tomreyni lack context there, but, just in case this hasn't been tried, yet, i'd definitely recommend running multiple passes of a full memory test in the same bios/uefi boot mode which a malfunction seems to have been triggered in. and to check disks' s.m.a.r.t. data, too.00:04
robertparkerxcan someone help teach me something. A little back story a site was hacked today. I've done everything in test environment but the bash (I think script?) I was given. It's just code what looks like. What do I do with it?00:20
robertparkerxI know how to create the crontab job00:20
robertparkerxthe bash just changes permissions00:21
quadrathoch2robertparkerx, i still don't get the link between getting hacked and a bash script oO (especially when it only changes ownership)00:22
robertparkerxI could not explain00:23
quadrathoch2so from whom did you get the script then?00:24
robertparkerxmy boss00:24
robertparkerxI just have the snippet in a paste00:26
quadrathoch2so to figure out the whole story: you were hacked, (hopefully fixed the issue) and now you should run a script that fixes permission isssues? or what should it do?00:28
quadrathoch2robertparkerx, if you are allowed to post that paste, that would be nice00:28
robertparkerxSure it only has paths00:29
Ether_ManIs there any way I can grant permission to use chown/chmod to a non root user?00:30
quadrathoch2just want to make sure, that there is no private information or the like00:30
sarnoldEther_Man: chmod yes, chown no00:31
sarnoldEther_Man: what are you trying to accomplish?00:32
quadrathoch2robertparkerx, hm imho those permissions are not restrictive enough, but not my soup ^^. so now you want to run that on a certain period?00:32
robertparkerxevery night00:33
quadrathoch2cron or systemd-timers?00:33
sarnoldcron is nice because it's a single line; cron is annoying because it emails you the output and quite often systems don't have working email any more00:34
Ether_Mansarnold, ah well I was going to update a bit of policies for some programs while it's down due to a bug. But basically, I need one app to set the owner and permission to a different group. There's 3 apps. One fetches a file. Another processes the file. Another reads the file. I'd like as little cross contamination in between them so to speak so was thinking of moving them to different users, but without chown, that's not really gonna00:34
robertparkerxI thought I could just ouput to a log00:35
sarnoldsystemd-timers is nice because you can get the output in journalctl, systemd-timers is annoying because it's a minimum of two files and several commands to do what cron can do in one line...00:35
robertparkerxWell print to a log00:35
quadrathoch20 23 * * * /path/to/script, editing with crontab -e00:36
quadrathoch2robertparkerx, ops, wanted to ping you00:36
robertparkerxokay for php I normally do php -q path/to/script00:36
quadrathoch2will run every day at 11pm00:37
robertparkerxbut what file extension do I use for bash00:37
robertparkerxdoes it matter00:37
quadrathoch2most people do .sh00:37
sarnoldEther_Man: there's probably a happy way to do what you need -- program A runs as user A, downloads file; program B runs as user B, reads the A files fine, writes new B files as user B; program C reads the B files fine, writes new files as C user...00:37
robertparkerxcould I run it from terminal too?00:37
sarnoldEther_Man: I run something similar, my ubuntu archive rsync job runs as a restricted user via a systemd service file -- and systemd timer, just as I was complaining a few lines above :)_00:37
quadrathoch2yes if it's executable (which it needs to be)00:38
robertparkerxa+x ?00:39
robertparkerxty for showing me this00:40
robertparkerxa lot00:40
Ether_Mansarnold, App B doesn't really have the capability to copy the contents of the file. Like that. The processing it does is more like making a library of the files and moving them to the right locations, renaming them in an orderly manner and such.00:40
quadrathoch2no problem, :) btw. yes but normally i just do +x00:40
quadrathoch2or rather I use the numbers00:41
sarnoldEther_Man: you could either put both A and B in the same group and give both groups write access to the directories containing the files, or you could bust out setfacl and give write permissions to the directories in question to both users00:43
devslashis trhere a way to make the grub menu show up at bootup if it doesnt normally00:45
Ether_Mansarnold, The apps have a shared group as it is right now so I guess I'll have to keep using that to decide all permissions. Just don't really like giving A permission to the files as served to C :/00:45
devslashi need to boot into recpovery mode but grub doesnt show up it boots right away00:45
sarnolddevslash: normally holding down left shift will do the job00:46
devslashdidnt do anything00:46
sarnoldEther_Man: depending upon what you're trying to accomplish, apparmor profiles or systemd namespace tricks may help00:46
robertparkerxIt worked out fantastically :D00:47
robertparkerxty again00:47
quadrathoch2devslash, try esc00:48
quadrathoch2robertparkerx, :)00:48
devslashesc worked00:48
devslashbut i cant boot into recovery mode'00:49
quadrathoch2devslash, what error do you get?00:49
devslasheven after adding single to the grub line00:49
devslashit just boots normally00:49
devslashhow do you boot into recoverty mode ?00:50
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devslashI thought that you add single to the linux line in the grub menu but that doesnt work00:50
Bashing-omdevslash: At the grub boot menu is "advanced" in that selection is the option "recovery".00:51
devslashgetting to grub is tricky on my computer00:52
devslashit weorks maybe 10% of the time when I press esc00:52
Bashing-omdevslash: There is but a 3 second window of opportunity for grub to see escape - keep trying to find that sweet spot :P00:54
devslashits like 0.5 seconds00:55
quadrathoch2devslash, if you want you could increase that window (and I'm sure it's not 0.5 seconds) :)00:56
devslashnot without being able to sudo00:56
quadrathoch2welp, yeah that's an issue00:56
devslashi think im gonna have to reformat00:56
devslashi cant get in00:57
devslashnot even to grub00:57
devslashit goes straight to thre grub prompt not the grub menu00:57
devslashbut the grub command line00:57
quadrathoch2devslash, what specifically did you do?00:58
devslashlogged in via ssh which uses pub key auth00:58
devslashdid sudo -i to do some admin stuff00:58
devslashit said password is not correct00:59
devslashthats it00:59
devslashhavent changed it recently00:59
quadrathoch2can you change the password?00:59
devslashi changed it 6 days ago and have logged in many times since then00:59
devslashim trying to get into recovery mode00:59
devslashso i can do that00:59
devslashi just got to recovery00:59
devslashif i choose root it asks for root password01:00
devslashbut i dunno ehat that is01:00
quadrathoch2well if you never changed that, there is no root password01:00
devslashis there anything else i can do before i reformat and start over01:00
devslashwell it says that its incorrect if i dont enter one01:00
quadrathoch2devslash, yeah because empty means you can't login01:01
quadrathoch2but single should work01:01
devslashit doesnt01:01
devslashit does the same thing01:01
devslashasks for root password or ctrl d to continue01:01
devslashctrl d boots up normally01:01
devslashwhich i dont want to do01:01
Sven_vBis SSH configured to accept 1. interactive passwords 2. empty passwords?01:01
devslashonly pub key01:02
Sven_vBhave you tried "2" as a boot argument? instead of "single"01:03
Sven_vBif you can't even get into grub, the SuperGrub Disk might help01:03
devslashwhat does that do01:03
sarnolddevslash: boot with "init=/bin/bash" or "init=/usr/bin/bash"01:03
Sven_vB"2" is the old way of giving a runlevel as target. I'll see what the modern way is, too.01:04
devslashwith single ir without ?01:04
devslashsarnold, do i use single or not when using init ?01:04
Sven_vBmy custom revovery has "systemd.unit=multi-user.target", maybe there's single-user also01:04
devslashahh that did the trick01:05
Jordan_Udevslash: init=/bin/bash should do it, but if it doesn't then booting from a LiveUSB and chrooting in is another way to change passwords.01:05
sarnolddevslash: 'single' will probably go through systemd's rescue target, and that will prompt you for a root password if you set one. init=/bin/bash will just run bash, and not ask for any passwords at all01:05
devslashyea thats what i needed thanks01:05
devslashi still dont know why I couldnt log in with my existing password01:06
sarnolddevslash: once you're in, run passwd, set a new one, sync ; sync ; sync ; kill $$  --- it should reboot then01:06
devslashok. I forgot to run sync. need to do it again :p01:07
KamIs copying over the public/priv ssh key onto a new host fine?01:07
devslashyea you can as long as you set the right perms01:07
sarnoldKam: some folks prefer making new identities on every host, so if one host is compromised, you can just yank that one pubkey from all the other systems01:08
KamHow would I set the right perms? I just copied over the .ssh folder onto my hdd01:08
devslash644 on .ssh and 600 on the key01:08
KamIts just I have my public key stored on a school computer which I can't access anymore01:08
KamSo I really need that key xD01:08
Sven_vBsarnold, why many syncs? what determines how many are appropriate?01:09
sarnoldKam: 700 on ~/.ssh 600 on ~/.ssh/id_rsa   (or whichever type)01:10
devslashoh ok yea sorry my bad01:10
Sven_vBactually that w-bit seems useless01:10
sarnoldSven_vB: probably one sync would do; three syncs has been tradition for decades, though. the sync syscall just *queues* data to be written, and when disks were spinning metal and slow, it was common to have to wait several seconds for everything to be written01:11
sarnoldSven_vB: and, of course, any pages in memory that were dirtied after that first sync wouldn't be queued to be flushed -- so that's the second sync01:11
Sven_vBsarnold, I see. then I should probably put some sleeps between them, too.01:11
sarnoldSven_vB: and the third sync is the pick up whatever might have been dirtied while typing the second sync command :)01:11
sarnoldwell the idea was that humans would't type sync<enter> super-quick..01:12
devslashif i change the password for 2 different user accounts do i need to run sync afer each pw change or just once ?01:12
Sven_vBsarnold, yeah, the sleep would only be required when you use ; as above01:12
Sven_vBdevslash, you need the syncs after you're done with all your changes01:13
sarnolddevslash: just once, before rebootring01:13
devslashjust so you know kill $$ doesnt do anything01:13
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Sven_vBor just reboot cleanly with the "reboot" command, then you don't need to sync.01:14
devslashctrl alt del does the trick too ;)01:14
Sven_vByes when you have a keyboard connected, that's one way to do it.01:15
Sven_vB(as opposed to, e.g. a nullmodem link)01:16
SpeedrunnerG55the comunitheme-dark is missing for me01:17
SpeedrunnerG55how do i reinstall it?01:18
sarnolddevslash: aw bugger, thanks01:19
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leftyfbSpeedrunnerG55: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/07/yaru-ubuntu-theme01:22
SpeedrunnerG55how do i install it?01:23
leftyfbSpeedrunnerG55: you read the article01:23
SpeedrunnerG55it says comuniotheme is alreaddy installed01:25
SpeedrunnerG55but i dont see comunithyeme-dark01:25
leftyfbSpeedrunnerG55: reboot01:26
SpeedrunnerG55it is still not there01:29
leftyfbSpeedrunnerG55: what version of ubuntu are you running?01:30
leftyfbSpeedrunnerG55: use gnome tweak to change the theme01:31
SpeedrunnerG55im on ubuntu 18.0401:33
SpeedrunnerG55im trying to use gnome tweaks, but comunitheme dark isnt there01:33
leftyfbSpeedrunnerG55: it's under cursor and icons01:36
leftyfbSpeedrunnerG55: to use it for he entire session please read https://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-community-theme/01:38
leftyfbdon't use the ppa, you already have it installe.d Just sk..... nevermind01:38
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SpeedrunnerG55i tried switching  the shellt he comunitheme on GTK and its still not there01:43
leftyfbSpeedrunnerG55: https://youtu.be/cwERjNBEbiw?t=10801:44
SpeedrunnerG55comunitheme dark is missing for him too01:46
leftyfbthen there is no dark version01:47
SpeedrunnerG55i had it earlyer today01:48
SpeedrunnerG55then it just went missiong for no reason01:48
SpeedrunnerG55i found it01:50
SpeedrunnerG55i had to use comunitheme on snap01:50
SpeedrunnerG55then it showed up,01:51
SpeedrunnerG55thnx tho01:51
leftyfbisn't that what the article I sent him originally said to do?01:52
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golden_ticketIs there any software which I can run as a transparent proxy that supports udp?02:21
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
Sven_vBgolden_ticket, maybe socat. depends on what you're trying to do02:32
golden_ticketSven_vB, I'm trying to forward all udp traffic to an external proxy I purchased and then return that traffic to the application which requested the data.02:33
Sven_vBgolden_ticket, how would the proxy know which packet is a reply to which earlier packet?02:33
Sven_vBgolden_ticket, the first part, relaying outbound, is easy02:34
Sven_vBwhat kind of watermark?02:34
golden_ticketSven_vB, I've heard of some kind of iptables extension which watermarks packets being relayed for udp...I can't remember the name of it though02:34
Sven_vBgolden_ticket, if you get iptables (i.e. netfilter) to identify the replies, you could re-route them to another port that's reserved for forwarding "back" to you.02:36
Sven_vBthen 2 socats should suffice to forward UDP packets in each direction respectively.02:36
Sven_vBmy gut suspects this would have a lot of overlap with STUN.02:37
golden_ticketI don't know what STUN is02:37
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davido_I had a broken apt upgrade: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Yk4Rz5H2YS/  .... any ideas?03:11
davido_Seems like a rather bad thing to have break.03:17
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic focal03:20
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (focal), package size 2 kB, installed size 17 kB03:20
davido_I appreciate the reference, just not sure what the suggested course of action it implies.03:23
Bashing-omdavido_: Just checking that the correct kernel was attempting to install - I have no idea now as to why there is " operation not permittted" :(03:26
davido_yeah, that's not cool. maybe a reboot.03:27
davido_first i'm confirming it on a separate system.03:28
pi0how do i troubleshoot when an app does not load03:31
pi0i install arduino ide03:31
pi0i get the splash logo but it does not load up03:31
pi0ubuntu 18.0403:31
quadrathoch2pi0, did you try to start it from terminal, normally errors are being thrown out on terminal03:33
pi0i can try that way03:33
pi0failed to load module03:34
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:34
quadrathoch2is there more to it pi0?03:36
pi0that would be it03:37
pi0when i ran from cli03:37
pi0i do have 2 versions of java installed03:37
pi011 and 803:37
quadrathoch2maybe that's a reason for the hiccup, sorry don't know java at all :/03:38
davido_A reboot followed by an apt --fix-broken install followed by a regular apt upgrade && apt update fixed my issue.03:43
pi0with arduino03:46
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sanavPDF reader with annotation /marking feature?05:47
sanavfor ubuntu 20.04 (gnome), i don't want KDE tools05:48
KamWhere can I get the mtdev-dev package?06:18
lotuspsychje!info mtdev-dev06:19
ubottuPackage mtdev-dev does not exist in focal06:19
=== enko-h is now known as enko
KamI also get unable to locate mtdev-dev06:19
lotuspsychje!info libmtdev-dev06:19
ubottulibmtdev-dev (source: mtdev): Multitouch Protocol Translation Library - dev files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.5-1.1 (focal), package size 5 kB, installed size 40 kB (Only available for linux-any)06:19
KamI'm trying to install mtrack and make the program06:23
MonotokoAnyone know how I can force an SSH to keepalive through a proxy? Even with tmux open on the remote side it still dies06:24
KamI get 'usr/bin/ld: src/mtrack_test-hwstate.o: in function `hwstate_modify':'06:24
MonotokoProxyCommand /bin/nc -X 5 -x -I 10 %h %p is what I have in my SSH config right now06:24
Monotokoright now it seems to be a choice of it dying every few minutes but being reasonably fast... or dealing with very slow SSH connections without the VPN (I'm in China)06:25
SakaraHi folks I've completed a new installation using ZFS. I'm curious about the layout of the datasets. Is there any documentation about it? I'm specifically interested in where I should be creating my own datasets?06:26
lotuspsychje!zfs | Sakara06:27
ubottuSakara: For information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS06:27
SakaraThanks lotuspsychje I'll check it out06:27
Sakaralotuspsychje, I'm quite familiar with ZFS and that documentation is an introduction to ZFS by the looks of things.06:28
KamWhat should I add to deb-src if I wanna get xserver-xorg-input-mtrack06:28
Kamto sources.list*06:29
blogtenhello... is anyone running Ubuntu on a MacPro1,1 here?06:29
guivercKam, it's found in 'universe' so you'll need universe... https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&searchon=names&keywords=xserver-xorg-input-mtrac06:38
Kamguiverc How would I add that to my sources.list? I'm quite new to this06:39
ducasseKam: 'sudo add-apt-repository universe06:39
ducasseKam: 'sudo add-apt-repository universe'06:39
Kam'universe' distribution component is already enabled for all source06:40
guivercKam, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu  provides clues [beyond ducasse's easy fix :) ]06:40
anonymipanyone else having issues browsing mounted cifs shares with midnight commander under Ubuntu 20.04? I get "CIFS VFS: Close unmatched open06:40
anonymipany ideas what that mean?06:40
ducasseKam: you need to enable source repos, you can do that from the 'software and updates' gui06:41
anonymipI can access the files via cli, so the issue seems to be related to midnight commande06:42
skyliner_369I'm trying to figure out how to tell cmake to build for windows, since I'm trying to build a game for my wandows frens to play with me06:42
skyliner_369there's plenty of links to "Here's how to build for linux on windows" when I try to search, but... not inverse.06:44
akkohow do i see what programs are consuming ram on the terminal06:47
skyliner_369top or htop06:48
coconutakko, htop ?06:48
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golden_ticketSo I configured iptables to forward outbound traffic to an external IP address..but how do I accept incoming traffic and redirect it back to the source address?07:11
golden_ticketThis is udp btw07:11
zmagiiOn Xubuntu, if I use CompressHandler, then Firefox asks to open a compressed file rather than decompress and display the website. Is this normal?07:13
alazredHi there! Is there a special place to ask help regarding snaps on other distro then ubuntu ?07:23
alazredI have a snap that break at every reboot of the system. Not sure how to proceed to pin point the problem.07:24
zambai'm attempting to use ctrl+alt+shift+r to start a screen recording, but nothing happens07:31
`mistHey guys, i tried installing a pihole in a docker contained and followed various guides and i eventually gave up07:32
`misthowever now i've completely messed up name resolution on this host... any chance anyone has the time to help me sort it out?07:32
`mistit seems i've installed resolvconf but it doesn't look like it's being used somewhow...07:36
skyliner_369it's a terminal screenshot... what programs am I missing that's causing make to spit out several hundreds of errors like this? https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/bkXM72V9/image.png07:38
`mistproblem solved, the symlink to /etc/resolv.conf was missing07:42
skyliner_369were there any changes to make 3 days ago?07:43
golden_ticket I've got a strange problem with a rule for iptables that I wrote. iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p udp -i ens3 -j DNAT --to-destination proxy-ip shows that packets are being intercepted, but when I look at the source ip address on the server it is not from the --to-destination ip address07:43
golden_ticket...what am I doing wrong?07:43
zeripathHi! Could anyone help with making libreoffice allow me to set my gpg key?08:58
zeripathI go to Tools/Options and look at the Cryptography settings and there is no openpgp signing key in the dropdown.08:59
zeripathIf I open keys separately from libreoffice I have a personal keyring with two keys in it08:59
zeripathbut if I somehow get the keys management software to open through clicking in libreoffice there's no personal keyrings.09:00
zeripathIt's very weird and I don't know where to look to begin debugging09:01
pikapikakinda annoying how apt sometimes starts up on its own and starts downloading shit09:52
pikapikaGonna have to see how to disable this09:52
pikapikaWhat happens when a particular package has been manually put on hold, but the upgrade of other packages depend on getting a new version of it?10:00
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Ranc1dcant for the life of me get root login to work via ssh on ubuntu 20.04. i have permitted Root in the sshd conf10:34
nikolamwhat is the best way to acquire debug info , when VLC is constatnly fails to exit and can be only killed with kill -9 pid . It is the same bug as were on 19.10 and now on 20.04 is the same thing again. I use AMD 7850 graphics with drivers from inside Ubuntu10:34
EriC^^Ranc1d: try with 'ssh -vvv root@host' to see what's happening10:36
thirashello what is the user equvilant of /usr/local/bin?10:36
Ranc1dthanks EriC^^ will do10:36
EriC^^thiras: ~/.local/bin ?10:36
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EriC^^Ranc1d: no problem10:37
EriC^^thiras: no problem10:37
Ranc1ddebug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password, then PermissionDenied10:37
Ranc1di am certain its the correct password10:37
EriC^^nikolam: are you starting vlc from the terminal?10:37
EriC^^Ranc1d: can you upload your sshd config to a pastebin?10:38
EriC^^Ranc1d: just remove the port from it, just in case10:38
thirasis there any equivalent of /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/ for a user like ~/.local/bin for /usr/local/bin?10:38
EriC^^thiras: there is a ~/.local/share dir if that helps?10:40
thirasi see. i'll give it a try thanks10:40
nikolamEriC^^, no, I start VLC jus with double-click on .mkv or other h264 video10:41
nikolambut I could and see the output10:42
metbsdubuntu can only install with efi?10:43
Ranc1dEriC^^ i know its right password since i can use "su root" with that password10:43
EriC^^metbsd: no, also legacy/msdos10:43
EriC^^Ranc1d: that's the ssh client side config, what's in /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the server?10:45
nikolamWhen I start vlc from CLI, I can exit it with Ctrl+C10:46
Ranc1dEriC^^ you just solved the problem :)10:46
Ranc1di was editing the client config when i should have edited the server conf10:47
EriC^^Ranc1d: ah great, yup it happens, very common10:47
ne2kanyone know of a simple way to get up-to-date ca-certificates on trusty? (please don't tell me it's ancient and out of support; I know, I'm making plans to upgrade, I'd just like to get something working briefly to plug a hole)10:47
EriC^^nikolam: literally just running 'vlc' in the terminal gives those output in it?10:49
ne2kthe latest package depends on a version of openssl not available on trusty https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/ca-certificates10:49
luc4Hello! I’m looking for the debug symbols of xserver-xorg-core. It seems that the package xserver-xorg-core-dbg is not there in 20.04. Anyone who knows if I can find debug symbols somewhere else?10:50
ne2kah, looks like the xenial one doesn't10:50
nikolamEriC^^, $ vlc10:51
nikolamVLC media player Vetinari (revision
nikolam[00005613ec85f5b0] main libvlc: Running vlc with the default interface. Use 'cvlc' to use vlc without interface.10:51
nikolam[00005613ec8f3280] main playlist: playlist is empty10:51
nikolamsorry for long paste, uh10:51
adamcziHi everyone! I have a question about cloudimages. I noticed that Focal Fossa 20.04 server is distributed with a GUI by default. Why is that so? Is it a development-thing or it will remain like that?10:54
adamcziI'm using an official vagrant box, which is up to date (yesterday's build)10:54
EriC^^nikolam: no worries, according to the manpage it says environment variables, VLC_VERBOSE=3 should give debug info10:54
EriC^^nikolam: try setting that in the shell then run vlc10:54
nikolamI think it could be something with VDPAU , it defaults to it, when I select xvideo/x11 output it then exits fine, even spits out errors on CLI.10:56
EriC^^doesn't seem to do much for me though *shrug*10:56
nikolamok, let me do that EriC^^10:56
ne2kadamczi server has a GUI?! you mean the installer is GUI based, or it actually installs a GUI by default? that would a U-turn from many years of how things have been done, not to mention completely INSANE10:57
nikolamEriC^^, this is just starting and stopping vlc : https://pastebin.com/bZ5WVFGG10:57
adamczi@ne2k - the server after importing the cloudimage has GUI enabled, as if it was a desktop version10:58
nikolamEriC^^, And this is VLC with automatic output (7850 graphics) while playing Video and then fails to exit (until Ctrl+C) https://pastebin.com/2CraBFjD11:01
nikolamEriC^^, And this is when XCB/Xvideo output is forced, vlc exits after playing: https://pastebin.com/bEKsDFxS11:05
ne2kadamczi, sorry, I missed the bit about cloudimage. I've never used that11:05
jurajb0b0Hi can somebody make me an recommendation how to install ubuntu20.04 on smallest disk. Currently there is no pressed/kickstart. Durring the install I want to skip all usb device as well. Is there any possibility to run an script during install phase to select disk candidate ?11:05
adamczi@ne2k sure, no problem11:06
nikolamMy conclusion is that 7850/amdgpu and when VDPAU is used, have a problem with exiting vlc , I dunno if I am right.11:06
EriC^^nikolam: wish i could help, i really have no clue on media stuff, maybe upload the debug info to the devs? ps if you run 'xkill' it might be easier to kill it when you need to11:27
zmagiiDoes gzip compression in Firefox on Ubuntu (I'm on Xubuntu) work differently than other OSs?11:28
zmagiiI'm trying to open a web app, but it asks to download a gzip file, which the browser is supposed to unzip and display the page.11:29
zmagiiIt works on Firefox on macOS...11:29
nikolamEriC^^, it closes the window, but leaves the process, that can only be killed with -911:30
EriC^^zmagii: what happens on ubuntu? maybe there's an option with what to open the file (archive manager) or something?11:31
zmagiiIt shows a popup "You have chosen to open..." and then "...which is a gzip file" and then asks for you to choose the program11:42
EriC^^zmagii: maybe related? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35406474/gzipped-javascript-wont-work-on-firefox-on-ubuntu-centos11:46
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EriC^^zmagii: does the file/app have a .gz extension?11:47
zmagiiEriC^^: Let me check11:49
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=== liquidtension is now known as EriC^^
thirashello again. there was some env vars to force ubuntu 20.04 to pick nvidia gpu instead of intel. I've found them in stackexchange answer but cannot find them anymore. They were like __NVblablabla11:50
thirasanyone remember those vars?11:50
zmagiiEriC^^: I can't see that there are any .gz extensions11:51
thirasah found it; https://askubuntu.com/a/1240082/58772011:51
zmagiiEriC^^: What seems to fix it is to use other middleware. I am still not sure why this happens.11:56
EriC^^aha, same here11:57
Seversanyone around whos good with networking issues?12:10
BluesKaj'Morning all12:12
quadrathoch2Severs, just ask, somebody may answer12:13
Seversim having issues getting hexchat and thunderbird to connect properly, thunderbird is taking 3 to 5 minutes to pull new messages, and hexchat wont connect at all12:14
Seversim currently here via the kiwi browser chat12:14
Severssadly networking is something i never got the hang of12:15
quadrathoch2Severs, do you have a firewall active?12:16
Seversnot on my PC, and i disabled the xfi advanced security that comcrap put on me12:17
=== mateen1 is now known as mateen
quadrathoch2what is the xfi advanced security? sorry i am not from the US12:17
Seversi do think its something do to with the new router they made me install though12:17
Seversits some thing theyve added on to "protect" customers that tend to block file sharing applications12:18
quadrathoch2ahh kk. I mean it really sounds like there are issues with something port wise, which means normally firewall or router12:19
Seversyeah im not sure what's going on because i even set this thing into DMZ mode to open everything, and hexchat still wont open any networks12:19
thirasi have fresh install ubuntu 20.04 and i couldn't find .local/bin at my path12:19
thirashas it changed recently?12:20
quadrathoch2thiras, I think, it's not created before you mkdir it yourself ;)12:21
thirasoh that might be the reason12:21
thirasbecause i've found relevant .local/bin lines at my .profile12:21
thirasso that must the reason12:21
thirasthanks. i'll create it and give it a try12:22
quadrathoch2Severs, any other services that don't work?12:23
Seversnot that i know of12:23
quadrathoch2eh I meant, trying it out if it works12:23
Seversi finally got ahold of one of comcast's agents, gonna see if they can fix it12:25
severs_well i got hexchat to connect finally12:34
zmagiiI have another question, how does one configure fswatch on Ubuntu?12:34
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MBoardhi all, I am attempting to install ubuntu 18.04 Desktop.  I have 3 SSD drives and an external HDD in a dock.  Is it possible to set these hard drives so that the 3 internal SSD drives are 1 partition and the remote HDD is a system drive as well so all users can access it?12:59
quadrathoch2MBoard, yes, but you have to be more specific about how you want to setup your 3 internal ones13:00
MBoardquadrathoch2, the 3 internal drives I just want a simple 1 storage device.  256GB + 256GB + 512GB as 1TB on the system13:01
MBoardnot sure what specifics are needed?13:01
=== mnabid_ is now known as mnabid
quadrathoch2MBoard, well with that setup you know when 1 drive 'explodes' that you don't have any data anymore?13:02
MBoardyes, this is why I have the other drive in the dock13:02
MBoardI want that drive to basically mirror the 3 internal drives13:02
quadrathoch2MBoard, okay, just wanted to make sure13:02
quadrathoch2MBoard, well first you would need to create a raid0 spanning all 3 disks, after that you can create your normal partitions. ping me if you need help with that13:06
tortalwhy how does WSL handle inode and windows folders really? I successfully rm -rf a content of directory (which had files in use). But the folder remained.....13:06
zmagiiOK, so finally I can ask a better question. On macOS, if I use fswatch, then --exclude ".*" binds less strongly than --include. However, on Ubuntu (Xubuntu 20.04) it seems like --exclude ".*" stops everything. In other words, fswatch just excludes everything in the folder.13:23
zmagiiMy question is: How do I include just a few files in fswatch and exclude the rest? If I throw away --exclude, then it still picks up too many events.13:23
zmagiiThe idea is that it only picks up development files and then knows to refresh.13:24
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zambahow do i stop the discord snap?13:49
zambai've attempted snap stop discord and then i get back that discord has no service13:49
zambai've also tried stopping snap altogether, with systemctl stop snapd, but to no avail13:49
Munskowhat about kill the process in task manager?13:53
Munskoor you mean ust the service13:53
xbfrogare you wanting to disable or uninstall?13:53
zambastop it13:53
zambawindows is more stable than linux (ubuntu) these days13:54
zambanow gnome just crashed on me13:54
alazredzamba: as Munsko said just kill the process13:55
Munskoyou could use discord in firefox browser13:55
Munskoand skip all those troubles13:55
zambai just get the desktop background and nothing else.. if i switch the viewport i get prompted for my password, as if i want to log in13:55
zambabut afterwards nothing happens13:55
Munskotry restart13:56
zamba... d'oh13:56
leftyfbzamba: sudo killall discord13:56
zambait's a reason i'm running linux13:56
jhassDoes the ARM ISO image not support kickstart or did I just not find the magic virt-install invocation yet?13:56
zambaMunsko: well, the X session was still completely br0ken13:56
leftyfbzamba: the issue is, discord has been configured to hide itself instead of close and probably hasn't been updated to properly show it's indicator when hidden.13:57
zambaand what has happened to the good old ctrl+alt+f1 to get to console?13:57
Munskolooks like you have some broken things there13:57
leftyfbzamba: 1 problem at a time.13:57
zambai have rebooted now, so all the other problems are now "gone"13:59
Munskodiscord still on?14:02
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rangergordwhy is "apt update" on my 64-bit system pulling 32-bit package lists? "Get:5 http://mirror.it.ubc.ca/ubuntu bionic-updates/main i386 Packages [694 kB]14:46
rangergord"  (it also pulled amd64 beforehand, just curious why it does both)14:46
=== tommy`` is now known as tr3nton
masonrangergord: dpkg --print-foreign-architectures14:58
rangergordsays i386...is that a default? I don't recall adding this. It's a fresh server install.14:59
rangergordi did install xubuntu-core yesterday15:00
masonrangergord: If you have something like Steam or Wine, it might add that.15:00
rangergordjust checked my history, only packages I installed were xfce4, then xubuntu-core. Must have been one of them, if it's not a default15:01
masonDoesn't seem to be a default. A couple new boxes I installed yesterday don't have it.15:02
masonThat said, looking at what i386 packages you have installed might shed some light on what wanted it.15:02
masondpkg -l *:i386 seems like valid syntax15:03
rangergordno packages matching that15:05
rangergordbut dkpg -l | grep 386 shows libc6-i38615:06
masonrangergord: Notable thing about that is that it's not an i386-architecture package. :)15:06
rangergord"ii  libc6-i386                            2.27-3ubuntu1                                    amd64        GNU C Library: 32-bit shared libraries for AMD6415:07
rangergord"  you're right15:07
masonHm, you know, it could be a default actually. I just realized the two test systems I queried here were built up from scratch with debootstrap. A normal installer-derived install might have i386 there by default.15:08
rangergordoh well15:08
masonrangergord: PM?15:11
mason(Just curious if your nick comes from the Gygax character.)15:11
ioriarangergord, multiarch-support is installed by default afaik15:12
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devslashI had a problem yesterday (which I've already fixed). I log into my ubuntu server over SSH using a pub key. Yesterday, when I did sudo -i when I pasted my users' password, it suddenly started saying that the password is not correct. I was able to reset it. What could cause your password to stop working ? Should I be worried about a breach/hack ?15:16
tortaldid you enter your private key pwd ?15:20
murthyIs the icecast2 package compiled with ssl support in 20.04?15:21
jurajb0b0I want to install ubuntu 20.04 from cdrom without asking questions. I try to use in boot kernel line: append initrd.... autoinstall  ds=nocloud-net;s=file:///autoinstall-user-data and I have as well try ds=nocloud-net;s=file:///cdrom/autoinstall-user-data . is there any way how to force ubuntu to install base on autoinstall-user-data.   Thx16:02
ingmalinHey guys, I want to install the Ubuntu 18.04 mini.iso for an old laptop I have.Should I download the mini.iso from bionic or bionic-updates and what's the difference between16:11
jurajb0b0@ingmalin: I would probably look on the has of the file and if they are not ~ then compare package version. probably deb-changelog etc ... . But maybe you get more proper answer from somebody which deals more with ubuntu :) then myself16:17
jurajb0b0:-D Maybe stupid question, but I have really think that #ubuntu is for discussion and a little support. But so far the people are coming and going and no discussion at all. Productive and unproductive ")16:44
oerheksjurajb0b0, there is #ubuntu-discuss too16:50
CoDeAmRohey guys i have a question17:06
BluesKajCoDeAmRo, ask away17:07
CoDeAmRoi am ubuntu user for many years and i love it is there an app that i can watch tv channels17:10
Antoine-Hello, would you guys know how long it usually takes between when a new version of Blender is realeased and when it is available in the repositories?17:13
makarathis new default mouse/touchpad behaviour is weird. Why invert vertical scrolling but leave the horizontal?17:15
makarawhat real world physics is this trying to mimic?17:15
BluesKajCoDeAmRo, just use the m3u playlist titles like fluxus or ccloud for example and load it in VLC>Media>Open network stream ...this one works well on for me, https://pastebin.com/raw/ZzGTySZE17:18
Jordan_UAntoine-: Unless Blender starts shipping in snaps, then the usual answer is "definitely not before the next version of Ubuntu is released".17:18
BluesKajon vlc that is17:18
Antoine-Jordan_U: Next version as in 20.10?17:19
Antoine-There is a snap: https://snapcraft.io/blender17:19
luc4Hello! Anyone who knows what package is providing debug symbols for xserver in 20.04?17:24
Jordan_UAndrio: Correct. Most packages don't get major version upgrades (as opposed to bug / security fixes) within a given release of Ubuntu. If you want newer major releases of any apps then you generally need to install from a snap or a ppa.17:24
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Antoine-Jordan_U: Ok thanks17:29
rajivmarsis it safe to use dconf-editor to modify some changes in 20.04?17:33
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SunOSi have a 100 000 jpeg file in dir, but how can i move the to another dir18:31
SunOSi try with mv dir/*.jpg source but gives me a error18:31
abtm_where is the other dir?18:31
SunOSon the same mashine18:32
quadrathoch2SunOS, where is the target? because you only specified which files mv should move18:33
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SunOSquadrathoch2, i have a folder 06/18:34
abtm_try cp -r <source dir> <destination>18:34
SunOSArgument list too long18:35
quadrathoch2SunOS, could you give us the full command?18:35
abtm_also are there spaces in the directory name/path?18:36
SunOSmv  05/*.jpg  06/18:36
abtm_you want to move not copy?18:36
SunOSi  to move the from folder 05 to 0618:37
Jordan_USunOS: Here's a high level view of the problem. If you'd like more help applying it to your situation I'm happy to: https://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/09518:38
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EriC^^SunOS: find ./05 -name '*.jpg' -exec mv {} 06/ +19:10
SunOSEriC^^, 10x19:10
EriC^^SunOS: actually add "-maxdepth 1" if there are subdirs in 05 so it doesnt go into them19:12
ZewwyHello, trying Ubuntu LiveCD 20.04, got connected to my guest network, internet works just fine19:25
Zewwybut apt-get install dislocker19:25
Zewwysays no app of name dislocker found19:25
Zewwywhat I miss?19:25
ioriaZewwy, i mean, do you have universe enabled ?19:27
climbpgare you guys on ubuntu 20.04 lts?19:27
ZewwySorry i don't know what "having universe enabvled" means, I just grabbed Ubuntu Desktop 20.04, ran it, connected network, did apt-get update, worked just fine, then wanted to install dislocker19:27
ioriaZewwy,  apt-cache policy dislocker19:28
quadrathoch2climbpg, probably not all of us, but probably most19:28
Zewwyunable to locate package dislocker19:28
ioria!info dislocker focal19:29
ubottudislocker (source: dislocker): read/write encrypted BitLocker volumes. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.1-5 (focal), package size 19 kB, installed size 91 kB19:29
climbpgby the way I'm kinda new to using IRC, how do you exit the server and rejoin (log in) later on?19:29
climbpgexit channel*19:29
quadrathoch2climbpg, you can just close the window, then you are disconnected. just join later on again the way you did right now19:29
Zewwy you can use "/wc" as far as I know to leave a channel19:29
ioriaZewwy,  ^ you can see that the pkg is in the focal universe repo19:30
climbpgwill I not be able to see the messages that was said while I was gone?19:30
leftyfb!universe | Zewwy19:30
ubottuZewwy: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.19:30
Zewwyif you want to leave but retain old messages use something like screen?19:30
climbpgwhat do you mean by "screen"?19:30
climbpgIf I rejoin later on, do I miss all the messages that was being sent while I was gone?19:31
Zewwyok, thanks maybe you could help me a bit more direct? which repos do I need, why can't it just be as simple as "apt-get install diislocker"?19:31
quadrathoch2climbpg, yes19:31
KamI'm having trouble fixing broken packages19:31
ZewwyI have to manually add the "universe focal repo"?19:31
leftyfbZewwy: yes19:32
Zewwywhat a nice delight19:32
leftyfbZewwy: can I ask, why are you doing this on a liveCD?19:32
climbpgoh wait. not being able to see messages while logged off sucks...??19:32
ZewwyI want to just recover a few simple files behind a bitlockered drive, it shouldn't be that hard19:33
Zewwybut sure enough... it is19:33
Zewwyclimbpg: Use tmux/screen19:33
leftyfbZewwy: the liveCD is meant to be an installer first and an option to try out some of the basic features of ubuntu second.19:33
Zewwyand why not boot a live Linux so i can read teh required HDD on a special controller it is M.2 NVMe19:34
ZewwyI don't exactly have a USB based NVMe reader, I have my reasons19:34
Zewwythanks for critzing19:34
ioriaKam, sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cuda-repo-ubuntu1804-11-0-local/./libnvidia-compute-450_450.36.06-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb19:34
leftyfbZewwy: there's no need for an attitude. Good luck recovering your data19:35
ZewwyFerdora live it was as easy as "yum install dislocker" the problem was it was a buggy version I figured I'd try Ubunttu in hopes it was more stable19:35
ZewwyI didn't expect to jump through additional repo adding hoops19:35
Kamioria, Thanks so much!!19:35
Zewwyioria: Indeed thanks19:35
ioriaKam, no prob Zewwy  both19:36
tommy``i'm sending a file through my network with scp but seems really slow (3mb/s) there is a way to increase speed?19:43
quadrathoch2tommy``, are you sure it's not a network issue?19:45
ZewwyClick MultiDots on Desktop bottom Left -> Type "Software" Click Software & Updates (No longer Software Center) -> Under Software Source check the one checbox for the Universe Repo. apt-get install dislocker worked without issue19:46
ZewwyThanks Zewwy, no problem buddy19:46
tommy``yes no problem with network, the command i use is: scp file user@host:"path/of/file"19:47
ELFrederichSo I'm on a new install of 20.04 and in gimp I don't see "Heal Selection" any more under Filters -> Enhance.19:49
ZewwyELFrederich: Version difference from another Gimp you used?19:51
ELFrederichZewwy: I was coming from Linux Mint 19.3 which was based on Ubuntu 18.04 and has gimp 2.819:52
ELFrederichBut it seems Heal Selection should still be under Filters -> Enhance when I look for "Heal Selection gimp 2.10" on Google19:53
ELFrederichAlso, the liquid rescale plugins aren't working but at least I get an error message about that when starting gimp from command line.19:53
sarnoldtommy``: wow that sounds really slow; finding the cause may not be fun.. you could try running nstat a few times on both machines, and see if there are error counts that are growing..19:54
ZewwyNot sure, figured maybe you could install the same partiuclar version of Gimp you knew it was working on, else I'd think its a seperate plugin?19:54
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tommy``sarnold: i'm trying with sftp now and it's 5mb/s19:58
tommy``still too slow19:58
tommy``also nstat not present on the box19:59
ZewwyCould be multiple factors, if you are using USB controllers, the FileSystem in which the file is on, and the detination, could be CPU bottle necked, use top/htop to check CPU usage while the transfer is going20:00
tommy``no im sftp-ing a file from my pc to an android box with kodi installed. that box is connected to the router through wifi20:01
ZewwyI'm also assuming a sequential single large file transfer20:01
Zewwycould be wirelss interfierence20:02
sarnoldtommy``: try ifconfig then?20:02
tommy``Zewwy: yes file is around 2gB20:02
sarnoldiwconfig, too, perhaps you've got terrible connection..20:02
Zewwyif the Kodi box has a eth port, at least can rule out wireless20:02
Zewwycut out possible causes one b y one till you filter out the root cause20:03
tommy``yes it has eth20:03
tommy``let'see if i have a cable20:03
stevessssI have a nice amp and spekaers on my linux desktop and everyone in familly has a bluetooth enabled phone.. is there a way I can use software tomake my ubuntu desktop pretend to be a bluetooth headset so I can make calls and listen to my phones music collection using my desktops mic+speakers?20:10
stevessss(every page I found on linux bluetooth headset is how to connect to a pre-made headset, not how to turn your linux desktop into a headset)20:10
tommy``Zewwy: with eth sftp send i got 10mb/s20:14
tioxHey. Just wanted to ask something for all of the OEMs and business peoples here — Does Ubuntu cost to ship with a system?20:15
tommy``down to 7mb/s20:15
tommy``bettter than wifi but slow20:15
tioxI know it's free for personal use, but for establishments who are performing installations on systems and shipping with Ubuntu pre-supplied, ala Microsoft Windows does that cost per-system or similarly to a volume license key?20:16
quadrathoch2tiox, I think that's a question for canonical directly. but imho it should be free (no guarantee)20:17
tomreyn!discuss | tiox20:17
ubottutiox: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!20:17
Zewwytommy``: and all your switches and ports are higher than 10/100 at 1gbps?20:19
tommy``Zewwy how i can check?20:20
Zewwyit's your equipment, you should know? :P I can't tell how to verify that for each piece in your network stack20:21
tommy``mmh wait a sec, Zewwy, when i'm doing sftp i upload file in an hdd connected to the device with kodi through usb20:22
tommy``that's my eth 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller according lshw20:24
climbpgHow can I take a screen shot on ubuntu?20:27
rud0lfPrintScreen key usually20:27
reallymemorablei snap installed mailspring20:44
reallymemorablebut I dont know how to start20:44
MisterTHey Guys :) whats the best way to contact a repo maintainer ? Using one package causing segfaults on ubuntu 20.04 with current package version - the newer version fixed that on 12/2019 but its still not on ubuntu repos :(20:45
quadrathoch2MisterT, probably report a bug to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu for that package.20:48
reallymemorableI managed to run it with /snap/bin/mailspring20:48
ikoniahow do you know the segfault is down to the version20:48
reallymemorablebut is it really the case that you cannot access it from the GUI?20:48
MisterTquadrathoch2 ty :)20:49
MisterTikonia coz I found it on devs project page ;) segfaults caused by umount.davfs  - See line 4-6 and thats the reason: http://cvs.savannah.nongnu.org/viewvc/davfs2/davfs2/ChangeLog?revision=1.156&view=markup&pathrev=MAIN20:51
MisterTon ubuntu its 1.5.5-1 from davfs220:52
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reallymemorableis it really the case that you can only run programs from the CLI if they are installed via snap?20:55
quadrathoch2reallymemorable, no, it really depends on what you install20:56
reallymemorableits surprising that it doesnt end up in the GUI20:56
quadrathoch2reallymemorable, normally a shortcut should be created in your menu, weird20:56
reallymemorableI cant even search for it from the start menu20:57
quadrathoch2reallymemorable, can you start the program with mailspring in cli?20:57
reallymemorablethe GUI boots from the CLI20:58
quadrathoch2okay at least the path is workign20:58
=== semeion is now known as mnemonic
reallymemorableIs there another way to install it?21:03
reallymemorableor some way to resolve this?21:03
oerheksmailspring should make a starter in your software menu.21:05
reallymemorableit does not21:06
oerheksand it is Proprietary stuff, contact the maintainer :-P21:06
reallymemorablewhat mail client do you guys use21:07
reallymemorablemailspring looks so beautiful21:07
sarnoldif this is the first snap you've installed, you may need to restart or reboot or similar before getting icons21:08
reallymemorablebrb :P21:08
oerheksno need to reboot.. is he running mint or something?21:09
Paul_65536Hi.  Are there any reports of boot problems after the kernel updates today?21:10
oerheks'any reports'?? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/+bugs21:11
oerheksno idea, what is your issue?21:11
Paul_65536I have a laptop with secure boot and an encrypted hard drive.  I applied the updates as normal and rebooted.  Now it just sits at the "loading into ram" stage and never progresses.  Selecting the older kernel does the same.21:13
Paul_65536I've booked from a live USB and I can mount the partitions fine.  Check all show fine too.21:16
tomreynPaul_65536: boot with !kernelparm dis_ucode_ldr and, if it helps, file a !bug report against intel-microcode21:17
ubuntutranybody from usa ?21:17
tomreyn!chat | ubuntutr21:17
ubottuubuntutr: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:17
joshhi rebooted for the new kernel earlier but not the  microcode yet21:17
tomreyn!kernelparm | Paul_6553621:17
ubottuPaul_65536: To add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters21:17
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tomreyn!bug | Paul_6553621:17
ubottuPaul_65536: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.21:17
Paul_65536OK, thanks tomreyn.  What does that parameter do?21:18
pjs /721:18
tomreynPaul_65536: disable the code which loads cpu microcode updates during early boot.21:18
oerhekswe did have a intel-microcode and kernel update recently, indeed21:19
tomreynPaul_65536: my working theory here is that the latest intel microcode update you installed does not work for your computer21:19
littlebithi people, I have installed ubuntu server os and along with it nextcloud. It is my first time that I'm using ubuntu server, and wanted to know where the logs for the webserver is located??21:20
Paul_65536With !kernelparm dis_ucode_ldr, it now boots.  A few errors flashed by, I'll see if I can retrieve them.21:20
joshhPaul_65536: what cpu/etc?21:21
Paul_65536My CPI is an i5-6200U21:21
tomreynPaul_65536: once booted, please post the output of     journalctl -b | grep DMI:     and file the bug report (ubuntu-bug intel-microcode)21:22
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Paul_65536OK, thanks again.  Post the output here or in the bug?21:23
joshhor at least paste the bug here, im curious21:23
tomreynhere, if you don't mind, it should be just a single line21:23
tomreynit will be in the bug report anyways21:23
Paul_65536Jun 10 22:19:56 padfoot kernel: DMI: LENOVO 20F6CT01WW/20F6CT01WW, BIOS R02ET71W (1.44 ) 05/08/201921:24
joshhi just rebooted a i5-8600 with the new microcode21:25
tomreynPaul_65536: there are "critical" bios updates for this system: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-x260/downloads/driver-list/component?name=BIOS%2FUEFI21:26
Paul_65536Interesting, I have a micrcode update to install now.21:26
sarnoldhold off21:26
sarnoldthere were problems with intel's update, one of the cpu classes doesn't do well with the new microcode21:27
sarnoldwe're in the process of publishing something to revert the fix for that family21:27
tomreynPaul_65536: ^21:28
tomreynPaul_65536: doing the bios update should be safe (at least regarding this recent microcode update flaw) since it clearly predates it.21:30
tomreyn(and hasn't been pulled since)21:31
sarnoldmaaaaybe; intel gives hardware vendors microcode before they give it to us..21:31
sarnoldand we didn't notice this problem in our tests, it's possible the hardware vendors didn't notice it either21:32
joshhsarnold: what cpu class?21:32
Paul_65536So the new intel-microcode update I have now that I can boot, is that the reverted version?21:33
tomreynlatest bios update is from february21:33
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tomreynPaul_65536: maybe what really happened is that you only installed the kernel update last time, or the kernel update and an old microcode update, and the latest microcode update you only installed now? hard to tell unless you can provide version numbers.21:34
tomreynsee /var/log/apt/history.log and term.log21:35
Paul_65536Hmm, fwupdmngr says I have the latest updates21:35
sarnoldjoshh: iucode-tool -S  0x000406e321:35
tomreynPaul_65536: you have the latest that is available via fwupd21:36
Paul_65536apt show intel-microcode gives 3.20200609.0ubuntu0.20.04.121:36
tomreynthe relevant thing to find out is what kernel package version and intel-microcode version you were running when you were unable to boot21:37
Paul_65536Linux padfoot 5.4.0-37-generic #41-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 3 18:57:02 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:38
sarnoldif you're having troubles booting due to the microcode loading, add kernel parameter dis_ucode_ldr to the grub kernel boot line21:40
Paul_65536I have not update anything since I was unable to boot.  I'm booted now with the  !kernelparm dis_ucode_ldr21:40
tomreyni understand that Paul_65536 IS asble to boot fine with all the latest package updates installed (and without dis_ucode_ldr)21:40
tomreyn<Paul_65536> So the new intel-microcode update I have now that I can boot, is that the reverted version?21:41
tomreynPaul_65536: can you confirm this?21:41
tomreyn[ ] with all the latest updates installed, i can boot fine without having to use the dis_ucode_ldr boot parameter21:43
tomreyn^ please tick if it applies21:43
sarnold3.20200609.0ubuntu0.20.04.1 reverted the bad microcode for processors in the 0x000406e3 family -- 3.20200609.0ubuntu0.20.04.2 has another fix to disable late-microcode-loading but no further microcode updates21:43
Paul_65536Currently, I have booted with " !kernelparm dis_ucode_ldr" added in grub.  Without that I cannot boot.  I have not installed anything since.  My kernel is 5.4.0-37-generic  and my microcode is 3.20200609.0ubuntu0.20.04.1.  I have a pending update for the microcode.21:43
tomreynso i misinterpreted you, thanks.21:44
sarnoldPaul_65536: install that .2 update, try again... keep that dis_ucode_ldr thing handy in case it still fails.. if it fails to boot again, please do report back21:44
Paul_65536OK, thanks.  Its a different machine so I'll still be here....21:45
sarnoldah good21:45
sarnoldI'm not sure intel realized just how important it is for these things to be *perfect* ... when they go wrong, it takes a lot of effort to bring a machine back online :(21:46
sarnoldthis keeps happening21:46
joshhdoes the lts/stable get all microcode updates or just security and bugs?21:46
sarnoldwe publish whatever blobs intel give us -- historically they've done a very poor job of saying what they changed in the microcodes, but now they're at least saying roughly what the updates do..21:47
tomreynit's be a lot less of an end user support effort if someone implemented bug 183178921:47
ubottubug 1831789 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Add "dis_ucode_ldr" to linux boot options for Recovery Mode" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/183178921:47
sarnoldthanks tomreyn21:48
Paul_65536OK, I installed the microcode update and rebooted as normal, without "kernelparm dis_ucode_ldr" added to grub.  The machine booted fine.21:50
tomreynThanks Jeroen, i think he came up with the idea.21:50
tomreynPaul_65536: good to hear that rolling it back solved it for you.21:51
Paul_65536Yes, thank you very much for the help.  As this is a known issues and a fix has been released already (amazingly), I guess there is no need to file a bug?21:52
tomreynjoshh: i don't think there are non-security non-bug microcode updates.21:53
sarnoldPaul_65536: yeah, if you're back up and running with a new package, then it's probably all good :)21:53
sarnoldPaul_65536: thanks for reporting back; I'm sorry for the trouble21:53
Paul_65536Absolutely no need to be me sorry, I'm really grateful or the help!21:54
Paul_65536The good thing is I finally registered on IRC:)21:56
tomreynnow's a good time to also install an actual irc client21:57
Paul_65536Yes, I'll look see what's available now.  Its been a while.21:58
joshhnothing new21:59
joshhjust use irssi21:59
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