jibelmorning all04:11
dufluHi jibel 05:10
seb128goood morning desktopers05:32
dufluHi seb128. How goes?05:39
seb128duflu, hey! a bit tired but alright, you?05:39
duflujibel, btw those AMD stats are still ~1% (?)05:39
dufluseb128, yeah I got a reasonable sleep so feel good. Could be better though. Still experimenting with new pillows05:40
jibelduflu, I didn't have a look yet05:47
jibelsalut seb128 05:47
seb128lut jibel, comment ça va ?06:07
didrocksgood morning06:10
dufluHi didrocks 06:12
jibelseb128, ça va bien, on avance bien sur l'encryption, c'est motivant06:21
didrocksgood afternoon duflu 06:23
seb128jibel, super :)06:37
seb128lut didrocks, comment ça va ?06:37
seb128hey luna_06:37
didrockssalut seb128, ça va, et toi ?06:37
seb128ça va aussi :)06:38
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:42
marcustomlinsonmorning callmepk jibel duflu seb128 didrocks luna_ oSoMoN07:18
callmepkMorning marcustomlinson jibel duflu seb128 didrocks luna_ oSoMoN 07:19
didrockshey marcustomlinson, callmepk, oSoMoN 07:25
seb128lot oSoMoN, hey marcustomlinson, callmepk, how are you today?07:33
oSoMoNmorning marcustomlinson, callmepk, didrocks, seb128 & everyone else :)07:33
marcustomlinsonseb128, hey! a bit tired but alright ;)07:34
callmepkI am great! how are you seb128?07:34
seb128callmepk, I'm alright thanks07:35
dufluHi marcustomlinson, callmepk, oSoMoN, world07:49
seb128hey Laney, how are you?08:05
dufluHi Laney08:05
Laneyhey seb128 duflu 08:07
Laneyyeah doing good, don't know why we have this second winter though, that's not ok imo08:07
dufluI'll swap you. We're over a week into actual winter and it's still 24 degrees08:08
LaneyIt's going to peak at like 13 today08:09
didrockshey Laney 08:09
LaneyDefinitely up for a swap08:09
Laneyhey didrocks!08:09
didrockscking: hey, FYI, after a final round of testing I’m going to upload zfs-linux if you don’t have anything else to upload. It readds zsys support which was dropped in previous debian merge by accident I guess, add encryption support and now that the upstream PR on the dep loop with encryption is accepted (not merged yet), I’m backporting it.08:45
popeyHey. My laptop ran out of space in /boot (zfs) 131MB size and each initrd was 82MB so it blew up. I tried updating, but for some reason my laptop locked up (i915 issue). I rebooted and now it won't even give me grub. Is there a "boot from live cd, and here's how you mount zfs pools to fix it" type guide?09:18
didrockspopey: I don’t think there is this guide, but it will be good to have. In groovy, we blocked autosnapshotting when reaching 80% of max capacity (the SRU is waiting for reviews). The fact that grub doesn’t even start is another bug assigned to foundation (but from their meeting discussion, it sounded like it’s a WONT FIX for them)09:29
didrocksso, we only have a mitigation on the ZSys side, but it will be good to have at least grub fixed to prevent this to happen (even without snapshots, you can file up your ZFS disk and then, can’t boot)09:30
juliankpopey, didrocks I had a user on reddit recently that had issues with recovery as well, I got him to mount datasets individually which worked for him, as automatic mounting was borked or something, despite the pool being i,ported to /mnt09:45
juliankpopey: FWIW, the steps should be zpool import BPOOL /mnt, zfs mount -a AFAIUI09:46
juliankand then you should see it in /mnt/boot AFAIUI09:46
juliankbut I might be wrong09:46
julianktheir grub only got to a commandline, it was terrible09:48
juliankand I guess zpool import and individual zfs mount per dataset would work too09:49
didrocksI think you meant zpool import rpool -R /mnt && zpool import bpool -R /mnt/boot && mount /dev/sda1 (if efi is there) /mnt/boot/efi && mount --bind /mnt/boot/efi/grub /mnt/boot/grub09:50
didrocksso that you can chroot then in /mnt and do what you need09:50
juliankah yes, you need to run grub-mkconfig/update-grub09:51
didrocksjuliank: FYI, the grub issue is bug #186754209:51
ubot5bug 1867542 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub stuck on loading kernel, fails to ls zfs and swap partitions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/186754209:51
ckingdidrocks, i'm not going to upload zfs in the next 10 days or so10:38
ckingso please feel free to upload10:39
didrockscking: will do! There is some unknown if the upstream PR is really fixing the issue. I’m going to upload it and track upstream development, commenting there as needed10:39
ckingi'm only planning to add kernel driver related bugfixes now such as compat shims for 5.8+ kernels etc10:41
ckingand they can wait until you are done10:41
didrocksack, I’m going to upload right now (j_ibel and I just finished testing)10:41
didrockswill be good for us to talk about the performance discussion we started whenever you have time10:42
ckingthe latest code as the AES crypto accelleration and I've SRU'd the first round of this to focal10:42
Laneyseb128: when you get a minute you can revert that change to the i386 script we did yesterday (just the script bit)10:43
Laneyit appears in the output now so doesn't need a special case any more10:43
popeydidrocks (sorry, was afk). Well that's disappointing. I guess I need to figure out a way to recover the data on my laptop and wipe it10:43
didrockscking: I meant the other discussion, where Matt raised about init_on_alloc10:43
ckingdidrocks, ah, yes, that's on my TODO list for next week10:44
didrockspopey: feel free to raise it on the bug I linked, I agree that grub not booting is concerning10:44
didrockscking: excellent!10:44
didrockspopey: tell me if the commands I gave is working for you10:44
didrockswe can turn that into a wiki page on zsys project10:44
didrockspopey: I hope our ZSys 0.4.6 will hit focal soon (once out of UNAPPROVED), which will mitigate the issue, but not prevent people to file up their disks with ZFS and making grub not booting10:46
popeywill do. i'm on vacation so booted into windows right now. need to get this fixed before next week. will have a play with it later.10:58
didrockspopey: keep us posted and enjoy your holidays :)11:00
popeywill do, thanks.11:00
ricotzoSoMoN, thanks for the firefox patches :)12:16
oSoMoNricotz, you're welcome, I'm glad you noticed and this didn't conflict with the update to 78.0~b512:53
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seb128Laney, you are confident it's not needed anymore? there are other similars entries in the script that haven't been cleared out in the past so I prefer to check (sorry, days are short enough atm so I don't want to spend time trying to understand what's happening exactly with the bootstraping and the i386 process)13:06
Laneyseb128: well, try remove it and run the script on dry-run, but yeah I am13:48
seb128Laney, confirmed and commited14:13
ogratsk ... germans 14:21
hellsworthgood morning desktopers14:22
oSoMoNgood morning hellsworth 14:27
hellsworthhi there oSoMoN :)14:28
oSoMoNseb128, tjaalton: for xorg-server 2:1.20.8-2ubuntu3, the r-cran-gwidgetstcltk autopkgtests on armhf and ppc64el need to be retried with an additional trigger on the version in proposed (r-cran-gwidgetstcltk/0.0-55.1-3)14:30
seb128oSoMoN, thx, I'm doing that14:41
tjaaltonoSoMoN: ah, I forgot that part earlier today14:45
kenvandinesigh... libjpeg triggered another USN refresh of like everything14:49
seb128snaps are hard work to maintain14:50
Laneywtb auto rebuild + re-publish on USN14:56
seb128would be nice14:57
oSoMoNthis requires at least some minimal amount of automated testing, but yeah, that would be nice (and something we should work on)15:12
kenvandinei've got some automation16:21
kenvandinei'd really like to trigger the rebuilds from trello :)16:22
kenvandinecard created -> rebuild -> move to needs testing when the build finishes16:22
kenvandinelast week it was time consuming because i had some snaps that were failing to build since branching gnome-3-36 and some others that needed updating so i did it all at once16:23
marcustomlinsonlp scripting ftw16:28
marcustomlinsonyou’ll also need to do things like build sdk snaps before platform snaps before app snaps16:33
marcustomlinsonoh actually, the sdk would need to be published to stable before the platform picks it up16:35
* marcustomlinson tries pulling his spanner out of the works16:36
marcustomlinsonkenvandine, do platform snaps still build from candidate sdk snaps?16:38
kenvandine candidate16:38
marcustomlinsonok ignore my comment about publishing to stable first then16:39
kenvandinebut still, we need to trigger the platform from the sdk build16:39
marcustomlinsonand having the apps build after sdk and platform snaps is nice because it’ll confirm they build with the new bases16:40
marcustomlinsonOh sorry no, those do pull from stable16:40
kenvandinewhoops :)16:41
kenvandinewhat i really want is build.snapcraft.io to support gitlab like it does for github16:41
kenvandinethen we can use the API to trigger builds 16:41
kenvandinewe'll get more builds for free16:42
marcustomlinsonbut your automated test thingies from cwayne confirm apps build with new platform builds right?16:42
kenvandinethat doesn't build16:42
kenvandineit's a screenshot of the running app from the candidate channel16:42
marcustomlinsonah, but against a candidate platform?16:43
kenvandineso when a content snap is updated i can quickly see that some of the snaps load and look right16:43
marcustomlinsonor candidate apps using stable platform :P16:43
kenvandineand gtk-common-themes from candidate16:43
marcustomlinsonok cool16:43
marcustomlinsonjust checking ;)16:43
marcustomlinsonso technically it should be: build sdk snaps -> build platform snaps -> test -> release -> build app snaps -> test -> release16:46
marcustomlinsonthat first test would have to be against test snaps16:46
marcustomlinsonones that build against the new sdk16:47
marcustomlinsonperhaps cwayne could add a build step to the testing?16:47
marcustomlinsonanywho :) goodnight all16:53
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hellsworthogra: is there something special i need to do to get UC20 to boot in kvm? I've tried my same qemu-virgil command used for ubuntu-core-18-amd64.img, but used on the current beta of ubuntu-core-20-amd64.img and i just get a preboot screen saying invalid signature.19:22
ograthere should be an unsigned image ... not sure the signed one works i kvm (better ask in #snappy, i haent done much with core20 yet... specifically on obsolete arches like x86 😉 )19:23
PaulePanterDell Lattitude and Precision laptop get into a state, where they do not boot with power cable unplugged. :/22:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1661741 in Dell Sputnik "[Dell Inc. Latitude E5470] suspend/resume failure" [High,Fix released]22:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1871491 in Dell Sputnik "Dell Precision 7740: Resume failures related to AC/battery" [Undecided,New]22:37
PaulePanterAny help appreciated.22:37
PaulePanterThey are part of Dell’s Sputnik program, so I am pretty suprised, there is such a bug, and nobody cares.22:37

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