mupPR operator#324 opened: model: don't use --app for relation-get/-set before 2.7.1 <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/pull/324>02:24
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davigar15Any updates on this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/1882127 I have asked in the #juju channel too. I'm not sure which team should look into it.06:12
Chipacamoin moin08:44
jammorning Chipaca08:44
Chipacajam: had a bit of insomnia yesterday08:45
jamhi davigar15, I don't have any updates, I'll raise it in standup today with the Juju team to hopefully increase visibility. At a minimum there is a Juju bug if it *ever* panics.08:46
Chipacajam: so there's a pr up08:46
jamChipaca, yeah, I saw about --app. I was trying to set up different Juju versions to test it for you.08:46
Chipacajam: (and email with context on snapcrafters)08:46
Chipacajam: <308:46
Chipacaincidentally we have no tests with is-app true08:46
jamChipaca, well, you can fix that one :)08:47
Chipacashould i fix it in the same pr i'm touching the code tho08:47
jamChipaca, do you know how far back we care about? eg, do we care about 2.6?08:47
jamChipaca, adding tests when touching the code sounds like a good thing, no?08:47
Chipacajam: I wouldn't care about 2.6 unless somebody asks for it08:47
Chipacajam: but i would like to know what would break in 2.6 :-)08:48
Chipacaat some point08:48
Chipacawrt tests, yeah, on it08:48
jamChipaca, k. I can at least spin one up and be somewhat aware.08:48
Chipacabrain not fully engaged08:48
jamChipaca, we should (eventually) look to have a "test the features" charm that we can run against various Juju versions. Maybe we can polish 'test-main' to grow into that.08:50
Chipacad'oh there's a bug in my pr08:51
* Chipaca fixes08:51
* Chipaca writes tests first08:51
Chipacatoday is going to be a long day09:11
Chipacaspent 10 minutes trying to figure out why 1.8.0 was saying it didn't have app data09:12
jamChipaca, 1.8 ? ah, in testing09:44
jamI don't think Juju ever had a 1.8 (due to odd numbering with pyjuju vs go juju, etc.)09:44
Chipacajam: as opposed to 2.809:44
Chipacaah, yeh09:45
Chipacai think i'm going to take a break, go outside, see if the cobwebs go away09:46
Chipacacan't be this /lelo/ for the hangouts09:47
jamChipaca, feeling any better?10:50
jami'm trying to figure out what the actual issue is that they're running into, because --app was introduced in 2.7.010:50
mupIssue operator#223 closed: Operator fails on Juju 2.7.0 and below <bug> <Created by chris-sanders> <Closed by jameinel> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/issues/223>10:56
mupIssue operator#223 opened: Operator fails on Juju 2.7.0 and below <bug> <Created by chris-sanders> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/issues/223>10:57
Chipacajam: omw11:00
facubatistaMuy buenos días a todos!11:37
Chipacafacubatista: [citation needed]11:38
Chipacafacubatista: :) hola11:38
facubatistaChipaca, hola! sorry I skipped the first meeting, had a rough night11:39
Chipacafacubatista: same here (but 4 time zones)11:57
Chipacajam: ping12:03
jamChipaca, pong12:03
jamah, sorry, brt12:04
Chipacaand now i'm going to have lunch12:13
Chipacai blame james for that12:13
jamdavigar15, can you confirm which charm it is where you run into https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/1882127 ?12:56
davigar15Zookeeper one12:57
jamChipaca, reading operator#223 I'm pretty sure it is just "below 2.7.0" where we fail12:58
mupIssue #223: Operator fails on Juju 2.7.0 and below <bug> <Created by chris-sanders> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/issues/223>12:58
davigar15When relating to Kafka12:58
Chipacajam: but note in email '~2.7.4' is mentioned13:29
jamChipaca, so if it is 2.7.4 then it is about bugs in reading application data in K8s charms, not about --app not being available as an arg13:31
jambut I have the feeling they saw something that kind-of sounded like what they were seeing and decided it was the same13:31
jamChipaca, sorry, having a serious discussion in daily, will be to standup soon13:31
Chipacajam: yay13:31
Chipacaneed to step out, bbiab15:23
Chipacafacubatista: i'll be 5 minutes late16:31
facubatistaChipaca, no worries16:31
facubatista(I'm there, just step in)16:31
ChipacaI am EOD, peeps17:03
Chipacai didn't think i'd make it this far after barely sleeping, but hey :-)17:03
* facubatista eods and tomorrow is off20:58
facubatistasee you all on Thursday20:59

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