thaweaterhi guys lubuntu system installed without error02:39
thaweaterbut when i start, it shows  cli02:39
thaweateri do startx, then it  shows these error:02:40
thaweaterany help will be appreciated02:40
thaweaterso, its an ancient system02:40
thaweaterpentium 402:41
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vic101Hi everybody! I've troubled to boot on the live usb of Lubuntu 20 with an old HP Pavillon DV6. Is there someone to help me?07:11
vic101When I hit start Lubuntu, display freeze and fan are getting high but nothing happens even with nomodeset07:19
vic101USB created with rufus07:20
guivercvic101, the the [integrity] scan pass with no errors?07:25
vic101what do you mean by integrity scan ?07:26
guivercLubuntu 20.04 will scan it's media before it boots..07:27
vic101I didn't see no scan running...07:32
guiverchttps://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/1/1.3/installation.html ; the "Check disc for defects" option was removed and the process was made automatic  (it was a common failure of installs... checking ISO before write to install media to ensure it's reliable.. then that scan)07:32
vic101It's just before blue lubuntu screen?07:32
guivercthe ISO validation (checksum check) is covered in https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/1/1.1/retrieving_the_image.html  before you write to media (the rufus step you did)07:33
vic101alright. gonna try it07:34
guivercif you didn't do it, or skipped (in which case I'd do it), I'd step back to prior steps, ie. re-verify the ISO before writing to media, then re-write etc..07:34
* guiverc reasoning is the scan is quick (60-150 secs), where as problem solving issues it detects take hours-days..07:35
vic101MD5sum is not the same07:36
vic101oups did a mistake :)07:37
guivercthen download failed, the ISO cannot be trusted.  I'd `zsync` it again (or re-download it... zsync looks for differences and only grabs portions that changed or are incorrect07:37
guivercthere are multiple types of checksums.. check the correct one07:37
vic101SHA1 is good on my download07:38
guivercgood, then download was good.. :)07:38
guivercthe most common failure I find is the write to media (what the automatic check should detect)07:38
vic101I just tried to test with lubuntu 18 and same problem07:39
vic101Must be a hardware problem07:39
guivercif you have problems on a box, I usually try it on another box (not the install, just the "start Lubuntu" letting the second box do the scan of media - if both have issues then media is flawed.  Lubuntu is a desktop release so yy.mm format07:39
vic101I'm gonna try with different usb07:40
* guiverc & good luck07:40
vic101I tested 20.04 and 18.04.407:40
vic101only LTS versions07:40
guivercFYI: the software stacks in 18.04.4 (using 19.10 5.3 kernel) & 20.04 (5.4) are rather similar, original 18.04 or 18.04.1 (18.04's 4.15) might have been a better test (if you're tested 18.04.4 to see if different)07:45
vic101Ok. I'm gonna try the new usb and see then07:47
vic101same problem with a different USB...07:53
guivercdid the scan complete successfully?07:55
vic101I tested 20.04 on new usb and no errors07:56
vic101but i never see a scan or something looking like a scan during install on rufus or booting on usb07:57
vic101do we agree that scan performs in back?07:57
vic101or do i have to see a scan windows?07:57
vic101neither on 20.04 or 18.04.407:58
guiverc18.04.4 has the "Check disc for defects" option to initiate scan, so you start it manually.. All 20.04 ISOs start it automatically.. it reports "Checking ./path/filename  \n  Checking disk 1 of 1 (99% complete)" with the number incrementing.. you'll see it when it runs.. since it's not running, I'm suspicious of bad write of media08:00
guivercI've never used rufus, but I know it's mentioned here https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/create-a-bootable-usb-stick-on-windows/1402008:00
vic101I'm writing 18.04 on usb and i'm gonna run the check disc08:01
vic101to be sure :D08:01
guivercvic101, this is what I'd expect you to see - https://photos.app.goo.gl/Rju8TZzeVBAtP1va9  (sorry it's blurry)08:03
vic101I've never seen that08:04
guivercfyi: it scans the install media (thumb-drive), NOT your hdd/ssd or any other drive08:04
guivercyou'll see a version of it if you run the "Check disc for defects" option on 18.04.4 (option in the manual ref I provided earlier)08:05
vic101I'm always landing directly on language panel08:06
vic101I just launched check disk on 18.04 and it freezes08:06
vic101I gonna try with an rufus alternative08:07
vic101if it freezes again, it will be a HP computer problem :)08:07
* guiverc is booting an iso to see order... i get on an UEFI box a grub like menu where I click "start lubuntu" first.. but if it freezes as you say, my 2c is it's a bad write to media (ie. a rufus failure)08:08
* guiverc or hardware failure as you say !! you'd need to test thumb-drive on other box(es) to rightly convict rufus08:09
vic101I'm testing with balena Etcher right now08:09
vic101I've installed Ubuntu on my mac last month with rufus and the same thumb drive08:10
vic101and no problem on that08:10
guivercmy box didn't give me language selection screen; but I know he screen you mean08:10
guivercthat info does add weight to hardware issue :(08:10
vic101Ok, same problem with etcher and that software has a check validation before unmounting08:13
vic101so i would bet on an HP hardware problem08:13
vic101it still freezes on check disc08:14
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guivercIf it were my box, I'd as stated confirm the media is good by booting in another box (start or try; not the install just in 'live' mode)... then maybe try something different (another flavor maybe or better yet a non Ubuntu system; not for installation, for testing purposes to confirm it boots and runs in 'live' mode)08:17
vic101ok. I'm gonna test on that computer but have to reboot08:17
guivercif the other system works, then I'd likely note kernel/drivers etc used, and return to Lubuntu & try again...  my guess is the other (non-Ubuntu) system would fail again08:17
vic101see you08:17
guivercbye for now :)08:17
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tommy``Is it possible to change the aspect of the app tab switcher ? I've configured alt+tab to switch the window but i would like to change the graphic11:38
guiverctommy``, you should provide release info (I cannot help though sorry)11:43
tommy``guiverc: 20.04 LTS11:43
tommy``i'have lxqt 0.14.111:43
nakulhello , i need support for installing lubuntu on usb18:36
sarmonsiill_Hi people. Question: Why can I not install libxtf-dev in lubuntu 20.04?18:52
wxl!info libxtf-dev groovy18:52
ubottuPackage libxtf-dev does not exist in groovy18:52
wxl!info libxtf-dev focal18:52
ubottuPackage libxtf-dev does not exist in focal18:53
wxlsame difference, though: it doesn't exist18:53
sarmonsiill_:( so i cannot compile sterminal18:53
wxlwell you could compile the library and then that of course18:53
wxlum there's this site for sterminal (you know the secure terminal) and their https certificate expired in 2018. does this not seem strangely ironic?18:56
Ranger5I think I've done something daft to Lubunntu 20.22:40
kc2bezsorry to hear that22:40
Ranger5tried to install redshift but i didn't get the lightbulb on the panel, so went looking in Discover for... something to make it appear. Along the way found knotes, installed that, and a whole load of other things installed as well that I don't want, and now when I start the laptop I get a screen sized keyborad on screen! I'm thinking I'll re-install the system as I can't see any way of undoing it.22:45
kc2bezActually that may not be as bad as you think.22:47
kc2bezThe virtual keyboard just needs to be disabled in SDDM. Let me dig that up.22:47
kc2bezok. Ranger5 do you have a file `/etc/sddm.conf.d/qtvirtualkeyboard` ?22:51
Ranger5Not that I can see no, sddm on its own but not with .conf.d etc22:54
kc2bezedit the `/etc/sddm.conf` file. Under the [General] section change  the line `InputMethod=qtvirtualkeyboard` to just `InputMethod=`22:57
kc2bezIf that line doesn't exist you can add `InputMethod=` in that section.22:58
Ranger5Mine just says Autologin, Session=Lubuntu. Shall I add that line under that?23:00
kc2bezI think that will fix it, yes. It will need the `[General]` heading and then `InputMethod=` below the heading.23:01
Ranger5Okay I've done that, I imagine I need to restart now to see if it worked?23:03
kc2bezYeah, I am not sure if a logout would do it.23:04
kc2bezThe SDDM service would likely need to be restarted.23:04
kc2bezA reboot will cover it all.23:04
Ranger5Okay, I'll do that and see what happens. Thanks for your help:)23:05
kc2bezSounds good. Happy to help.23:06
Ranger5So there's a problem. I cant close the sddm.conf file! I save the changes and it won't let me close it.23:07
kc2bezWhich application did you open it with?23:08
Ranger5Should I have used the terminal and sudo?23:08
Ranger5Because I didn't.23:09
kc2bezIt will need to be with elevated privileges but you can still do that with Featherpad.23:09
kc2bez`VISUAL=featherpad sudoedit /etc/sddm.conf`23:10
lubot<HMollerCl> Also you can unistall the virtualkeyboatd, I just don't remember the package now23:12
kc2bezThere are a couple of different ones so I am not really sure.23:13
Ranger5I'm really not sure what I'm doing with this stuff , and it's really late. I can't concentrate fully. I'll remove the changes and hopefully it'll close and I'll try it again tomorrow...well later today anyway! Sorry to be a pain.23:16
kc2bezno worries.23:16
Ranger5Thanks again, night.23:17
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