tomwardillI need someone who's better at bash parsing than I am:14:26
tomwardilllxc-attach -n "$container_name" -- env -u LANG USER=buildbot $PWD/bin/with-xvfb $PWD/bin/test -vvv --shuffle --subunit "$@" | subunit-1to214:26
tomwardillhow do I make that pipe be part of the subcommand?14:26
tomwardillcurrently it's attempting to pipe the output of lxc-attach into it14:26
cjwatsonDoes lxc-attach produce some extra stuff as well as the output of the underlying command then?14:28
cjwatsonBut also, that seems backwards14:28
cjwatsonIf you want v2 output you could just use --subunit-v2.  I thought you needed to produce v2 for testrepository and then use subunit-2to1 to convert it into something the master understands, though14:29
SpecialK|Canontomwardill: quote the bit after the --?14:29
cjwatsonIt gets a bit awful with "$@" though14:29
cjwatsonBetter to avoid that if we can14:30
cjwatsonBTW the other thing I noticed is that lpbuildbot/bzrbuildbot/subunittest.py is probably going to need to gain v2 support14:31
cjwatsonOh, except that's only when we upgrade the master, never mind14:31
tomwardillyeah, that's my backup plan for if the subunit-2to1 doesn't work14:31
tomwardill(yes, that previous one was backwards)14:32
cjwatsonIf lxc-attach is producing extra output, can you get it to shut up by adding the -q option?14:33
cjwatsonI think we want lp-setup-lxc-test to be producing a clean subunit stream without any extra guff anyway14:35
tomwardillit's more that my output looks something like this: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/h1zsmSsw/image.png14:35
cjwatsonRight, I get that, I'm just wondering why you need to avoid the output of lxc-attach being passed to subunit-2to114:36
cjwatsonIt could only be a problem if lxc-attach is doing more than just passing through stdout from its inferior command14:36
tomwardillI don't know tbh, I've got myself confused14:37
* tomwardill starts at the beginning again14:38
* cjwatson makes an LXC container to test. Been ages since I had one of these ...14:38
tomwardillI could probably just ship you my worker lxdvm14:39
cjwatsonHeh, I think lxc-create will still be faster14:40
tomwardillI suspect this might end in having to upgrade lpbuildbot/bzrbuildbot/subunittest.py with v214:41
tomwardill(as you suggested)14:41
cjwatsonTricky because praseodymium doesn't have the python-subunit version needed for that14:41
cjwatsonI think it should be avoidable in this pass14:41
cjwatson(We can backport python-subunit if we have to, but let's try to avoid that work just now)14:41
tomwardillcjwatson: my current lp-setup-lxc-test https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/Q2ZDHtyf9G/14:42
tomwardillbased on a xenial worker/test-lxc14:42
tomwardilloh hey, got postgres to behave16:43
tomwardillnow just the subunit stuff to solve16:43
tomwardilloh no, it's only partially behaving16:44
tomwardillnope, postgres still refusing to start when run via buildbot. Works fine by hand16:59
* tomwardill stares at it16:59

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