CurlyTry taking out the speakers and plug in a set of headphones in and out a few times because it could be the external output switch may be frozen or shorted.00:00
CurlyListen to music while you are doing that.00:01
CurlyThe external speaker jack may be broken off from the circuit board. I have seen that as well as the power socket usually has the same problems.00:03
CurlyTry wiggling the external speaker socket without the headphones listening to music to see if the socket may have broken away from the circuit board.00:04
CurlyMake sure the sound is up.00:05
CurlyIf you hear an intermittency of sound with the internal speakers, then that is your problem.00:05
CurlyThe computer may need to be opened to see if that speaker socket is unsoldered from the circuit board.00:07
cimbakahnHave you heard of a program named Mumble?00:07
CurlyUnless you have done this before, take it to an expert. Believe me.00:08
CurlyI may have seen it. I can look it up.00:08
cimbakahnIt is a program that lets you speak to others VOCALLY.00:09
CurlyHave you used it?00:09
cimbakahnI get it from my OS'es repo.00:09
cimbakahnLately when i've been using it sometimes the Mumble icon wouldn't show up in pavucontrol.00:10
CurlyOk, So you think that that is the culprit?00:10
cimbakahnSo, when i start the program i press push to talk and say something right away, and then the icon always shows up in pavucontrol.00:11
CurlyYou installed Mumble?00:11
cimbakahnI have it installed right now.00:11
cimbakahnI have my own channel.00:12
CurlyExplain please?00:12
cimbakahnWe are called Open Linux Community00:12
cimbakahnI am the main admin for my Mumble channel.00:13
CurlyOK. I read as you were typing that Mumble is a Server.00:13
CurlyIt is on many platforms.00:13
cimbakahnMumble is a program that allows you to speak to others VOCALLY, and there is also a chat box.00:14
cimbakahnAnd you can do many other things with it too.00:14
CurlyI learned something new today. Thanks. :)00:14
cimbakahnIf i didn't have this sound problem we could try it together right now.00:15
cimbakahnWe could still chat using text on it though.00:16
CurlyThat's cool. I installed on another server  Kiwiirc  Web Based Server & Client.00:16
Unit193Mumble has pretty great audio quality too.00:16
abtm_I recently replaced my windows load on my laptop with xubuntu 20.0400:16
cimbakahnThat sounds just like another irc client.00:16
abtm_everything works flawlessly EXCEPT for the qualcomm bluetooth00:17
cimbakahnYou are dual booting?00:17
Unit193Kiwi IRC is webchat, it's what webchat.freenode.net uses actually.00:17
CurlyIt is not just a client. It is a Web html IRC interface to any IRC server.00:17
abtm_it does not seem to support the headset profile so if I want to actually talk to someone on my computer I have to use a wired headset00:17
abtm_which consumes quite a bit of ram00:18
abtm_my computer is more stable when running an actual IRC client as opposed to the webchat :)00:18
cimbakahnWhen i use Mumble, i just use the built in mic on my laptop.00:18
CurlyI see. That sounds almost like what your issue is now that you mentioned it. See how getting other minds on the matter helps. Hardware and software issues work together at times.00:19
abtm_I am not dual booting00:19
abtm_I replaced windows00:19
abtm_still have the rescue usb I made if I need it00:19
abtm_but...... I want to try to make this work00:19
cimbakahnNo.  I thiugh Curly is dual booting.00:19
cimbakahnthiugh is thought00:19
abtm_oh sorry00:20
CurlyBasically Mumble is a Daemon on top of your Xubuntu Server.00:20
cimbakahnI just love Mumble for all the things it does.  And it does them very well too.00:20
CurlyI was interested in IRCDSeven and a few others. I have used the generic  IRCD server years ago.00:21
Unit193Curly: Don't use -seven, it's meant specifically for freenode.  Use Charybdis instead.00:21
CurlyYears ago Chanserve was developed from Church for IRC.00:21
Unit193!info charybdis00:21
ubottucharybdis (source: charybdis): fast, scalable irc server. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.1.2-1 (focal), package size 589 kB, installed size 3687 kB00:21
Unit193!info atheme-services00:21
ubottuatheme-services (source: atheme-services): modular IRC services daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.2.9-3 (focal), package size 1009 kB, installed size 7322 kB00:21
CurlyMy friends use Bahemoth IRC Daemon.00:22
cimbakahnIf i ever get this sound problem working, i will never forget the solution.00:23
CurlyCimbakahn I am sure you will figure it out.00:23
cimbakahnI don't know if it is connected or not but my extension on my chrome browser hasn't been working lately.00:24
CurlyThese HELP channels are a good source of information.00:24
cimbakahnIt is an extension that is speech to text.00:24
Unit193abtm_: Did you by chance scan through https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bluetooth_headset#Troubleshooting and https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio/Troubleshooting ?00:24
CurlyCimbakahn, now that you mentioned Mumble, I have a sneaky suspicion you just answered your question.00:25
cimbakahnSo, i click the button on it and talk, and it writes whatever i say.00:25
CurlyVoice Recognition. Nice.00:25
cimbakahnI don't have anything bluetooth.00:25
CurlyCimbakahn, how difficult would it be to uninstall Mumble and restore your system back to before to see if that is your problem?00:26
cimbakahnMaybe my speech to text extension can't hear me.00:27
CurlyIt may be possible that Mumble Drivers have taken over as the <  DEFAULT > drivers.00:27
cimbakahnI got the crazy idea of going back to my last kernel.00:27
CurlyUpgrading to NEW is not always a good idea and yes your are correct Cimbakahn.00:28
abtm_I think so00:28
abtm_the problem is that the correct profile was not supported on the driver avail00:29
CurlyI helped you to troubleshoot the hardware issue but now that you mentioned Mumble, that puts a different light on the subject.00:29
CurlyThis is why when people come here to ask questions, you really never know what the real situation is because the questions asked here doesn't fit the problem.00:30
CurlyMany times programmers presume that their drivers are better and when installed, the drivers take over the default drivers.00:33
CurlyConsequently, this problem could be repeated over and over and no-one can figure it out because the driver developers didn't disclose that their drivers are now the default drivers.00:34
CurlyHence, the default drivers are gone and the programs that depend upon the default drivers now will not function properly.00:35
cimbakahnSee here:  https://imgur.com/a/eU4YCvp00:36
CurlyAbtm_  good to see you again. Also nice to meet you all. This is my second day here.00:36
cimbakahnThe first screenshot is what alsa looked like the last time i was there.00:37
cimbakahnThe second screenshot is that icon i was telling you about.  The Mumble one.00:37
cimbakahnSometimes that icon doesn't show up, so as soon as i activate Mumble i say something over and over, then it shows up.00:38
CurlyIs this your server Cimbakahn?00:38
CurlyI noticed the mouseovers worked. I thought it was a graphic.00:39
abtm_and you as well00:39
abtm_of course no progress on my squid cache issue00:40
CurlyIt looks very handsome.00:40
abtm_the #squid channel has had no one typing anything in over 24 hrs EXCEPT for me00:40
cimbakahnTechnically this is my server:  https://imgur.com/a/UOjBZJ200:40
CurlyVery nice. I am very interested in it. How much bandwidth does it take?00:41
cimbakahnIt is low latency.  Hardly anything.00:42
CurlyThat's good.00:42
cimbakahnI have used Mumble for over 11 years.00:43
cimbakahnI love lite applications.00:43
CurlyI like the word: latency. In Electronics, latency has to do with the time it takes for a signal to enter a circuit and leave.00:43
cimbakahnBut sometimes i have to pick one that is heavy like calibur.00:43
CurlyI can see why. 11 years.00:43
CurlyStick with what works. Efficiency is key.00:44
cimbakahnI like discord, but it is too heavy.00:45
cimbakahnI have a channel on discord as well, but i stick with Mumble.00:45
CurlyDoes Mumble have email i.e. local server email or messages?00:45
CurlyUse a separate server for each application and just simply link it all together.00:46
cimbakahnYou can send links and pictures using Mumble.00:46
cimbakahnYou can also set up a picture and a comment for yourself.00:46
cimbakahnFor my email i use zoho.com00:47
cimbakahnYou can text chat and speak VOCALLY with Mumble.00:48
CurlyI suppose you can change the interface to your liking.00:49
cimbakahnYes.  I can change the skins on it.  And there is a site out there that lets you create your own skin.00:50
CurlyIf you text chat, the client would need to connect to Windows boxes I suppose.00:51
cimbakahnI don't understand Windows boxes?00:51
CurlyWell, text messaging as you mentioned.00:52
cimbakahnI do not have Windows on here.  I do not believe in dual booting.  Just 1 Linux OS for me.00:52
Unit193Murmur is the server aspect of mumble, mumble client runs on Windows, so those users would be able to connect to the server as well.00:52
CurlySo the text messages would be on your server?00:52
cimbakahnMumble is cross platform.  You can use it on Linux, Windows, Android, and MAC.00:53
CurlyMurmur I see. The problem I see is that between Windows platform and Linux based platforms, people would have to know about it which poses a problem.00:54
Unit193Curly: It's mainly a voice platform, no text is stored.00:54
cimbakahnIt is private.  Mumble is nothing like Skype.00:55
CurlyI was commenting on text messaging,00:55
cimbakahnI hate Skype.00:55
CurlyScrap!!  :)00:55
cimbakahnThey record everything you say, and everything you type.00:55
CurlyThat's no good. Scype is in my estimation, a database gathering none of your business mining.00:56
CurlyAlmost like using Google. I abandoned Google. They track you.  Duckduckgo.com doesn't track and is much faster.00:57
cimbakahnNo.  Text is not stored, because when i disconnect from Mumble i loose all the previous conversation.00:57
CurlyThat is a good thing. Caching all of that would be rediculous.00:58
cimbakahnThat is unless i copy and paste it into leafpad, and save it.00:58
CurlyIf it is something worth copying for your recollection.00:59
cimbakahnWhich i have to do from time to time to save the links that Siva sends me.00:59
cimbakahnI only save it long enough to check out the web sites he sent me then i delete it.00:59
CurlyI must say, that, I am glad I happened upon this irc channel. My first time.01:00
CurlyYes. Never have been here before.01:01
CurlyI am right now on other private IRC servers.01:01
CurlyA good friend of 25 years on IRC  Phadthai01:02
CurlyMy first time on Linux was Red Hat 6     hehe01:02
cimbakahnI feel sorry for you!01:03
CurlyI started out on IRC with Netscape Navigator.01:03
CurlyThat was a long time ago.01:03
CurlyThen I used Windows 95  Pirch98  IRC client/server.01:04
CurlyThat was and still is a fantastic IRC client. Works on all Windows platforms.01:05
CurlyLinux has come a long way.01:05
cimbakahnI remember Windows 3.101:05
CurlyThat was around 1993.01:06
cimbakahnI like Windows 95, because i could play some of my old games on it.01:06
CurlyMy first computer was a:  VIC-20   :)01:06
cimbakahnYou are correct about Linux comming a long way.01:07
cimbakahnI think the best Windows OS was 701:07
CurlyLinux and Ubuntu or Xubunt are all UNICES.01:08
cimbakahnWith exception of the bad updates i got frequently with it.01:08
CurlyWindows 7 is actually Windows 1001:08
Unit193...It's really not.01:08
CurlyWindows has stopped all Windows OS. Windows 10 is free if you have Windows 7.01:08
=== GridCube_ is now known as GridCube
CurlyWindows is now concentrating on Apps now and not the operating system.01:09
cimbakahnI don't know how you can say that, because it doesn't come with that horrific metro screen on it.01:09
CurlyI understand but the reading at Windows Microsoft says that the OS is not being updated. If that is a lie, then?01:10
cimbakahnWindows 7 is at its end of life.  There is no more updates for it.01:11
CurlyI have a friend on the other server I am on who is a Microsoft programmer. We speak all of the time. He is part of the Edge Team.01:11
cimbakahnSo, if you want to continue on your computer you have to get another OS.01:11
CurlyAlso Xp Pro is not being supported anymore. There have been a few secret updates though.01:11
CurlyService pack 3 was the end of XP.01:12
cimbakahnCorrect about the Xp Pro!01:12
CurlyI think XP pro is a great OS for the older machines 32 bit.01:13
CurlyAll of Windows updates is for 64 bit machines mostly.01:13
CurlyIt's about time too.01:14
cimbakahnMy very favorite OS is Black Lab Linux Lxde.01:14
CurlyI am waiting for 128 bit to flood the market. :)01:14
cimbakahnUnfortunately they don't make it any more.01:14
CurlyI use LXDE on VBox. It works great and is a lightweight kernel.01:14
CurlyIRC client is  Ice Weasel.01:15
cimbakahnWhat do you think about me going back to my last kernel?01:15
CurlyWell, again, if you create an image file of your now kernel, then try it. No harm. As you said, you will never forget how you solved this problem. :)01:16
CurlyAlso you may be able to resurrect your other laptop.01:16
CurlyThe only problem with 128 bit machines if and when they flood the market, programmers will have to update all of their software. That is monumental.01:18
cimbakahnCool!  I will try it, but later.  I have things to do on this machine now.01:18
Curly64 bit will be here for a while.01:18
CurlyAt least you have an idea now whereas earlier you were wondering what.01:19
cimbakahnWell.  In between 32, and 64 bit i think there is more software for 32 bit.01:20
cimbakahnEventually that will change too.01:20
CurlyIt will take a while for the 32 bit stuff to catch up, let alone 128 bit.01:20
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash
CurlyIf you know machine language, then, that is fast.01:21
CurlyDo you remember  GWBASIC  on the old Windows  DOS  OS.01:22
CurlyASCII graphics. hehe01:22
cimbakahnI just know a little bit of DOS, and html, and lua01:23
CurlyDOS is interesting.01:24
cimbakahnSiva really likes DOS.01:24
CurlyIt reminds me of Linux in many ways because of the root and trees and sub-directories.01:24
cimbakahnHe likes playing DOS games.01:24
CurlyI had an old WANG computer. It has a dual operating system. WANG & Windows DOS.01:25
CurlyI remember having an old:  Corona  Desktop. That was fun. It looked like a suitcase. It had a built in amber screen.01:26
CurlyIt was a DOS machine as well.01:27
CurlyDOS is a great way to understand Linux because of the root tree and directories.01:28
CurlyIn GUI language, a directory is a Folder.01:28
cimbakahnI am still here.01:29
CurlyYour sorry you are here?   :)01:29
cimbakahnMy cat Sky wants me to put something in the bowls.  BRB!01:30
CurlyIt is nice to find out about Mumble.01:31
CurlyHow many users can Mumble handle before server load.01:32
CurlyI guess the audio bandwidth is narrow.01:32
CurlyThe audo spectrum is from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.01:33
CurlyWhich is a broadband of frequencies.01:34
CurlyTelephone has a narrow-band of frequencies.01:34
cimbakahnI'm back!01:34
CurlyI would think that that FM  Frequency Modulation would be used but now there is: Spread-Spectrum Technology.01:35
CurlyCimbakahn, as you mentioned Mumble has a low latency.01:36
cimbakahnWe could still try Mumble together if you want.  There is still a text box in it.01:36
CurlyWhich in my Language as a Communications' Expert, using narrow frequencies.01:37
cimbakahnMy server has 50 seats.01:37
CurlyNot this moment. However, I will soon.01:37
cimbakahnI know of someone that had 9,99901:37
CurlyI will take the toilet seat.01:37
cimbakahnThat is watoo many seats.01:37
cimbakahnI'm not sure if i'll ever use my 50.01:38
CurlyIt may be that that server is divided into different servers or lots of CPU power.01:38
cimbakahnWhat distro are you using now?01:39
Curly50 conversations at one time is interesting. What is the quota of seats?01:39
CurlyDistributor ID:Ubuntu01:40
CurlyDescription:Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS01:40
CurlyI chose LTS because of its' support.  Long Term Service.01:41
cimbakahnWell.  Here is the info you need to connect to my server when you're ready:01:42
cimbakahnClick on server/connect/add new & put in this info:01:42
cimbakahnLABEL: OLC / ADDRESS: mumble-us.cleanvoice.ru / PORT: 42874 / USER NAME (Just use the name you use here) Then click OK.  Then YES to accept the certificate.  When you get used to Mumble you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.  It does so much!01:42
cimbakahnWhat do you mean quota of seats?01:45
CurlyWhat is the maximum of seats? You mentioned 50.01:45
cimbakahnI don't know what the maximum is.  I just know i have 50, and i've seen another server with 9.99901:46
cimbakahnEven at my 50, you know 50 people can't talk at once.01:47
cimbakahnThey'd be jumping on top one another.01:47
cimbakahnI just get my Mumble from my OS'es repo.  I don't bother with PPA's anymore to use it.01:48
CurlyI think I misunderstood you. Is your Mumble server just one channel with 50 members or 50 different channels? Do you follow me/01:50
CurlyIn other words 50 people can talk all at once on one channel?01:51
abtm_btw Curly just an fyi 20.04 is also an LTS release01:52
abtm_ubuntu is on a 2 yr LTS cadence01:53
cimbakahnI thought LTS stands for Long Term Support?01:53
CurlyYes it does. I did mention support.01:53
abtm_3 years for desktop version and 5 years for server (core)01:53
CurlyI believe I did install 2.04. I had a problem with Apache2 and the firewall.01:54
cimbakahnMy Mumble server is 1 channel that can accept 50 people.01:54
Curly20.04 has some new .conf files for Apache2 which is crazy and the commands were unusual.01:54
CurlyThere are about 5 .conf files with 20.04 wich is perplexing. The command prompt language is not like the version I am using right now.01:55
cimbakahnI wish i had 20.04 with a Lxde!01:56
abtm_what commands are different?01:56
CurlyI suppose you could make it happen.01:56
abtm_also why do you prefer apache01:56
CurlyThat would take a lot of programming.01:56
abtm_there are other alternatives such as lighttpd and ngix01:56
CurlyI could use NGINX too.01:57
abtm_I thought that is lubuntu a different flavor01:57
CurlyNGINX is a by-product of Apache2.01:57
cimbakahnOr i could do what i did to Bodhi before.01:57
CurlyIt is pronounced:  Engine X01:58
cimbakahnI installed Lxde on it, then logged out, then logged in using the new Lxde, and cannibalized Bodhi.01:59
cimbakahnBoy!  That sucker was lightning fast!02:00
abtm_I switched from lubuntu to xubuntu because I prefer the newer version of xfce better02:00
CurlyTry that with:  picoBSD   hehe02:00
CurlypicoBSD is a bootable BSD kernel  on a floppy disk.    hehe02:01
cimbakahnUnfortunately Lubuntu doesn't come with Lxde anymore.02:01
CurlyYou can install the LXDE GUI and work with it.02:01
cimbakahnI know what they should of done instead of forcing cute down everyones throat.02:02
CurlyI think they call them:  microkernels.02:02
cimbakahnThey should give you a choice at install.  To install Lxde or Cute.02:02
CurlySuggest it to the programmers. They just may.02:03
CurlyThey probably already have one.02:03
cimbakahnI don't know if they will even listen to me.  They just seem to want to force things on people.  Getting as bad as Microsoft.02:04
CurlyHere is how to install LXDE on Ubuntu:    https://linoxide.com/linux-how-to/how-install-gui-ubuntu-server-guide/02:05
cimbakahnAs to BSD.  The best one i've ever seen was GhostBSD Mate.02:05
CurlyBSD is by far the closet to UNIX than any kernel out there outside of Debian.02:06
cimbakahnIf ubuntu derivitives piss me off enough, i'll just go to Manjaro Lxde.02:06
CurlyCheck out the link I just posted.02:07
CurlyLXDE is there.02:08
cimbakahnThe only reason i didn't stick with GhostBSD was because i felt like i was stranded on an island with no way to get supplies.02:08
cimbakahnNot enough packages for me.02:08
cimbakahnI have it up in my browser right now.02:09
CurlyDebian does not use apt-get when I used it. Apt-get is by far the answer to any Linux user. I used to like the RPM  Package Manager, but apt-get is a lot more desirable.02:10
cimbakahnLooks interesting.02:10
CurlyAll of the repositories with apt-get is excellent and for the most part trustworthy.02:10
cimbakahnalot of people now are just using apt.  I still use apt-get.02:11
CurlyApt is pretty much the same.  Like   wget is still used with most versions.02:12
cimbakahnI typed this into google ----> can Mumble Drivers take over as the DEFAULT drivers02:12
CurlyDon't use Google.   Use:   https://duckduckgo.com02:13
CurlyMake that your default search engine.02:13
CurlyMake duckduckgo your default search ingine in Mozilla.02:14
cimbakahnhttps://duckduckgo.com doesn't have enough info for me.02:14
CurlyOf course it does.02:15
cimbakahnI will not use Firefox.02:15
CurlyYou just need to know how to search with it.02:15
CurlyUse Firefox and set the default  < Search Engine > to https://duckduckgo.com02:16
CurlyIt is that simple.02:16
CurlyIt is faster, and you will never be tracked.02:16
cimbakahnGeorge Soros basically owns Firefox now.  The Firefox we used to know has been altered too much.02:16
CurlyLike  Netscape Navigator was the first browser I used.02:17
CurlyNetscape Navigator is now Firefox.02:18
cimbakahnStill, the principals that Firefox was founded on no longer exist.02:18
CurlyNetscape had a big lawsuit years ago with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is part of the operating system. Netscape Navigator was a standalone browser.02:19
cimbakahnI remember that.  I couldn't get rid of that damn IE, so i could save the space for something else.02:20
CurlyBy the way, everytime you use Internet Explorer now known as Edge keeps track of Firefox. To prove this, use CCleaner which is a free software to clean up Windows and you will always see Explorer as a resident leech of Microsoft.02:21
cimbakahnThen those damn cyber programs that took up around 10 GB of space!02:21
CurlyAlso with I.E. it keeps cookies and other hidden files in which I found all of them and had a program to delete them all.02:22
cimbakahnI use to use ccleaner when i was on Windows.02:22
CurlyHere is what I.E. did in the background. It put cookies and tracked you everywhere you went and if you deleted the cache files, Microsoft refused to let them go so they gave the file a name and < inverted the text > to white so the file looked white but the fonts were white so you would think that the file was empty. If you inverted the fonts you would see all of the places you visited. That was the file02:23
Curlyyou deleted.02:24
CurlyI bet you never thought of that. :)02:24
CurlyWhat is nice is to use:  HEX Editors. Also reverse engineering was fun.02:25
cimbakahnSuper cool!02:26
CurlyYou must think I am a hacker or something.02:26
CurlyBy the way, for a living I am a Forensic Data Recovery Expert.02:28
CurlyI have other degrees. What do you do for a living?02:29
cimbakahnNo.  Just someone that likes to get things done, and enjoy their computer.02:29
CurlyComputer is a lot of fun and I like the challenge.02:29
cimbakahnNothing anymore.02:29
CurlyI will not quit untill I find the answer.02:29
CurlyWhat did you do for a living?02:29
cimbakahnMy latest and greatest career was as an Archaeologist.02:29
CurlyI love Archaeology. You spelled the word correctly.02:30
cimbakahnI have done so much more in life though.02:30
CurlyI watch the History and Discovery and the Archaeologist.02:31
CurlyNever think less of yourself though.02:33
CurlyNot all can have the privilege of going to school for 45 years.02:34
cimbakahnSiva just came on in Mumble.02:34
cimbakahnI said; Can't do anything about it.  I don't have sound.02:35
cimbakahnI am a student of life, and love learning.02:35
CurlyBy the way you would like to meet my friend from Canada Phadthai and Lucca. Very intelligent people.02:35
thaweaterhello guys im getting error02:35
thaweaterstartx isn't working02:35
thaweaterill post log just a sec02:35
CurlyThaweater anytime you get an error, stop before you do anything and ask yourself, did I change anything before this error?02:37
CurlyDid I modify something?02:37
thaweaterCurly, i install new system. then when  it comes to reboot it shows cli interface02:38
thaweaterthe installation goes fine. i type startx then get this error:02:39
Curly[  2069.265] (EE) systemd-logind: TakeControl failed: Rejected send message, 2 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.38" (uid=1000 pid=2813 comm="/usr/lib/xorg/Xorg -nolisten tcp :0 -auth /tmp/ser") interface="org.freedesktop.login1.Session" member="TakeControl" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination="org.freedesktop.login1" (uid=0 pid=627 comm="/lib/systemd/systemd-logind ")02:43
Curly[  2069.272] (II) Unloading intel02:44
Curly[  2069.272] (EE) Failed to load module "intel" (module does not exist, 0)02:44
Curly[  2069.272] (II) LoadModule: "modesetting"02:44
Curly 2069.274] (II) UnloadModule: "intel"02:45
Curly[  2069.274] (II) Unloading intel02:45
Curly[  2069.275] (EE) Failed to load module "intel" (module does not exist, 0)02:45
Curly[  2069.275] (II) LoadModule: "modesetting"02:45
thaweateri blame systemd02:45
thaweaterwiping my machine and going a non-systemd distro now02:46
thaweaterbye bye i will never use systemd again02:46
Curly[  2069.277] (EE) parse_vt_settings: Cannot open /dev/tty0 (No such file or directory)02:46
Curly[  2069.277] (EE)02:46
Curly[  2069.277] (EE)02:46
CurlyPlease consult the The X.Org Foundation support02:46
Curly[  2069.277] (EE)02:46
Curly at http://wiki.x.org02:47
CurlyAm I back.02:48
CurlyI flooded. But Brian it failed Cannot open.02:48
CurlyI hope this helped.02:49
CurlyWhat distro is it?02:53
CurlyAt least I found out his name is Brian according to the paste.02:54
CurlyThe system failed.02:55
CurlyNo such file or directory which means trouble.02:55
CurlyWhen it says: Please consult the X.Org Foundation support is a bad sign.02:57
CurlyProbably a waste of time. Install another distro.02:57
CurlyCimbakahn still there?02:59
cimbakahnYes.  I'm still here.03:01
CurlyDid you read the paste?03:01
cimbakahnJust got back from the kitchen.03:01
cimbakahnGrabbed a snack.03:01
cimbakahnYou mean his pastebin?03:02
CurlyWhat did you think of Thaweater paste? Yes.03:02
CurlyYou must be eating your snack. :)03:03
cimbakahnI am.03:03
CurlyCookies?   Sandwich.03:03
CurlyAll of this time I have been sippiing:  Admiral Nelson's Spiced Rum.03:04
cimbakahnI just scanned through it a little bit.03:05
CurlyWhat is your opinion?03:05
CurlyI pasted some of the important error message.03:05
CurlyI did see that his name is Brian.03:05
cimbakahnI know when it reads "No such file or directory" you're in trouble.03:05
CurlyError messages are important.  In Linux Anaconda is a dump file and the end of the road when I used Red Hat.03:06
CurlyWhat is your next project after Mumble?03:07
CurlyMy next project is  Squirrel GUI Email Server or something like that. I haven't met anyone who has installed their own Email server.03:09
cimbakahnMumble isn't really a project for me.  I just want to get this sound issue fixed and get a bunch of stuff done on the internet tonight.03:09
cimbakahnWell, you can get thunderbird and others in the repo.03:10
CurlyI have thunderbird but I am talking about a GUI Mail Server not client. I have a Domain Name and want to port forward emails to my URL.03:11
cimbakahnSiva put me in AFK because i wasn't speaking in Mumble.03:12
cimbakahnI am trying to get him to look in the chat box to see my message.03:13
CurlyA web browser can see my server so I want any place like Gmail to forward email to my URL@03:13
cimbakahnI see.  Like the Minetest irc does.03:15
CurlyProblems setting up a Mail Server is that your Internet Provider may not cotton to mail being ported to your server.03:15
CurlyAnd then, the port sending the email may not coincide with Gmail for example. Most IP's have their own Port for SMTP.03:16
cimbakahnIsn't this the same thing as pavucontrol?  https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/906/sound-output-device-chooser/03:32
CurlyNot sure but after looking at the site, that could be an option you are looking for. I have seen in Windows the choice of what drivers you want to use and you can change back. If that is what it looks like you may have come with  a good idea.03:35
CurlyBut in your case your audio works fine, therefore, you may need a switch that changes from external speaker to internal. <--------<   I think that is it.03:40
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CurlyCimbakahn, I think I found your answer:    https://askubuntu.com/questions/402275/automatically-switch-equalizer-preset-based-on-audio-output-internal-speaker-or#43225303:44
cimbakahnOk.  I saved those 2 links.  Will be checking them out.03:46
CurlyI believe this may answer your querry. Keep in mind HDMI is mentioned in the article.03:47
CurlyI use HTMI for my laptop and my internal speakers are silent. I mentioned this in passing a few hours ago.03:48
cimbakahnNow, this is very interesting ----> https://zorinos.com/computers/03:49
CurlyIf you switch to HDMI you will need an external TV to use your laptop in which I use all of the time. When I use the HDMI cable, it shuts off the internal speakers. If you reverse the process to Internal speakers, then when you connect the HDMI cable internal shuts off.03:49
CurlyThis is where that switch comes in to reverse the process.03:50
Curly240 GB of SSD  not very much.03:52
cimbakahnHere is something else that's very cool ----> https://www.voicemod.net/04:00
CurlyFree but read the:  FAQ    How to activate it and is it really free and what do you have to do to use it.04:03
CurlyAnything for free there is a price.04:04
CurlySPAM , ADDS   who knows what?04:04
CurlyA secret to downloading things for free:  Make sure it is:  Standalone    which means you don't have to install it. It just runs without installing.04:05
cimbakahnI understand.04:08
CurlyThat is a Windows Application.04:12
CurlyDo you know what the word Mumble means?04:17
CurlyIt means to talk in a low tone under your breath like grumbling.04:17
cimbakahnYes.  I know that.04:20
CurlyWhere are you from? I am from the United States. Massachusetts.04:20
cimbakahnNorthern U.S.A..  5 miles from the Canadian boarder.04:25
cimbakahnI just got this ----> https://imgur.com/a/jbqbAnq04:25
CurlyMy friend from Canada is from Montreal. He is on the other IRC network.04:25
CurlyI noticed Imgur is hiring. What is that about?04:27
CurlyI always like a little extra work if it pays OK.04:28
CurlyI don't work by the hour.04:29
cimbakahnI don't know what Imgur is hiring for.04:50
CurlyIt is on the link you posted.04:50
CurlyDid you say it is your server?04:50
cimbakahnThe link i posted was a screenshot.04:51
cimbakahnShould i install this ----> libcanberra-pulse04:52
diogenes_cimbakahn, what are you trying to do?04:53
cimbakahnI only have 2 servers.  A Mumble server & a Minetest server.04:53
cimbakahnFix my sound problem.04:53
cimbakahnI've been at it since i woke up yesterday.04:54
cimbakahnOk.  If you were curious about the career at Imgur, i found this link ----> https://imgurinc.com/careers04:56
CurlyOh I saw the link.05:00
CurlyI thought you were the owner.05:00
CurlyTell me what you think of this Academy.  https://www.networktechnologyacademy.org/05:00
CurlyI had an Internship there.05:01
CurlyI used to teach there.05:01
CurlyI am also good friends with the owner. He has more Academys05:02
CurlyMy wife taught Adobe Photoshop there.05:04
CurlyI taught Electronics, Computers, IT  A+ Certification there. CISCO Networking & Typing Lessons as well and more.05:06
CurlyI basically lived there for about 4 years.05:07
CurlyThat Academy is like a Bees Hive. Lots of education there. Lots of Instructors.05:08
CurlyThe owner wants me to teach Linux classes.05:09
CurlyI taught Windows classes there also.05:09
CurlyI also worked in the Somerville MA location.05:10
cimbakahnIt is a very nice looking site.  Does it cost anything?05:11
CurlyYes. Of course. :)05:11
CurlyI was in charge of Boot Camps.05:11
cimbakahnThere are all sorts of sites online where you can learn all sorts of things for free.05:11
CurlyWhatever Certification, the owner and I would hold a boot camp and you could get your MSCE or any certification within one week if you work hard at it.05:12
CurlyThis is not free, but this is part of my background.05:13
CurlyWhen you see that website, it is how I think and I have helped in the production of the site.05:13
CurlyI have been called by the other businesses in the building to give Technical Advice, there was good money in it. About $1,000.00/Day or Conference.05:15
CurlyI am a Technical Consultant.05:15
cimbakahnVery nice!05:17
CurlyI remember one day a man asked for me. I never met him but he heard of me and asked me to come to his Radio Station for a Round Table to help them with a Linux based server and which was the best alternative. That was worth about $850.00 for one hour of IT advice.05:17
cimbakahnI am going to try something else and i'll be right back.05:17
CurlyUnit193 Thanks for that advice on IRCDSeven.05:45
CurlyI found one with Chanserve with it.05:45
CurlyCimbakahn, if you read this, Mumble is a VOIP Daemon. If you said that first, I would have understood right away.12:54
ubonei have 1804 32bit, can i upgrade to 20.0413:45
CurlyUbone, is that for Desktop only?13:59
CurlyUbone this is where you can download 32 bit:   https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop14:00
CurlyAlso:  https://xubuntu.org/download14:06
CurlyLatest LTS release: 20.04, Focal Fossa14:07
Curly20.04 has some drastic changes.14:08
CurlyNetplan is withheld when 18.04 is updated. Netplan is the New changes.14:37
abtm_Curly, I do not believe that there is a 32 bit version of *buntu 20.0415:15
geniiThere's not really a feasible way to convert a 32bit install into a 64bit install. You'll just need to backup whatever stuff you wanted to keep and install a fresh 64bit15:34
Ken2Hello.  I'm not tech savvy or educated.  Been using Xubuntu for several years.  Just installed 20.04 & having problems.  Used a USB which I installed Xubuntu in a different laptop days earlier with no problems.  QUESTION:  Are the USB only good for 1 installation?  BACKGROUND:  searching web, I came across something about making a "persistent" USB.16:51
Ken2So is my problem the USB ISO?  (Please answer so a simpleton can understand!)16:51
abtm_Ken2, the usb is not limited to a single installation you can re-use the usb over and over again17:08
abtm_what problems are you having?17:09
abtm_did it finish installing?17:09
abtm_keep in mind that every computer uses hardware components like a monitor, keyboard, network card, sound card, hard drive etc17:09
abtm_each of those components need instructions (drivers) built into the operating system that enable the OS to use the hardware17:10
Ken2Thanks for your answer.  Been using this computer for years with previous Xubuntu & no issues.  Yes finished & working, but a number of problems, i.e. when coming back from "suspend", desktop is distorted & frozen -- I have to manually turn off computer.17:11
abtm_while the xubuntu OS has drivers for many well known commonly used hardware, it is likely that the xubuntu usb you are using does not have drivers for brand new hardware17:11
abtm_would need to know more about the hardware and then perhaps it is a known issue that can be researched17:13
abtm_its also possible that suspend does not work properly on xubuntu17:13
Ken2Never had problems with previous Xubuntu releases on this old HP dv6000 laptop.  (BTW, how are you making paragraph breaks in your answer.)17:14
Ken2Could it be that my computer is too old for 20.04 LTS?17:22
abtm_hitting carage return between thoughts :)17:24
abtm_and if I have a long answer the IRC client breaks them up into pieces17:25
Ken2When I do that, it puts my response on the board.17:26
xu-help58wHello. I'd like to rotate the login screen of my OS.17:27
CurlyAbtm_ I just posted where to download 20.04.17:44
CurlyAbtm_ True about the drivers. Not all Manufacturers co-operate with programmers due to proprietary reasons.17:48
CurlyNot all Compilers are the same.17:52
CurlyXu-help58w  This may help:  https://askubuntu.com/questions/408302/rotated-monitor-login-screen-needs-rotation#40931717:57
CurlyWow! What a change in the world with the death of George Floyd. What a tragedy. It effects us all.18:01
CurlyYeah! Lots of changes in Xubuntu. The one thing I like about the internet and using a search engine is that almost any question can be answered.18:03
CurlyA lot of the support channels use the expression:  RTFM <-----<   I laugh when I see that.18:04
CurlyAlthough, using that expression is not a kind expression.18:06
CurlyI figure; If a person can install any Linux distro and knows how to log onto the IRC; That is enough incentive to give a person a helping hand.18:07
CurlyIRC by statistics is waning.18:09
CurlyIRC is an:  Application Layer Protocol. It was started by: Jarkko Oikarinen in August 1988.18:14
CurlyIt replaced  MUT  MultiUser Talk on BBS.18:15
CurlyGood to see you again Abtm_   :)18:21
xu-help60wCan anybody helpe me?18:28
abtm_what is your question18:28
xu-help60wScreen rotation and input method18:29
xu-help60wI'd like to rotate the login screen and switch between different input methods.18:30
abtm_on ype of machine/monitor and what types of input methods?18:31
xu-help60wSorry can you be more specific about the screen rotation?18:32
xu-help60winput methods: Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish. I'm using iBus do do it, the sunpinyin input method is ok but the other ones don't change the keyboard layout when I switch.18:33
abtm_how/what are you rotating?18:34
xu-help60wclockwise to the right i want to rotate the login screen where the password is required18:37
brainwashxu-help60w: try this https://askubuntu.com/questions/408302/rotated-monitor-login-screen-needs-rotation18:39
brainwashthere are various solutions listed, so you may need to test them one by one18:40
xu-help60wOk thanks18:41
xu-help60wAny solution for the input method?18:41
brainwashI haven't looked for any yet, but last time I gave ibus a try I was able to switch via super+space18:42
brainwashit just worked basically18:42
xu-help60wI can switch but when I type there aren't any special characters.18:45
brainwashxu-help60w: maybe this https://github.com/ibus/ibus/issues/190618:45
CurlyI believe he is referring to:   diacritical characters.18:45
CurlyAcute, Grave, & Circumflex.18:46
CurlyIt sounds like he is an interpreter.18:46
brainwashwell okay18:46
brainwashso, I assume that ibus is configured to "use system keyboard layout" by default18:47
bodicceai use ibus a lot, for English, Japanese, Chinese. And I use system keyboard default (QWERTY US). I use ibus to switch input methods, not to change the keyboard layout. And with a compose key, there is no issue with characters like "à, é, ç, etc..."18:52
bodicceaI use "right alt" as "compose", key mostly to input French. And "<hyper>F12" to switch input method English->Japanese->Chinese->English18:55
bodicceaWell, not everybydy can have an "<hyper>" key, it depends on keyboards.18:56
xu-help60wOh that helped thanks18:58
CurlyThere are Monitors that swivel or rotate. Vertical Monitors are usually used in Publishing & Book Editing. I remember Apple had a vertical screen use for Adobe Publishing.20:02
CurlyNews Papers use them for that reason.20:03
CurlyThere was Aldus Page Maker.20:03
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CurlyBodiccea, do you speak Japanese? I had a computer that was given to me by a friend and the BIOS was in Chinese. I suppose you would have to flash the BIOS to English.20:15
CurlyI meant to ask if you speak Chinese?20:16
CurlyEither way, have you seen a BIOS in Chinese?20:17
CurlyI suppose you would have to compensate for the:  Aspect Ratio  (X:Y) coordinates.20:30
CurlyThere is a nice Video LAN   VLC Video LAN which is free that can compensate for Aspect Ratio. I think it is one of the best video players.20:32
CurlyVideo LAN will also Rotate the Video, which is nice.20:37
CurlyBodiccea, Chinese is read from Top to Bottom, true?20:39
CurlyI know that Hebrew is read and written from  Right to Left.20:40
CurlyI just got my answer:   https://www.quora.com/Why-do-the-Japanese-and-Chinese-write-from-top-to-bottom-vertically?share=120:42
CurlyI can see why the need for a Vertical Screen.20:44
CurlyHow would you talk on the IRC in Chinese?20:44
CurlyThat text editor works.20:50
CurlyI guess you can change the BIOS to English:  https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=264439.021:26
CurlyCimbakahn I have a WIFI Motorola ear and mic. I have not set up WIFI yet for it, however, once I set it up, I will log into your Mumble Server. I like the skins of the page. Nice work. I just may install Mumble.21:30
bodicceaCurly, I speak a little Japanese, my wife is Chinese. And I am French. Nowadays, both in Japan and China, they tend to write like in Western countries: From left to right, top to bottom. I never saw in office (Japanese) or Chinese (my wife) writing the old way: top to bottom, right to left.21:31
CurlyAt the Academy I posted above, we used to use VOIP with standard Phones, but the quality of audio was poor and it bogged down the School.21:32
CurlyBodiccea, nice to hear of you and your wife. My friend on the other IRC server is from Canada. We talk everyday from about 20 or so years now. Thanks for telling me about the Left to Right. Interesting.21:34
CurlyI have a Hebrew Editor that types from Right to Left.21:35
CurlyWhat do you mean by: "in office?"  Do you Microsoft Office?21:36
CurlyDo you mean Microsoft Office?21:37
bodicceaAnd, about BIOS, I bought an Asus laptop last time I went to Japan, BIOS was in English. And an Huawei phone in China, I just needed to push a button to switch to English.21:37
CurlyThat's cool.21:38
bodicceain office, means when I was working in Tokyo. Should have written "at work in Japan" :)21:38
CurlyI think   chow  means hello. In Vietnamese  chow un  means hello to a man. Chow uh to a woman.21:39
CurlyI get it.21:39
CurlyThere are different ways to say hello to a boy, girl, a man woman and a grandfather grandmother.21:39
CurlyIs your IRC nick from Japanese?21:41
bodicceaI bought the laptop 6-8 months ago in Kyoto, I an not sure if I used a setup to set it in English, I just don't remember. Will double check if there such setup, but surely I did not flash a BIOS.21:41
CurlyAlso was your computer in Tokyo Windows or Xubuntu?21:41
bodicceamine ?21:42
bodicceaat home: (X)Ubuntu, in office, Windows. And when I got a laptop from office, I was able to get admins to remove boot passwd, and I installed a dual boot :)21:43
CurlyNice work. Dual Boot. Hey! Why not? If it increases your productivity.21:44
bodicceano, bodiccea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boudica21:44
bodicceawell, time to sleep here, will double check the laptop BIOS tonight and let you know tomorrow.21:46
CurlyThat is fantastic. I study:  Etymology  which is from the Greek:  Etymologos which means: "The study of the origin of words."21:47
CurlyThanks for that info. I hope you sleep well.21:48
bodicceaCurly, just checked the BIOS, did not find anything to switch to Japanese, so it was effectively in English when I bought it. good night too.22:04
CurlyOK  I guess you curious. :)22:04
CurlyGood night.22:04
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