ubuntu-studioEickmeyer: OvenWerks Uh, did you fix the distorted-audio issue I had in the latest backports or something? Thought Id just test A6 for the first time on a live-usb and now everythings fine..02:32
OvenWerksWhile we have done nothing I can think of, it is possible a new kernel or alsa fix happened? Also from another user who had reported similar problems, they had to leave their audio if turned off for a few minutes for the internal power supply to fully reset.02:35
OvenWerks(if = interface)02:35
ubuntu-studioOvenWerks: we tried all of that on my end, and nothing helped, including going to an earlier kernel.. The update here on my live-image, when it comes to the kernel, wouldnt even take effect unless it were rebooted with that kernel in mind, no? Since it\s a live usb... this is mysterious..02:38
ubuntu-studioDid pulseaudio make any changes you added?02:38
OvenWerkswe did not add anything to pulse, alsa or jack. The only one we would really have anything to do with change wise would be jack. The kernal, alsa, and pulse are things ubuntu does.02:48
OvenWerkshaving said that, there ahs been at least one other person who has mentioned such a problem going away.02:49
OvenWerksIt would be nice to know why but I don't02:49
ubuntu-studioOdd... yeah it would. Bah. Glad its fixed at least, Ill eventually migrate to 20.04 now that its all good, soon as I work out how to save all my DE-environment settings so I wont have to configure everything again lol02:50
OvenWerkstry saving the ~/.config directory in particular the sub directories called xf<something>02:51
OvenWerksactually I think just ~/.config/xfce4/ would cover it.02:53
OvenWerks(assuming xfce4 is the DE in question... I am seeing that plasma is more complex)02:54
ubuntu-studioOvenWerks: Yeah no, I use other DE's for various tasks03:01
ubuntu-studioOvenWerks: forgot to mention this is SirRiffsAlot, but you figured that out I suppose :P I use Enlightenment and Plasma a lot these days. Occasionally fluxbox03:01
OvenWerksPlasma may need even more than the whole .config then03:02
ubuntu-studioYapp. I'll figure it out :) Gonna hit the bed now though, laters! And contrats again on a now great 20.04 (even for me!) :D03:04
ubuntu-studioBy the way, A6 looks sick03:04
ubuntu-studioNighty night03:05
OvenWerksA6 should show in a ppa sometime soon03:05
EickmeyerOvenWerks: ubuntu-studio and sirriffsalot are the same person, so it's still only one report.04:03
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tomreynOvenWerks: thanks for the "class compliant" hint yesterday, i wasn't aware of this.18:58
sirriffsalotEickmeyer: 20.04 worked flawlessly now on a live-image when I installed the backends for trying out A6 o.O20:44
sirriffsalotEickmeyer: just letting you know in case you missed it, covered it with OvenWerks yesterday20:44
Eickmeyersirriffsalot: I saw. :)20:45
sirriffsalotEickmeyer: Cool :)20:46
linuxgeckowere you guys able to contrive a fix for my usb controller having 2 playback devices, and one input?20:50
OvenWerksIts on the list... only so much time to work on things. However, in a terminal: zita-j2a -j sys2 -d hw:<usb_name>,1,0 -r 48000 -p 512 -n 220:59
OvenWerksshould work20:59
OvenWerksreplace <usb_name> with what you device calls it self or it's number. Change 48000 to 44100 if desired, 512 can be half of whatever jackmaster down to 6421:12
OvenWerks-n 2 can be -n321:12
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: what about alsa_in -dhw:x?21:40
OvenWerksalsa_in uses more cpu and gives poorer quality, but yes it works too21:40
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: ah, I didn't know that, cheers21:40
sirriffsalotThere a way to have both A6 and 5.12 installed once the backports have been added?22:03
OvenWerksI don't think so. it is possible to have more than one from Ardour.org or one from repo and one from ardour.org22:06
OvenWerksbut unless the backports A6 has a different package name, it will replace the a5 on the device22:07
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: well that's not ideal.. :(22:12
Eickmeyersirriffsalot: Don't add the ardour backports until you're ready. They're not coninstallable.22:16
EickmeyerBasically, finish the work you have in A5, then upgrade.22:16
EickmeyerOvenWerks: for reference, Ardour's backport is a separate PPA for that very reason.22:17
OvenWerksyup. Thats why I suggest ardour.org for parallel install.22:18
OvenWerksreally, the best thing is two partitions, one with 18.04 (or 19.10) and another with 20.04 (or some other mix of things) so that the plugins are exactly the same too.22:19
sirriffsalotI suppose.. blech22:22
OvenWerksotherwise move the project to A6 and go.22:23
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: but for this distorted audio-issue that I had for the original 20.04 to be fixed, it seems like I needed the backport update.. So I'm kinda stuck between two chairs then22:31
sirriffsalotUnless a general update would do the tric..22:31
OvenWerksdifferent packports PPA for A622:32
OvenWerksyou can't install a6 accidentally you would have to add (yet another) PPA to get it.22:34
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: ah you have another backport for updates to 20.04?22:34
OvenWerksno, just for a622:34
OvenWerksThe normal packports is for bug fixes or things that are version compatable.22:35
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: I'm confused... are there two backports? What's this "normal backports"? When I added the backports and upgraded, it automatically upgraded Ardour to version 623:05
OvenWerks??? I don't think we even have ardour 623:06
OvenWerksEickmeyer: ^^^??23:06

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