* tomwardill mutters at lxc and testr10:31
tomwardillgetting there, it'll at least start a lxc now, but testr fails to find any tests10:31
tomwardillcjwatson: any idea how to debug testr failing to produce a list of tests?10:49
cjwatsonDo you have a .testr.conf ?10:55
cjwatsonI'd drop down a level at a time - next level down is probably "sudo /usr/local/bin/lp-setup-lxc-test <name of container> --list" I think?10:56
tomwardillyep, that seems to work11:00
tomwardill(I've hacked it to use lxc-copy and lxc-attach rather than lxc-start-ephemeral)11:00
tomwardillwhich I suspect is the problem, but I can't work out why not11:00
tomwardilltestr appears to be executing the command successfully, so I assume it's either not receiving or failing to parse the output somehow11:00
* tomwardill -> lunch11:02
tomwardillokay, can someone `apt-get install python-testrepository` and then do `testr list-tests` in a LP checkout and see if it produces anything?15:02
tomwardilltestr doesn'15:36
tomwardilldoesn't appear to work in xenial15:36
tomwardillor at least, doesn't list any tests15:36
SpecialK|CanonWell, /bin/sh: 1: xvfb-run: not found15:57
* SpecialK|Canon spins up a container15:58
tomwardilloh, yes16:00
tomwardillyou will need to do that in a launchpad/rocketfuel container16:00
tomwardillpappacena or cjwatson might be in a positiont o do that faster :)16:05
* pappacena doing16:06
cjwatsonalso empty output, let's see if I can remember how this works16:06
pappacenaempty for me too https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/2PM4CxJJ/16:07
tomwardillthe docs imply that should produce a list, but don't actually state it16:07
tomwardill(or indeed how/where/what form the list would be)16:08
cjwatsonYou do get one on stdout if you run the underlying command16:08
cjwatsonLet me poke a bit16:08
tomwardillyeah, that's the symptoms I'm getting16:09
tomwardillI want to say something like 'subunit V1 vs v2', but I've got nothing to back that up with16:09
cjwatsonIt is possible16:09
cjwatsonCould try | subunit-1to2 or some such16:09
cjwatsonOr actually16:10
cjwatson--subunit-v2 maybe16:10
tomwardillcjwatson: aha!16:10
tomwardillthat did it16:11
cjwatsontestrepository imports subunit.v2 if it exists16:11
cjwatsonand changes behaviour16:11
cjwatsonand I don't think it existed on precise16:11
tomwardillyep, that would do it16:11
tomwardillright, lets see if I can make everything else work now16:11
* tomwardill undoes all the hacks16:11
cjwatsonWe'll need to be a little careful because the buildbot master will still be precise (for the time being) and thus won't understand v216:12
cjwatsonFor test subunit output16:13
cjwatsonFeeding the output through subunit-2to1 for the time being will probably deal with that16:13
tomwardillthat's the config I've got locally atm (precise master, xenial slave), so should be able to experiment with it16:13
cjwatsonUltimately moving to subunit v2 will probably be a good thing though; should fix some encapsulation bugs16:13
tomwardills/slave/worker, sorry. Buildbot still has old references.16:14
cjwatsonsubunit v2 was invented exactly because v1 got out of sync really easily16:14
cjwatsonAnd I introduced subunit v2 support to zope.testrunner when I did a bunch of work on it in 201816:15
cjwatsonMainly to massively simplify the LP fork16:15
tomwardillah, nice16:15
cjwatsonSo it *should* work, but it's basically untried in an LP context16:15
tomwardillwell, my cpu is definitely doing something16:15
cjwatsonBecause we couldn't really use it until we upgraded buildbot :)16:15
tomwardillyep, it's running tests, with terrible output and weird formatting16:16
cjwatsontestrepository should hopefully be ingesting it all16:16
tomwardilllooks like it's failing to start postgres correctly16:16
tomwardillbut that's progress at least16:17
tomwardillit also never finishes the step, so that's a thing.16:30
* tomwardill will look at that tomorrow, slightly early EOD for bicycle club16:30
cjwatsonYou know I think I'll take TypeError: 'object() takes no parameters' as a signal that I should EOD and try again tomorrow16:45
SpecialK|Canonlol, have a good evening :)16:54

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