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irreleph4ntHi. Has anyone successfully removed snap from their Ubuntu 20.04 install and noticed any issues?22:57
irreleph4ntI'd be most interested in feedback on 20.04 Budgie without snap as that's the flavor I would have gone with were it not for snap22:57
tomreyni've tried ubuntu 20.04 with anything snap* removed for a while (default desktop), and didn't run into problems.22:58
tomreynyou can replace the chromium-browser installation by brave browser, which is available from a third party apt repository.22:59
irreleph4nttomreyn, thank you! sounds like you - for other reasons - were not pleased with the experience on 20.04, though?23:00
tomreyn20.04 is fine, snap is also fine for a specific use case - technically. just the eco system is problematic. and it seems to be the intended future replacement for apt (this is my speculation). and if that's so then that's problematic.23:02
tomreyni also think some other deicisons made and the focus canonical has on ubuntu matches my needs, so that's that.23:03
sarnoldgiven the reliance on 'stage-package' to make packaging snaps easy, I suspect apt isn't going anywhere any time quick23:03
tomreynbut you should certainly evaluate this yourself, and thoroughly23:03
tomreynoh i meant to say "does not match my needs"23:04
irreleph4ntthank you for this feedback. I am afraid this will also be what I'll find after vealuating 20.0423:09
irreleph4nthave you tried Pop_OS by any chance?23:09
tomreynnot i23:09
oerheksonly when you have the hardware, you need pop-os23:10
irreleph4ntoerheks, what I have heard so far makes me think I might want to give it a look anyway23:12
irreleph4ntand even with their hardware, I don't think one *needs* Pop_OS23:12
Bashing-omirreleph4nt: My chromium replacement - a spin off: https://www.slimjet.com/ .23:22
irreleph4ntBashing-om, I've actually never heard of that browser before! :O You learn something new every day. Thank you!23:24
Bashing-omirreleph4nt: So far no compaints at all. chromium all the way with all the supports.23:26
tomreynbrave browsers' builds (which are built from an open source codebase) have indeed stripped some of the more privacy invasive chromium features, so if you prefer not to loose the functionality, maybe this one is better23:28
oerhekssnap install chromium --edge --no-privacy ?23:37

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