rick_hmrgoodcat:  https://www.ibiscycles.com/bikes/mojo-416:18
rick_hmrgoodcat:  now I have an outdated bike lol16:18
cmaloneyMUG tonight: http://mug.org16:54
mrgoodcatrick_h: time for a new one i guess16:58
mrgoodcati ended up pulling the trigger on a tallboy. not sure if i mentioned or not16:58
mrgoodcat130/140 seems to be a really common setup these days among folks who used to run like 110-120 range. Think modern suspensions are just so good that the additional 1-2cm isn't the pedaling penalty it used to be16:59
mrgoodcatI like the description as "all mountain playbike"17:00
mrgoodcatalmost a 77 degree seat tube wowzers17:01
jrwreni thought 27.5" was out of style.17:02
jrwrenlol... now I'm reading https://www.pinkbike.com/news/opinion-why-is-everyone-talking-about-seat-tube-angles.html17:04
mrgoodcatwith a 2.6" tire you get almost the outside diameter of a 29" wheel with a traditional size like 2.317:04
rick_hmrgoodcat:  yea17:04
mrgoodcatI retrofitted a steeper seat tube on my bike (slid my saddle forward) and I can tell you it makes a huge difference climbing17:04
mrgoodcatand since i use my dropper liberally I don't really care about my seat for descending17:05
mrgoodcatmichigan trails have a lot of flat pedally sections though which is where that steep seat tube can be a little uncomfortable17:05
jrwrenyou guys are hardcore.17:05
mrgoodcati've only biked somewhere just under 400 miles this year so far. many people i ride with have done more than twice that17:06
jrwreni've biked a few miles this year :)17:06
jrwrenliterally... 4 or 5.. just a few.17:07
mrgoodcatI'm thinking about converting my stache (hardtail, 29er x 3.0) to single speed17:07
mrgoodcathave a 28t crank so even with the big clown tires on it i think a 16t rear cog would be probably ok17:07

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