only make suggestions. When I teach computer classes, I do this with all of my students.23:53
CurlyMake sure though you keep in mind the  distribution you are using and use that as a reference.23:55
CurlyI am sure there is a workaround.23:55
CurlyAgain, creating an IMAGE of the disk and reinstall from scratch to prove that it is either the hardware or software.23:56
CurlyDo you know how to create an IMAGE of the Disk?23:57
cimbakahnYes.  I know how.23:58
CurlyIf the external speakers work, then, I would stick with that unless you really need internal speakers.23:58
cimbakahnI hear you.23:59
CurlyOh! One more thing.23:59
cimbakahnI still want to get the internal ones working.23:59

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