punkgeekHow cloud-init iso can automatically detect the network config version to apply static ip address on the vm?00:53
punkgeek How cloud-init iso can automatically detect the network config version to apply static ip address on the vm?04:20
andras-kovacsHi! Is there any official way to use cloud-init with VMWare? I know it sounds funny.15:10
rick_h andras-kovacs http://darrylcauldwell.com/vmware-cloud-init/ seems like a starter guide with some helpful links15:59
andras-kovacsthank you!16:15
blackboxswlucasmoura: and falcojr it seems we get merge conflicts on most of our ubuntu-sru Prs trying to link or update the doc links from the readme https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/tree/master/2020052917:32
blackboxswwhat do you guys think about us just dropping that linking and we can separately merge a top-level readme update later so we don't have to rebase each PR when another verification test lands17:33
blackboxswI'd even be game the commiter (who clicks the merge button) separately just pushing a commit to update the docs after it lands17:34
blackboxswas it seems painful to constantly rebase -i master and fix a trivial conflict17:34
blackboxswwhat do you both think?17:34
lucasmourablackboxsw, I agree. I will remove the links on my PRs now17:39
falcojrblackboxsw: if you approve, I'm fine doing the fix and merge myself...pretty I have the permissions on that repo17:43
falcojralso, my network took a dump for a minute or two, so sorry if I missed a message in there17:43
falcojrs/pretty/pretty sure17:44
falcojra doc after the fact works too17:44
falcojrwhatever's easiest for everyone else I guess17:44
lucasmourablackboxsw, I have removed the links on my PRs17:45
falcojrok, I'll stop adding the links then and we can do it all at once at the end17:45
blackboxsw+1 falcojr and lucasmoura I think any of us should feel free to review/merge other's PRs on this17:45
blackboxswok sounds good. let's do it all at the end17:45
blackboxswconflict ...resolved17:46
meenafalcojr: try: "pretty, and sure" — that works for me.17:46
blackboxswlucasmoura: did you git add your ec2 verification results to https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/legacy/grub.html#Filesystem?17:49
blackboxswlucasmoura: did you git add your ec2 verification results to https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/102/files?17:49
blackboxswI think we want the entire console output from the test runs on the PR in ec2-sru-20.2.45.txt17:51
lucasmourablackboxsw, Not yet to both questions17:51
lucasmouraOh sorry, I will add it now17:51
lucasmouraIs there a specific folder I should put that on ?17:51
blackboxswfalcojr: approved however you want to resolve the merge conflicts is good w/ me https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/105#pullrequestreview-42915484617:52
blackboxswmerged lucasmoura https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/10617:54
lucasmourablackboxsw, just realized I should put it in the ec2 file. Updating the file right now17:54
blackboxswI'll stop pinging with each merge. I'm getting a bit noisy here.17:54
blackboxswthx lucasmoura17:55
lucasmourablackboxsw, updated17:56
blackboxswlucasmoura: clear for attaching those logs to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/188101818:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1881018 in cloud-init (Ubuntu) "sru cloud-init (19.4.33 to 20.2-45) Xenial, Bionic, Eoan and Focal" [Undecided,In progress]18:11
lucasmourablackboxsw, ack18:11
blackboxswlucasmoura: when you do, please also update the description of the bug "* Manual Test Results" section replacing the TODO with the name of the log file you are attaching18:12
blackboxswgoal is for us to replace all those TODOs in the descr with verification logs18:12
lucasmourablackboxsw, launchpad bug updated18:34
falcojranybody have experience lauching a VM with cloud-init through lxd?20:06
Odd_BlokeI haven't yet launch a LXD VM, I'm afraid.20:06
blackboxswand falcojr yep, let me get you the PR. :) you need a profile20:06
falcojrahhh, ok. I was able to get it started but my cloud init data wasn't passed through20:07
blackboxswfalcojr: https://github.com/canonical/ubuntu-advantage-client/pull/1090/files#diff-ade24dcbd00eae69e6f292b18c4ec67aR109-R12820:07
blackboxswhrm, checking the actual question you had. I'll try providing cloud-config to that to see if it works20:08
falcojrwell via google I found an example of somebody using cloud init data, but they created a profile too20:08
blackboxswfalcojr: ok I did the following lxc launch ubuntu-daily:focal -c user.user-data="$(cat cc.yaml)" asdf-f2 --vm --profile behave-vm   and it worked.20:13
blackboxswfalcojr: here's what my profile looks like https://github.com/canonical/ubuntu-advantage-client/pull/1090/files#diff-ade24dcbd00eae69e6f292b18c4ec67aR109-R12820:13
blackboxswoops https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yq3JMVy2Dr/20:13
falcojrahh, right, that source20:14
falcojrawesome, thanks!20:14
blackboxswsorry falcojr that link doesn't take you to the right place, but basically look for lxc_create_vm_profile20:24
blackboxsw.... .and if you are reviewing it ;).... j/k :)20:24
blackboxswI'll put ua-client reviews on lucas :)20:25
falcojryeah, I got it, thanks again20:25
lucasmouraHey everyone, when I set a cloud-config directive through the environment variable DEBUG_PROC_CMDLINE, how can I verify that it was actually used ?21:58
blackboxswsmoser: rharper do you have any objection if we hoist the remaining scripts out of https://github.com/cloud-init/qa-scripts and into uss-tableflip?21:58
rharperblackboxsw: one place is better than two21:59
lucasmouraOriginally I thought about looking at both cloud-init.log and cloud-init-output.log, but the output is not appearing in those logs21:59
* blackboxsw thinks you still have access to that repo21:59
rharperblackboxsw: tableflip ?21:59
rharperblackboxsw: yeah, I think so21:59
rharpertypically I'd expect ya'll to land to tableflip though22:00
SargunIs there any way to do variable interpolation on #include directives?22:01
rharperSargun: you can use a jinja template in your #cloud-config file22:04
Sargunrharper: Cool. Thanks.22:05
rharperSargun: see cloud-init query and cloud-init devel render22:06
rharperSargun: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GNx8VVyQVk/22:11
rharpercloud-init query --list-keys will show you the supported jinja variables22:11
blackboxswyeah rharper lucas just mentioned yesterday we had a number of dup scripts which we hadn't retired from qa-scripts22:13
blackboxswpowersj: same question on qa-scripts repo in cloud-init22:13
blackboxswwe were thinking of migrating remaining scripts out of there into https://github.com/canonical/uss-tableflip/22:13
powersjblackboxsw, do it22:13
SargunThis is super neat: include http://myhost/{{ v1.distro }}-instance-{{ instance_id }}/my-user-data22:21
blackboxswyeah it's great. anything you can do in jinja templates are viable options . conditionals loops variable replacement etc.22:39
blackboxswplus the benefit of sourcing all cloud-init query instance data as variables22:40

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