OvenWerksEickmeyer: question: re headphone switching, what level should I set Headphone and or Front to?03:15
OvenWerksShould I just do 0dB?03:15
OvenWerksPulse seems to do that and use master to set the output level03:16
EickmeyerOvenWerks: If Pulse does it, then that's the expected behavior.04:01
OvenWerksgood enough, 0dB and unmute to turn on, mute to turn off04:02
OvenWerksI will set it up as if PCH is system as a first step04:04
OvenWerksthen set it up to copy or move all connections from system_1/2 to the headphone device if it is not system04:05
OvenWerksthen set up USB headphone switching.04:06
OvenWerksActually, I think the last will just be there with the move output connections04:06
EickmeyerEveryone: I have a long way to go with the packaging I'm working on, but I'm going to have to take a break from it for the moment. The work I did on making appfolders as part of ubuntustudio-menu for Ubuntu (GNOME) seems to work as well as it can.21:49
EickmeyerI just pushed a minor cosmetic change to the Plasma splash screen that's part of ubuntustudio-default-settings.21:49
EickmeyerBasically, a friend of mine needs his web site migrated between servers. We did this a few years ago and haven't been happy with the service, and we are doing something that will halve his costs.21:50
EickmeyerI've got a week and a half to work on it, so that's the goal.21:50
OvenWerkshope by then I will have a few fixes on controls ready21:51
EickmeyerSounds good.21:51
OvenWerksWonderful... have you seen anything about this: https://github.com/relascope/jack_mixer/issues/121:54
OvenWerksnot to do with jakc-mixer but that would ball up controls pretty good.21:55
OvenWerksor are we already using pygtk's succesor?21:55
OvenWerksEickmeyer: ^21:55
OvenWerksmaybe we use gi as the next version21:56
OvenWerksyeah sorry for the noise we are already beyond that21:58
EickmeyerYeah, we're already beyond it.22:01
EickmeyerControls isn't affected at all.22:01
Eickmeyerjack-mixer was removed from the repos, however.22:01
OvenWerksI don't recall the switch being that hard...22:02
OvenWerksYeah I know.22:02
OvenWerksit was not jack-mixer I was worried about but anything else using gtk from inside python. I did not realize the name changed22:02
Eickmeyer  Right. Everything is working in groovy under python3, so we're good.22:03

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