tripelbI'm way better at this than most people.00:00
matsamanis it windows 10?00:00
tripelbOh yes I've already copy the files from the Windows partition.00:00
matsamanokay, so no issue00:00
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giacowhy do-release-upgrade on 18.04 doesn't upgrade to 20.04 without using -d ? Isn't 20.04 LTS out?00:01
tripelbAnd copied the files from my 18.04 partition. That one always gave me errors on boot up. In addition it didn't know how to use the Wi-Fi properly. Good riddance. I was thinking of putting mint on it. Xubuntu and mate desktops don't display properly on this laptop. Maybe mint mate will.00:02
sarnoldgiaco: LTS users usually expect stability; we want to avoid that group of users having a bad experience upgrading before the enthusiasts will find and report the problems00:02
Bashing-om!ltsupgrade | giaco00:02
ubottugiaco: Regular upgrades from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS will be enabled once 20.04.1 is released in late July. This delay helps to ensure that any lingering issues are resolved before people upgrade production systems. If you'd prefer to upgrade now, use sudo do-release-upgrade -d00:02
tripelbI've got a bunch of tweaks but the task bar goes over the bottom and doesn't communicate with the window manager so that I can't get to the bottom edge of my windows. It's one of several basic bad things that I've seen in 20.0400:02
jay42Is there a supported way to have kernel 4.19+ running on 18.04 LTS?00:03
giacoBashing-om: thanks00:03
tripelbThere's no way I'm going to upgrade that 1804 because that 1804 has always had problems. Hence... I installed 20.04 on a different partition.00:03
sarnoldjay42: oh! good idea https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack00:04
Bashing-om!hwe | jay4200:04
ubottujay42: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack00:04
blizzowquadrathoch2, I can do the systemctl disable systemd-resolved. I'm just flabbergasted that there are so many layers between me and setting a DNS server up. It really used to be, edit /etc/resolv.conf and your networking management stack consulted with that. If you wanted to edit /etc/resolv.conf via your networking stack, they had that functionality.00:04
tripelbsarnold I had no idea that the beginning of a LTS distribution might not be stable. That seems antithetical to the entire system of having an LTS. It would seem to me that the pre-LTS version would be the unstable and once it was stable it would be an LTS.  (This could be translated in a less family-friendly way.)00:05
giacosarnold: thanks for the insight00:05
blizzowSomeone went hog wild with systemd, netplan, and networkmanager, and someone at ubuntu didn't say "no, this is a bad idea" and here we are with an init system Microsoft would be proud of.00:05
tripelbWell I'm going to shut down and boot from a USB drive as soon as I find out where I put them.00:06
sarnoldtripelb: despite tens of thousands of tests in the distribution, there's absolutely no substitute for handing it to a user and finding out what broke when they try to use it in a way you didn't expect :)00:06
tripelbThanks for the help and I'll talk to you all later.00:06
giacoI am quite puzzled about how netplan and networkmanager are stacked together and what's the difference between ubuntu desktop and server on this point. I only know that on desktop I'm quite happy with nm and on server I setup via /etc/netplan, but then when I read that to use nm on server too is not about replacing netplan with nm but setup netplan to use nm as backend or something like that00:08
tripelbIn that case I am honored to be one of the people who is reporting to you. (I used to be a programmer in the old old old days. Simulation which is in my opinion a lot like graphics. The engineers do the primitives in both places. But then graphics has gotten so so complicated. Now I'm lost.  SIGGRAPH LA local group.  I taught Pascal at UC Irvine as00:08
tripelb a student teacher while I was a master's student in fine art.00:08
DrManhattanblizzow, I have to agree about the networking. simple tasks have become ridiculously convoluted.00:08
tripelbOkay, I come here when I'm in trouble and I have a path to follow. I'll work on it. Thanks again00:09
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DrManhattanthat used to be one of the easiest things about linux, now it's WAY worse than microsoft.00:09
DrManhattanat least in ubuntu00:09
DrManhattanthe desktop sure is snappy though00:09
quadrathoch2giaco, well netplan is only there to configure nm or systemd-networkd, nothing more, nothing less. but that's why I don't like it. It's not like networkd is so hard to set up. On top of that, much of network was pushed over to the DHCP server/switch.00:11
quadrathoch2tripelb, most people see the 20.04 release as a normal release and only with 20.04.1 it's rolled over to a LTS release. And Canonical pushes the update for 18.04 or below only with 20.04.1 to get the last few kinks out00:11
quadrathoch2blizzow, well at some point things change. I don't agree with everything. but I do like networkd. I'm not sure if ubuntu still 'supports' ifupdown00:12
tripelbThanks. I didn't know that. Maybe I should have installed 19.10. -- This is how I learn00:12
tripelbThat was to quadrathoch200:12
quadrathoch2tripelb, no if you have 20.04 installed and have no major issues. it should be fine. its mostly for those who really want a stable OS, or for production servers00:13
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quadrathoch2giaco, btw, I remembered you were asking what the difference is between desktop and server. welp, default packages, that's it, because you can switch however you like between them00:14
quadrathoch2tripelb, hopefully you can figure out what's wrong and can just delete windows ;)00:14
tripelbI am having all kinds of difficulties. I really want mate. I really want the way the OS look to me in 2006 is a panel of the top there's a panel which is a task bar at the bottom. I can put little icons in the panel at the top as shortcuts. I don't see any advantage to what's going on now as far as how the desktop looks. And functions. quadrathoch200:14
tripelb 00:14
quadrathoch2tripelb, which version do you right now have installed?00:15
tripelbI always forget the command for that but I am got it before the end of the month.. of April00:15
tripelbI do all the updates as they come up. What's the command for version?00:15
quadrathoch2cat /etc/os-release00:16
akiktripelb: lsb_release -a00:16
tripelb20.04 LTS release 20.04 code name focal00:16
giacoquadrathoch2: so when I install ubuntu server, what netplan does be default  is just passing commands to systemd-networkd?00:17
quadrathoch2sounds like proper ubuntu?00:17
quadrathoch2giaco, or network manager. whatever you have installed00:17
quadrathoch2it's there for more complex setups, giaco. well whenever they happen outside of corporate businesses ^^00:17
quadrathoch2tripelb, any more help you need? as in figuring out what's happening with plex or the swap partition/file?00:19
tripelbquadrathoch2 Yes I'd like to get rid of Plex running is rude. (as far as the swell partition I'm going to boot from USB and follow the directions on the help page. . Unless you have a disagreement)00:20
tripelbSWAP partition.00:20
quadrathoch2could you post once more the page? can't find the link00:20
tripelbthermomane is a kill command that is specific for a process number. On the other hand it won't stop the thing called plex server from running when I reboot.00:21
quadrathoch2tripelb, i'm pretty sure that plex is using most of your computer that's why it hicks up00:21
quadrathoch2could you give me the output of snap list?00:21
tripelbHow do I get rid of it? The Plex website says it's not installed. Apt purge says it's not installed. quadrathoch200:21
quadrathoch2I think you installed it through snap that's why the 'snap list' command to see if it shows up00:22
giacoquadrathoch2: I really find this quite confusing. Both systemd-networkd and nm are good to setup quite complex network configuration, why the need for a component to describe the requirements for one of the two or handover the whole configuration to a different component00:27
quadrathoch2giaco, imho because of the yaml hype train maybe? idk. I am not 100% behind canonical. So i don't get everything they try out. but most stuff ;)00:27
giacoquadrathoch2: if it keeps going this way, I'll probably switch to devuan one day00:28
quadrathoch2giaco, eh, for me it's debian ;)00:29
quadrathoch2but right now I am on fedora00:29
Jordan_Ugiaco: I personally always just use systmd-networkd, network-manager, or in one case iwd directly.00:31
giacoJordan_U: hey :) iwd? let me google this00:32
quadrathoch2how is iwd? never tried it for now. Jordan_U00:32
giacoJordan_U: when you say you use systemd-networkd, do you mean you configure stuff in /etc/netplan yaml files using systemd-networkd as backend (as ubuntu server manual says) or do you mean to skip netplan completely and go straight to the systemd manual?00:33
Jordan_Ugiaco: quadrathoch2: I like it a lot. I have it running on one desktop in a quite odd wifi situation entirely replacing wpa_supplicant and network-manager / systemd-networkd. I like that it's simple, fast, low resource, and has the particular knobs I needed and good help from #iwd for my peculiar situation.00:34
quadrathoch2Jordan_U, so you kinda use networkd for eth and iwd for wifi?00:34
Jordan_Ugiaco: I skip netplan entirely. Nothing against it, but I'm just not interested in using it, and don't need to.00:35
quadrathoch2tripelb, you still there?00:35
Jordan_Uquadrathoch2: Yes. On laptops I still use network-manager since it's there by default, and easy to quickly graphically connect to new networks.00:36
quadrathoch2Jordan_U, oh so no gui for iwd for now? or no integration in nm? I thought there was an iwd 'plugin' for nm00:36
giacoJordan_U: I think I will follow your path as I really find netplan in the way of something more valuable (I find both networkmanager and systemd-networkd well equipped and really usable, nm in particular)00:36
Jordan_Uquadrathoch2: You can use iwd with network-manager, but my particular issue with maintaining a connection to a (seemingly) buggy access point left me trying to use only iwd. It turned out that even with just iwd I was having the same problem, but devs in #iwd helped me find the right configuration and now it's all reliable (or at least has been for about 20 hours).00:39
quadrathoch2Jordan_U, yay, sounds awesome. I will look into it. at least when I can get my fingers onto some laptop parts xD00:40
tripelbquadrathoch2 I looked away. How can I scrub whatever is generating the Plex Media server ... Routines running as root.??00:47
quadrathoch2first let's see if you got it installed through snap with 'snap list'. it shouldn't show up (hopefully)00:47
tripelbMy IRC phone app doesn't highlight my nick. Every app has missing qualities.00:48
joshhthe only good thing about systemd-resolve is that it can have certain domains use dns servers from a vpn while the rest uses the standard resolvers, etc00:48
quadrathoch2tripelb, it's not open source, but most like IRCCloud00:48
joshhbut it probably should have been solved in a non-systemd way00:49
kinghatto run a command in a bash script do you use eval?00:49
quadrathoch2joshh, and what is so systemd in networkd?00:50
joshhi don't know, i actually don't know much about networkd and netplan00:51
joshhsuper familiar with the old networking ways though00:51
quadrathoch2hm the only systemd thing as far as I know is the name (which comes from being under the systemd umbrella)00:52
quadrathoch2and it probably needs systemd itself to run. but that's something that could be patched so it can run without it00:53
joshhare you saying systemd-resolve is not part of systemd?00:53
quadrathoch2joshh, it depends. do you mean systemd as in umbrella project or systemd the PID1?00:53
quadrathoch2yeah. but only because it's in the umbrella project doesn't mean it's bad or needs to run only on systemd. The devs just don't care too much about other init systems. But that's another problem00:54
joshhthough technically maybe it's both, since there is a systemd-resolved process as well00:54
joshhits easy enough to manage resolv.conf on your own if you want to i guess though00:55
quadrathoch2the issue is for enterprise. since systemd was taken in as a init system, linux took off (even more than before). because it was standardizing the base of linux. was it good for linux? probably. do we have a monoculture? almost. which is bad imho. because Linux is almost dominating every single pc 'device'. which is imho really really bad00:57
joshhi also wish systemctl was a little shorter to type00:57
quadrathoch2just use an alias ;)00:57
joshhcompleting between that and systemd* can be annoying lol00:57
joshhalias is a good idea00:57
quadrathoch2joshh, yeah that's why I use alias ctl=systemctl00:57
joshhsystemd is great as an init system and service/daemon manager, and some of the extra things it does are fine too00:58
joshhim a bit worried about the new home directory thing but it might always be optional00:58
quadrathoch2it will be optional as long as they can't figure out how to ssh into it ;)00:59
joshhpoettering has massive balls to constantly piss off the whole world though, i'll give him that, even if i do worry about it creeping too much00:59
quadrathoch2joshh, honestly I think it's just funny how most devs and people in the community scream about only code is important but say in the same sentence, reiserfs can never be mainlined, or poettering is the devil and nothing is allowed in01:00
giacoJordan_U: in your opinion, which one would you choose for a device that needs quick network re-configurations due to roaming around and/or hotplugging: networkmanager or systemd-networkd?01:00
joshhoh ya there's much more to it than code01:00
quadrathoch2giaco, networkmanager01:00
joshhall the things any huge internet group will have01:00
quadrathoch2systemd-networkd is mostly for basic configurations in servers/vms01:01
joshhespecially with some of the most socially awkward types01:01
quadrathoch2joshh, yupp01:01
joshhalso for all the meritocracy talk there is a lot of shitty code out there01:01
giacoquadrathoch2: thanks01:01
bparker> im a bit worried01:01
joshhbut making good code is hard01:01
quadrathoch2bparker, about?01:01
bparkerwhy, because systemd has also decided it needed to replace init, syslog, grub, network-manager, ntpd, login, cron, atd, watchdog, acpid, inetd, pm-utils and more?01:01
joshhyes, i agree that it's too much to be under one project01:02
quadrathoch2bparker, which you don't have to use01:02
joshheven a loose umbrella project01:02
joshhbut then again so is "gnu" i guess01:02
joshhit's basically just gnu/systemd/linux at this point01:02
joshhRMS will need to switch his terminology01:02
quadrathoch2joshh, yeah but because poettering is the 'head' of systemd (the umbrella project) most people avoid it01:02
bparkerI’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re refering to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/LInux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.01:03
joshhthere are many valid technical reasons to argue against aspects of systemd, but yes, the internet being what it is, if i was leonnart i wouldn't want my address to be public01:03
joshherr lennart i guess01:03
quadrathoch2idk i'm pretty sure that in a few years, systemd is out of most distributions, and the next devil is painted on the wall *shrug*. enterprise love unification (especially with something like an init system)01:05
joshhive been wanting to play around with void linux, even though i've only used runit inside containers, but the concept and what i hear about the quality is interesting01:06
joshhdon't know what i would do with it though01:06
joshhbut i predict systemd lasting a while considering how entrenched it as and backed by redhat, etc01:06
quadrathoch2it's funny because in the beginning redhat didn't even touch it with any fingertip xD01:07
joshhit would be a huge effort to replace all the pieces, and going back to the old for everything might not ever be done by everything01:07
quadrathoch2it is, and if we look at the other inits or x etc. it will be awhile. but it will be gone at some point01:07
joshhoverall though the number one thing that worries me about it is that it's becoming too different from BSDs and other OSs, and i don't think that will be good for the "unix" ecosystem overall01:11
joshhif it was a bunch of other separate projects rather than the whole umbrella, other OSs could adopt pieces of it, or equivalents, etc easier01:11
joshhi might be wrong but that's kinda my feeling01:12
quadrathoch2sadly the bsds are dying. and probably nothing can stop it. except some company like microsoft or apple or other businesses in that ballpark. and with that, we have a monoculture of most pcs, which is something I really want to avoid :/01:12
joshhfor example, too much popular software might only work with linux or non-linux due to difficulty01:12
joshhon one hand, linux has basically left the BSDs in the dust in many ways the last several years01:13
quadrathoch2joshh, wasn't elogind born because of the issue with bsds and gnome?01:13
joshhi don't know but there have been a lot of gnome issues with BSDs and even other linux distros over the years01:13
joshhlike when slackware temporarily dropped it01:13
joshhin general i don't like anything that makes software hard to port01:14
quadrathoch2yeah I also remember that.01:14
quadrathoch2sadly I think we already reached the point of no return for BSDs. even IXsystems is giving it up (to some degree)01:14
quadrathoch2at least for now01:14
joshhi think you might be right, but somehow i hope not01:16
joshhi have a soft spot for them from long ago01:16
blahboybazIs it know whether zoom client works for Ubuntu 18.04 ?  https://crcna.zoom.us/download#client_4meeting  <--  After selecting Ubuntu in the first field, I notice that the leatest selection for version is 14.04   I have a meeting I'm supposed to be in in a half hour01:16
joshhand think its good for the world to have several unix OSs01:16
quadrathoch2I have a huge soft spot for OpenBSD :/01:16
joshhbut, we have of course been hearing that BSD is dying or dead almost as long as they've existed01:17
quadrathoch2blahboybaz, test it out, as it even says 14.04+ (see the plus sign) ^^01:17
blahboybazI see what's happening. It says "14.04+"  Presumably its 'supposed' to work01:17
quadrathoch2joshh, well, yeah. but any OS is dying slowly because of corporate. so no wonder there01:18
quadrathoch2even IXsystems won't just kill freebsd01:18
quadrathoch2this instance01:18
joshhalso i don't think there is much new blood in the BSD communities, kids these days don't care about them01:18
joshhso the userbase might just die off eventually01:18
quadrathoch2joshh, yup, even the hardware support seems to be getting worse and worse01:19
quadrathoch2I don't dread the day where only linux exists :(01:19
joshhwith the way it's taken over almost every type of computer, i could almost see a day when it really does run every desktop, and osx/windows/etc are actually just super highly polished distros of it, if the market ever decides that their proprietary OSs aren't worth all the cost and differences between platforms, etc.  desktops in general are shrinking compared to mobile anyway01:21
joshhbut that's just complete speculation after a bunch of bong hits01:22
joshhand probably at least like 15 years away01:22
quadrathoch2joshh, it's kinda funny how people talk about the EEE strategy of MS, but i see it as Embrace, Extend, so we dont get extinguished01:22
joshhit would be kinda funny of gates was actually right about linux being a cancer and it does eventually replace windows01:23
quadrathoch2I think MS is right now only open sourcing everything they can + porting stuff over from open source (chromium) to still be relevant in a 'few' years01:23
quadrathoch2they just downsize their development so they can profit off of open source. I could even see taking a wine approach, just with a way better implementation. So they have a reason why people buy ms linux01:24
quadrathoch2and imho that's why windows 10 is the 'last' windows01:24
quadrathoch2as they said01:25
joshhi don't think they will wind anything down, i just think there will be so much profit to be made from all kinds of tech that is based on linux that there won't be much reason to care about their own proprietary OS code01:26
joshheven with apple, osx machines are like one of their more minor businesses now01:27
quadrathoch2eh, just winding down their own development of stuff they can take from open source projects, just like chromium01:27
joshhim not predicting anything, just thinking that literally anything can happen, and that linux will continue being the most successful overall general purpose kernel/OS01:27
joshhit's basically unstoppable now01:28
joshhfor as long as linus is alive and in charge at least01:28
quadrathoch2oh that's for sure, I don't think anybody will deny that (who is in this knowledgeable on this topic)01:28
joshhif a regular user only cares about the desktop interface anyway, and it's not like they use the terminal or anything on osx, so why should apple keep using it's own highly custom internal code over the very long term?  eventually some high up VP might ask and push for a switch, who knows01:30
joshhthere were rumors a long time ago of them switching to a full freebsd base but that of course never happened01:30
joshhjust depends how much they will care about keeping their code private in the long term when linux is more advanced and the creakier unix base of osx is harder to maintain01:31
joshhor they might do something totally new, who knows01:31
quadrathoch2eh, for now, cause apple can? I mean they earn enough with other stuff. and on top of that, because they have a small hardware base, it shouldn't be too horrible to support that01:31
joshhtrue, apple can afford to do basically anything it wants01:32
joshhits just going to come down to the philosophy of future execs, and whatever the situation is then01:33
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quadrathoch2and it will even increase the whole vertically integrated route01:33
joshhlook at the difference between ballmer and satya for example01:33
quadrathoch2i'm pretty sure about that01:33
joshhimagine a RHEL-esque situation where apple owns some customized linux with their app store that you need an account to use, etc01:34
joshhthen the whole mach/darwin/etc teams can do other stuff01:34
joshhbut it won't happen soon01:34
quadrathoch2why even at all. for now, they can pay for the luxury. and I don't see it happen differently. As long as android phone makers can't get their brains washed01:35
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quadrathoch2blahboybaz, is it working?01:36
joshhim talking a really long timespan anyway01:36
blahboybazquadrathoch2: Is what working?01:36
blahboybazjoshh: are you from the future?  :p01:37
quadrathoch2yeah I figured. But as long as the android companies are handling their devices the way they do, apple will profit sooo much off of it01:37
quadrathoch2blahboybaz, zoom01:37
blahboybazoh wow01:37
blahboybazI forgot about that. yes and no. I mean everything appears to be installed right and it fires up but I don't understand the ux very well  :(01:38
blahboybazit isn't a vey good ui / ux01:38
quadrathoch2welp, I can't help with that ;)01:38
blahboybazI know01:39
blahboybazI'll figure it out01:39
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Amaranthjoshh: I don't think that'll happen ever, Apple is allergic to GPL after GPLv3 happened01:59
quadrathoch2Amaranth, do you maybe know why they have something against v3?02:05
AmaranthSecure Boot (without letting you turn it off or register your own keys) and the App Store are against the license02:06
AmaranthYou can't put GPLv3 code on an iPhone02:07
AmaranthIf GPLv3 code ends up on a locked down device they're required to give you the keys so you can put your own version of it on there too02:07
quadrathoch2Amaranth, thanks02:08
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robertparkerxI'm trying to 'rm /var/www/html/staging.exactprecisions.com/public_html/wp-content/uploads/*.webp' but I get error no such file or directory02:39
robertparkerxwhat i'm trying to do is recursively remove all .webp02:40
robertparkerxin a directory02:40
robertparkerxI got it02:43
robertparkerxI used find02:43
supercom32So I installed Ubuntu 20.04 and I noted that over time (Like a day or 2) gnome-shell starts becoming slower and slower. This is most notable when click on new windows, as it takes about a second for the desktop to react. Anyone know what's up?02:57
lotuspsychjesupercom32: that doesnt seem a normal behaviour to me02:58
votalityHi im trying to add the repositories for the amd64 architecture to my pi02:59
supercom32@lotuspsychje: I also notice that the `gnome-shell` process spikes in CPU usage as well when switching windows. Doesn't happen at the start, but over time it gets less and less responsive.02:59
votalityI seem to have the wrong repo for focal-security does anyone know what it should be03:00
supercom32@lotuspsychje: Strangely enough, ALT+F2 and using the `r` command seems to reset it back to normal. I guess doing that once in a while isn't too terrible. Maybe gnome-shell has a memory leak.03:02
quadrathoch2votality, you can't really use the amd64 repository with an arm, as the packages are not installable03:02
quadrathoch2votality, you can't really use the amd64 repository with an arm, as the packages are not installable03:03
votalityquadrathoch2: im using qemu03:03
lotuspsychjesupercom32: no, gnome's memory leak has been taken care off a time ago already now03:04
sarnoldvotality: deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ focal-security main restricted universe03:04
quadrathoch2votality, sure, but the performance will be abysmal03:05
supercom32@lotuspsychje: Someone seems to have posted about a month ago: "I can confim this in Archlinux with GNOME Shell 3.36.1. A workaround, if you are using xorg session, is reload the shell alt+f2+r". So maybe there is a new leak of some kind.03:05
votalityOh i had ubuntu-ports03:05
votalityquadrathoch2: yea im going to see how bad it is lol03:05
sarnoldvotality: amd64 lives on archive.ubuntu.com; aarch64 lives on ports.ubuntu.com03:05
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votalityThanks a lot03:08
lotuspsychje!info gnome-shell | supercom3203:09
ubottusupercom32: gnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component main, is optional. Version 3.36.2-1ubuntu1~20.04.1 (focal), package size 760 kB, installed size 3678 kB03:09
supercom32@ubottu: Yep, I realize it's
oft_gegongdoes this channel also support the WSL Ubuntu from the Windows Store?03:14
Bashing-om!wsl | oft_gegong03:22
ubottuoft_gegong: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide03:22
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ballisoni'm trying to figure out how to configure mail.rc on ubuntu 18.  I need to add in some lines to support smtp-relay for gmail.com.  I have it all working on Amazon Linux, but i'm lost on how to do it under Ubuntu 18 because I can't find a /etc/mail.rc on Ubuntu 1804:11
viktor_ballison: what are you using to send mail?04:16
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kinghati add this at the bottom of my sudoers file and it should allow me to set it w/o password, correct? kinghat ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/rtcwake04:42
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blogtenhi, I'm having trouble installing Ubuntu 20.04 LTS... after the installation completes, the machine boots and I get a message saying "invalid arch-independent ELF magic".  how do I go about figuring out what's going on?05:16
matsamanblogten: sounds like UEFI nonsense05:17
Ben64sounds like you installed 32 instead of 64 efi05:17
Ben64or maybe the other way around?05:18
blogtenthe machine is set to boot legacy05:18
blogtenI did not tell the installer to do anything out of the ordinary05:19
matsamanblogten: how about the install media?05:19
blogtencopied image using DD to a USB hard drive.  I verified the MD5 of the downloaded ISO matches the one published (every md5 character matches)05:19
matsamancheck your boot menu for a specifically non-UEFI USB boot option (for USB install media, for example)05:19
blogtenwait... Ubuntu installed05:20
blogtenthe installer worked just fine (seemingly)05:20
blogtenwhen the machine boots after installing, I get that ELF magic message05:20
matsamannaturally, you haven't used GRUB till you boot up the installed system05:21
matsamancheck your boot menu for a specifically non-UEFI USB boot option (for USB install media, for example)05:21
blogtenI would agree with that about GRUB05:21
blogtenthe machine is set to boot legacy (as opposed to UEFI)05:21
matsamanYou said.05:21
matsamanThat doesn't mean you boot the install media with that setting, however.05:21
blogtenah I see what you mean now05:22
blogtenok hang on let me see05:22
raddyHello Everybody05:23
raddyMy laptop already is having multiple extended partitions,05:23
matsamanraddy: braggart05:23
blogtenthere is no such option.  also, from previous experience, if I set the machine to UEFI, the installer starts up different (and, in UEFI, I can see in passing a message about trusted boot being disabled)05:24
raddymatsaman: No, no. I am not05:24
raddymatsaman: So, can I install the mbr for ubuntu in pen drive ?05:25
raddyIs installer allows such a setup ?05:25
matsamanraddy: the mbr doesn't actually go in a proper partition, so it shouldn't matter how many partitions you have05:25
blogtenI also tried installing Ubuntu with UEFI enabled.  installation proceeds, and the first system boot after installation lands me in GRUB.  in one of those installs, there was an avalanche of syntax error messages.  sometimes, there is only one such syntax error message.  either way, the fresh install does not boot05:27
raddymatsaman: I have Windows 10 already, and I could not even cross the partition stage in ubuntu, because of already having multiple extended partitions05:27
blogtenas an aside, I did install Debian on the machine, and that installs and works just fine in legacy mode (I didn't try UEFI).05:27
matsamanraddy: why do you have so many partitions already?05:28
raddymatsaman: work laptop. :D05:29
matsamanraddy: back them up and delete them05:29
raddymatsaman: Isn't there other solutions like booting from usb pen drive than deleting partitions ?05:29
matsamanraddy: but 'work laptop' doesn't really explain so many partitions, either05:30
matsamanraddy: yeah, but you have to delete/repurpose at least one partition regardless05:30
matsamanunless you can just add another storage device05:30
matsamanwhich is generally easier but sometimes more problematic on a laptop05:30
matsamana low profile usb stick or sd card might work, for example05:30
matsamanor some laptops ship with an empty m.2 slot05:31
raddymatsaman: windows. oem, bitlocker are the reasons for the multiple partitions05:31
blogtenany ideas why the fresh install won't boot?05:31
raddymatsaman: I cannot really delete any one them, unfortunately.05:32
matsamanblogten: not under both circumstances, not unless you continue to have a mismatched disk boot vs install medium boot config05:32
matsamanblogten: maybe try https://askubuntu.com/questions/327815/grub-invalid-arch-independent-elf-magic-usr-sbin-grub-bios-setup-not-found05:32
matsamanraddy: there's probably a rescue image on one of those partitions you can delete05:32
blogtenmatsaman: are you sure I have a mismatched config?05:32
matsamanraddy: usually the first or second, small partition05:32
matsamanblogten: no, only you can be sure of that05:32
blogtenwhat's the best way to tell?05:33
blogtenand why would Debian install fine in the same circumstances?...05:34
matsamanDebian has a stable branch, Ubuntu does not05:34
blogten20.04 LTS is not stable?05:34
matsamanLTS doesn't mean 'more stable' if that's what you're asking, no05:34
Jordan_Ublogten: How many disks do you have in this machine? My guess is that grub's boot sector / code.img is being installed to the MBR/ post-mbr gap of the wrong drive.05:35
blogtenthere are 3 disk devices05:36
blogtenI asked Ubuntu to install on sdb05:36
blogtenthat's the one set to boot05:36
blogtenthe three disk devices are behind a raid controller05:36
Jordan_Ublogten: Ahh, that could be the real problem, assuming it's FakeRAID.05:37
blogtenno, it's hardware raid05:37
matsamanraid's a problem either way05:37
matsamanback all that crap up and replace it; you can restore it before you give the laptop back if you want05:38
Jordan_Ublogten: I'm confused. You said that you installed Ubuntu to sdb. Is sdb your raid array of three drives?05:38
blogtenwell, how come it was not a problem for Ubuntu 14, 16, and 18, which were installed in the machine before, as well as Debian?...05:38
blogtenyes, sdb is one of the disk devices exposed by the raid controller05:38
Jordan_Ublogten: How many disks are exposed by the raid controller?05:39
blogtenthere are a total of 8 PHY in the machine, the raid controller exposes 305:39
blogten(each of which... blah blah...)05:39
blogtenall PHY are populated05:39
matsamanblogten: 14, 16, 18 != 2005:40
Jordan_Ublogten: OK, then my guess is that Ubuntu's installer installed grub's boot sector / core.img to the wrong array (lets call it that, rather than a drive, if you don't mind). My guess is that if you try setting your boot firmware to boot from sda or sdc, one of them will get you booted successfully into sdb. We can fix it so that grub is properly installed on sdb so that you can set your boot firmware to05:41
blogtenmatsaman: correct.  I just do not see how that gets me closer to figure out what I have to do to get 20 to work.05:41
Jordan_Uboot from sdb.05:41
blogtenthe raid controller is set to boot from sdb.  this is how debian was booting.05:41
Jordan_Ublogten: I get that. Try changing it to boot from sda, then try setting it to boot from sdb (that's in order of most likely to work). I'll bet (unless you've done some other things to try to fix this since running Ubuntu's installer) that one of the other two arrays will get you booted into sdb, as counter-intuitive as that sounds.05:42
matsamanblogten: what I said about removing the pointless preconfigured setup is the simplest way05:42
blogtenwhat pointless preconfigured setup did you mean/05:43
matsamanthe raid system and all the partitions05:43
Jordan_Ublogten: Again, I'm not proposing that as a permanent solution. Once you're booted into your Ubuntu install on sdb, we can make sure that grub always gets installed to the MBR of sdb from now on (since updates to the grub-pc package will re-run grub-install).05:44
blogtenwhat partitions?05:44
blogtenJordan_U: FWIW, I have done nothing to try to fix this.  I assumed I did something wrong, my perception is that given that this box worked with all those other Ubuntus, and Debian recently, that I had done something wrong with the installer.  I just do not see what that could be.  I do not know what the problem is, so I do not want to aimlessly05:46
blogten"fix" (meaning "change") things...05:46
blogtenhowever, I can try setting the machine to boot from sda as is, and see what happens.  IIRC, sda has nothing on it, so my expectation would be that nothing happens at all.  but... we'll see.05:46
blogtensdc, the other array, was never bootable.05:47
Jordan_Ublogten: Perfect, that's what I had hoped to hear. The next steps would either be to boot from a LiveUSB and run boot info script from here: https://github.com/arvidjaar/bootinfoscript and pastebin the RESULTS.txt, then chroot in and fix the problem in a lot of steps, or just try booting from sda, then try booting form sdc and run one command (sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc) to fix the problem permanently.05:48
blogtenok, I reconfigured the raid controller, it's rebooting...05:52
blogtenit didn't boot at all, the BIOS didn't recognize anything bootable... I got the typical BIOS message about "how about you put a bootable disk somewhere, bud? <smirk>"05:53
Jordan_Ublogten: Are you just changing what array will be booted from, or is only one array readable / writable at a time?05:54
blogtenjust changing the array order05:54
blogtenthe RAID controller boots from the first one05:55
blogtenso, I'll put sdb first again, yet boot from the USB installer, then go into the live Ubuntu, and see what...05:55
SynfulAckis the default install media for 2004 via usb not set todo uefi installs? Tried various combinations of settings in the bios which never seemed to play nicely with it.05:55
blogtenbtw, I'm perfectly happy helping debug this and conceivably filing a bug report with all the necessary details... I did this before with Ubuntu 18, working with lotuspsychje05:56
Jordan_Ublogten: Usually I'd expect the boot firmware to decide which drive or array to boot from. Can you also get a one time boot menu from your boot firmware? Not that it's needed, it is just the way that I would expect to do this if I were doing it myself.05:56
lotuspsychjeblogten: ?05:57
blogtenI don't see a RAID option to do one-offs like that.  the bios provides one-offs.05:57
blogtenoh hi lotuspsychje.  I just commented on the fact that last year you helped me out with the NVIDIA drivers and -nomodeset, and that after that we ended up filing a bug report on the subject05:58
blogtenok, sdb back first in line... now wait until all this reinitializes, then get to the bios, set to boot from usb, boot the live cd...06:00
Jordan_Ublogten: Booting from sdc failed too?06:00
blogtendidn't try that.  should I?06:00
blogtenwell.  let's be thorough.  I'll set sdc first in line and see what06:01
Jordan_Ublogten: Yes please.06:01
blogtenok, first in line... waiting to see what happns06:01
blogten"reboot and select proper boot device, or insert boot media..." no, sdc won't boot either.06:03
blogtenI'll put sdb first again, and boot from USB06:03
Jordan_Ublogten: OK, then that rules out my theory. Let's see what info boot info script: https://github.com/arvidjaar/bootinfoscript gives. Please pastebin the RESULTS.txt that it produces.06:04
blogtenthankfully sdc isn't trashed.  I have everything backed up, but still I would not want to wait a day until all that is copied back into it06:04
blogtenok, script running...06:09
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blogtenpastebin: bbc4Huwt06:12
Jordan_Ublogten: Please provide the full link.06:14
Jordan_U(I don't even know what pastebin service you used)06:14
blogtenoh sorry, I thought you meant pastebin literally06:15
Jordan_Ublogten: No problem, it all worked out :) From a quick look everything looks correct, though it looks like right now your Ubuntu install is on the array showing up as sda rather than sdb.06:16
blogtenI saw that... I am very sure the installer listed the 6tb device as sdb06:17
blogtenwhat I'm trying to do with the 6tb device is to test installs... once I make sure things work they way I want, I'm planning to set the 2tb device as the first device, and do the real install then.  after that, the 6tb phys will go away (to the next machine I need to install, the same way)06:19
Jordan_Ublogten: Well, device enumeration can't be expected to remain stable. That's why everything in Ubuntu uses UUIDs or other more reliable means of identifying the right volumes.06:19
blogtenok, that's fine.  now, what would prevent this install from booting?  why the ELF magic complaints?06:19
blogtenJordan_U: also, should I prefix messages to you with your user name?06:21
Jordan_Ublogten: Yes please, that way I get notified. Do you get dropped to a "rescue> " prompt after the arch-independant ELF magic error?06:21
blogtenJordan_U: yes06:21
Jordan_Ublogten: You can't fit enough code in 512 bytes to be able to read from a filesystem, and so back in the old days grub had to use the area between the mbr and the start of the first partition, sometimes called the boot track or post-mbr gap, to store enough code to read the rest of itself (and kernels / config files/ etc) from the actual filesystem.06:24
blogtenJordan_U ok... do you mean that stuff is corrupted / messed up?06:25
blogtenJordan_U: in case you're wondering, I did not even go to the partition configuration in the installer06:26
Jordan_Ublogten: Today, on BIOS based GPT systems, this second part of grub is stored in the BIOS Boot Partition (no filesystem, just executable code). Since grub is modular, grub-install creates a core.img with just the bare minimum needed to be able to read the partition table / filesystem containing the rest of grub's modules. Then, grub tries to load those modules. If those modules are corrupt, or much more06:27
Jordan_Ucommonly from a different release of grub with different symbols, then the modules will fail to link and you'll get one of a few different error messages, one of them being about arch-independant ELF magic.06:27
blogtenJordan_U: ok, that starts making sense.  how do we find out which one is causing a problem?06:28
blogtenJordan_U: it starts sounding like you'd like me to mount the boot partition of (right now) sda, then go peek inside and see what06:31
Jordan_Ublogten: Normally, the most common cause of this is something like the following: Someone installs Ubuntu 18.04 to /dev/sda , then they realize that they want to add a drive and re-install. Now 18.04 is on sdb, and when they install Ubuntu 20.04 the installer (incorrectly IMHO) decides that sda is the best place for grub's boot sector and core.img to be installed. So now you have a situation where06:32
Jordan_Ubooting from sda gets you success, and booting from sdb gets you Ubuntu 18.04's core.img, which tries to load modules from Ubuntu 20.04 and they don't match, causing booting to fail. I don't know why you are getting this problem though.06:32
blogtenJordan_U: ok... yeah, it looks like that didn't happen here06:32
Jordan_Ublogten: We can try chrooting in and re-running grub-install, and it may fix things, but it's hard to say if it will or not without knowing the root cause, and I'd almost be disappointed if it did work and we never found out what caused the initial problem.06:33
blogtenJordan_U: right, so let's try to find the root cause now that we have an example... that way, the next person won't run into this (hopefully)06:34
blogtenJordan_U: a more brutal approach would be to stop exporting the other two arrays from the RAID controller, install to the single exposed drive, then export the arrays again06:34
blogtenJordan_U: that way, the problem you describe becomes impossible06:34
Jordan_Ublogten: But there's no signs of grub being installed to the other arrays.06:35
Jordan_Ublogten: Do you have a spare USB drive (or one of your other arrays) that we can just install grub to, including a /boot/grub/ on that USB drive?06:35
blogtenJordan_U: that would be just to make sure...06:36
blogtenI have a USB key06:36
Jordan_Ublogten: Does it have a Live image on it, or a normal partition table and fat32 / ext4 partition?06:37
blogtenJordan_U: by the way, sda1 doesn't mount.  sda2 seems empty.  sda3 has the root fs, including /boot06:38
blogtenJordan_U: I'm booting the installer (and the live image) from a USB HDD.  this is how I'm examining the system now.  in addition to that, I have a USB key we can use06:39
Jordan_Ublogten: sda1 is the BIOS Boot Partition. It contains (basically) the contents of /boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img , with no filesystem. Thus it's not expected to be mountable. sda2 seems like it's probably an EFI System Partition left over from when you installed for UEFI.06:40
blogtenJordan_U: are the grub modules expected to be for i386?... like, 32 bit ELF?...06:40
Jordan_Ublogten: Yes, because most of grub runs in 32 bit for BIOS based systems.06:41
Jordan_Ublogten: OK, please mount your USB drive and then tell me the mountpoint.06:41
blogtenJordan_U: I asked file for all the files in the grub directory that appears to have modules.  3 types of files exist.  1. ELF 32 bits, stripped.  2. ELF 32 bits, not stripped.  3. ELF-64 bit, apparently signed with SHA1, not stripped06:44
blogtenJordan_U is that as expected?06:44
blogtenJordan_U and by "USB drive", do you mean the USB key?06:45
PETURBGhi someone know how it can work.06:45
Jordan_Ublogten: Yes, and yes.06:45
PETURBGi have laptop with wifi and ethernet. i want use wifi internet to pass internet for ehernet, from ethernet i will put cable and put switch to connect two computers. jow can be done.06:45
blogtenJordan_U the USB key is at /dev/sde06:46
PETURBGubuntu 2006:46
blogtenJordan_U (and the USB key has a partition in it, visible as /dev/sde1)06:47
Jordan_UPETURBG: Run nm-connection-editor and create a new wired network. Set that wired network to be "Shared to other computers". Then just connect to your wireless network. network-manager will know that your wireless network is your gateway, and will pass packets along from eithernet to wireless as needed.06:47
Jordan_Ublogten: sudo mount /dev/sde1 /mnt/06:48
PETURBGJordan_U i think i try it and it didnt work. i was all night trying.06:48
blogtenJordan_U ok06:49
Jordan_Ublogten: sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/boot/ /dev/sde # Be careful with device names here. And be sure that you pass /dev/sde, and *not* any partition like sde1.06:49
Jordan_Ublogten: Then create a file /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg with the following contents: https://paste.debian.net/1151133/ .06:50
PETURBGto confirm. i want pass wifi internet to ethernet that is gonna connected to switch and from switch it will be connected two more computerd.06:50
blogtenJordan_U ok, grub-install doing its work...06:50
PETURBGit switch is gonna get intermet connection from wifi to have internet. with they different lan ip addredd. like
blogtenJordan_U grub-install complains it can't embed because core.img doesn't fit06:51
blogtenJordan_U parted?  fdisk?06:52
PETURBGblogten  youu neef to make more space partition. maybe you have little space.06:52
Jordan_Ublogten: Your first partition probably starts immediately after the MBR. This is bad for a few reasons, one of which is inability to install grub, the other is that your performance won't be as good as it should be. Partitions should always be aligned to MiB boundaries.06:53
blogtenJordan_U this is a USB key that I use to swap files around... it's not like I'm going to boot from it...06:53
blogtenJordan_U for the same reason, we can blast it away and set it to what we want for these purposes06:54
Jordan_Ublogten: If you re-create / move the partition with parted or GParted they will automatically align partitions to MiB boundaries and avoid this problem.06:54
blogtenJordan_U ok hang on...06:54
EriC^blogten: can you pastebin 'sudo parted /dev/sde print'06:54
blogten... all this sudo... time to do sudo su -..06:55
blogtenEriC^ one partition, 1024B start...06:55
EriC^msdos partition type?06:56
Jordan_Ublogten: Odd, grub should have no problem fitting its core.img then. Is it GPT or msdos ("MBR")?06:56
blogten... pastebin coming...06:57
Jordan_Ublogten: If it's GPT then you'll want to create a BIOS Boot Partition to store the core.img. There's another quick solution but I'd rather not recommend it because I don't want others to use it for more permanent installs...06:57
matsamanblogten: dude you could've backed everything up by now =P06:57
blogtenJordan_U EriC^ https://paste.debian.net/hidden/4837fad206:58
EriC^Jordan_U: wondering what that quick solution is06:58
blogtenmatsaman: I could also have given up a week ago and used Debian, which worked the first time...06:59
matsamanblogten: you're making a lot of sense06:59
matsamany'know that Ubuntu is literally sourced directly from Debian (unstable), right?06:59
EriC^blogten: Jordan_U: for me on msdos i have 1049KB at the start, not 1024B so maybe that's why it doesnt fit06:59
blogtenEriC^ yeah... the thing was formatted by a mac... but it doesn't matter, we can restructure it for what we want now... sec07:00
Jordan_UEriC^: Ahh yes, thank you for noticing that important difference in units.07:00
EriC^i'm slightly confused as to what you're doing though, there seems to be a fat32 partition, is the usb's purpose just to boot another hdd's os?07:00
Jordan_Ublogten: Re-make the fat32 partition with gparted, then re-follow the steps I gave above.07:01
blogtenEriC^ we're trying to figure out why a fresh Ubuntu install fails to boot.  there seems to be some issue with grub.  so, Jordan_U's suggestion to see what's going on seems to be to give the install a grub it can boot from, by putting grub in a USB key, then booting the USB and asking it to run the Ubuntu install07:02
Jordan_UEriC^: Yes. I'm trying to figure out why blogten's Ubuntu install ended up with a grub that doesn't boot. I could just run grub-install on the real drive and hope it fixes things, but we both want to try to figure out the root cause.07:02
blogtenJordan_U gparted complains it cannot connect because connection refused, and can't open display...07:03
EriC^blogten: hmm, how does the first one not boot? grub just never shows up?07:03
Jordan_Ublogten: Don't run GUI apps with sudo (or otherwise from a root shell)!07:03
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blogtenEriC^ it complains bad ELF magic (and if I install with the box set to boot UEFI, then I get grub syntax errors and it doesn't boot either)07:04
blogtenJordan_U yeah, running like this, as root, is very unusual for me... but I got a bit tired of doing sudo everywhere07:04
blogtenJordan_U parted it is...07:05
Jordan_Ublogten: Just run "gparted", as your normal user. It will properly use pkexec to run only the needed bits as root.07:05
Jordan_Ublogten: Well, looking at it further, that's somewhat of a lie. I had hoped that gparted had been separated into privileged and non-privileged parts by now, but it seems it hasn't. It will properly run itself with pkexec to get it running as root though.07:07
EriC^blogten: invalid arch-independent ELF magic ?07:07
blogtenEriC^ yes, booting / installing as legacy.  if UEFI, then grub syntax error and it still doesn't boot07:08
blogtenJordan_U: it's ok.  which partition type would you like?07:08
blogtenJordan_U: I mean, file system...07:08
Jordan_Ublogten: ext407:08
EriC^blogten: did you try to chroot and reinstall grub?07:09
blogtenJordan_U ok, done... back to mount, then grub install...07:09
EriC^also was the iso md5sum'd ?07:09
blogtenEriC^ yes on md507:10
Jordan_UEriC^: I think the Ubuntu 20.04 installer automatically does an md5sum check at boot now.07:10
blogtenJordan_U ok, installation worked... next up, the pastebin file07:11
blogtenJordan_U I saw that... it never failed...07:11
blogtenJordan_U ok, grub.cfg in place07:12
EriC^this thread suggests chrooting and reinstalling grub fixed the problem, not sure how you might get 'corrupted grub binaries' though07:13
blogtenEriC^ yeah... that kind of "solution" bothers me, that's why I refrained from doing such things.  besides, if you got corrupted grub binaries when *installing* the system, then what else is broken and what are you doing running the thing at all...07:13
EriC^blogten: exactly07:14
Jordan_Ublogten: OK, assuming that you also ran grub-install successfully, try rebooting and use the first menuentry.07:14
blogtenJordan_U: to do that, I'll have to go into the BIOS and ask it to boot from USB key... that's effectively the same thing, I think.07:15
Jordan_UEriC^: Here's the grub.cfg I made for blogten: https://paste.debian.net/1151133/ . If the second menuentry works, then it means that all of the files in /boot/grub/ are good and at least match each other, and it's the embedded core.img that is either corrupt or somehow from a different version of grub.07:15
blogtenJordan_U oh I see, the menuentry from grub... ok07:16
Jordan_Ublogten: That is what I meant, so sounds good.07:16
blogtenJordan_U ok rebooting...07:16
blogtenJordan_U ok, got to grub, selecting first entry07:17
blogtenJordan_U first entry puts me back into grub07:18
blogtenJordan_U the screen blanks out for a moment, then I'm back at the menu07:18
EriC^same initial menu? not the os install menu?07:18
Jordan_Ublogten: Interesting, maybe I made a mistake. I assume that the second menuentry will do the same, though maybe taking longer.07:18
EriC^*installed os07:19
blogtenEriC^: a menu that looks the same as the first one.  Jordan_U: trying the second one07:19
blogtenJordan_U different behavior: error: no such device: ... a whole bunch of text... then press any key to continue07:19
Jordan_Ublogten: So, that means that grub isn't able to find your Ubuntu install, at least not when searching by UUID. Press any key to get back to the grub menu, then press "c" to get to the grub shell, then run "ls" to list all devices / partitions.07:21
blogtenJordan_U it says (hd0) (hd0,msdos1) (hd1) (hd2) (hd3)07:21
Jordan_Ublogten: Ahh, easy fix then. run "insmod part_gpt" then press escape to go back to the menu and try again.07:22
Jordan_Ublogten: I forgot that grub wouldn't have loaded its gpt support since the USB isn't using gpt. I should have included "insmod part_gpt" in the grub.cfg I made for you.07:23
blogtenJordan_U lots of syntax error and incorrect command (this starts looking a lot like the UEFI error messages after installing)07:23
blogtenJordan_U and now, selecting the second option results in invalid arch-independent ELF07:23
Jordan_Ublogten: Can you take a picture of the error messages with a phone or similar? Is one of the incorrect commands "linuxefi"?07:24
blogtenJordan_U what's a good way to go back to the menu from the grub rescue prompt?07:24
blogtenJordan_U the error messages simply say "syntax error", and "incorrect command", nothing else.07:25
Jordan_Ublogten: "exit" might work, but if not you'll need to reboot. Your /boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img doesn't seem to match the rest of the modules in /boot/grub/i386-pc/ , which is a problem I can't remember ever seeing before, and I've helped a *lot* of people with grub issues.07:26
blogtenJordan_U exit doesn't work.  rebooting.07:26
blogtenJordan_U this is much better than I could have ever gotten to... this seems like a controlled way to trigger the problem.  maybe we have a hope of debugging it and figuring it out07:27
TJ-Has anyone noticed that 20.04's NetworkManager, wifi, on SSIDs with multiple BSSIDs, doesn't switch to the strongest AP signal any more?07:28
Jordan_Ublogten: It definitely is that, but I have no idea how either of the two problems are being caused. I think that grub-install would likely fix the arch-independant elf magic problem, but likely wouldn't fix the syntax error problem.07:29
blogtenJordan_U this is interesting.  so the first time, before doing anything, I hit c, then insmod gpt_part.  of course that doesn't work.  so, I put in insmod part_gpt, then exit.  and doing that throws me into the invalid ELF magic again.07:29
TJ-brb ... gateway reboot!07:29
CQhello, anyone one here who understands how the askubuntu / stackexchange works? I keep getting messages regarding responses to a question I am watching, but when I click on them I don't see them posted07:29
blogtenJordan_U rebooting again...07:29
CQerr, stackoverflow07:29
Jordan_Ublogten: Exit exits grub, at which point your boot firmware tries to boot from the next drive in the boot order.07:30
Jordan_Ublogten: So the arch independent ELF magic error probably came from your boot firmware trying to boot sdb directly.07:31
blogtenJordan_U: ok... so I pressed escape this time, after installing part_gpt07:31
EriC^blogten: you could always use debsums to verify the packages are all intact later, if you choose to reinstall grub from chroot and fix the problem that way07:31
EriC^or maybe use debsums to see if the grub package is corrupted if you want to understand the problem more or something07:32
blogtenEriC^: right, and how long until a kernel update makes the system nonbootable again?07:32
EriC^blogten: what do you mean? why would it?07:32
Jordan_Ublogten: We definitely have a way of independently triggering the two problems, but I have no idea how either of the two problems are being caused. I think that grub-install would likely fix the arch-independant elf magic problem, but likely wouldn't fix the syntax error problem.07:33
EriC^a kernel update would trigger update-grub07:33
blogtenEriC^ because e.g. "updating kernel modules", or "rebuilding initramfs", or something of that nature... I need to understand what's going on07:33
blogtenJordan_U isn't there some way to figure out what is the syntax error?07:34
EriC^blogten: can you boot the live usb, we can troubleshoot from there and try to see what's wrong maybe07:34
blogtenEriC^ the bottom line is that if I don't know why it happened once, it will happen again...07:34
Jordan_Ublogten: Well, you can run "grub-script-check /boot/grub/grub.cfg" but I've already done that with your grub.cfg (from boot info script output) and it finds no syntax error.07:35
blogtenEriC^ yes, I can do that07:35
EriC^blogten: ok, run 'sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999' and paste the link here as a sanity check07:35
blogtenJordan_U, EriC^ so to do that, I need to get out of this USB key boot... are we done with this bit?07:36
Jordan_UEriC^: If you haven't seen it already, here is blogten's boot info script RESULTS.txt: https://pastebin.com/bbc4HUwt07:36
EriC^thanks Jordan_U07:36
Jordan_Ublogten: Yes, I'm done with testing things from that USB drive for tonight. (And I'm going to sleep, so I'm done with anything else too :)07:37
blogtenJordan_U ok, thanks :)07:37
blogtenEriC^ are you going to be around a bit to continue this?... I have time07:37
Jordan_Ublogten: EriC^: If you do figure it out please ping me so I can see it tomorrow. If not, hopefully there will be a time tomorrow when we're both on again and can continue troubleshooting.07:38
EriC^blogten: yeah sure07:38
blogtenJordan_U will do :)07:38
blogtenEriC^ ok, booting the live cd07:38
InteloCan I turn laptop/ pc in to a phone and insert sim in it? Recive calls and make calls (not voip but gsm?07:39
blogtenEriC^ the live image...07:39
blogtenEriC^ : first time I see this error message with the parted bin... the driver descriptor says the physical block size is 2048 bytes, but Linux says it is 512 bytes07:44
blogtenEriC^ https:/termbin.com/7w8i07:45
EriC^blogten: that's normal it just relates to when the iso was put there using a certain blocksize, it's harmless07:45
EriC^blogten: it looks somewhat sane til now07:47
EriC^blogten: type 'sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt'07:47
EriC^blogten: you said you let the installer do its thing and didnt manually partition yes?07:47
blogtenEriC^ correct, and done with the mount (btw I became root, so...)07:48
EriC^blogten: type 'cat /mnt/etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 9999'07:48
blogtenEriC^ the url ends in nezj now.  the UUID seems vaguely familiar from the error messages from the USB boot key07:49
blogtenEriC^ so https://termbin.com/nezj07:50
EriC^blogten: ok, well the installer is obviously confused, it created a bios_boot partition suggesting you were booted in legacy mode, but it also created a fat32 efi partition, and used it for the install07:50
EriC^Jordan_U: ^07:51
blogtenEriC^ ok, how do we get it to unconfuse, or how can we tell it to stop it?...07:51
blogtenEriC^ and what information do we have to collect to file a bug if needed?07:52
EriC^blogten: well, i'd guess this is some bug in the installer, if i were you, i would reinstall grub properly, and if you wanted you could run debsums on the whole system to make sure it's intact, but if the checksum at the start was good i'd bet it just got confused in the bootloader related part and messed up07:53
EriC^blogten: i think the installer log is in /mnt/var/log/installer there might be useful stuff there07:54
EriC^blogten: as for it messing up in the future, if all the packages are good md5sum, and grub is correctly installed and whatnot, it wont mess up when it updates the kernel or runs initramfs07:56
blogtenEriC^ : ok, so how do we reinstall grub into /dev/... eh, /dev/sda07:56
blogtenthen we can also make a nice package with the installer logs07:56
blogtenEriC^ oh, wait... what about the syntax error?... maybe we can track that down?07:57
EriC^blogten: ok, type "for i in /dev /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -R $i /mnt$i; done"07:57
blogtenEriC^ done... are we going to do the chroot bit?07:58
EriC^blogten: it's probably a confused grub, mixing between uefi stuff and legacy stuff, this is like throwing a wrench into an engine and trying to see what's going on, the devs really should figure out why the installer went haywire during the bootloader selection/decision making phase07:58
EriC^blogten: yeah07:58
blogtenEriC^ ok, we'll package up the install logs and file a bug or something to that effect07:59
blogtenEriC^ next step?07:59
EriC^blogten: type 'dpkg -l | grep grub | nc termbin.com 9999' to see what grub packages are installed currently07:59
EriC^blogten: (after running sudo chroot /mnt)08:00
blogtenEriC^ chroot fails because /bin/bash does not exist08:00
EriC^blogten: heh :D08:01
makarahow do i run a snap as a service, at startup?08:01
EriC^blogten: try 'ls /mnt /mnt/bin/bash | nc termbin.com 9999'08:02
blogtenEriC^ something's odd, the contents of /mnt look strange08:03
blogtenEriC^ it looks like I'm twice chroot-ed08:04
EriC^blogten: hmm, what's the link? not sure what you mean08:04
EriC^blogten: maybe you ran sudo chroot /mnt already earlier?08:05
EriC^blogten: try to type open a fresh terminal, and type 'sudo chroot /mnt'08:05
blogtenEriC^ that after the first time chroot complained about /bin/bash, I thought it failed outright.  then I thought ah, that's because I'm root and I'm inside /mnt.  so, cd /, and then chroot again.  and again chroot complained.  but now /mnt does not look like the root of an Ubuntu install... it looks like something completely different, e.g. with a08:06
blogtendirectory called openvpn...08:06
MavrikMorning everyone. Any Dell XPS 13 users here? For some reason the speakers on mine stopped working on Ubuntu 20.04 and it's proving really hard to debug :/08:06
fronchettiHello everyone, I have a big problem in hands. I accidentally deleted bootchart.conf journald.conf and logind.conf from the /etc/systemd folder using sudo rm (I know, I shouldn't do that). Is there any solution to recover these files?  It is a machine in production.08:07
blogtenEriC^ also no more terminals because /bin/bash is gone08:07
EriC^blogten: O.o08:07
tatertotsfronchetti: just restore the files, production machines commonly have backups in a real production/enterprise environment08:08
EriC^blogten: very odd, try to reboot the live usb, im wondering if somehow the for command had a typo08:08
blogtenmaybe... rebooting the rhing...08:08
fronchettiThe problem is that I'm not sure if we have a backup available, thats the reason why I'm here08:09
fronchettiand I don't know if these files can break the computer08:09
tatertotsfronchetti: else..just find out how bad of a mistake you made and just leave it be as is ...or reinstall08:09
fronchettibreak the system*08:09
blogtenEriC^ ok, chroot /mnt worked this time08:15
blogtenEriC^ I also found the typo... /dev /proc /run /sys were all mounted -R to /mnt, rather than /mnt$i :facepalm:08:17
EriC^blogten: ah great08:17
EriC^blogten: ok, type "mount -a" to mount the efi partition08:18
blogtenEriC^ ok (but note: the system is not using EFI to boot)08:18
EriC^the live usb?08:18
blogtenEriC^ or anything.  the boot is set to Legacy08:18
EriC^i see08:19
EriC^do you want to use uefi or legacy? at this point it's completely up to you08:19
EriC^since you already have an efi partition you could have both dwell together peacefully, but leave one grub package that will keep getting updates and such08:20
blogtenthings worked well for me with legacy so far, so at first glance I'd continue that way.  however, do you think I'd be missing anything important?  that is, what would you miss from efi?08:20
EriC^well, in general not much, but uefi is newer, plus it's nice to be able to have multiple bootloaders if you later decide to add an os or something, and there's the not so important 0.5sec or something quicker loading time08:21
blogtenoh ok... then I do not see this box needing efi.  we can go with legacy.08:22
EriC^blogten: ok, so nevermind the 'mount -a'08:22
EriC^blogten: type 'nano /etc/fstab' add a "#" at the start of the line that says UUID=xxxx-xxxx /boot/efi ....08:23
blogtenEriC^: ok08:23
EriC^blogten: ok, type 'dpkg -l | grep grub | nc termbin.com 9999'08:24
blogtenEriC^: https://termbin.com/hh8708:25
EriC^blogten: ok, looks like grub-efi was not installed, all good08:26
EriC^blogten: you used 'sda3' for the /mnt right?08:26
blogtenEriC^: yes, sda308:27
EriC^ok cool, type "grub-install --target=i386-pc /dev/sda"08:28
blogtenEriC^ : done08:29
EriC^blogten: great, type 'update-grub'08:29
blogtenit complained because it could not find a GRUB drive for /dev/sdd108:30
blogtenEriC^: although, it finished08:31
EriC^blogten: no worries, is the patriot memory the live usb btw?08:31
blogtenEriC^ yes (and I wish it was called something neutral)08:31
blogtenEriC^ oh wait nono.08:32
blogtenEriC^ the patriot thing is a USB stick that we prepared earlier to try to debug the problem08:32
EriC^oh i see08:32
blogtenEriC^ the live usb is an external usb disk, a Seagate08:32
EriC^blogten: ok, no worries, type 'exit' to exit the chroot, then reboot, make sure csm legacy is enabled/uefi disabled and sda is first in the boot order08:33
EriC^blogten: actually 1 sec08:34
blogtenEriC^ ok.  in the mean time, I noticed a swap file in the root filesystem. are those as fast as swap partitions these days?... ok, also, holding08:34
EriC^i feel like it would be a good idea to rename the files in the efi partition, just as an added measure to make sure it's indeed loading the bios_boot grub08:34
EriC^blogten: type in the chroot "mount /dev/sda2 /mnt"08:34
blogtenEriC^ : there is nothing there08:35
EriC^ok, type 'exit' and try rebooting08:35
blogtenEriC^ ok, will reboot trying to boot from what we called sda08:36
blogtenEriC^ : ok, bios set to boot the raid controller and nothing else08:37
blogtenEriC^ : black screen...08:38
blogtenEriC^ : this used to take a bit of time...08:38
EriC^blogten: try to reboot and hold shift08:38
blogtenEriC^ let's wait a bit...08:39
blogtenEriC^ : doesn't look great, no disk i/o, nothing...08:40
EriC^aha, try pressing ctrl+alt+del08:40
blogtenEriC^ : also num lock dead on the keyboard08:40
blogtenEriC^ : ctrl+alt+del unresponsive08:40
EriC^if that doesn't work try "alt+prntscrn + s   then same + u then + b08:40
blogtengoing for the power button (btw, full keyboard)08:41
EriC^try holding shift when it boots, you should get grub if its loading it, otherwise it's not even loading grub08:42
blogtenok, coming up again...08:42
raddyHello Everybody08:43
raddyI have installed Ubuntu recently in my laptop08:43
blogtenEriC^ black screeb again.  but, numlock is not dead08:43
raddyAfterwards i am unable to boot windows due to bitlocker confirmation.08:44
dengiwhats  kind of GUI tool can be used to make a bootable usb?08:44
blogtenEriC^ this is super odd.  it's bootiing something08:44
blogtensome error messages08:44
raddyIf i remove ubuntu from mbr can i boot windows ?08:44
dengiwith some persistent storage08:44
EriC^blogten: is the patriot memory removed?08:44
raddydengi : Use rufus in windows08:45
dengiraddy: yes however its linux machine08:45
raddyOhh okkk08:45
blogtenEriC^: initramfs unpacking failed, invalid magic at start of compressed archive, kernel panic because unable to mount root fs on unknown block... and yes the usb stick is still there08:45
EriC^blogten: dang08:46
blogtenEriC^ I will clean out the usb connectors then try that again08:46
blogtenEriC^ now the keyboard is dead for sure08:46
blogtenback to the power button08:46
EriC^blogten: ok, try to remove the patriot memory just to see if it's booting the sda grub for sure or what08:46
blogtenEriC^ ok, no USB devices now08:47
blogtenEriC^ : black screen... num lock alive... num lock dead again08:49
blogtenEriC^ same error messages, kernel panic08:49
EriC^very odd08:49
EriC^blogten: online it appears that for some user the problem went away when he updated intel microcode *shrug*08:50
blogtenoh yeah, same error messages08:51
EriC^ill brb, i need to do a quick trip to the grocery shop to get a couple items, in the meantime, try to boot the live usb again, chroot as before, and try running 'apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade'08:52
EriC^also maybe 'update-initramfs -c -k all' to see if it says anything while creating the initramfs08:53
EriC^brb in 10mins or so08:53
blogtenEriC^ you mean in the chroot?08:53
raddyI can't get recovery key for bitlocker08:54
raddyIs it possible to still boot windows ?08:54
survietaminehello, in have beginning of my openvpn's log files filled with "^@". Any hints?09:05
survietamineah, maybe a problem with logrotate: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8353401/garbage-collector-log-loggc-file-rotation-with-logrotate-does-not-work-properl09:06
EriC^blogten: back09:15
blogtenEriC^ trying to figure out why the first attempt at chroot didn't work the way I expected...09:16
NTQHi. Is there a simple solution to prevent applications from stealing my focus? MS Teams is really annoying and steals my focus everytime somethings happens mich drives me nuts.09:18
EriC^blogten: im confused, didnt you say the for command had a typo?09:18
blogtenEriC^ the contents of /dev/sda3 changes, now there are some directories with install-logs-2020-etc... what the...09:18
dengiis there some trick to run a 32 bit app on a 64 bit ubuntu?09:19
EriC^blogten: hmm, can you run 'sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999'09:19
blogtenoh gads now /dev/sda is /dev/sdb...09:19
blogtenok back to sanity now09:20
gloomyHi, I have an old backup laptop that I had setup for my girlfriend and have since completely forgot which password we used back then. Is there any way I can add a user without reinstalling the operating system?09:20
blogtenEriC^ : chroot ok now09:20
gloomy(I don't care about the data in that account, I'd just rather avoid having to reinstall everything)09:21
blogtenEriC^ apt-get update going... done09:22
SynfulAckIs there some package of configuration file that will allow me to turn the mouse sensitivity further up? on gnome settings>Mouse&Touchpad its already maxed out on the slider. I dont believe theres anything else in gnome-tweaks either.09:22
blogtenEriC^ about 500mb of installs for dist-upgrade going...09:23
makarawhen is it safe to `sudo apt autoremove` ?09:24
EriC^gloomy: yeah you can boot into recovery mode from grub, then choose 'drop to root shell' type 'mount -o remount,rw /' and then run 'passwd <username>' and reset the password09:25
EriC^gloomy: grub > advanced options > any recovery kernel09:25
gloomyawesome, thanks. Didn't know what to google for :)09:25
blogtenEriC^ the update process is triggering multiple update-initramfs... ok, finished09:26
EriC^makara: when you know the packages it'll remove won't break the system i guess, it's usually safe unless something essential has been removed manually and then autoremove would remove alot of important packages09:27
EriC^gloomy: no problem :)09:27
EriC^blogten: great09:27
blogtenEriC^ now it's running the update-initramfs command you asked for09:27
EriC^blogten: what does 'apt-cache policy intel-microcode' show for installed? as a reference09:28
blogtenit says 3.20191115.1ubuntu309:29
blogtenEriC^ ^09:30
EriC^ok looks good09:30
EriC^blogten: try typing 'exit' then reboot09:30
blogtenEriC^ you mean reboot the installation, rather than the live image I take it?...09:31
EriC^yup try rebooting into the main os09:31
blogtenEriC^ there was an avalanche of syntax error messages, and it threw me into the grub prompt09:34
blogtenEriC^ or something that seemed like syntax error... it really flew by09:35
EriC^blogten: is it a grub> or grub rescue> ?09:35
blogtenEriC^ just grub>09:35
EriC^well that's better09:36
EriC^blogten: try "ls"09:36
EriC^look for the disk that has gpt1 gpt2 gpt309:36
blogtenEriC^ (hd0) (hd0,gpt3) (hd0,gpt2) (hd0,gpt1) (hd1) (hd2)09:36
blogten(so, hd0)09:37
EriC^blogten: ok, try         set root='(hd0,gpt3)'09:37
blogtenok, it took it09:37
blogten(apparently, there was no response)09:37
makaraEriC^: i think i'll stick to only doing it occassionally, and just after a successful reboot09:38
EriC^blogten: ok, type 'insmod part_gpt'09:38
blogtenEriC^ : ok09:38
EriC^blogten: then 'insmod ext2'09:38
blogtenEriC^ : ok09:38
EriC^blogten: try typing 'linux /boot/vmlinuz<use tab completion here to find the latest kernel> but dont hit enter yet09:39
blogtenEriC^ : 3 options: 5.4.0-26, 5.4.0-33, and vmlinuz.old09:40
EriC^try with 5.4.0-3309:40
blogtenEriC^ : and vmlinuz, so 4 in total09:40
blogtenEriC^ : ok, 5.4.0-3309:40
blogtenEriC^ : great, entered the command.  no response.09:41
EriC^ok continue the line "linux /boot/vmlinuz-5.4.0-33-generic root=UUID=222de126-8767-47dd-b1de-2298b9b50e5c ro debug ignore_loglevel"09:41
EriC^blogten: note there are no L's in the uuid, it's all hex abcdef 0-909:43
blogtenEriC^ : ok, all set.  enter?09:44
blogtenEriC^ : ok09:44
EriC^blogten: type "initrd /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-33-generic"09:44
blogtenEriC^ :  and enter?09:45
EriC^then type "boot" and hit enter09:45
blogtenEriC^ : after a pause, grub> again09:45
blogtenEriC^ : looks like it's waiting for the next thing09:45
blogtenEriC^ : and now, the boot comman09:45
blogtenEriC^ : an avalanche of messages09:46
blogtenEriC^ : looks like the beginning of dmesg09:46
blogtenEriC^ : it made it to looking at sda.  after attaching sda, it stopped.  and the keyboard is dead.09:47
EriC^can you take a screenshot with your phone? it might be useful09:47
roryWhen I see an update is available for "Ubuntu Base" only, at a hundred Kb or so, what is being updated? I thought this was just a metapackage.09:48
blogtenEriC^ : this is wild09:48
EriC^blogten: i somehow feel it might be related to some raid stuff perhaps, i dont know much about raid tbh, do you? perhaps you could remove it from the equation just as a test or something? no idea here09:48
blogtenEriC^ : the keyboard is dead. and everything screeched to a halt.  however, I got two messages from the raid controller: it's verifying units (they are overdue).09:48
EriC^at this point grub seems to loading fine, as well as its modules and stuff, else you'd get a grub rescue>, so something afterwards is a miss, maybe hdd related or i have no idea really, but the debug screen might show more info09:49
blogtenthere's a message about sda... that the optimal transfer size 33553920 is not a multiple of the physical block size of 409609:52
blogtenEriC^ : ^ that's about the most interesting thing I see here.  the rest is just going through the block devices09:52
blogtenEriC^ : do you know if, by chance, the drivers for the 3ware cards were removed from the kernel?... they've been there since 2.6.39 or some really old kernel like that09:53
blogtenEriC^ : but still this is bizarre because if I install Debian, I get none of these problems09:53
blogtenEriC^ : the 3ware bit doesn't seem to make much sense... the messages on the screen read '3w-sas'...09:54
EriC^blogten: is there any kind of connections usb->sata or something?09:57
blogtenEriC^ actually yes, the live image.  also, see here... https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/man4/tws.4freebsd.html ... maybe?...09:58
srulihow do i get the size of all files in a dir (excluding the subdirs)09:59
blogtenEriC^ wait, you mean a USB disk showing up as a SATA device or some such?... if you meant that, then no10:00
versionsixso snap and ipv6, when will these two finally go together?10:01
EriC^blogten: apparently /boot/config-5.4.0-33-generic should have which stuff is added to the kernel10:01
versionsixthe bug is open since 2017 !! https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapstore/+bug/171002210:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1710022 in Snap Store "Snap store APIs (api.snapcraft.io) are not reachable via IPv6" [Wishlist,Confirmed]10:01
blogtenEriC^ how do we find out where is the silly syntax error for grub?... boot the live image, mount sda3 (or sdb3, or whatever the name is), then look under /boot?10:03
dengifailed to execute child process - lubuntu 18.04 multi arch support enabled10:03
dengihow I can trouble shout it?10:04
EriC^blogten: yeah the grub commands should be in /boot/grub/grub.cfg , but what syntax error do you mean? i thought it only did that earlier10:04
bluesceadahey in ubuntu 20.04 something has changed over 18.04 how 'apt' handles wildcards ... for example try > apt policy gimp-data*10:04
bluesceada20.04 will say "N: Unable to locate package gimp-data*"10:05
blogtenEriC^ this time too, before getting to the grub> prompt, there was an avalanche of syntax error (or something error) messages, after which it got to the grub> prompt10:05
bluesceada18.04 lists the policy of gimp-data and gimp-data-extras10:05
EriC^blogten: according to that manpage, it mentions that you can load the tws stuff at run time using the loader, but the loader seems to require efi/efi partition as that's where the config is10:05
bluesceadaHow can i have something that works like the old behavior?10:05
EriC^blogten: oh10:05
bluesceadaI usually use it for "purge" to get rid of everything from old kernels (e.g. apt purge linux*5.3.0-53*)10:06
EriC^blogten: maybe we should boot the live usb, get grub to always show the menu and wait, and see the contents of grub.cfg as well10:06
blogtenEriC^ ok, let's try that and see what.  also, where did you see the efi/efi part?... that the module loader itself requires efi?...10:07
EriC^bluesceada: does "apt-cache policy 'gimp-data*'" still work?10:09
EriC^blogten: https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/man5/loader.conf.5.html10:10
ricardodevriesHello, I'm trying to install kvm on a ubuntu server 20.04 headless. It seems it wants to install the x11 packages along with it which I really do not want. Is there any solution? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gztQ7vzMc8/10:10
EriC^in the first page it said "Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in     loader.conf(5)"10:10
EriC^blogten: ^10:11
blogtenEriC^ right, so does that mean the loader *requires* efi?...10:11
EriC^blogten: i dont think so, but just guessing10:12
EriC^blogten: in any case, in my config for 4.4* kernel there's no "device tws" in case it's actually needed10:12
EriC^blogten: you already have an efi partition though luckily so if you want, you could just enable uefi and put that line there and see if it works and needed that10:13
EriC^blogten: (by enable uefi i mean install grub-efi package and all the good stuff for uefi to work)10:14
blogtenEriC^ : ok, the live image is up and running, and I'm looking at grub.cfg... what's a good way to find what might be busted here?10:16
EriC^try to pastebin it10:19
blogtenEriC^ https://termbin.com/bgyab10:20
EriC^blogten: did you chroot by any chance?10:20
blogtenno I did not do that yet10:21
EriC^we can have grub show the menu, that way you know if the syntax stuff is pre menu or post it running the entry10:21
blogtenEriC^ : ok should I chroot to do that?10:21
blogtenEriC^ : ok, chrooted10:22
EriC^blogten: ok, for line and everything?10:23
blogtenEriC^ : yep10:23
EriC^ok, type 'nano /etc/default/grub'10:23
EriC^set GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu   and GRUB_TIMEOUT=1010:24
blogtenEriC^ : ok10:24
blogtenEriC^ : oh, you mean now reboot from the actual install disk and see what?10:25
EriC^you might need to uncomment GRUB_TERMINAL=console as well10:25
blogtenEriC^ : ok, done10:25
EriC^ok, type 'update-grub' to make the new grub.cfg10:26
blogtenEriC^ : done10:26
EriC^blogten: we could do a 2 birds with one stone thing here if you want, install grub-efi and add that loader.conf and in case legacy mode doesnt boot you just switch to uefi in the bios and see how that goes, interested?10:27
blogtenEriC^ : ok, could try10:28
blogtenEriC^ : apt-get grub-efi?10:28
EriC^blogten: ok, type 'nano /etc/fstab' uncomment the line you did earlier uuid=xxxx-xxxx /boot/efi10:28
EriC^then type 'mount /boot/efi'10:29
blogtenEriC^ : ok10:29
blogtenEriC^ : /boot/efi is currently empty, 512mb available10:29
EriC^blogten: ok, just a quick check to see the live usb mode, type 'ls /sys/firmware/efi'10:30
EriC^if it gives you dirs then it's booted in uefi mode, otherwise it's in legacy mode10:30
blogtenEriC^ : no efi10:30
EriC^ok, so that means we will manually add the efi files in the 'standard' location cause we cant access the uefi list in this mody and grub-install will fail at the very last step of that10:31
EriC^blogten: type 'apt-get install grub-efi-amd64-signed'10:31
blogtenEriC^ : done10:32
EriC^blogten: ok, type 'grub-install --removable --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi'10:32
blogtenEriC^ : finished with no errors10:33
EriC^blogten: ok, type "ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 9999"10:33
blogtenEriC^ : https://termbin.com/9cvh10:34
EriC^blogten: ok, type "mkdir -p /boot/efi/efi/microsoft/boot'10:34
blogtenEriC^ : ... microsoft?...10:35
EriC^blogten: yeah it's one of the standard locations the bios looks for efi files on a disk with no uefi entry pointing to a file10:35
blogtenEriC^ : ok10:35
EriC^blogten: then type 'cp /boot/efi/efi/boot/bootx64.efi /boot/efi/efi/microsoft/boot/bootmgfw.efi'10:36
blogtenEriC^ : is all this case insensitive?10:37
EriC^blogten: yeah, it's fat32 it doesnt care10:37
blogtenEriC^ : ok done10:37
EriC^blogten: finally type 'mkdir /boot/efi/loader'10:38
blogtenEriC^ : ok10:38
EriC^blogten: then type 'nano /boot/efi/loader/loader.conf' and type in     tws_load="YES"10:38
blogtenEriC^ : done10:39
EriC^blogten: ok, type 'exit' and try rebooting in legacy mode10:39
EriC^also try keeping the live usb in, just in case its messing up with the hd0 hd1 stuff10:39
EriC^(i had noticed in grub.cfg its using hd1 but in grub ls showed hd0, not sure how much that matters, just in case)10:40
blogtenEriC^ : ok, got to the text mode grub10:42
EriC^grub menu with Ubuntu advanced options etc?10:42
blogtenEriC^ : aha10:42
blogtenEriC^ : ... omg... please not -nomodeset again...10:42
EriC^blogten: what's up? what happened when the pc booted up?10:43
blogtenEriC^ : I didn't ask it to boot.  I just remembered the horrors of getting Ubuntu to work on another box, last year... lotus here helped me with that... I got some horrific behavior that all went away when I added -nomodeset as a kernel parameter the first time the system started until I added the nvidia drivers10:44
blogtenEriC^ : and I just see how this grub seems to work fine in text mode... and it just hit me omg please not -nomodeset again...10:45
blogtenEriC^ : so, at this point, what to do... try to boot Ubuntu?10:45
EriC^yeah go for the ubuntu entry10:46
blogtenEriC^ : ok, the ubuntu entry wants root at hd1,gpt310:46
blogtenEriC^ : no such file or directory regarding some lvm module...10:46
blogtenEriC^ : ubuntu graphic turning... this is new...10:47
blogtenEriC^ : a mouse cursor10:47
EriC^a great!10:47
blogtenEriC^ : purple screen10:47
blogtenEriC^ : started10:47
blogtenEriC^ : what in heck did we do to "fix" this?...10:47
EriC^which mode is it booted in? try "ls /sys/firmware/efi"10:47
EriC^i'm wondering the same thing blogten xD10:47
EriC^maybe that loader.conf did it?10:48
blogtenEriC^ : if *THAT* did it, then we can test what happens if we take it out10:48
EriC^is it in legacy mode currently? just to understand it further10:48
blogtenEriC^ : no efi directory under /sys/firmware10:48
EriC^blogten: try 'sudo mv /boot/efi/loader/loader.conf{,.backup}'10:49
blogtenEriC^ : you know what I suspect?... we set grub to console, text mode... no gfx change...10:49
EriC^nah that would only affect the grub menu, but it seemed to have major issues later, we only did that as a just incase while trying to get grub to show the menu10:50
blogtenEriC^ : ok, renamed the loader file10:50
EriC^ok, try rebooting again, see how what happens10:50
blogtenEriC^ : ok, booting again...10:52
blogtenEriC^ : turning graphics, logo, mouse arrow, purple screen, booted10:52
EriC^blogten: interesting10:53
EriC^blogten: perhaps it's cause the live usb is still plugged in?10:53
blogtenEriC^ : we can try that if you want10:53
blogtenEriC^ : I am also really curious to see what happens if I comment the console only grub line10:54
EriC^*shrug* all we literally did was install the grub efi files and run update-grub, but we did before, odd10:54
EriC^blogten: yeah that sounds good10:54
EriC^remember to update-grub as well afterwards so it takes effect though, maybe cp /boot/grub/grub.cfg{,.backup} too just in case it gets all 'weird' again :P10:54
blogtenEriC^ : ok, I just commented that one line out... aww rats, yep... will have to do the update-grub...10:55
blogtenEriC^ : at least now the real thing is booting10:55
EriC^blogten: also remember to remove the grub-efi-* packages and install grub-pc so that apt keeps updating the legacy mode grub in the future10:57
blogtenEriC^ : ok, rebooting, this time without console mode grub.  all else is the same10:57
blogtenEriC^ : this is a throw away install anyway10:58
blogtenEriC^ : AHA!!! syntax error everywhere, and grub>10:58
EriC^aha, interesting!10:59
blogtenEriC^ : damned graphics mode grub10:59
EriC^well, i'm glad it worked out, though by complete chance we got it working in the end, hey better lucky right :D10:59
blogtenEriC^ : so, I am starting to think that all these problems were rooted in the graphical mode grub10:59
EriC^yeah seems so11:00
blogtenEriC^ : ok fine, but why?11:00
blogtenEriC^ : nvidia again?11:00
blogtenEriC^ : what is it about gfx mode grub that makes it fail this way?11:00
EriC^hmm no idea really, it seems for some people with updating ubuntu they lost their grub and had to use the console option from earlier releases11:01
blogtenmaybe lotus knows and is around11:01
blogtenlotuspsychje are you around?11:02
EriC^blogten: i have no idea, the stuff it was saying about elf and initrd really doesnt add it with any gfx stuff, very odd11:02
EriC^*add up11:02
blogtenEriC^ : this is starting to sound a lot like the horrible problems I got last year while trying to install Ubuntu on another box... without -nomodeset the first boot (before installing the nvidia drivers), the system would be very very sluggish, the keyboard would take like 5 seconds to respond, the text would wrap around in horrible ways, there11:03
blogtenwould be video artifacts on the screen...11:03
blogtenEriC^ : it was awful.  but, lotus pointed out hey, for nvidia, the kernel tries to set gfx modes but that wrecks the nvidia cards and after that nothing works.  so, use -nomodeset the first time you boot, then install the drivers, then reboot, and now you can take out -nomodeset.  and it worked just fine.11:04
DrManhattanI couldn't get 20.04 to boot normally, kept going to grub prompt, had to actually tell grub what to do in order to boot11:04
blogtenEriC^ : but this is even before the kernel loads now11:04
DrManhattanfrom the USB11:04
DrManhattanonce it was installed to system, it was find11:04
giacoafter upgrade I've lost touchpad middle click via left+right. I can't paste anymore, it's hell11:05
EriC^blogten: yeah it's very odd, i really dont know what to make of it all myself11:05
blogtenEriC^ : I really, really, really wish people were thorough in what they do, so that people like you and I do not have to troubleshoot an effectively incomprehensible rube goldberg device... just as a suggestion LOL11:06
EriC^blogten: yup it's difficult i guess, too much hardware and stuff out there coming out each day11:07
Seversso im lurking here, and im probably wrong... but its seems like all nvidia cards are having issues with 20.04 right now?11:07
blogtenlast year I had the -nomodeset thing with 18.04 desktop...11:07
DrManhattanSevers, my 2070 and nouveau didn't get along at all11:08
blogtenhowever, this is good to know now.  because it means that I can plan doing the real install, and before I boot the system, I just chroot into the new install, update the grub configuration, and it should work because it was the one thing that was controlling the misbehavior11:08
DrManhattanworked fine once the nvidia drivers were installed11:08
EriC^blogten: yup11:09
Seversi still consider myself a heavy linux noob, so honestly once something breaks hard im at a loss11:09
Seversi can google alot of things, and get most things back working again, but im still learning11:10
EriC^Severs: you could always try to install 20.04 to a usb and see how that runs before deciding on the switch11:10
TJ-EriC^: blogten is the issue solved? When installing, use "try Ubuntu" mode and after installation and before reboot you can manually edit the /target/etc/default/grub.d/local.cfg and add the text-mode setting there11:10
blogtenremember the -nomodeset kernel switch, the first time :)...11:10
Seversthink i will, i know i was told to wait a couple months anyway before upgrading to it.. im assuming so they can get those bugs worked out11:10
EriC^Severs: yeah exactly, in a few months the first "point release" comes out, hopefully they'd have ironed out some stuff11:11
blogtenTJ- it *appears* the issue is solved by enabling the console mode grub, then update-grub.  however... "solved"... ???... I still do not know what the issue is11:12
TJ-blogten: I've only been glancing briefly as you've dealt with it but not clear on what the failure/symptom(s) were/are right now11:13
Seversgood to know, im loving the linux experience (for the most part, im a gamer so that can be a pain sometimes) and i am actively trying to learn how to do more stuff, actually just bought a command line bundle thats got a bunch of exercises with it, but ive still a long way to go11:13
DrManhattanif it weren't for MS Word, BFV, and GTAV, I'd go linux full time11:14
TJ-blogten: I always have " GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text " in /etc/default/grub.d/local.cfg so each "update-grub" writes the correct entries to /boot/grub/grub.cfg and /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grub.cfg11:14
Seversi didnt really have much of a choice tbh.. Win10 became so unstable on this system i couldnt use it anymore, and i tried for 3 months, and had help from 5 different people, trying to figure out wtf was going on, but to no avail11:14
Seversthen i switched to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and ive been stable ever since11:15
blogtenTJ- ok, thanks for the tip on that11:15
blogtennow, how do I file a bug for this?11:15
DrManhattanI've never found an OS to be unstable on it's own. There was always some sort of underlying issue that showed in other OSs11:15
DrManhattanwhen Ubuntu for WSL has full access to the GPU, I'll most likely only use pure linux on my server11:16
Seversyeah ive no idea wtf was going on, i was bluescreening multiple times a day... if i formatted and installed from my base disc id be completely stable, as soon as win10 updated, it broke and i went back to blue screening11:16
blogtenEriC^ what's the best way to file a bug for this?11:17
DrManhattanthat is disappointing. My results with w10 have been great, but the Ubuntu 20.04 desktop is just lovely. It's snappy, responsive, and a sheer pleasure to use.11:17
Seversyeah im looking forward to upgrading to it, just following advice and waiting a smidge before i do11:18
DrManhattanI found that using 4 dimms in my Ryzen 2700x system gave me terrible issues with stability, even with ram on the QVL11:19
DrManhattanwent down to 2 dimms, smooth as silk11:20
Seversim not on Ryzen yet, still on the FX series11:20
DrManhattani had an fx 8350 and it was solid as a rock for me11:20
DrManhattanno matter what the OS11:20
Seversyeah thats what im on11:20
blogtenon this box in front of me, too many dimms and the frequency will go down (and there are also restrictions on voltage)11:21
DrManhattanI wonder what happened to cause your instability11:21
blogtenjust in case something like that could be behind the memory instability you mention11:21
Seversi have not a clue, especially being my wife has pretty much a carbon copy computer, and never had the same issues11:21
DrManhattanblogten, maybe, I just returned the RAM and ordered two 16gb sticks instead11:21
DrManhattanthe QVL ram was supposedly certified by the mobo manufacturer to run 4 sticks @ 293311:22
DrManhattanit did not run that stably11:22
blogtenDrManhattan also, the restrictions are as per the manual... e.g. if you put in 16x32gb sticks on the box, the bus frequency drops to 800mhz or something like that11:22
EriC^blogten: i guess to make a bug against ubiquity for the installer (bios_boot + efi) and maybe grub-pc for the gfx stuff?11:23
DrManhattanyeah, like I said, mobo manufacturer said 4 sticks @ 2933 were certified11:23
DrManhattanof that particular model anyhow11:23
EriC^blogten: ubuntu-bug <package> should make a bug report11:23
DrManhattanwas not stable11:23
blogtenEriC^ for sure against grub-pc for the gfx stuff.  the installer, now I do not know, because this is the symptom I had previously, and I only changed the console mode for grub11:24
blogtenEriC^ so many all of this was just grub gfx mode all along11:24
blogten*so maybe11:25
EriC^yeah the bug was definitely related to that not the wrong partition stuff11:25
blogtenEriC^ it's super late and I must go to bed.  thank you all for your help so much.  I will file the bug reports, and I will also make the experiment of a fresh install, chroot to fix grub to console mode, and then see if I can reproduce any issue.  I suspect everything will work.11:26
EriC^blogten: alright, no problem :)11:26
TJ-!cookie | EriC^11:34
ubottuEriC^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!11:34
Seversout of curiosity, are there any good free resources out there for one to learn how to use Linux with exercises? i have the command line bundle, which seems like a good start, but i wanted to know if there was anything else out there11:36
Seversas useful as google has been to me, i kind of want to be able to do at least some basic trouble shooting without having to rely on the google11:38
EriC^TJ-: :)11:40
TJ-Severs: watch #ubuntu and ##linux :)11:40
TJ-EriC^: you must be exhausted by now trying to out-think that issue!11:40
SeversTJ- i have been, at least #ubuntu, is #linux on freenode as well?11:41
Luca_DHello, everybody. I was able to plug my external sound card MOTU UltraLite AVB on Ubuntu 20.04 5.4.0-33 and run it with Jack. The output works normally. Today I am trying the input. Settings look ok, but although the sound card shows a mic input, I am unable to record it/play it back on any software11:44
quadrathoch2Severs, it's ##linux not #linux ;)11:44
blogten!cookie | EriC^11:46
ubottuEriC^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!11:46
Luca_DHere a quick view on my settings: https://imgur.com/a/GD2Rd2011:47
Luca_DMaybe I should contact some channel dedicated to sound on linux. Any idea of any channel dedicated to that purpose?11:49
HaJones I get an authentication failure when using "su" command but I do not have any problems with sudo. can I have set different passwords for su and sudo or have I disabled su?11:55
=== Scotty_Trees is now known as Scotty_Trees|nap
quadrathoch2Luca_D, shouldn't ubuntu studio have some sort of contact point?11:55
abtm_HaJones, I find I have to do sudo su to get the root shell11:55
quadrathoch2HaJones, sudo takes the user password, su is the root password11:55
quadrathoch2and by default there is no root password ;)11:56
Luca_Dquadrathoch2, yep they have #ubuntustudio channel. Should I contact them?11:56
abtm_and a blank root password cannot be processed in su :)11:57
quadrathoch2Luca_D, yes, they have created ubuntustudio specifically for sound and video editing. so they should know how to handle jack ;)11:57
HaJonesquadrathoch2, abtm_ hahaha... yes sudo su works. :)11:57
Luca_Dquadrathoch2 good thanks!11:57
quadrathoch2HaJones, if you want a root shell do 'sudo -i'11:57
HaJonesquadrathoch2 thanks, sudo su keeps pwd, sudo -i moves pwd to root /root.11:59
quadrathoch2HaJones, yes11:59
NeffscapeHi people... i have a problem with snaps in ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Suddenly all my snaps show squares instead of fonts... including of course the snap store. Can you help me?12:01
dengihate snaps12:01
HaJonesquadrathoch2 :)12:01
quadrathoch2HaJones, if you want, you should read up on which sudo does which, as there are more to it ;) they all do something else12:02
dengithere more abstraction the more chances to malfunction12:02
quadrathoch2Neffscape, did you edit maybe some permissions? sounds like it can't access your fonts12:02
quadrathoch2but just guessing12:02
Neffscape@quadrathoch2 the last thing I did was installing AppImage Launcher12:03
quadrathoch2Neffscape, weird that shouldn't edit something in that regard12:04
Neffscapequadrathoch2 I did nothing weird, actually12:04
quadrathoch2Neffscape, did you try to reinstall snap-store for example? maybe that fixes it?12:05
Neffscapequadrathoch2 actually no. I can try that... but maybe I should reinstall snapd as well12:06
quadrathoch2Neffscape, yeah could also help12:06
BluesKaj'Morning all12:07
Neffscapequadrathoch2 just did it... nothing happened12:08
ioriaNeffscape, you can also check if this applies to you : https://askubuntu.com/questions/1224125/font-characters-displayed-as-squares-in-ubuntu-18-0412:08
NeffscapeThank you @ioria, I'm reading12:09
HaJonesquadrathoch2 ok.12:16
=== kreyren_ is now known as kreyren
Neffscape@ioria thank you mate, that post solved my problem12:21
ioriaNeffscape, good job12:21
Neffscape@ioria thank you very very much :)12:22
ioriaNeffscape, no prob12:22
idlesHi guys, I'm having a little trouble while installing. I'm trying to install on an 5K Retina iMac. I've made a bootable USB, load it upon startup, however, my wireless keyboard and mouse do not respond upon the first installation screen (the one that asks if you want to try or install). any ideas?13:09
PETURBGhi i have laptop with wifi card and ethernet card. So i want share wifi internet to ethernet and from theer put switch that give connection to 2 more computers. This: https://bgzashtita.es/upload/2648c95f187eff879a53c9890338a1a8d74210e6/20dm7ayaQx4egPf4JRpOOiZS3aoWBW0LJ5Cks197/20200609_082349.jpg13:16
leftyfbidles: pretty sure your mouse and keyboard are bluetooth. You're going to need a wired mouse and/or keyboard in order to get them paired13:16
idlesI feared that would be the answer, thank you!13:16
Seversif its the magic keyboard, you should be able to plug it in if you have the right cord and it should work... if its a magic mouse... not so much13:17
tommy``hi, do you know which is the folder for the icons in the traybar? https://i.stack.imgur.com/EL8UD.jpg i have kvirc without icon13:19
EriC^PETURBG: i know that if you go to ethernet and in the edit connection switch auto dhcp to > share to other computers, it should get the connection from the wifi, not sure about the part with the switch and stuff as i dont know much about this topic though13:19
PETURBGEriC^ thank you. i was all night in the kitchen try do it. but the answer if i remember i try it and it didn;t work.13:21
PETURBGwhen i run it has connection to switch all two computer are ping... if i change to static ip ping work in router and ping dont work in switch13:21
EriC^PETURBG: the guys in ##networking might be able to help more if nobody here joins in13:22
PETURBGEriC^  thank13:22
EriC^no problem13:23
srulihave a weird issue on a friends ubuntu 18.04, sometimes the time/date changes, I am thinking to log the time every minute so i can find the last real time before it changes, i also want to log the uptime, question is, is uptime a counter or does it rely on time/date?13:25
quadrathoch2sruli, is it a dual boot system?13:27
sruliquadrathoch2: yes it is13:27
=== peter-bittner1 is now known as peter-bittner
quadrathoch2windows?, sruli (windows doesn't use UTC as the realtimeclock13:27
oerhekstons of guides online, to fix windows/ubuntu time differences..13:28
sruliquadrathoch2: it is windows, what can i do about this (if it is indeed windows thats playing with the time)13:28
srulioh ok thanks13:28
quadrathoch2sruli, best way is to change windows to utc rtc13:28
srulihavnet used windows in a decade.. didnt know the issue might be from windows.. was baffled as to where to start.. thanks guys13:29
srulimy fiend tells me he hasnt booted windows in weeks, however the ate issue has happned as recent as yesterday, can it still be connected?13:31
srulistill does anyone know if uptime relies on date/time or a counter?13:33
quadrathoch2sruli, maybe see if the the clock gets synced should be 'timedatectl'13:36
iseneAudio jack stopped working on upgrade from 19.10 to 20.04. There are some attempts out there to fix it - but none work for me (Dell XPS15) and none seem authoritative. What is the proven way to make the audio jack work as it did before 20.04?13:55
Akuwhi, i need to see grub when boot, but i cant, what key i have to press to see it?14:00
AndrioIIRC any key. Can the system actually boot though?14:00
AndrioOr any™ key14:01
Akuwany key?14:02
ash_worksihow do you terminate stdin to md5sum on alpine linux?14:02
Akuwi press any key14:03
Akuwstill cant see it14:03
ash_worksi(I know it's not an ubuntu question, but I feel like this is useful anytime I'm stuck)14:03
ash_worksilike, ^C doesn't do it14:03
AndrioTry ^D14:03
A4LHello! I'm trying to use uuid.h, but after apt install uuid-dev and libuuid1 I am still geting undefined reference errors by gcc.14:04
AndrioAkuw, try holding Shift as it starts up14:04
ash_worksiAndrio: awesome; how did you know that?14:05
Akuwno working14:05
AndrioAkuw, does your system actually boot?14:05
Andrioash_worksi, no idea; I've been using that for a while as a shortcut to end an SSH session, etc.14:06
Akuwi can14:06
AndrioAkuw, might be worth looking at your Grub config file then14:06
Akuwi will reset password14:06
yatesif i have a package name "xyz", how do i see if the package is installed on my system?14:06
Andrioyates, apt list xys?14:07
yatesso "apt list ..." lists _installed_ packages?14:08
AndrioYes, but only those in the directory or installed via Apt. Not, for example, if you have a .deb file (use dpkg for that)14:09
yatesright, ok thanks Andrio14:09
oerheksapt-cache policy <package-name>14:09
fsociety[00]datis ubuntu "12.04" ESM getting updates?14:12
oerheksfsociety[00]dat, no. 12.04 esm is dead14:14
fsociety[00]datoerheks, thanks14:14
leftyfbfsociety[00]dat: https://ubuntu.com/blog/introducing-ubuntu-12-04-esm-extended-security-maintenance14:14
leftyfboerheks: no, 12.04 is part of ESM. But that is only through Canonical14:14
fsociety[00]datthanks again all14:14
ioriaA4L, that would be a library error : e.g.   g++ test.cpp -luuid14:15
fsociety[00]datleftyfb, you mean I must pay for support?14:16
leftyfbfsociety[00]dat: you must have ESM support. You'll need to contact Canonical for more information on ESM.14:16
leftyfb!esm | fsociety[00]dat14:17
ubottufsociety[00]dat: Canonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.14:17
yateswhy is it that i can run an applicaiton that requires java-11, but "apt list java*" does not show any java 11 packages?14:17
iffraffHi, can I resize ( shrink ) my root volume which is lvm ( it says lvm2 pv) using gparted?14:18
oerheksyates, try openjdk something14:18
leftyfbyates: because you probably have openjdk installed, not any package with "java" in the name14:18
leftyfbiffraff: you should be using lvm tools to manage lvm volumes14:18
A4Lioria: On debian it worked out of the box. On ubuntu, the /usr/lib/libuuid.so didn't even get created.14:19
ioriaA4L, /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libuuid.so.1   ?14:19
yatescorrection: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ym2cpyHqK6/14:20
iffraffleftyfb: can you suggest an lvm tool that is similar to gparted?14:20
yatesis one of those equivalent to java11?14:20
leftyfbiffraff: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-lvm-to-manage-storage-devices-on-ubuntu-18-0414:20
oerheks!find openjdk-1114:20
ubottuFound: openjdk-11-dbg, openjdk-11-doc, openjdk-11-jdk, openjdk-11-jdk-headless, openjdk-11-jre, openjdk-11-jre-headless, openjdk-11-source, openjdk-11-demo, openjdk-11-jre-dcevm, openjdk-11-jre-zero (and 11586 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=openjdk-11&searchon=names&suite=focal&section=all14:20
leftyfbyates: what is your issue exactly?14:21
yatesoerheks: there is no openjdk on my path14:21
yatesleftyfb: my issue is to find which package is providing java1114:22
iffraffleftyfb: interesting.  it's all cli, which is ok, I'm just a bit nervous.  Is LVM the best way to go for a laptop?  I mean the ship has sailed but I'm just wondering14:22
leftyfbyates: install the package named openjdk-1114:22
A4Lioria: you're right, the file was there. But the problem persists, with -luuid and gcc, my code compiles only on debian... But I did manage to `find | grep` both uuid.h and libuuid.so files.14:22
yatesleftyfb: my java11 app runs, so there is already a java11 installed. i'm trying to find which one it is14:23
leftyfbiffraff: not a question to be answered here. Try #ubuntu-offtopic for advice/opinions on whether you should be running lvm on a laptop14:23
ioriaA4L, ok14:23
leftyfbyates: why?14:23
A4Liodia: don't worry about it, I guess there are problems in my code, after trying a minimal example, it worked :facepalm:.14:25
ioriaA4L, ah, ok14:25
iffraffleftyfb: thanks!14:26
yatesleftyfb: because i'm writing an installation guide for the application and i want to specify the proper java11, not just willy-nilly something i think it should be14:27
leftyfbyates: ls -l /etc/alternatives/java14:28
yatesoerheks: thanks - i see several results in "atp list *openjdk*" so it must be one of them14:28
leftyfbyates: where does that point to?14:28
yatesthanks leftyfb!14:28
yatesthanks oerheks14:28
leftyfbyates: where did it point to?14:29
leftyfbok, missed that14:29
oerhekssudo apt install openjdk-11-jdk14:29
yatesi just told you14:29
leftyfbyates: so the package you have installed is openjdk-1114:29
leftyfbor openjdk-11-jre14:29
yatesthe jdk for for building java apps (includes the compiler), but jre is sufficient for running the apps14:30
yatess/for for/is for/14:30
oerheksjdk includes jre, IIRC14:31
yatesok, that's good enough!14:31
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dengidoes lubuntu support live persistant usb?14:43
dengiwill it boot?14:43
EriC^dengi: yes14:45
dengiI am using mkusb yet to boot fully14:46
dengiit keeps throwing some errors like bad sector or something14:46
EriC^!persistent | dengi14:46
ubottudengi: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:46
MikeRLAnyone know how to change the DNS servers on 20.04? I have asked on the mate channel for the pi 4 install, but I can try via the command line as well.14:49
MikeRLLink I've used for reference: https://www.dedunu.info/2020/05/24/ubuntu-20-04-server-change-dns-and-domain14:49
EriC^dengi: try following the official guide, if you run into any issues feel free to share in the channel for help, np14:50
iseneAudio jack stopped working on upgrade from 19.10 to 20.04. There are some attempts out there to fix it - but none work for me (Dell XPS15) and none seem authoritative. What is the proven way to make the audio jack work as it did before 20.04?14:53
ballisoni'm setting up mail relay on Ubuntu 18 and it's not working.  i use mailx over on my Amazon Linux servers, and wanted to try to use the same config here14:55
ballisonso i installed bsd-mailx14:55
ballisonand added my config to /etc/mail.rc14:55
ballisonbut it's not reading the "set smtp=smtp://smtp-relay.gmail.com:58714:55
dengisudo usb-creator-gtk opens a gui dialog where no slider is present to set a persistant vol size14:58
leftyfbballison: first, "ubuntu 18" is not a version of Ubuntu. Also, you might get better help from #ubuntu-server14:58
ForeverNoob[m]1hello, what is the best way in Ubuntu 18.04 to change DNS settings via CLI?15:17
ggmatthDo you want to change the dnsservers youre using?15:21
odpdoes this make sense to anyone? when i'm using my nvidia video card (GTX 660) in Ubuntu or Debian, i get random freezing of everything. the issue doesn't happen if i use onboard video. i suspected it was an issue with the video card, but it works in windows ok? furmark and other tests are ok15:24
ggmatthYou need to add some config into youre netplan config15:24
ggmatthfollow this config example and youre fine: https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-set-dns-nameservers-on-ubuntu-18-04/15:25
ggmatthedit this file: /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml15:25
ggmatth  and add this  nameservers:15:25
ggmatth          addresses: [,]15:25
ggmatthodp: wich drivers are you using?15:26
rangergordCan non-server Ubuntu easily switch to networkd instead of NetworkManager?15:28
seisuggest me cheap laptop for Ubuntu with good battery and SSD support ... coreboot preferred15:29
artistsvoidsei: refurbished thinkpad15:29
artistsvoidbuy cheap on ebay, upgrade ram and ssd yourself, buy a completely intel based one, done15:30
ForeverNoob[m]1ggmatth: thanks, I'll check it out.15:30
sei@artistsvoid: thanks15:30
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EriC^dengi: i think yumi and rufus also can make persistent usb's15:31
EriC^dengi: why do you want a persistent usb in particular? why not make a full install to the usb?15:31
dengito run some binaries on it instead of vm15:32
dengifor extra security15:32
rangergordcan Ubuntu desktop easily switch to using networkd instead of NetworkManager?15:33
EriC^dengi: why not make a vm with encryption and run them there?15:35
ioriarangergord, yes15:35
dengiEriC by security I mean to prevent binary escape from an vm15:36
EriC^dengi: oh i see15:36
dengialso the skeleton of iso - I need two partion, one bootable and one swap?15:37
dengiI have a live usb so hmm if I create one more partition how can I make it persistent and accessible from a live os?15:38
EriC^dengi: i'd do a normal install to the usb, it's far easier and you get more stuff too, able to update kernel, etc15:39
dengi Edit the iso file to replace quiet splash with persistent. Yes, you can edit the binary iso file and replace 12 characters with 12 other characters and flash the output to the target device (usually a USB pendrive). sed can do it. Create a partition 'behind' the flashed copy of the edited iso file. fdisk can do it. Create an ext2 file system in this partition and put the label casper-rw on this partition. mkfs.ext2 can do it. Flush the15:41
dengibuffers. sync can do it.  :)15:41
dengifound howto :)15:41
EriC^dengi: interesting15:47
odpggmatth: this is just with noveau. the system doesn't stay stable long enough for me to switch to nvidia15:48
MikeRLAnyone know about DNS server editing via the terminal? I figure'd I'd repost since it's been a while.15:51
lordcirthMikeRL, what do you need to do?15:52
leftyfbMikeRL: yes, that is a thing. Do you have a support question with details?15:52
MikeRLDang someone had the same question, but for 18.04.15:52
MikeRLLet me check that first.15:52
MikeRLThat link, https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-set-dns-nameservers-on-ubuntu-18-04/ mentions IPv4 but not IPv6. I will post my question.15:54
MikeRLOG question was "Anyone know how to change the DNS servers on 20.04? I have asked on the mate channel for the pi 4 install, but I can try via the command line as well."15:54
MikeRLReference URL I was following: https://www.dedunu.info/2020/05/24/ubuntu-20-04-server-change-dns-and-domain15:54
leftyfbMikeRL: Ubuntu does not have a DNS server installed by default. What is your exact issue/goal with ubuntu at the moment?15:55
MikeRLNote that as mentioned I'm on MATE and the DNS servers under System Settings are similar to GNOME 2.15:55
leftyfboh, change which nameserver you are utilizing15:56
MikeRLTo change my default DNS on the Pi to Cloudflare from my ISPs ones.15:56
MikeRLHow to do that? I tried various methods and got confused a little.15:56
leftyfbMikeRL: Do you need to only set this on your 1 pi or why not set it on your router so all your clients use the same DNS server via dhcp?15:56
ggmatthMikeRL: if you replace with 2606:4700:4700::1111 you should be fine15:56
ggmatthon the linuxize link15:56
MikeRLggmatth, Can I use both IPv4 and IPv6 in there?15:57
leftyfbMikeRL: is there a specific reason you need to set an ipv6 DNS serveR?15:57
MikeRLMy gateway had issues when I changed the DNS.15:57
MikeRLDoes it matter?15:57
leftyfbMikeRL: you should change it on your router/gateway under DHCP settings, not for the gateway's networking settings15:58
ggmatthaslong you've got ipv6 capebilities your fine15:58
leftyfbMikeRL: using ipv6 will probably run into issues at some point15:58
ggmatthOr configure ipv6 adress first and ipv4 second15:59
leftyfbggmatth: that's not how nameservers work15:59
leftyfbggmatth: multiple nameserver settings is a random round robin. Not an order of priority15:59
MikeRLThere's nothing I can find under DHCP settings.16:01
MikeRLIs there a way to configure it on the device itself?16:02
leftyfbMikeRL: since you're using a DE(desktop environment), it's best not to change these types of things via the command line16:03
leftyfbMikeRL: open the network settings16:04
MikeRLI can find it under System Settings > Advanced Networking Configuration > Click Wifi Network > Click cog wheel on bottom left > And then under IPV4 and IPV6 Settings tabs.16:05
DarthFrogHi folks.  I have a question about Livepatch.  I have it installed on 3 machines already.  I wish to do a fresh install of 20.04 on one of them.  Do I have to de-register Livepatch on the initial system first or what do I have to do to get it running again on the the new install?16:05
oerheksDarthFrog, same as you did on your 3 machines?16:06
leftyfbMikeRL: ok, and there should be a "DNS" setting. Disable the "automatic" button and put your nameserver ip address in there16:06
DarthFrogoerheks: But won't that exceed the 3 permitted machine limitation?16:06
MikeRLRemember it doesn't look like Gnome 3 but 2.16:07
leftyfbMikeRL: click the "Automatic(DHCP)" dropdown16:07
oerheksDarthFrog, maybe, but that should be solvable.. https://auth.livepatch.canonical.com/16:08
MikeRLYeah. It's already set to that.16:08
leftyfbMikeRL: no, list me the options16:08
leftyfbI forget the name of it16:08
DarthFrogoerheks: Thanks.16:09
leftyfbMikeRL: "Addresses Only"16:09
leftyfbpick the one that ends in that16:09
MikeRLOptions are "Automatic (DHCP), Automatic (DHCP) addresses only, Manual, Local-Link Only, Shared to other computers, and disabled"16:09
MikeRLSame for IPV6?16:10
leftyfbMikeRL: then your bottom options will change. Enter your nameserver(s)16:10
leftyfbMikeRL: IS your router giving your client an ipv4 ip address, ipv6 or both?16:10
MikeRLUnder DNS Servers? Other boxes are search domains and DHCP client id.16:10
leftyfbMikeRL: if both, then just worry about ipv4. Do not worry about ipv616:10
leftyfbMikeRL: just "DNS serverS"16:11
MikeRLBoth. It is IPV6 capable and a year and a half old.16:11
MikeRLThanks. Guess I just forgot the setting. Now to verify.16:11
leftyfbMikeRL: just worry about ipv416:11
leftyfbMikeRL: you can verify with "nmcli device show|grep DNS"16:12
leftyfbMikeRL: though you might have to reconnect to the network for the changes to take16:12
leftyfbMikeRL: though you should really look into doing this all via DHCP and your router going forward16:13
MikeRLUh oh.16:15
MikeRLThe DNS servers from that terminal command are still ISP ones.16:15
MikeRLHaven't rebooted.16:16
MikeRLCan I restart the networking service? Will that fix it?16:16
MikeRLOh nvm.16:16
MikeRLNow it's working.16:17
MikeRLThanks for the help. I knew how to do this like ten years ago.16:17
goddardcan you disable subtitles in video player?16:18
goddardhow do you save it16:18
oerheksgoddard, sure, unless they are captured in the moviestream16:19
goddardi am trying to play a movie but it says i cant because of the subtitles16:19
goddardi just want ti disable them16:19
oerheksOn what videoplayer?16:20
goddardvideo player from gnome16:20
goddardtheir names are stupid16:20
oerheksall of them have a subtitle settings16:20
goddardoerheks: but what if you cant open the file?16:20
oerheks"trying to play a movie but it says i cant because of the subtitles"  explain please?16:21
goddardPGS Subtitles decorder is required to play the file but not installed16:21
goddardi never want subtitles16:22
goddardeven when i make a change to the language or subtitles "Videos" doesn't save it16:22
oerhekswhen i google on that error, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1142253/unable-to-play-file-no-pgs-subtitle-decoder-for-totem16:23
goddardsure but how to save the settings16:23
oerheksso, you found that annswer and installed the -ugly annd -bad stuff?16:24
goddardya even though i dont care aobut subtitles i can still click cancel and it will play the video16:25
goddardbut it never saves the settings16:25
goddardto the video file16:25
goddardis this just not a feature of gnome videos16:25
Sven_vBhow can I use dpkg option --refuse-conflicts with aptitude, and how with apt?16:25
oerheksnot sure any setting will be saved to a videofile...16:26
oerhekswhy would it?16:26
goddardwhy wouldn't your settings be saved?16:26
goddardlike the language you want and subtitle setting16:26
oerheksgoddard, if you had installed those plugins, you would not have this question.16:27
Sven_vBthe idea is, if I accidentially try and install something that would have postfix as a dependency, uninstalling nullmailer is so bad an idea it shall not even be considered.16:27
goddardoerheks: Yes I would because I would still have to change the language and subtitle setting for each video16:27
oerheks.. sounds like a pirated movie :-D16:29
goddardwhy is that?16:29
oerheksnormal dvd/br does not behave lik that16:30
oerheksso, complaint to the spreader of that movie? or recode it.16:30
carcamovskihello everyone!, I have bought a FIFINE K669B microphone but it's not working on Ubuntu 20.04. I have posted the issue here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2445053 but I haven't receive any responde, has anyone had this same problem?16:31
sarnoldcarcamovski: is there anything in dmesg that looks like it might be related?16:32
oerhekscarcamovski,  goto systemsettings > sound > input > select device?16:33
metbsdubuntu installation halt on this laptop everytime16:34
goddardoerheks: I used mpv and it works properly16:34
goddardoerheks: i think the real problem is the lack of functionality from gnome videos16:34
carcamovski@sarnold yes, but the other questions haven't been answered as well16:35
carcamovski@oerheks I did that. But the mic does not get any signal. I mean, you cannot see the bar moving when you talk. Additionally, the microphone works well in Windows. And also works well in Ubuntu only when you boot the system without the mic connected, then if you connected when you log to Ubuntu, it works.16:36
carcamovski@oerheks but if you reboot with the mic connected, it does not work at all16:37
StatelessCatHi :)16:38
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
oerhekscarcamovski, is it connected to a usb3 port, blue?16:41
sorcererany idea why my keyboard volume controls would randomly stop working?16:47
=== msalvatore_ is now known as msalvatore
Sven_vBsorcerer, which Ubuntu version?16:49
sorcererit just started out of no where, not sure what happened16:49
sorcerersound works, i can turn it up n down manually in the volume icon16:50
Sven_vBsorcerer, I haven't tried in focal, but in trusty with xfce I had the problem that the volume deamon locked onto the first soundcard that was there on boot time, and would always control that one, even when I disabled it to give priority to my USB speakers or bluetooth headphones.16:51
Sven_vBsorcerer, my workaround was to define system-wide hotkeys for a custom command to "amixer set CardNameHere 2dB+" / ???" 2dB-"16:52
sorcereri wonder if because i installed xubuntu originally and apt-get'd the desktop for regular ubuntu plasma, if plasmas volume daemon is fighting xfce's16:52
Sven_vBsorcerer, is xfce's still installed?16:52
joshhthat shouldn't happen, is it on the right sound output device?16:52
sorcererprobably cause i never removed it16:53
sorcereryes it is16:53
sorcerersame one its been on, sound works16:53
sorcerercan manually change it from icon16:53
sorcererjust the keyboard keys dont work16:53
Sven_vBsorcerer, if they conflict with each other, the package deps should usually say so, and apt would remove the conflicting package.16:53
joshhive had chrome steal my media keys from other apps, but not volume16:53
Sven_vBsorcerer, check in pavucontrol if the keys act on a wrong soundcard16:54
joshhvolume keys have always worked for me, and you should be able to switch between desktops with no issues at all16:54
sorcererSven_vB: the reason i say that about conflicting tho, is because when 20.04 first came out and i install plasma ontop of xubuntu, i had double icons in taskbar, xfce + plasmas taskbar icons16:54
sorcererim in pavucontrol what am i looking for16:56
sorcerereverything looks normal here16:57
sorcereri bet if i reboot it'll fix itselfs16:59
sorcererblah dont wanna reboot but oh well brb gonna see if it works16:59
sorcereryup fixed it17:01
sorcererwonder what it was17:01
carcamovski@oerheks nop, it's connected to a normal usb port17:09
sorcerersomething funny17:11
sorcererbefore i rebooted i had that issue, and NO updates17:11
sorcerernow all of a sudden after reboot, i have updates17:11
sorcererand its my pulse audio pack17:12
oerheksyou lucky ..17:13
oerhekscarcamovski, no idea then, if enabled usb device stops booting17:14
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carcamovskioerheks what do you mean with that?17:30
sarnoldPETURBG: if that's a password, you should pick better passwords :)17:31
rangergordWhat's the difference between http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04.4/release/ubuntu-18.04.4-server-amd64.iso you find on Ubuntu 18.04's page, and https://releases.ubuntu.com/18.04/ubuntu-18.04.4-live-server-amd64.iso  which you find on ubuntu.com's Older Releases -> Download page?17:40
rangergordbasically server vs live-server17:40
quadrathoch2rangergord, server is the old debian installer, live-server is subiquity17:41
rangergordwhy are they separated/hidden depending on the page you're looking at? Which one does Canonical recommend? Live Server I take it?17:42
rangergordsome pages have live only, others have non-Live only17:42
rangergordOK thanks17:43
quadrathoch2rangergord, in 20.04 only live-server is still around (there is still a server one, but not sure how supported that is)17:43
leftyfbquadrathoch2: the ubiquity server is still around and still supported17:44
quadrathoch2oh didn't know that, as I can somehow remember there were some complaining about live-server having some issues with auto installs, but it was to late to fix or sth17:45
rangergordco-worker's telling me he couldn't install Live Server on an embedded device because it doesnt support  preseed/late_command.17:49
tomreynleftyfb: "ubiquity server"? i assume you mean either "ubiquity (desktop)" or "subiquity (AKA live-server)" or "debian-installer (AKA alternative server)"?17:49
rangergordbut Server worked fine17:49
tomreynrangergord: that's correct, live-server uses a different unattended installation mechanism (which also allows for running custom commands post-installation).17:50
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rangergordtomreyn, good to know for the future17:51
=== spikesuks is now known as JakeSays
tomreynso you have "late-commands" there.17:53
rangergordtomreyn, that is an obnoxious website. I didn't even know browsers could let a webmaster hijack CTRL+F17:58
tomreynrangergord: it's a discourse forum software installation. press ctrl-f twice to get the browser integrated search17:59
kinghatwhy do i still have to enter a password if i put this ad the end of my sudoers file? kinghat ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/rtcwake18:05
kur1jI have a WD Mybook. It works completely fine under Windows. When I plug it into my Ubuntu 18.04 box it doesn't even get detected in dmesg or show up as a device at all. Any suggestions?18:16
sarnoldif you watch journalctl -f when plugging it in, do you see anything?18:17
sarnoldif you compare lsusb output before plugging it in and after plugging it in, do you see anythign change?18:17
kur1jjournalctl -f shows nothing when I unplug and plug it in18:17
oerhekssudo fdisk -l # does it say exfat?18:18
tomreynnot sure this still applies but there was https://askubuntu.com/questions/116478/wd-external-hard-drive-not-detected18:18
kur1jsarnold: no change in lsusb either18:19
kur1joerheks: can't even get to that part because it doesn't even show up as a device18:19
oerheksoke, see the url from tomreyn ..18:20
oerhekstoo good protected drive :-D18:20
skyliner_369https://paste.debian.net/1151232/ how's this bash script look?18:48
oerheksbeauty contest on a debian pastebin?18:49
skyliner_369making sure I'm not missing anything obvious18:50
lotuspsychjeskyliner_369: maybe ##linux or #bash ?18:50
skyliner_369mis-read lol18:51
sarnoldI think you'd do better to outsource the timing to cron or systemd timer units; replace the complicated directory handling with two lines: mkdir -p /path/to/whatrever ; cd /path/to/whatever ---  add 'set -e' and 'set -o pipefail' at the top18:51
skyliner_369well the trouble with cron is, my computer isn't on all the time18:52
skyliner_369so I'd set cron to run it every 15 min  >.>18:52
skyliner_369plus if it fails, it'd try again in 15 min18:53
oerheksmake a proper systemd unit?18:53
skyliner_369I don't even know... systemd is... hmm...18:55
skyliner_369maybe I can cut out all the timing bs and just run it manually since, well, I don't wanna run it when minetest is open...18:55
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=== leaftype2 is now known as JimBuntu
skyliner_369does focal fossa still use the water-name file browser? something like nautious19:14
skyliner_369more accurately, is nautious still powering the desktop files/icons? notalis nautlis nautilis how do I spell it?19:16
skyliner_369ohhhhhh "fun" terminal is refusing to open. Ctrl+Alt+T is doing zilch19:20
sarnoldskyliner_369: nautilus developers removed desktop icons https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/01/gnome-desktop-icons-removed-3-2819:20
skyliner_369right. so what's the alternate that focal fossa is going with?19:20
diskinI'm trying to configure a keyboard shortcut and the system is not accepting is. How to find out which application is using it?19:21
sarnoldskyliner_369: take your pick https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours19:22
TreskjegAnyone know of a good way to view 360 VR photos in Ubuntu? I'm looking for something that lets you pan across the photos in a spherical way much like it works on my Android phone or in HTML5 viewers.19:22
skyliner_369main focal fossa.19:22
AtlenohenAre there any risks upgrading from 19.10 to 20.04 ?19:22
AtlenohenLike how do the custom configs work, I mean, if programs changed a lot, how would it update the defaults, but keep my custom settings?19:23
bparkerthat's like asking if there is any risk going outside19:23
oerheksAtlenohen, no, but i would prepare a fresh iso on usb, and read the releasenotes19:23
bparkeroerheks: demonstrably false19:23
bparkermine wouldn't even boot after upgrading19:23
AtlenohenWell IDK someone warned me so I'm not dillema whether I should reinstall or upgrade, I put 3 days of configs into this thing and don't want to redoit and the worst part was, it was like a week before 20.04 released.19:24
Treskjeg@Atlenohen that depends on how much you've customized your system. In my experience, upgrades normally overwrite all custom settings except in those cases where it asks you during the upgrade if that's what you want.19:24
oerheksAtlenohen, you asked this yesterday too...19:24
TreskjegOverall, my upgrade experience was fine, but you'll want to make sure your screen doesn't go to sleep during the upgrade in case it asks you for input on something.19:25
oerheksgrinn, there is no way to guarantee, so backup your precious files19:25
AtlenohenWell, thing is, I kinda forgot all I did, but I did firefox, ftpd, installed a ton of programs, configured desktop, power settings, and a few other stuff, I could save it all and migrate but it'll probably take a whole afternoon to get it right19:25
Atlenohenoerheks: I fell asleep19:25
oerheksgood luck!19:26
AtlenohenPerhaps I could browse the stuff and remember what I setup, .dot folders are the program's config's right?19:26
joshhAtlenohen: ive upgraded 2 19.04 laptops and 1 18.04 server to focal, with zero issues and no lost settings (cinnamon on the laptops)19:26
skyliner_369The updater should disable the lock (sleep) screen19:26
joshhi would say back up and go for it19:26
joshhactually 2 18.04 servers19:26
joshhits fine19:27
joshhone of the laptops has been upgraded every 6 months since bionic with zero issues also19:27
AtlenohenYou mean I backup and go with upgrade ... well yeah that's I guess the way, backup it all up no matter which way, indeed. I'm not a noob when it comes to Windows, but I look like one here. :(19:27
joshhyou only need to worry about when major servers or desktop environments do incompatible config changes between versions, etc which is rare and you would generally know19:28
joshhand ubuntu docs usualy cover major gotchas19:28
skyliner_369Focal Fossa main seems a touch buggy. Disappearing desktop icons, and now terminal is refusing to open.19:28
joshhif you use the stock gnome setup there may be more or different issues than i had, but i'd be surprised if it was super widespread19:29
AtlenohenI actualy have Kubuntu tho19:29
joshhive upgraded an insane amount of debian and ubuntu systems over the years though and don't think i've ever had a real problem19:29
bparkerafter a recent security update on 18.04, my iGPU decided to freeze after every login. upgrading to 20.04 fixed it for some reason19:29
joshhits probably fine, how much has kde changed in 6 months?19:29
AtlenohenFirst time I'm on KDE, after Mate and Cinnamon on LMint for many years so IDK19:30
joshhupgrading lts to lts desktops would be a bigger riskier upgrade, but not from 19.1019:30
metbsdhey why is ubuntu freezes when i install on lenovo legion y530 laptop19:30
AtlenohenKDE looks even more like windows, great!19:30
metbsdanyone know why?19:31
bparkermetbsd: you need to be more vauge. can you you describe the problem using metaphors and interpretive dance?19:32
AtlenohenWell that's why upgrades in Windows are notoriously buggy, I mean, I never upgrade there, I even stopped updating (because it breaks and changes all the time everything, resets settings, introduces spying) so yeah this isn't to be surprising.19:32
AtlenohenGood thing I haven't done that much ...19:32
joshhmost of linux upgrades are just newer versions of packages/programs that use the same configs and don't change THAT much, and then the distro-specific stuff that they do a good job of scripting, etc to be pretty reliable19:33
joshhthat said i never had problems with updates in other OSs either, maybe im just lucky19:33
ioriaAtlenohen, the do-release-upgrade does not touch home's files (where usually are custom configs); but if you have changed system wide configs, you'll be notified if you want to keep them19:35
NoImNotNineVoltarch updates regularly cause me downtime.19:35
metbsdya i bootup cd, click install, select partition / at lvm xfs of volume group at /dev/sda2, swap at lvm swap, /boot at ext4 /dev/sda1, it starts to install, and when it gets to "almost finish up". it stops forever. mouse can move19:41
metbsdmouse can move19:41
metbsdctrl-alt f12 don't work19:42
metbsdi don't know what else to tell you19:42
metbsdxubuntu, ubuntu19:42
metbsdall the same19:42
metbsdmd5 checked19:42
joshhalways stops at same spot?  anything in dmesg or other logs?19:43
ioriametbsd, try the automatic install (without lvm and stuff)19:45
metbsdit froze so19:45
joshhdo other linux/unix os's work on the same laptop?19:45
metbsdi can't. there's window there19:45
ioriametbsd,  the automatic install fails  too ?19:46
metbsdi need windows so i can't risk that19:47
joshhdoes archwiki mention your laptop model?19:48
bparkeris this an EFI system?19:49
metbsdno it's not19:49
metbsdi use exactly same layout installed debian19:49
joshhsimilar kernel?19:49
metbsdlinuxmint, manjaro19:49
metbsdfor kernel im not sure if they are same19:50
joshhhmm, ok19:50
joshhweird issue then i guess19:50
metbsdi think the disk layout is ok because it works in other distro.19:52
SanShiAlter na lol alter ich scheiss mich an alter19:52
metbsdi have lvm2 installed, the lvm2 and systemd hook is in initcpio19:53
oerheksSanShi, wrong channel dude19:53
metbsdHOOKS=(base systemd udev autodetect modconf block sd-lvm2 filesystems keyboard fsck)19:56
metbsdit's in cpio conf19:56
metbsdmaybe ubuntu didn't put those hooks?19:58
metbsdso it stops at making initramfs?19:58
metbsdlet me try same layout on vms19:59
oerheksnice, Intel-microcode update version: 3.20200609.0ubuntu0.18.04.020:05
metbsdlooks like it works in vmware20:09
metbsdso it's firmware issue20:09
kinghatwhat is a benign command that needs permission that i can test to see if its also not working in my sudoers file?20:12
kinghatbecause i cant remove the privs from rtcwake for my user so ill test another command20:13
leftyfbkinghat: ls? vim?20:15
oerheksALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/rtcwake  ... maybe a space after = ??20:16
oerhekshmm no20:18
kinghative tried many different combos like that. even ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:20:19
kinghatkinghat ALL=NOPASSWD: /bin/ls20:20
kinghat$ ls /lost+found20:20
kinghatls: cannot access '/lost+found': No such file or directory20:20
metbsdso it's working20:20
joshhthere's a way to list all your sudo perms but i can never remember and need the man page20:20
kinghatls: cannot open directory '/root/': Permission denied20:22
kinghatim opening a new shell after saving the sudoers file as well to make sure.20:23
kinghati thought i didnt need to use sudo anymore since i was setting the command to NOPASSWD. im dumb, carry on.20:29
metbsdit stopped again20:32
metbsdthere is error20:32
metbsdhow do i check the log20:33
metbsdanything i can try?20:35
sarnoldmetbsd: those messages are standard gtk noise20:36
metbsdok that sucks20:37
sarnoldmetbsd: afaict basically all gtk applications are constantly printing such warnings20:37
metbsdwhy does it stop20:37
metbsdi have no luck use ununtu20:37
joshhmaybe you can try the console installer and debug easier that way20:38
oerheksinteresting you claim mint and manjaro works..20:38
joshhit's simpler to get a separate shell in it, etc20:38
metbsdyeah they work20:39
metbsdbut arch takes too much effort to tweak20:39
metbsdmanjaro is not as popular20:39
joshhmanjaro looks pretty cool, but it seems like all the arch users hate it20:40
joshhkinda like how debian people used to bash ubuntu20:40
joshhif it could be a way to do rolling release with more stability and safer updates than arch, with just a short reasonable lag, that could be pretty awesome20:41
joshhbut there may be various incompatibilities with the AUR and whatnot too20:41
metbsdlinux mint installs too20:41
metbsdcentos dont install20:42
metbsdcap key kept flashing20:42
metbsdhow do i do console install20:42
metbsdubuntu server?20:44
tomreynmetbsd: how much ram does this system have?20:50
tomreynokay that should be ebough ;)20:51
tomreynit'll be hardware or firmware related then20:52
metbsddling server live iso20:52
metbsdbut i think it'll have same result20:52
tomreynmaybe keep dmesg -w running during installation20:52
tomreynbtw for xubuntu specific support there's #xubuntu20:53
metbsdopen second console?20:53
metbsdubuntu xubuntu lubuntu all the same. so i think it's a general ubuntu question?20:53
metbsdi tried them all20:53
tomreynif they were the same they'd certainly be called the same, too?20:54
metbsdbut same kernel same firmware?20:55
metbsdjust different DE?20:55
tomreynyes indeed.20:55
tomreynthe foundation is the same20:55
geardhello, i have a lenovo P53 i just installed Ubuntu on it and the touchpad isn't working, it was on the Windows that came with the laptop. The laptop is brand new if that matters20:56
=== tds9 is now known as tds
tomreyngeard: which ubuntu did you install on it?20:59
sarnoldgeard: you could try installing firmware updaets with fwupdmgr update21:00
tomreynhttps://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/lenovo_thinkpad_p53_p73_debian10_installation_v1.0.1.pdf suggests you may need to boot with kernel option "psmouse.elantech_smbus=0"21:02
tomreyn(page 7)21:02
oerheksyeah, reading that too https://scriptun.com/ubuntu/thinkpad-p53-with-ubuntu-1921:03
tomreyn(+ page 17 ff.)21:03
ubottuTo add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters21:05
=== Daewar is now known as TheWar
tomreyngeard: so were you actually looking for an answer, or just asked to keep the channel entertained? :)21:20
oerhekscrossposting, most likely21:24
oerheksabuse of volunteers :-P21:24
ovrhHello! I'm helping a friend install Kubuntu on his machine alongside Windows, but we are having problems doing that. After setting up the partitions (/, /home and swap) and clicking continue, he gets an error saying "executing grub-install /dev/nvme0n1 failed. this is a fatal error"22:05
ovrhI've never seen anything like that before, so I'm not sure how to help him with that22:05
ovrhHe's trying to install Ubuntu on the same drive where Windows is, and it seems like his disk partition table is MBR. So he had to make all logical partitions in order to be able to make more than just one22:06
ovrhThis is what his disk layout looks like before getting the error: https://i.imgur.com/pQE4Da8.jpg22:07
sarnoldovrh: what choices do you have in that "device for boot loader installation" dropdown?22:08
ovrhThe efi partition is there because trying to continue without one, the installer complains that things might break ("No EFI System Partition was found. This system will likely not be able to boot  successfully, and the installation process may fail. Please go ahead and add an EFI System PArtition, or continue at your own risk."22:08
tomreynefi partition on an mbr partitioned disk?22:08
ovrh@sarnold, The nvme itself /nvme0n1, and all the partitions (p1 through the end)22:09
ovrh@tomreyn, Yeah, I don't understand it either22:09
ovrhI made him run `sudo parted -l` and it showed "Partition table: msdos"22:10
tomreynovrh: i would think it's not actually an mbr but gpt partitioned disk22:10
ovrhHere the whole output of parted -l https://i.imgur.com/n2ovYha.jpg22:10
tomreynhmm ok22:11
tomreynso did you boot the kubuntu installer in uefi mode, though?22:11
ovrh@tomreyn, me too, but parted disagrees. I'm starting to think it might be messed up with both?22:11
jeremy31I thought it was possible for Ubuntu to use msdos partitioning with UEFI22:11
tomreyni'm not convinced that would work22:12
ovrh@tomreyn, Booted through a live usb stick as usual, so yes? I believe those can only be booted through UEFI; right?22:13
tomreynovrh: depends on the bios, usually it's either just bios boot mode or bio and uefi22:13
ovrhI checked, the option did say "UEFI: Sandisk, Partition 1"22:14
tomreynso that's uefi boot mode22:14
ovrhIs that bad?22:14
tomreynovrh: to install windows and ubuntu side by side you definitely need to install both in the sasme boot mode.22:14
jeremy31ovrh: Looks like Windows was installed in BIOS mode22:15
ovrhCan windows 10 even be installed in bios mode?22:15
tomreynnot sure22:15
jeremy31ovrh: on msdos partitioning it can22:15
ovrhIt is msdos partitioning :/22:15
ovrhSo, all is lost? Or is there a way to boot kubuntu non in uefi mode?22:16
jeremy31ovrh: Eric would know how to switch it over, I think it involves installing grub-pc22:17
tomreynthe easiest way forward is probably to delete the kubuntu partitions, and install kubuntu again, just in bios mode22:17
ovrh@jeremy31, Running grub-install from the live also didn't work22:17
ovrh@tomreyn, And how'd I do that?22:17
tomreynovrh: that's mainboard firmware specific.22:17
jeremy31ovrh: you have to mount the partitions of the install and chroot into it22:18
=== skookum5 is now known as skookum
jeremy31ovrh: otherwise you get cow errors22:18
* tomreyn apt moo's22:18
ovrhNever done anything like that myself unfortunately :/22:18
ovrh@tomreyn, the installation of ubuntu is mainboard firmware specific?22:18
tomreynovrh: whether you boot a usb attached bootable device in uefi or bios mode is mainboard firmware (configuration) specific22:19
tomreynthat's assuming it can boot in either mode, is "hybrid", but this one will be.22:20
jeremy31ovrh: you should be able to boot the install in UEFI mode22:20
tomreynovrh: so if you want to tell us which hardware (mainboarD) you have there maybe we can hint on how to boot the usb attached storage in legacy bios mode22:21
tomreynjeremy31: why boot the kubuntu install in uefi mode? apparently that is what ovrh did last time22:21
jeremy31tomreyn: easier to install grub-pc so kubuntu should boot in BIOS mode22:22
tomreynjeremy31: oh you mean to convert the existing kubuntu installations' boot mode, ok22:22
akikovrh: yes you can install win10 in bios mode22:23
ovrh@jeremy31, Isn't it booting in UEFI already by the look of it?22:24
ovrh@tomreyn, It's an asrock b450 steel legend22:24
jeremy31ovrh: The installed kubuntu should boot in UEFI, not sure about the USB22:26
ovrh@jeremy31, Oh okay. Right now it doesn't boot at all because it didn't get to have a bootloader22:26
nickgawHi, On four different wireless networks I get that the network is unreachable when trying to get to launchpad.net are there any known issues with getting there currently?22:27
tomreynovrh: on the bios configuration utility's "exit" tab (right-most), you should have a "USB: " boot option, this is legacy bios boot mode from the usb22:29
Bashing-omnickgaw: No issue here; Accessed https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+questions?field.search_text=&field.sort=RECENT_OWNER_ACTIVITY&field.sort-empty-marker=1&field.actions.search=Search&field.language=en&field.language-empty-marker=1&field.status=OPEN&field.status=NEEDSINFO&field.status=ANSWERED&field.status=SOLVED&field.status-empty-marker=1 .22:29
ovrh@jeremy31, So, my friend found this https://askubuntu.com/questions/254491/failed-to-get-canonical-path-of-cow and he's apparently trying to go through it. Sounds like the thing you were mentioning?22:30
ovrh@tomreyn, And once that's configured as legacy?22:30
rfmnickgaw, no problem here (either ipv6 or ipv4)22:30
oerheksnickgaw, happens here too, F5 helps22:31
oerhekstoo busy servers22:31
jeremy31ovrh: what are the 2 partitions that are ext4?22:31
tomreynovrh: that's a one-time boot override, not a persistent configuration. you could boot the kubuntu installer in legacy bios mode this way, and install in that mode, so that both windows and (k)ubuntu will be installed in the same mode.22:31
ovrhjeremy31, From the image? one is / and one is /home22:31
ovrhtomreyn, And I don't need to worry about efi partition of manually setting up a boot partition?22:32
nickgaw I was trying to rebuild the pop-os iso for my System76 laptop and got the error when it was trying to download packages.22:32
nickgawIt was not when browsing as if so I would have just refreshed the connection.22:32
jeremy31ovrh: you might need to search for convert UEFI install to BIOS and you don't have /dev/sda*22:33
tomreynovrh: no, grub would install to the mbr, and os-prober should identify the existing windows installation, so that both become bootablke22:33
oerhekspop-os issue ..22:33
ovrhjeremy31, He does have dev/sda, but that's an hdd with just data on it, no boot or anything22:33
ovrhtomreyn, Sounds pretty easy to try, worth a shot!22:33
irreleph4ntHi. I was getting ready to install Ubuntu 20.04 on all my systems but then I found out Canonical is pushing snap ...22:35
jeremy31ovrh: looks like the install is on /dev/nvme0n1 and you will need to add the partition number of the root directory when mounting whether /dev/nvme0n1p6 or /dev/nvme0n1p722:35
oerheksirreleph4nt, yes, snaps are great!22:35
irreleph4ntAssuming I will be using either Gnome or Budgie as a DE, can I compeletely remove snap and still use Ubuntu?22:35
irreleph4ntoerheks, no, they arenÄ't22:35
=== tripleb is now known as ThatMotherMind
oerheksirreleph4nt, wanna remove snap? hop distro ..22:35
geardtomreyn: sorry, i was trying to type that from the laptop without a functional mouse. I am looking to see how to rectify the situation with the mouse not working22:35
oerheksno trolling here plese22:36
digitalbotWhen you all are writing code do you prefer to do it in an IDE or on txt file22:36
ovrhjeremy31, I'm not sure I understand that...22:36
irreleph4ntoerheks, I am serious. I love Ubuntu but have no reason to want snap. So I am asking: Can I still use Ubuntu 20.04 with snap removed22:36
sarnoldyou'll lose stuff but that's fine22:37
irreleph4ntsarnold, I read somewhere that gnome is shipped as a snap. I assume that's amongst the things I'll lose?22:37
jeremy31ovrh: /dev/sda1 will need to be replaced with the correct path to the install directory on the NVME drive, you will likely get errors if it isn't correct22:37
ovrhjeremy31, Oh you mean from the answer in the link! Yes, definitely22:39
jeremy31ovrh: I am sure EriC^ can do a better job explaining this22:39
irreleph4ntIs snap also forced on people in Ubuntu Server BTW? So far I have only read up on Ubuntu Desktop22:39
quadrathoch2irreleph4nt, no there is just a gnome library installed as a snap, so you wouldn't even lose gnome22:39
quadrathoch2irreleph4nt, nothing is forced, just remove it and be done if you don't want it22:40
ovrhirreleph4nt, I'm almost 100% sure that the whole DE does NOT come as a snap. GNOME System Monitor does tho22:40
irreleph4ntquadrathoch2, "nothing is forced" is a bit of a stretch here.22:40
quadrathoch2irreleph4nt, so what happens if you uninstall snapd? is it not removed?22:40
tomreyngeard: if you have neither a working mouse nor touchpad then your best approach is to switch to a TTY, and login there, and run   sudo nano /etc/default/grub    and make those changes, then run    sudo update-grub22:41
irreleph4ntquadrathoch2, it is. But as soon as you run "apt install <package like chromium>" again expecting APT to handle your stuff, snap is back on your system22:41
ovrhjeremy31, It's me, I'm sorry, I'm not particularly confident when it comes to grub related stuff. Broke it a few times before. And it doesn't help that I've never used chroot in my life22:41
jeremy31ovrh: might want to wait until EriC^ is active22:42
quadrathoch2irreleph4nt, for now chromium is the only package that is installed through snap *shrug* you are not forced to use chromium ;)22:42
ovrhjeremy31, Will do. Going to try the legacy usb suggestion by tomreyn in the meantime22:42
oerheksthe problem is not chromium being a snap, but even debian developers have headaches packaging this software, and finding developers is pretty hard22:43
irreleph4ntquadrathoch2, emphasis on "for now". Canonical being Canonical things won't stay that way forl ong22:43
oerhekssnap is like systemd, get used to it22:43
quadrathoch2irreleph4nt, complain to google for that, as they don't care about support for older dependencies.22:44
=== Bambus1 is now known as Bambus
ovrhirreleph4nt, To be fair, have you seen the insanity that's the Chrome build system?22:44
=== dex19833 is now known as dex1983
irreleph4ntoerheks, no. whilst I am not a fanboy of systemd, at least it behaves sanely on anything that looks like it might be a server. Any of the components that don't or you don't like can easily be configured to stay inactive22:44
quadrathoch2and as there is no LTS release of chromium. tough luck I would say22:44
irreleph4ntwith snap that's a different story entirely22:44
ThatMotherMindback again (tripelb nice) with 2 root processes that seem fishy. One is Plex Media Serv and the other Plex Script Hos  ---- plex is not installed. I have tried dpkg to make sure.22:45
quadrathoch2I never had snapd behaving bad. So which issues do you have irreleph4nt? maybe we can help22:45
ThatMotherMindthe #plex dont seem to know either. IS THIS MALWARE. It RUNS AS ROOT.22:45
quadrathoch2ThatMotherMind, it could be22:45
oerheksit is plex' DRM stuff, lolz.22:46
tomreynThatMotherMind: or it could not be. hard to tell with so little info. is this ubuntu at all?22:46
irreleph4ntquadrathoch2, my problem is that packages are being converted to snaps, slowly taking away control of what is installed on a system from the user. Let alone the fact it bloats the system unnecessarily. Let alone the fact snaps update whenever they feel like it, restarting services and apps as they see fit22:47
irreleph4ntI was looking to unify my entire environment across desktops and servers by adopting 20.04. But snaps are a big no on any server used for offering services22:47
ThatMotherMindtomreyn, this is 20.04 with ubuntu tweaks making me a taskbar. )22:48
oerheksirreleph4nt, sounds like the rant on omgubuntu, mostly false claims.22:48
tomreynThatMotherMind: ...and formerly installed plex media server, which was later partially uninstalled?22:48
quadrathoch2irreleph4nt, theoretically, that's not misbehaving, that's by design (the updating and restarting of services). The quantity of snaps was decreased from 19.10 to 20.04 (preinstalled), with chromium being the only package being snap only.22:48
irreleph4ntoerheks, so can I disable automatic updates of snaps _completely?22:48
ThatMotherMindtomreyn, I did sudo dpkg --list "*plex*"  and the plex is not found22:49
irreleph4ntoerheks, can I stop snaps from bloating a directory on my home drive?22:49
oerheksupdates can be scheduled.22:49
irreleph4ntoerheks, scheduling is not the same as disabling22:49
ThatMotherMindtomreyn, nothing in plex is supposed to run as root (per #plex) but what you say fits my mind.22:49
oerheksquestions with 'bloat' i do not take seriously.22:49
tomreynThatMotherMind: i don't know how you installed it, or removed it, or whether it would be installed via apt. can't really help then.22:49
irreleph4ntoerheks, anything that ships libraries also available via a package manager is bloat22:50
tomreynThatMotherMind: unless you chose to run it as root, of course22:50
ThatMotherMindOK which of the Ask Ubuntu Forums is more likely to get to some programmers etc who might be interested? Or should I use git?  I think this is worth taking to another level. (not for me. I can reinstall.)22:51
irreleph4ntoerheks, let alone the fact that _every_ snap ships their own dependencies, irrespective of the fact you already have that on your system like 20 times22:51
ThatMotherMindtomreyn,  up a line22:51
ovrhirreleph4nt, Isn't that the whole point of having snaps in the first place? For sandboxing? Can't have sandboxing and share dependencies.22:51
tomreynThatMotherMind: i don't think i understand what you're asking exactly22:53
irreleph4ntovrh, I agree. It's probably part of what's considered the design of snap. But why on a desktop system? Why not make it optional so those that _really_ want it can have it and everyone else can just go about their business?22:53
tomreyn!discuss | irreleph4nt22:54
ubottuirreleph4nt: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!22:54
ovrhirreleph4nt, Because people don't care about keeping their system up-to-date, and when something breaks because they haven't kept up, they blame the system and not themselves22:54
irreleph4ntwhat do we have a package manager for when we create a whole different ecosystem on the same machine with snap? How does that go together with the ethos of Linux, where users are in control over their machines?22:54
irreleph4nttomreyn, I am sorry to have bothered you. I'll take this to a different channel then22:55
tomreynirreleph4nt: thank you. :)22:56
KamMy ubuntu machine is having a lot of trouble. As in it won't boot to gui and if it does it gets stuck in the infinite login loop23:01
KamWhat is the best way I can reinstall it?23:01
KamI don't want to try fixing it, I've been trying for the last couple days and I don't really want to spend the time to continue fixing it23:01
ThatMotherMindhow do I tell which snap applications I have installed? (yes I tried searching after a few links, decided to ask.)23:03
sarnoldsnap list23:04
ThatMotherMindah ha https://forums.plex.tv/t/how-do-i-completly-remove-plex-media-server-and-all-its-application-data-config-files-etc-in-ubuntu/232542/423:05
quadrathoch2so did it work ThatMotherMind?23:07
tomreynKam: ensure you have a current backup, then just do a fresh installation, and restore your data if needed.23:08
tomreynKam: you'll probably need some bootable installer on a usb stick or other media to install ubuntu, so make sure you have that ready, too.23:09
ThatMotherMindThanks sarnold tomreyn I installed it through snap and I removed it. (observing top command, it looks successful) ++note, it was running as root. If this is not correct.. you have been insformed)23:09
irreleph4ntKam, what tomreyn said is good advice IMO. Keep in mind too though that if you were to backup and then simply copy paste your entire home folder back into the new install, you might be recreating your login loop issue23:10
irreleph4ntemphasis on *might*23:11
geardtomreyn: ty23:12
tomreynyou're welcome23:12
ovrhtomreyn, Will the failied kubuntu installation have broken the windows bootloader as well?23:19
quadrathoch2ovrh, no it shouldn't23:21
ovrhThat's what i thought, never happened to me.23:21
tomreynovrh: i assume not, but it's hard to tell. grub tried to install to the MBR, and that failed. but it's unclear whether it actually failed before or after trying to write there. my expectation in this situation would be that it did not actually try to write to the MBR.23:21
ovrhtomreyn, Also, wouldn't it have tried to install to the efi partition in this case?23:23
blogtenhi, do you have suggestions re: swap partitions vs swap files?23:29
tomreynovrh: hmm, i'm not actually sure. the message you posted was this (which can point to the entire storage media, or to the MBR): "executing grub-install /dev/nvme0n1 failed."23:30
ovrhOh right, that makes sense23:31
tomreynblogten: swap files can provide more flexibility whereas swap partitions come with a layer less (no file system below it).23:31
blogtentomreyn : other than that, are there any practical gotchas?  any things that do not become evident until 5 years later?23:33
blogtentomreyn : here's one I can think of... when using swap partitions, make sure the swap is at least as large as main memory (because otherwise common cases of fork+exec will fail due to lack of swap)23:35
tomreynblogten: size can matter whether it's stored on a file system or directly on a partition (or LVM LV), this should not make a difference when comparing the two.23:39
blogtentomreyn : other than the relative inflexibility of resizing the swap partition after the fact, yes23:40
tomreynblogten: realistically, "as large as main memory" will only be needed if you do suspend-to-disk (hibernation) or are more worried about the system becoming unresponsive due to processes being killed than by disk i/o.23:42
blogtentomreyn : in the past I ran into the problem of having a large process spawn off a child process via fork+exec.  at the time, the system had 4gb of ram and 2gb of swap.  consequently, if a 3gb program tried to create a child process, it could not --- even if it was just to execute 'echo Hello world!' --- because fork required copying the entire23:44
blogtenprocess in the first place, and there was not enough swap for that.23:44
blogtentomreyn : (and of course the copy can be made lazy so there's no actual copying of 3gb or whatever other size until it's actually modified and all that... however until exec kills the original process, there is a moment in time when memory usage can effectively double)23:45
tomreynblogten: thanks for sharing your past experience.23:47
blogtentomreyn : do you have others like that?23:49
tomreynblogten: no, not really. i try to match workload to physical RAM. and when this fails then i have an aggressive OOM killer and monitoring alerting me of the fact.23:51
blogtentomreyn : ok, thank you for considering the question.23:52
tomreyni don't like killing disks and sending systems into states where they can't fork.23:52
Jordan_Ublogten: EriC^: My best guess is that there are bugs in your video card's graphics card option rom or the interaction between the boot firmware and the option rom. I think that the graphics code is corrupting grub's memory, which can cause any number of errors at boot (and explains why so many things were happening that didn't "make sense").23:53
blogtenJordan_U there's strong evidence against that: on that box, Ubuntu 18 LTS had graphical grub and that install never, ever crashed, for any reason, in 7 years.23:54
blogtenJordan_U (of course that install started its life as Ubuntu 14)23:54
Jordan_Ublogten: It may be that newer grub uses a little bit more RAM, or that there's only a small area of RAM that's getting corrupted and that by chance earlier versions of grub just never stored anything critical at those addresses. If it's not memory corruption of some sort, then I really can't explain the combination of the ELF Magic and syntax errors you were seeing before. Heck, it may even be a buffer23:58
Jordan_Uoverflow in grub that your hardware just happens to hit. I think I remember years ago building grub with memory canaries, and I'm seeing if we can do that for you. We'd probably just want to test self built grub from LiveUSBs since you now have a working system after so much trouble.23:58

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