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CurlyThe Channel is quiet.04:36
CurlyCovid-19 is still around.04:37
diogenes_Curly, it means we're weaker than bats.04:38
CurlyThat's a good one.04:38
CurlyHow are you Diogenes?    Diogenes sounds Greek.04:39
CurlyThere is a Greek Diotrophes.04:39
CurlyOr was also.04:39
diogenes_i'm fine thanks, yes it was a greek philosopher.04:40
diogenes_and how are you?04:40
CurlyYes in Bible days.04:40
CurlyI'm not bad at all thanks.04:40
CurlyI am from Massachusetts U.S.A.   And you?04:41
diogenes_from a small eastern european country and i see you're not sleepy at this late hour?04:42
CurlyYou are correct.04:43
CurlyWhat is late for you?04:43
CurlyWhat European Country are you from?04:43
diogenes_after 11pm my eyes get heavy.04:44
CurlyI see.04:44
CurlyI have been on one Linux Channel and the channelites thought I was an AI Bot.  :)04:44
CurlyThey asked me who was the President of U.S.A.04:45
diogenes_the republic of moldova.04:45
CurlyMoldove.  I don't know where that is.04:45
CurlyEastern Europe.04:46
diogenes_that's expected, it's at the bottom of any list.04:46
CurlyI saw the red flag there.04:47
CurlyRed, Yellow, Blue04:47
CurlyInteresting. My heritage is from the Roman Empire and the Indo-European line of discent.04:48
diogenes_we used to be a roman province too.04:49
CurlyI see. My descendents came from Roman line of descent and traveled to Africa and became the first oceanic discoverers.04:50
CurlyMy dad is Portuguese, my mom is English, British, and Newfoundland.04:51
CurlyThat is a strange combination.04:51
diogenes_hehe indeed diversity is good.04:52
CurlyWell, when you see the world now in a state of chaos, due to hatred of blacks Versus whites, that is strange, because everyone breathing has a black descendant.04:53
CurlyAnd white.04:53
CurlyAnd if all of humanity came from Adam & Eve, then, does it matter what color we are?04:54
diogenes_well it was never differently, people always find a reason to hate.04:55
CurlyFind or Look?04:55
CurlySome people try not to Find a "reason to hate."04:56
CurlyWhat type of work do you do Diogenes?04:57
diogenes_Cain found the reason to hate but this is not for the support channel :)04:58
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, for all Xubuntu-related support questions. Please use #xubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:58
CurlyThanks for the advice.04:58
CurlyThank you  Ubotu.  ;)04:59
diogenes_you're welcome :)04:59
CurlyThe two smileys joined each other.   ;)04:59
CurlyDiogenes, why did you choose Xubuntu over other distros?05:00
diogenes_i've tried the majority.05:01
diogenes_and you?05:01
diogenes_and i'm dual booting.05:02
CurlyWell! Me! I have tried so many distros, I got tired of the install and the rediculous divergency of all of the unnecessary off-based commands and formats of thought. No UNITY.05:02
diogenes_and you chose Xubuntu?05:03
CurlyI like unity. Desultory distros from programmers that want to make a name for themselves is not my cup of tea.05:04
CurlyXubuntu has a lot of order and arrangement and a good support team, i.e. LTS. That should be key in determining factor.05:05
CurlyThe ease of use is paramount.05:06
CurlyEase of use I am used to.05:06
diogenes_you're right, Xubuntu is awesome, it ressurected so many machines.05:07
CurlyYou can see the unanimity in the product of the programmers.05:07
CurlyTeam work is what it is all about.05:08
Curly#Xubuntu Channel on IRC is a TEAM of people who work together to enlighten those who what to be part of the team.05:08
diogenes_yes they're very friendly people.05:10
CurlyI have seem a lot of arrogance with other users of lots of software, hardware, you name it.05:10
diogenes_hehe fanboys.05:11
CurlyWhat is that?05:11
CurlyGeisha Girls in drag?05:12
diogenes_a fanboy is a person who only likes 1 product and defends it and criticises the rivals.05:13
CurlyWhat a wonderful sales/person that is!   <----------<     Narrow minded.05:14
diogenes_sales person?05:15
CurlyThat is the person who knows nothing about anything and gets hired for the first time and the boss tells that person to solicit this product and the person acts like a 50 year veteran  of the product. That is funny.05:15
CurlyWhen I first started working I was that stupid.05:16
CurlyI fianally leanred what stupid is.05:16
CurlyNow I am not as stupid as I was.  hehe05:17
CurlyBeing honest is a good thing.05:17
CurlyWhat is your favorite part of Xubuntu?05:19
diogenes_and self-criticism is a sign of intellect.05:20
CurlyThat was an intellectual observation. :)05:20
CurlyTo me with anything the enjoyment is being able after all of the setup and the hard work and the hours of research to enable one to be able to be on the IRC; I found that it is the ultimate joy in being able to type one's thoughts' on a channel and express oneself.05:22
diogenes_the most faorite part is that it has some magic in it so it can boot on any PC, i came across PCs where nothing could boot, not even stock Ubuntu, only Xubuntu could.05:22
CurlyI appreciate that observation. You must have tried a multitude of versions.05:23
diogenes_yes i've tried tons, even CentOs.05:24
CurlyLots of Legacy machines will fail on installation.05:24
CurlyCentOs is a Red Hat Would-be.05:24
CurlyOr wanabe.05:25
CurlyAt the Academy where I taught, one of the students was a Network Administrator. He ruined his credibility when he said: "I only use Cent0s."05:26
diogenes_CentOS could boot too on that machine but there was no touchpad but with Xubuntu all worked great.05:26
CurlyXubuntu is a UNICES derivative.05:27
CurlyXubuntu is a sudo-clone of UNIX.05:27
diogenes_btw do you play any chess?05:28
CurlyXubuntu works excellent. UNIX is the father of Xubuntu and Linux.05:28
CurlyYes. There are online chess games.05:28
CurlyI live with my brother and his sons always play chess with my brother. There is a chess game going on all day long. :)05:29
CurlyYour queen is your King piece. Think about that.05:30
diogenes_ok when you have the desire we could play some games.05:30
CurlySure. You name it. :)05:30
diogenes_ok you want to try?05:31
CurlyIs this chess game on your server?05:31
diogenes_nope, lichess.05:31
CurlyIf so, I would like the source-code or a copy.05:31
CurlyPaste please the URL?05:31
CurlyIf I need to give email address and all of that forget it.05:32
CurlyBy the way, look up on the internet the longest poker game.05:33
CurlyI'm there. Nice.05:34
diogenes_there is chat too.05:34
CurlyI didn't see the chat. Did you make your move?05:39
CurlyI was distracted.05:40
diogenes_yes i did05:40
CurlyOk. You are pretty good.05:40
CurlyWho do you think will win?05:40
diogenes_why not chatting there?05:41
CurlyI was just kidding. I will go back to the game.  :)05:41
CurlyWhy do you have two Kngs?05:47
CurlyI see two kings. Is that a fault of the game?05:47
diogenes_those are 2 queens :)05:48
CurlyI am not in check.05:48
CurlyYou have two queens?05:48
CurlyWhat kind of a game is that?05:48
diogenes_i promoted my pawn to a queen.05:49
CurlyDoes that mean you quit?05:49
CurlyYou are funny.05:49
diogenes_no, that means i have 2 queens now.05:50
diogenes_each player can have 9 queens.05:50
Curly9 queens, that is cheating. Hey!05:52
CurlyThis game is a free-for-all. hehe05:53
CurlyWhat is the URL so I can tell my friends to log-in?05:53
CurlyI like chess but not like that 9 queens. That is absured.   hehe05:54
diogenes_yes ask your friend how many queens a player can have.05:55
CurlyYou are funny. Is this something you created?05:57
CurlyI love the game. Does the game timeout after a while?05:58
CurlyI think you cheated because you lost the game. hehe05:58
diogenes_i set unlimited time.05:58
CurlyWhy on Earth would you have 9 queens?05:59
CurlyThat is like having all queens or all kings.06:00
CurlyBy the way, with chess, you have to specify the rules before you play. Not tell what the rules are afterwards. <----<06:01
CurlyIt is like poker.06:01
CurlyBy the way is there an online poker game like that?   I don't play poker but my brother does.06:02
CurlyYou know I won that game because you started adding more queens. That was cheating.06:04
CurlyYou are funny.06:04
diogenes_heh you said you can play chess so why would i give you the rules? no clue about pocker and i'll be away for awhile, thanks for chat and game, take care.06:04
CurlyThat is dirty.   :)06:04
CurlyCheat and run.06:04
CurlyOnly in the world of Xubuntu.06:05
diogenes_see the rules again before you call someone a cheater.06:05
CurlyHey! I am bantering you. That is the nature of the game. I did have fun beating you. I am going to rub it in.  :)06:06
* diogenes_ is away06:06
CurlyI think it is an excellent web game. Bravo.06:07
pmjdebruijnhey, is xfwm 4.14.2 somewhere in the pipeline?11:35
pmjdebruijnOh isee there's a package in groovy, which I just backported locally11:41
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xubuntu49ii would like to install xbuntu on a usb (not live) and the boot-loader will be on the usb drive separate from the normal bootloader on the computer , the computer has a mint linux not wondows14:13
afyohey guys!16:06
afyoI got an interesting error, curious if any of you have seen it before.16:07
afyoTrying to log in this morning, I was login-looped, and I did some googling and they told me to rename the .Xauthority file and try again. So I did, and it worked. Just looked at my logs and it says permission denied trynig to read/write it16:08
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CurlyHere is some good reading of Xubuntu:  In the Press.    https://xubuntu.org/press/20:13
CurlyAfyo perhaps the .Xauthority file renamed; the error message was there before you renamed it because of the loop.20:18
CurlyDid you look at the error log before or after you renamed it?20:19
CurlyAfyo, did you fix your problem?22:57
CurlyAre there any musicians here on this Channel?23:13
CurlyI haven't done any research on music and programs in Xubuntu but I play Lead Guitar. I found an old Windows program called: "Hendrix"  Which you can watch each note on the fretboard and hear the notes. Also have used MIDI too.23:15
CurlyMost of the software out there is cookie-cutter software. There must be a studio version.23:17

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