wallyworldtlm: did you find the issue with the controller upgrade?02:25
tlmnot yet wallyworld just finished having some lunch02:54
wallyworldno worries03:03
tlmwallyworld: got time for another HO, This isn't going great03:37
wallyworldtlm: sure, after current meeting,soon03:38
wallyworldtlm: free now04:38
tlmwallyworld: think I sorted myself out and found the problem04:40
wallyworldawesome ok04:40
tlmthe trick was to pull a little more hair04:40
wallyworldglad it was you cause i have none04:40
tlmi've noticed04:41
kelvinliuthumper: or anyone got one minute to take a look?  https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1169406:04
kelvinliuty wallyworld06:07
wallyworldkelvinliu: we were going to land in 2.7?06:07
kelvinliuwill back port to 2.7 in next PR06:07
wallyworldkelvinliu: awesome, lgtm. great to see this fixed06:11
kelvinliuwallyworld: this one goes to 2.7 https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1169506:29
achilleasamanadart: when we convert the interface info into LinkLayerDeviceArgs (setLinkLayerDevicesAndAddresses in networkconfigapi.go), why is only a subset of the information persisted?08:08
achilleasafor example, shouldn't the origin be persisted?08:08
achilleasa(I am on develop)08:09
stickupkidachilleasa, origin was never extended to it's fullest08:09
manadartachilleasa: Yes. This patch will set it for the provider: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1168308:09
manadartI have some work locally to add. Should be up for review today.08:10
achilleasacool. I will also be adding the virtual port type to the link layer devices doc08:11
stickupkidI wish juju passed context.Context through the stack08:25
manadartachilleasa: Was just looking at bringing 2.7 forward again. The patches are 11695, 11682 and 11682. The only one we want is the last one (your bundle-diff changes).08:44
manadartI had a crack, but couldn't update the dependency. You mentioned this in standup, so do you want to bring it into 2.8?08:45
achilleasamanadart: you mean to cherry-pick it and land it standalone to 2.8?09:00
achilleasamanadart: doing the ovs detection as we discussed allows the bridge policy to work out its magic and the lxd containers get assigned to the bridge. However, I noticed that when the container gets removed, the veth device remains attached to my switch; guess we need to fix that as well09:42
manadartachilleasa: Do veth devices usually go away immediately? This is only for the OVS case?09:50
manadartachilleasa: And yes to the question above, just cherry-pick forward.09:51
achilleasamanadart: I happened to notice this for OVS; I will check a normal lxd to see what happens09:52
achilleasabtw, you can review https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/11697 instead of the LXD one which I will close now09:53
achilleasamanadart: or stickupkid https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/11698 (forward port of diff-bundle fix and a drive-by for a spurious warning by lxd container)10:20
achilleasamanadart: the lingering veth issue only seems to affect the OVS bridge; the nic is dropped as expected from lxdbr010:35
achilleasaquick sanity check on a clean 2.8 -> develop PR https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1169911:29
stickupkidhow do you know if a charm has been upgraded from status11:33
stickupkidis there a revision somewhere11:33
achilleasastickupkid: removed the gitignore bit; can you take another look?12:14
stickupkidhml, https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1170015:38
hmlstickupkid: suggest an upgrade-charm hook as well15:39
stickupkidhml, yeah I'll add, it takes time haha15:40
hmlat first quick glance15:40
stickupkidwe should totally point the lxd image server to the host image server... we download the images twice15:55
wallyworldhml: does the latest comment on bug 1829393 look like it's something we need to be worried about?20:35
mupBug #1829393: model upgrade tries to upgrade the lxd profile of kvms <juju:Fix Released by hmlanigan> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1829393>20:35
hmlwallyworld:  reading20:36
hmlwallyworld:  something to fix… looks like a situation we haven’t seen before… not a breakage of the bug fixed at first glance20:39
wallyworldi wonder if a blocker for 2.7.7, i guess there's no workaround20:40
hmlwallyworld:  no work around is coming to mind right now20:40
hmlwallyworld: how often do we have an lxd cloud with manual kvm machines?20:41
wallyworldhow big is the fix? can we do it quickly?20:42
hmlwallyworld:  looking20:49
hmlwallyworld:  need to thread a check for manual machines thru to the instancemutater… from state to the worker. in theory not too difficult.   pondering if fix to deploy needed as well….20:54
hmlwallyworld:  nope, since manual machines don’t go thru the provisioner afaik20:55
wallyworldhml: "nope" as in no change needed to deploy as well?21:05
hmlwallyworld: i do not believe so.  would have to double check21:05
timClickswhere are the default machine constraints specified? they're not available via get-model-constraints21:44
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